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Credo Scars of the Wraiths #3 [Ebook] ➧ Credo Scars of the Wraiths #3 Author Nashoda Rose – An unreuited loveA tortured pastAn unbreakable bondTheir love was well known throughout the immortal worldThe powerful Taldeburu Waleron and his DelaraBut tragedy struck and tore them apart for years An unreuited loveA tortured of the PDF/EPUB ã pastAn unbreakable bondTheir love was well known throughout the immortal worldThe powerful Taldeburu Waleron and his DelaraBut tragedy struck and tore them apart for years One believing the other was deadWhen fate finally brings them back together again it isn’t Credo Scars PDF/EPUB or kind It’s cruel and testing SacrificialBecause love has no remorse for its victimsIt doesn’t give you optionsAnd it won’t be stoppedThis is Waleron and Delara’s story It’s not pretty and it’s not kindBut it's theirsA band of fierce warriors walk in the shadows of the Scars of the Epub Ý human world with capabilities derived from the senses Trackers Sounders Healers Tasters Visionaries and the rare Reflectors They are known as the ‘Scars'.

About the Author: Nashoda Rose

Nashoda Rose is a of the PDF/EPUB ã New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of thirteen novels including the Tear Asunder series the spin off Unyielding series and the paranormal Scars of the Wraiths She lives outside of Toronto where she enjoys hiking with her Newfoundland Credo Scars PDF/EPUB or dog and riding her horsesNashoda is represented by the Trident Media GroupNew Release Irish CrownFollow Nash here.

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  1. ✰ Liz ✰ ✰ Liz ✰ says:

    I will never let you go Understand me Never Credo is the long awaited third book in the Scars of the Wraiths This paranormal series is packed with action romance intrigue and complex characters In the first book we met the mysterious Waleron and his beloved Delara They are fated to be together and yet they suffer apart Finally it is time for their story She is mine Waleron is the Taldeburu which means he is the protector of the Scars One of his scars is Delara From the very first time they set their eyes on each other the magnetic pull begins The attraction is intense and yet Waleron and Delara take their time developing their relationship When the two finally come together an everlasting love is forged However Waleron is destined to serve the council and protecting the Scars and other business constantly takes him away from Delara When they are torn apart Delara is left isolated and alone Even when we were apart I felt him within me Every touch every kiss sob breath it was our last We could never do this again After years apart spent in their own personal tormented worlds Waleron wants nothing than to take Delara into his arms and love and protect her However he fears the beast that lives within Too much time has passed The time wasted and brokenness between them has forged a wedge that may never be healed And yet when Delara is threatened by demons from her past it is Waleron that stands by her side and refuses to let her go Make no mistake You may fuck other men but you will always belong to me Told in dual POV Credo absolutely blew me away The prologue starts with a bang and I couldn't tear my eyes away The tempo is upbeat and yet it is countered by the constant slow burn of Delara and Waleron's romance The pain they both endured is raw and documented thoroughly as the time seamlessly shifts between the past and the present The secondary characters continue to remain integral to the plot and further strengthen the relationships between the family of the scars One of my favorite elements of this series is the way the plot is layered and every characters story is explored One of my favorite couples introduced in the last book resurfaces and I can only hope that fate will bring them together for us soon Additionally I love getting glimpses of my favorite couples from the other books All of the characters are critical to each other and the family bond is strong Since I began this series I have been dying to know what happened between Delara and Waleron and believe me when I say their story was well worth the wait Baby we are only hopeless when we're not together I simply cannot say enough about my love for this series and this author Nashoda Rose knows how to expertly craft a character with expert detail Her creativity knows no end Credo is an absolute must read and the Scars of the Wraiths Series is a must devour for paranormal romance fans And now the wait is on for Xamien story I simply cannot wait to see what happens next in this fantastical world Scars of Wraiths SeriesThis was a BR with my girls Loyda and WARARC graciously provided via author in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit

