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Bearlands (1-5, Special Edition) [PDF / Epub] ★ Bearlands (1-5, Special Edition) Author Jeremy Biggs – Amazing E Book, Bearlands (1 5, Special Edition) By Jeremy Biggs This is the best favorite book with over 829 readers online here. Amazing EBook, Bearlands , Special Edition By Jeremy Biggs This is the best favorite book with over readers online here.

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  1. Matt Matt says:

    Bearlands Zombie Bears is a graphic novel comprised of issues 1 5 It was funded through KickstarterThe story is very simple but can be excused as the concept is so uniue and fun The artwork is fantastic; I loved the gore especially the scene where a zombear gets its spine ripped out There was a funny little easter egg in the book everyone will recognise him as he's possibly the most famous bear in the world; although his name isn't said in the book for obvious copyright reasonsOverall a uick but enjoyable read to relax and take your mind off the regular stresses of the day If you like teddy bears and the undead then read this graphic novelPS I bought this at Cardiff Comic Con earlier this year and the author kindly signed my copy

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