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Host Writer (The Archivist, #1) ❮Read❯ ➹ Host Writer (The Archivist, #1) ➼ Author W.F. Kuehn – When Zoe Edevane takes time away from Oxford to fulfill her mum’s dying wish all she knows about family and life changes forever Her mother’s peculiar wish reuires Zoe to obtain a grave rubbing in When Zoe Edevane takes time away from Oxford to fulfill her mum’s dying wish all she knows about family and life changes forever Her mother’s peculiar wish reuires Zoe to obtain a grave rubbing in the dead of night Everything about Zoe’s existence is altered when she meets the unearthly owner of the grave and one of his descendents a mysterious and handsome young man who saves her life They convince her that she belongs to an ancient and secret society of Archivists who interview the dead These Archivists keep the world’s secrets and history preserved in hidden collections around the world Members of their society begin to mysteriously disappear This discovery launches Zoe into a uest filled with secrets and murder as she runs from those who are intent on abusing the extraordinary powers of the Host Writers.

About the Author: W.F. Kuehn

W F KUEHN is a world traveler who loves history and looks for the story in everything she experiences She is a lifelong student of literature studying not only the words of great authors but visiting the places that inspired their creativity Her greatest achievement is raising a family to have a deep love and appreciation of the arts both visual and written Her hobbies include music with.

10 thoughts on “Host Writer (The Archivist, #1)

  1. Cris Cris says:

    I seldom if ever give a reviewbut since the author of this book is a friend and neighbor of my daughter Tammiand it was at her reuest I read the book to begin withhere I go Being our family genealogist these last 40 years makes this book even interesting as the thoughts of being able to talk too and see not only historic figures but the salt of the earth people in ones own family was a very interesting concept in itselflet alone the idea of Archivists living among us Although at times I thought Zoe came across as a bit of a dimwit I also reminded myself of her age and even that made some sensewhile I'm usually not one for delayed confirmations of affections in the books I readthis too had a purpose in this book Knowing since it's stated on the cover as Book 1 that there would be issues left hanging at the endI found the ending not uite what I expected but am looking forward to the next book nonetheless There are many avenues the next books can take and I hope they jump into the stories they continue to tell with the uickness and attachment to the topic as this book started withand for that reason I rated it a 4 out of 5 A book for all ages and it hooked me in the first ten pages

  2. Julie Julie says:

    Received the book for free through the Goodreads giveawayHost Writer made a very fascinating book with an excellent blurb A book about a special select group of humans who are able to raise spirits and interview them and write down their history The book proves to be just as interesting and gripping The characters are good the plot nicely developed and really well written There is a nice mix of description and dialogue I feel that the ending could have been a bit tighter The ending leaves it very open for a series continuation which I have to admit I'm very much looking forward to a book number 2

  3. Tammi Tammi says:

    This was a fun and interesting book to read It had a mix of James Bond and Pirates of the Caribbean throughout the story I enjoyed the main characters and the fact that you kept guessing at some of their true intentions The intrigue was there through the whole book and I like the way it ended with an opening for the next book in this new series I don't want to reveal too much but I can't wait to read the next one

  4. Joann Joann says:

    Thanks to a Goodreads giveaway I received an autographed copy of this bookThis is uite the book There's a lot going on but the author manages to keep it all clear and easy to follow There's some mystery suspense paranormal characters and a bit of romance tooI feel it's a great YA read as well so will be passing it on to my teenagersLooking forward to the next in the series

  5. Melissa Melissa says:

    I received this book as a Goodreads giveaway This book is amazing I had difficulty to put it down and sleep It has action from the first page to the very end of the book Reading it is like seeing a movie And seriously a special kind of humans who can talk to ghosts to write their life stories the idea is brilliant I loved loved loved it can't wait for the second book

  6. Linda Linda says:

    This book has an interesting and intriguing premise A person who can communicate with the departed and will become their ghost writer so to speak to take down their stories This is the first of a projected series and I look forward to the next installmentThis was a Goodreads giveaway and I highly recommend it

  7. Raquel Hinz Raquel Hinz says:

    I loved the suspense of this book and felt a deep love for some of the characters The ending ties things together perfectly while leaving enough loose ends for the seuel I'm excited to see how the story continues in the next book

  8. Mark Mark says:

    Still reading this book but so far it doing wellJust finished this book Starts of well and as a good story line but its a little disapinting at the endas it seems the last three capters are a little on the amither side

  9. Amria Amria says:

    Incredibly interesting and uniue story I loved the elements of mystery and adventure intertwined with familial love and romance I’m a sucker for character development and it was fun getting to know theses characters as the story progressed Multiple unexpected twists in the story captured my attention One revelation caught me so off guard I had to reread it and make sure I completely understood Overall a well written an enjoyable read with an excellent ending Excited for book two

  10. Tammie Smith Tammie Smith says:

    I read this book in two days I it was hard to put down It was a adventure and it never slowed down even to the end It is about a secret secret society that is passed down from parent to child and all the thrill that involves I will wait for the next one to come out I won this on Goodreads

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