  2. Lo Bookfrantic Lo Bookfrantic says:

    5 ★★★★★ Maitagarri StarsGenre Paranormal RomanceType Book 3 of Scars of the Wraiths seriesPOV First Person – Multiple She was mine She would always be mineWaleron aka powerful Taldeburu leader of the Scars always intrigued me since the beginning of the series He has this power that attracted me; his anger and secrets he hide just intrigued me from the beginning; I was dying for this book and man did I enjoyed the ride Waleron; was born in a family of power and he had promised to protect his people All he ever knew was to protect until he met her; a young and gorgeous Scar that changed his world aroundDelara Wyndam was a young Scar who meets Waleron and from the first day they meet she never thought could feel the way she did with this man From day one his direct possessiveness over her overwhelmed her but it broke thru her heart and he stayed deeply inside her heart From that point no matter what happened she knew she was done for without him She was trained as a warrior Scar by Waleron everything she knew she learned from him Their attraction towards each other was electric and magical However it was also their destruction Two people so woven together that we’d become one and the same We existed without one another but we’d never livedThis book goes back to when they first met and we finally get some answers as all those lost years; why these two suffered and why spent so much many years away from each other Waleron gets taken away and Delara almost lost herself without him Their bondage was just so strong she couldn't live without him The same happened to Waleron once he broke free from where he was taken hostage for years but even when he returned he thought he couldn't be with Delara so they both suffered so much it was so painful to watch them in their struggle Was fate so cruel to have me love a man so deeply only to lose him and never recover from the loss?I did loved how Nashoda wrapped this book up gave us a powerful story proving that no matter the loss time; true love always wins and you just have to go thru a lot of bumps to get there but eventually it will all be worth it I enjoyed all the side characters of course and I want yes I'm greedy I can't wait to find out about Abby and Damien Also the secrets to the amazing Xamien who was Delara's support for so many years I loved him a lot and would love to know about him Lovers of paranormal looking for a fast past hot and suspenseful story this series is defiantly for you Once you've met the world of the Scars you would never look backஐஐFBR with my shhluts WAR LIZ ஐஐ PS War thinks Xamien is hers to claim She best forgets about it hahaNow Available NOW US UK CA AU BN iTunes of the Wraiths Series Must be read in orderTake Scars of the Wraiths Book 4 Standalone For reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit

  3. Snow Snow says:

    475 undying love starsI have been waiting for Waleron and Delara's story for a looong time and now that I have finally devoured it cause that was exactly what i did read it on one sitting one gulp or whatever you wanna call it I don't want it to endIt's all true what it says about them in the blurb This is Waleron and Delara’s story It’s not pretty and it’s not kind But it's theirsTheir love was well known throughout the immortal world And it’s nothing that you can easily graspit’s complicated it’s toxic it’s powerful it’s gripping and crippling at the same time it’s all consuming and overpoweringit’s undying passion against time and space against duty against rulesagainst being torn apart and being glued back together when all the odds fail to destroy themWe meet Waleron and Delara from the first time they saw each other being the hypersensitive and highly sensual creatures they both succumb to the pull and they develop the passionate relationship friendship teamship love Our connection couldn’t be explained with words They were indestructible undeniable unseparable until one mission tears them apart leaving Delara in notion that Waleron had been killedShe’s devastated broken and totally consumed by darkness of sorrow and pain until her broken pieces are glued by friendship and affection of Xamien a leader of another Scar’s Talde in Spainbut she never truly found herself againnor she wanted toWe follow the span of 60 years of Waleron’s absence in an enemy’s imprisonment and torture while Delara is in abusive relationship that leaves her beaten to death cause of the never dying bond she holds for Waleron That little gasp of lingering between life and death makes it possible for Waleron to escape his restraints and fights to safe Delara’s life and putting the man who destroyed her to the Rest as a punishmentEven their long awaited reunion wouldn’t hold them together cause of Waleron’s oath and duty towards his Talde of Scarsand he makes a decision to not pursue it any furthereven though it’s impossibly painful to do so Unuestionably the road I was about to take would haunt me for the all time but I needed her One night would be worth everything As he believes he could free her of himself to protect her from himself and his powerful ink that feeds on his ragehe stays away cause he’s afraid he would hurt her and he didn’t trust himself when his ink took overfor twenty years he’s kept his distance and as the time of Delara’s tormentor’s release is coming near Waleron fights against himself to contain his raging ink not to consume him fully while he’s trying to cope with the same spark of undying love for Delara A love crucifiedThat’s what we wereHe was my saviorMy ruinMy strength Not even that length of time diminished Delara’s love for Waleron even when he rejected her Although she tried to find comfort in others but as being bonded to himshe could never leaveor be free of himnot as if she really wanted to be He was my everything Everything And without him I was nothing And when the noose of a hidden ploy comes tight around them putting Delara’s life in mortal danger once again Waleron will have to come to terms with his own inner battles and while facing the aftermaths of an ultimate betrayal he will have to make a choicebetween his oath and love I’d fight my worst enemy for her I’d die for her Now my worst enemy was inside me and this was our last chanceGive me a chance to fix us The powerful Taldeburu Waleron and his Delarathe impossible love made possibleThe excrutiating pain of angsty anticipating and yelping hearts torn apart by time and brought back by fate And they would burn in the passion and through out Two people so woven together that we’d become one and the same We existed without one another but we’d never lived Our tragic love had spanned over a centurybut now it was just a love story with meandering paths that had led us to where we were now I'll Be Over You Some people live their dreams some people close their eyes some people's destiny passes byThere are no guarantees there are no alibisThat's how our love must be don't ask whyIt takes some time God knows how longI know that I can forget youAs soon as my heart stops breakin' anticipatingAs soon as forever is throughI'll be over youRemembering times gone by promises we once madeWhat are the reasons why nothing stays the sameThere were the nights holding you close Someday I'll try to forget themSomeday I'll be over you As soon as my heart stops breakin' anticipatingAs soon as forever is throughI'll be over you by Totohttpswwwyoutubecomwatch?vr7XhWWhat I love in Nashoda Rose’s books is exactly that “passion” so palpable and visible in her written words It’s just the way it is and there’s no escaping from it It grips you into a tight pulsating hold and it doesn’t let go until it’s all over and then you still reel from it all until it wears offCredo book 3 in the Scars of the Wraiths series MUST be read after the first 2 books otherwise you won’t get the full picture and you won’t be able to connect all the details and known facts you get the notion of in book 1 and 2 Cause all the characters are linked and interchangeable through out all three books if left out you’ll be confused and have a sense like you ‘ve missed out on smth Fast paced passionate consuming and heart gripping world of these fantasy characters will leave you wanting for of them of their passionate struggles danger love as we get another glimpse of secondary cast Damien and Abby Xamien even the beginning of Jasper and Max their story was told in Take I had a blast even though as times I had a feeling the story slipped through my fingers as the wide span of years and events were covered some and some in less detailed wayAll in all I can’t wait for the next installment of the dangerously addictive Scars’ worldNASH Thank YouFor info and reviews visit

