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Sawman Werebear (Saw Bears, #4) [PDF / Epub] ✎ Sawman Werebear (Saw Bears, #4) ☂ T.S. Joyce – Slow simmering romance secrets by the dozen heart warming triumph and a crew of sexy lumberjack werebears come together to tell Brighton’s story in this fourth installment of T S Joyce’s bestselli Slow simmering romance secrets by the dozen heart warming triumph and a crew of sexy lumberjack werebears come together to tell Brighton’s story in this fourth installment of T S Joyce’s bestselling Saw Bears series Brighton Beck’s inner grizzly is out of control It’s been months since he killed his tormentor but just seeing the man who stole his voice has put his bear on a bender When a timid woman at a local diner approaches him he couldn’t be less interested She’s mousy submissive and worst of allhuman Or at least he thinks she is but she proves to him things aren’t always as they appear And now it’s up to Brighton and his broken bear to find out who Turned her Everly Moore is up to her eyeballs in problems and at the top of the pile is a sickness her doctors can’t figure out When Brighton takes an oath to draw her bear from her it’s apparent he’s not only lost his voice but he’s lost his mind as well But when she discovers the dark secret of what’s been done to her she’ll have to lean on the uiet man who has intrigued her throughout the years The only problem is Brighton is fighting demons of his own and if she can’t reach the animal within her and survive the Change she and the man she is falling in love with could both be lost Content Warning explicit love scenes naughty language and piles of sexy shifter secrets Adult only bear shifter romance.

10 thoughts on “Sawman Werebear (Saw Bears, #4)

  1. Jilly Jilly says:

    This one was pretty good for the series The male hero is a mute bear man who had been tortured as a youth and the female is a woman who has no idea she is a bear shifter She's just completely screwed up and our hero can't resist being a heroNot all heroes wear capesThere is a lot of angst in this book and a surprising amount of depth for a short smutty read But don't worry still plenty of smut too He may be uiet but he's still a magic peen owning lumberjack bearThat's true All the sex is consensual And magic

  2. Denisa Denisa says:

    35 I really liked the first part but then it kind of stopped being interestingAh well still a really good book for 120 pages it's to be appreciated It's one of the few good ones out there so it's worth giving it a try

  3. Judy Lewis Judy Lewis says:

    A BEAUTIFUL EVER EVER AFTER FOR BRIGHTON Title Sawman WerebearSeries Saw BearsAuthor TS JoyceDesignation Book Four of Series Standalone Novella NO CliffhangerMy Rating Five Delightfully Entertaining StarsWow What an incredible story I love it Sawman Werebear is the fourth book in the Saw Bears series by T S Joyce and it totally ROCKS It is a standalone novella with no cliffhanger but if you're anything like me once Joyce starts a series you just can't stop until you've read every single story offered in that series Joyce has uickly become one of my favorite authors so when she announces a new release I can't get to my computer uickly enough to order it And she never disappoints Generally I'm not one to pick favorites but every time I read one of Joyce's novels I always think this one is my favorite and it truly is until she publishes her next book and then it becomes my favorite I just can't help myself They're all just so good but this one is definitely special so special that I was bawling like a baby within the first three minutes and it didn't stop there Oh my goodness This book just broke my heart but amazingly by the end I was grinning from ear to ear Joyce has dazzled her readers yet again with another example of her amazing talent and boundless imagination The story is exciting thrilling compelling heartwarming heartbreaking humorous sweet romantic seductive arousing and sensual The dialog is smart snappy funny well written and flows beautifully The characters are captivating endearing engaging sexy and at times down right hilarious This story has it all and Joyce expertly combines these elements to craft a wonderful paranormal tale filled with romance humor suspense heartbreaking drama heartwarming love and a journey of hope and healing Bear shifter Brighton Beck has suffered unimaginable horrors at the hands of cruel human scientists His bear has become a demanding and insufferable monster who cannot be controlled Brighton knows he and his bear are both broken and no one is safe around his bear He has accepted his lonely existence and vows to never claim a mate Besides no one in their right mind would ever want a scarred creature like him He could never even tell a mate he loves her Or could he? HmmSo he's than a little surprised when he has an unexpected reaction to a mousy emaciated young human woman after she approaches him in the diner But there's much much to this mousy human than meets the eye You know what they say never judge a book by its cover Everly Ever Moore has never had an easy life and lately it's been downright tragic She's lost her job is drowning in medical bills and is about to lose her apartment To make matters worse she has been stricken with an unknown illness that the doctors can't diagnose much less treat and if something isn't done if she can't find help she will die Oh my She only knows that when she sees sexy Brighton Beck in the diner she is inexplicably drawn to the strangely silent handsome man She is devastated when he rejects her attempt at friendship so she is understandably puzzled when she awakens in his truck Huh? We all should know by now that fate can never be denied no matter how painful the journey Buckle up my lovelies here we go again Sexy broken bear shifter check Courageous lovely heroine check Cast of wonderful characters check Heartwarming romance heartbreaking angst beautiful fated love and arousing sex you bet I fell in love with Brighton when he was introduced in the first book of the series and have waited for his story to be told And it was well worth the wait And it's always such a treat when all the wonderful characters we have come to love make their appearance in this story as well I was totally enthralled from page one until the very last line I loved it I highly recommend this series to anyone who loves to read stories of tragic loss unconditional love never ending hope and incredible happiness Fabulous entertainment and an awesome read

  4. Hollie Hollie says:

    Another sweet addition to an already irresistible series I adore the characters and the easy flowing plots this writer achieves I also love how this writer makes her books available through kindleunlimited I'lldefinitely read anything else she publishes

  5. Erica Paré Erica Paré says:

    Brighton and Everly's story was a really sweet one We meet two people who have self esteem issues and tend to try and hide from the spotlight Brighton who we found out from the previous book had been tested on likes to keep to himself and doesn't plan on finding a mate When Everly drops to the ground with a seizure Brighton comes to her rescue The two are not very different Brighton has a secret about herself that not even she knows about With the help of one another they learn things about each other With them opening up helps them to grow heal and move forward Brighton is a real burly man woodsy bearded Everly is small and danty with some esteem issues Very much a submissive personality

  6. Victoria Victoria says:

    4 Stars

  7. Ava Ava says:

    this book wasn't like any other books I have read As always a pure joy to read easy with an HEA sure with some magic around those characters but always with that warm and loving from the crew the difference I got was the settlement even with all the surrounding the outcomethe process were all about calming not like the grizzly bears were like TNT ready to explodeEvery steps were calm and collected And I really loved the animal interactions in this book it was really sweet and a bit playful Still 3 books to go should I take a pause or move on with our lumberjack crew

  8. Sarah Sarah says:

    3 stars

  9. JoAnna JoAnna says:

    I loved this book I could not wait to read Brighton's story and get a fuller picture of what he and Denison went through at the hands of IESA We see in the Firebear books the organization turning the shifters into weapons but with Brighton and a little with Dension we start to see the experimentation on the shifters Seeing what Brighton went through and how he confronts it and is able to move past it in this story with the help of his bond mate was a delight to read Everly is such a lovely character Another great chapter in the Ashe Crew's saga

  10. Rachel Rachel says:

    Love this book I hadn't read the other books but I didn't feel like I missed anything I do want to go back and read the other books in this series I will say that I love that a lot of T S Joyce bear series are all connected I will be reading of her bear books

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