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Moving a Little Heart (Little Heart, #1) ❮Read❯ ➯ Moving a Little Heart (Little Heart, #1) ➳ Author Breanna Hayse – Baylor Parish needs a fresh start After a disastrous loveless marriage and an emotionally neglected childhood she packs her things and moves to a new house out in the desert to get away from it all an Baylor Parish needs a fresh start After a disastrous loveless marriage and an emotionally neglected childhood she packs her things and moves to a new house out in the desert to get away from it Moving a MOBI :↠ all and enjoy her freedom Unfortunately the occupants of the house next door have other ideas As soon as Hayden Paterson spots her moving in he takes over Next she meets his stepbrother Jake a cop who takes her safety far seriously than Baylor does herself The last thing Baylor wants is to get into another relationship but the Paterson brothers rescue people for a living and from the moment they clap eyes on her they label the year old a damsel in distress Not only do they do everything in their power to protect nurture and guide her but they also enlist the help of their longtime friends and roommates; Terry and Matt Hayden and Jake come together to woo her to become a part of their uniue family To them she is an adult little girl in need of the love caring nurturing—and yes discipline—that only two ‘Daddies’ can provide To the independent Baylor the assumption that she is in dire need of ‘Daddycare’ seems not only strange but completely opposed to the self sufficiency she thought she wanted As well as her new Daddy Hayden and Daddy Jake Baylor also finds herself in the care of ‘Uncle’ Terry a retired medic He's the burly protective ‘house mom’ and ‘doctor’ who is not only thrilled to have a little girl to care for but likes to take control of Baylor’s health in ways that she preferred he did not Then there is Matt the resident ‘hippie’ who uickly becomes Baylor’s adoring ‘big brother’ and helps her devise ways to get into mischief which freuently lands her over the lap of one of her new daddies Basking in the loving embrace of these four men Baylor’s inner child emerges and under their sometimes stern but always loving care she not only discovers her ability to play and laugh she also begins to trust and feel loved She also learns that a bottom bared for punishment can experience intense pleasure when used in ‘special’ ways by one—or both—of her two men Despite her happiness Baylor continues to struggle with allowing herself to fully submit Is this lifestyle the one of a Little girl with two Daddies an Uncle and a Big Brother right for her Will she be able to leave behind her loveless uncaring past and allow her heart to be moved to permanently reside within the arms and home of these very special men From the best selling pen of Breanna Hayse comes this a uniue sweet and scorching hot tale of a lucky girl who finds four men to care for her in different ways; all of them loving Moving A Little Heart contains age play spanking anal and medical play and ménage scenes as well as polyamory If such material offends you please do not buy this book.

About the Author: Breanna Hayse

I’m a native Californian gone 'wild' and had the opportunity to travel the globe and discover the world through the eyes of both a Marine Intelligence specialist and a BDSM lifestyler I left the service Moving a MOBI :↠ to go into pediatric hospice nursing and grief counseling eventually working as a marriage and family therapist for those involved in alternative lifestyle development This experience has allow.

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  1. ♆ BookAddict ✒ La Crimson Femme ♆ BookAddict ✒ La Crimson Femme says:

    Nobody does it betterMakes me feel sad for the restNobody does it half as good as youBaby you're the bestI wasn't looking but somehow you found meIt tried to hide from your love lightBut like Heaven above meThe spy who loved meIs keeping all my secrets safe tonight Carly Simon There are some books which remind me of a song With Moving a Little Heart this song plays in my mind Baylor Parish is a woman whose lived a loveless life So often it seems people who love unconditionally just give and give until there is no These selfless people end up burning out uick Baylor is not only burnt out she's on the road to ending it all When a chance move to a supposedly isolated neighborhood brings her into contact with not one but four men her life changes dramaticallyI loved this book I knew I would because I love Ms Hayse's stories Her ageplay stories work so well for me Whilst it might not be realistic to have uite so many people in a relationship this is what is appealing about the story Baylor suddenly finds the family of her dreams with two Daddies an uncle and a brother For Baylor she can't believe her change in fortune because she's so used to doing everything by herself Ms Hayse does an excellent job of showing how hard it is for Baylor to give up her control and also change her bad habits Baylor may come across as a damsel in distress but she's no victim She fights and tries to do everything herself When help comes in the form of Jake and Hayden she doesn't even know how to respond It's a situation she's never experiencedThe ageplay in this book is realistic in the sense of Daddy and little dynamics There is a certain authenticity to this contemporary erotica which makes it enjoyable and believable The interplay between Baylor Jake and Hayden is amusing They obviously love her even if they are a bit heavy handed for a person whose been alone all their life The exchange between Baylor and Uncle Teddy is too cute Uncle Teddy is the uncle most people wish they had Well except when he doles out the punishment Having an older brother Matt to get in trouble with brings out the light hearted play in the book This is a wonderful complex bonding book and I wish it would never end Recommended for ageplay lovers who want an entire family not just one Daddy ARC provided by Blushing Books