  4. warhawke warhawke says:

    Genre Paranormal RomanceType Book 3 of Scars of the Wraiths series POV First Person MultipleRating Waleron was a well respected Taldeburu leader of the Scars He made an oath to protect his people and prided himself for being highly committed to his role He was happy with the love of his life until fate took an unexpected turn and forced them apart Delara Wyndam was a young impressionable Scar She learned everything from Waleron's guidance When he was gone she nearly lost her way Now that he's back the pain still refused to go because he was no longer the person she knewWaleron and Delara's relationship has been very volatile throughout the series I had high hope for their story to be explosive and I'm so glad this book was a worthy representation of their love She’d be the death of me Waleron was never really my favorite in the series He just seemed detached and sometimes abrasive I'm glad to learn of the back story of why he chose to be that way I’d hated myself Hated who I’d become because of my love for a man who no longer wanted me I like how Delara was strong when doing something she believed in At the same time she was also very vulnerable but knew how to use it to her advantageThis book is definitely my favorite one in the series The prologue was intense and carried through the book The story was interesting with enough focus on the main plot while still having side stories I love the last chapter and I secretly or not lol wish it ended differently pI do have a little problem with one of the character though I feel like the character was contradictory to what that person stood for even for the character's role in the story I loved him but my love for him wasn’t enough It never had been Credo is a tale of two people fighting for what they believe in The intense and engaging story would appeal to fans of paranormal romance NoteMy favorite character in the whole series is Xamien I wish he has his own book DBooks in the series ♢ ஐ ♢ FBR With Loyda Liz ♢ ஐ ♢For reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit

  5. Sabrina Sabrina says:

    This series is what introduced me to this author and her amazing storytelling abilities and for that it's my favorite of hers When Nashoda Rose writes a book she's not just telling you about something she's making you experience it I think I've said this about her way too many times but it deserves repeating because I just can't get over how easy it is to get lost in her wordsThroughout this series we have seen the tempestuous relationship between Delara and Waleron always in the background If you're anything like me their constant tension was probably making you go crazy to get their story And now that I've finally read it and gotten to know these characters I can attest to the fact that it was well worth the wait I will never let you go Understand me Never We're taken back to when they first met to when their love was ripped from them and now to the present where they exist within the same world and yet not together I really liked how we got the backstory surrounding them but how it didn't take away from what was going on in the present After we got just the right amount of how their story began we moved on to the present and that was the sole focus of the rest of the bookWaleron and Delara had an unbreakable bond that no amount of time or pain could destroy There was a lot of push and pull from them as they fought their need for one another They each had their own reasons for needed to push the other away and it was heartbreaking at times to see them denying one another Through all that pain though you could see the need that they had for one another and it was amazing to see the chemistry that they shared I did want a little romance between them and felt that there were too many times when the story of the Wraiths took over the book But the romance that we did get was so amazing that it made up for it And overall this was an amazing book and I'm definitely glad we finally got to see Waleron and Delara at times when they weren't just fighting each other The secondary characters were still great in this book just like they have been in the others and now all I can do is beg and plead that Xamien will get his own story ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review

