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Breathe [KINDLE] ✽ Breathe ❁ Tanya E. Williams – It all comes down to breath If we don t breathe deeply enough, we cannot fill ourselves with the joy and beauty of the world around us If we don t release that breath, we cannot let go of all the hect It all comes down to breath If we don t Breathe deeply enough, we cannot fill ourselves with the joy and beauty of the world around us If we don t release that breath, we cannot let go of all the hectic ugliness that goes hand in hand with living in a modern and complicated worldWhen you start on this photographic journey this path of quiet insight and reflection you will start to Breathe again You will immerse yourself in these diverse and beautiful images and thoughtful words, and find rejuvenation for your heart and mind Peace, serenity, balance it is all attainable if you just Breathe.

10 thoughts on “Breathe

  1. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Tanya Williams has created a beautiful and inspiring book with Breathe The book consists of gorgeous pictures of very breathtaking locations along with text reminding the reader to stop, to breathe, to relax, to calm the mind It would be a great book to keep somewhere easy to access at either your home or at work and to pull out when you need to take a quick breather Just taking a second to look at one of the photographs and read the caption would be a great reminder to let your worries go, get out of your head, and breathe As an actor, a great deal of my training involved learning to breathe as a way of connecting with the emotions, letting go of stress, etc and I found this book a great reminder to return to my training I also happened to read it when I was dealing with a lot of stress a sick child, tons of papers to grade, everyone screaming and crying for attention and I felt a lot better afterwards I highly recommend this book.

  2. Kari Kari says:

    What a beautiful and inspiring labour of love The author has thoughtfully curated a selection of stunning photographs taken by her husband Alongside each of these peaceful images she has penned a small meditation These thoughts can be focused upon one at a time as a method to just slow down and embrace a moment s quiet in a busy day Or, read the entire book through at once, and let all of the images and inspiration wash over you Personally, I enjoy going back to my favourite few again and again Mrs Williams shows great promise as a motivational author Hope, positivity, gratitude, and guidance shine through in each paragraph She astutely summarizes her observations of the beautiful world around us With our fast paced lives being conducted via screens of one kind or another, it is refreshing to be reminded to look up, take in the little moments, and just breathe.

  3. Tamalin Tamalin says:

    Tanya William s book Breathe is filled with reminders to pause, reflect and enjoy the world around us simply by remembering to breathe She takes you on a photographic journey through the USA and Canada with spectacular images that you can t help but stop and immerse yourself in for a few moments The writing that accompanies each photograph calmly suggests ways in which you can take these moments for yourself in whatever location and circumstance you are in to breathe, relax and refocus This is a great coffee table, bedside or even desk book to help you pause, be thankful, be calm, be joyful. and appreciate the world around you and the breath within you.

  4. Tanya Williams Tanya Williams says:

    As the author of Breathe, one would think that it would no longer have an effect on me However, every time I pick it up to browse through, I still find myself captivated by the photos and the writing continues to do its job, which is helps me slow down, take a moment, and appreciate where I am in that moment in time.The photos of course bring back memories of trips with my family and the feel of some magical places, but even with my personal attachments to them, they still evoke a response of slowing my breathing and captivate me by their sheer beauty.My hope is that everyone who reads Breathe will have a similar experience and welcome the time to reflect, ponder and breathe in the moment.

  5. Linda Klages Linda Klages says:

    This was a goodreads win for me It s a book of pictures that will work as a to do list of where to visit Very nicely done.

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