  2. Jesper Jesper says:

    It was okay all in allThe beginning is great The middle part is filling And the ending is somewhat cringe worthyThe way it starts out is just fantastic I think the best premise for these age play stories is to make it natural for the participants to adopt the particular lifestyle and not just settle for it for sexual reasons So when it's brought about through a need for nursing and care it just makes for a better story And this one does that really wellThe middle part seems largely unnessary It's like half way through the book there's no real plot or drama left so you just end up reading some random scenes involving age play stuff like spanking anal sex and so on It fills the erotica uota for sure but story wise there's not much meat to itThe ending wasn't really for me I don't get why every book has to aim for the same kind of sugar sweet happily ever after It just becomes too much and it feels very forced and not at all what you're imagining yourself whilst reading through the bookBut all in all it's definitely one of the better age play stories I've read I think it's mostly because it's novel sized and not some small novella like most other books in the genre It just makes for a story with depth and defined characters So well worth reading even if it has its ups and downs

  3. Kathy Heare Watts Kathy Heare Watts says:

    FINDING A HOME SWEET HOMEBaylor Parrish has had nothing but a hard 23 years of life From a neglectful mother who put her in charge of her five siblings since she was three years old then a bad marriage to a momma's boy for a husband Finally after her divorce she wants to just get away from it all and start over and just be in charge of herself Moving into a new home in the desert in a very small neighborhood she finds herself anything but left alone Next door neighbors decide that this Little girl is in need of TLC and they are just the men to give that to her whether she likes it or not Brothers Hayden and Jake Paterson realize that Baylor is just a Little Girl in a grown up body and in need of two Daddies Roommates Uncle Terry and Big Brother Matt will become part of her new extended family Daddies Uncle and Big Brother look out for their Little one by helping her with her move making her eat meals and watching out for her medical health This story was so delightful with many laugh out loud moments captivating storyline heroic events and entertaining dialogue It has its twist and turns age play lots of spankings anal and medical play ménage and polyamorous relationship The ending has a HEA and wonderful surprise too

  4. Katy Beth Mckee Katy Beth Mckee says:

    Somehow I missed this one when it came out a few months ago but I love age play especially Breanna's I saw the ad for the seuel so I picked this one up to get read first I wasn't disappointed at all I love the way that all the new people in Baylor's life gently and lovingly bring her to a place where they can truly take care of her needs As her relationship with Hayden and Jake develop they can also begin to explore her wants as well And when misunderstanding almost rips them apart a someone new steps into Baylor's life to help knock sense into all of them I appreciate that the men are willing to admit their mistakes and accept there responsibility in the problem as well Very sweet and loving story of making up for a lot of bad years

  5. Lisa S-C Lisa S-C says:

    I was surprised at myself that I liked this book I read maybe 2 other books in the Daddyage play genre and could not get into them But I liked this one I actually read it in one sitting I thought it was well written and maybe because she was 23 and not 40 running around calling someone daddy I could relate somewhat For what ever reason I liked it and would read another like this from Breanna Hayse

  6. KT KT says:

    Loved the collection of male figures and their different personalities and how it affected Baylor becoming a little

  7. Chelsea Chelsea says:

    Wow This was the first book I’d read that was Age PlayPolyamory I found it to be enlightening about the life style which I previously knew nothing about and thrilling There was a lot of overcoming internal challenges by all involved characters which could realistically be applied to anybody regardless of their choice of lifestyle The intimate scenes were both descriptive and I loved how the author put you in Baylor’s head during those times It wasn’t just your run of the mill erotica but really delved into he psychological aspects of it I’m excited to read the next volume to see how pregnancy and children affect this choice of lifestyle and dive into Baylor’s head as she overcomes these new obstacleschallenges

  8. Patricia Blair Patricia Blair says:

    Unloved and Never Wanted45 stars and read in KU This story was sad a child who was but a toddler herself forced to care for siblings She learned that no one cared for her or about her Used and abused by all Finally kicking free she thinks she found a place to hide and just take care of herself But that didn't happen Only frustrating thing about this book was multiple places paragraphs were repeated one after another But still worth reading

  9. Brandice Boothe Brandice Boothe says:

    I love this book first off all these men for one girl all for her but not all for her hint hint I love how they came to her when she needed them an even there dad had a piece of my heart This is a good book if your not in to roplay then this is not for you

  10. Marybeth Marybeth says:

    This was a wonderful ageplay story Baylor is moving into a new neighborhood She has finally escaped her ex husband’s family’s abuse As she is unloading the truck she meets Hayden He is a little overbearing but she finds herself attracted to him Then she meets his brother Jake He is dominant and he wants to be her Daddy He wants to love and care for her with Hayden But there is Terry and Mark a gay couple living there as well are part of the package Terry wants to be her Uncle Terry and take care of her as a baby girl Mark just wants to be her big brother with spanking rights of course Baylor is intrigued and finally agrees to try to be their baby girl We learn about her earlier life and I do feel sorry for her This book brought me to tears than once a sign of a great book in my opinion I loved this story of love and redemption and unconventional families I give this 5 stars

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