  6. Pam Pam says:

    45 A love crucified stars Our tragic love had spanned over a century but now it was just a love story with meandering paths that had led us to where we were now I always knew Waleron and Delara's love would be one to burrow in deep and take hold of you and never let you go It is an all consuming love that has spanned over time torn apart by malice and found when they are all bur shells of themselves One thing they've learned over time is that a love like theirs is not one that will ever die it is one that takes over your soul and gives you life Credo was well worth the wait I devoured it in one sitting but dragged on the review because real life decided it wanted my attention So here I sit writing this review and their story is still fresh in my mind it is one that made my heart hurt and made me hope because a love like theirs deserved it all I loved their strength on their own and combined they did the best they could with the cards that they were dealt and tried like hell to survive This world isn't made to be explained it's meant to be lived right along side them in the pages every feeling thought and action So I hope my fantasy loving friends give this a try it's for those with the darker hearts and minds ;review written March 2017

  7. Bindi Boo Bindi Boo says:

    35 stars I was waiting for this book forever expecting loads of gut churning angst Waleron and Delara have been dancing around each other since the first book and it was easy to guess there was a sad backstory The story starts with how Waleron and Delara meet and the conseuent devastating break up My expectations for this book was veryvery high as I could feel the palpable tension just waiting to detonate in the other two books and thought this was going to be a perfect conclusion Unfortunately they still danced around each other till around 70% of the book only when Tarek takes his long awaited revengeI felt Xamien stole the thunder here or perhaps my attention was focussed on Xamiencan't blame me there were many manymany chapters in his POV Delara turned to hot sexy Xamien during her time of need and he reciprocated with sweetness I felt she had intimate momentseven just talking about feelings with Xamien instead of WaleronStill enjoyed the drama and action but pretty disappointed overall I was expecting this book to hit jackpot especially with all that intense feelings between them

  8. & & says:

    To much ow and om drama Thrown in readers face allot Disappointing read I didn't really feel any love between the two Both of them being able to ignore their true feelings No epic love just allot of excuses

  9. Lana ❇✾DG Romance❇✾ Lana ❇✾DG Romance❇✾ says:

    45 STARS Our love was fire Destructive and consumingWe'd been together and yet apart for years and when he kissed me I love him all over again Whether I wanted it to or not he defined me It felt like I spent years for the story of Waleron and Delara I knew theirs wouldn't be an easy story I knew it would break me I knew all of it and yet nothing could prepare me for the full effect of their romance It was an emotional roller coaster that brought me to my knees at times and brought tears to my eyes at others Their love was filled with pain irreparable heartbreak heart wrenching moments and at times you thought they'd never survive all they've been throughNashoda Rose spared no painful detail It may have been tough to read at times but I love that she stayed true to her characters and their story Both Delara and Waleron have been through so much but their love spans centuries As much as you want to hate Waleron for things that he's done you also know that everything he did and everything he scarfed was for Delara Was it perfect? Not even close But it was painfully fitting It was beautiful it a tragic way It was exactly why this author is an auto buy for me; an emotional and gripping romance filled with pain and heartbreak that will break you first and then slowly put all your shattered pieces back together again beta readFind me on

  10. Michelle Michelle says:

    35 Stars Ugh I love this series but this book was disappointing I didn't feel the love between Delara and Waleron so that's why my rating is what it is I honestly think that if we would of got in the beginning of the book about when they first meet I might of felt different I felt love between Delara and Xamien lolI really didn't care for Waleron and Delara I often found myself skimming when it came to them Things that were revealed in here were pretty predicable and I kind of felt like Waleron was an idiot to not know His reasons for not being with her also felt lame to me The only parts I loved while reading this was when we got the others POV I forgot how much I loved Jasper and Max Take and I can't wait to get Damien and Abby's story I hope they are next

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