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  1. Bren Bren says:

    It felt like we were little kids again, thrown together to protect each other from the pain.

    Death by Social Suicide by Karen Anne

    What a lovely and poignant story!

    I had been looking at my TBR list but nothing jumped out at me. Also, since the Corona Virus, I have had a tough time concentrating.

    I felt like a campus novel. At first, I contemplated reading Pretty little liars but that really did not make me enthusiastic.

    Then I found this book.

    Death By Social Suicide really is not about the catty aspect of sororities. Rather, it's about first love and coming of age. But there is so much more to it then that.

    Brittany is a purple haired goth chick who has been best friends with the boy next door, Jaime, her whole life. Their bond seems impenetrable.

    Until one day, when Brittany impulsively kisses him.

    Jaime returns the kiss..and then vanishes, ending ten years of friendship.

    Brit is brokenhearted and follows him to the same college where she makes two decisions. One is to pledge and the other is to fight for Jaime. She still loves him and is bewildered as to why he returned her kiss and then just vanished.

    Brit is also running from her abusive mother. She thinks pledging a sorority will be good because Jaime is in a Frat and maybe he likes the kind of girl who pledges.

    Then there is Eric. He befriends Brit and makes it clear he has a personal interest in dating her. He is not happy about her obsession with Jaime.

    This was a lovely and surprisingly poignant book that was nothing like I'd thought it would be. It does have a sort of light tone but also takes on some serious issues that I will not repeat, less I spoil this review. It is also quite funny in some places as Brit herself is so witty and amusing, it really makes the book so much fun.

    All I can say is that it was a wonderful read in a time where I'd had so much trouble getting into the books I have been reading. I am so glad I found this.

    Jaime, with his flashing green eyes, was such an interesting character and one has no trouble seeing why he'd be so easy to love. Brit herself I adored and the girl she picks for a best friend..well..I cannot say enough good about her!

    I can't recommend this book enough. It is perfect reading to come down from many a dark thriller, and it is written in such a warm way that it would be impossible I think, for someone not to find a character (or two or three) to identify with.

    To sum up..a fun and tender read that I would highly recommend.

  2. Coco.V Coco.V says:

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  3. Chrissy Chrissy says:

    4 1/2 Stars!

    This was an amazing novel from a debut author! I saw the blurb and was instantly intrigued so I picked it up, and I am so glad I did!

    We meet Brittany as she's sitting in on a Rush meeting to join a sorority. She definitely does not fit in with her purple hair, and torn jeans, but she's there because a. she wants her best friend back and b. she knows she'll get in since she's a legacy. The other girls in the sorority don't seem so fond of Brittany, and even I was not sure about her at first, but she really grows on you and you will fall in love with her.

    Brittany threw away a full scholarship at her dream school so she could attend the same university that her best friend Jaime now attends. Thing is, she hasn't talked to Jaime since 2 years ago when she kissed him and then he just disappeared. She spends the first few months turning down Erik attempts at a date, and going through everything to pledge her sorority while also stalking Jaime around campus.

    When Jaime and Brittany finally meet up, its a little awkward at first, but they seem to go back to how things used to be before the kiss. Jaime explains to Brittany he doesn't feel that way about her, but at the same time he doesn't tell the truth about his relationship status. Everything changes the night of the Halloween auction when she finds out who Jaime is really with, and who the guy was that bid on her.

    I was rooting for Erik from the very beginning. I loved how he seemed to really get Brittany and was always trying to get her to hang out or go on a date with him. He was just a sweet heart and through out the whole book he proves this time and time again. I wanted Jaime back in Brittany's life as well, but as her best friend. This may seem like a love triangle, but in all reality it is not, it's about a girl who doesn't really know what she wants, and figures it out all while finding herself.

    I loved how much Brittany's character grew throughout this story. From the loner, to truly embracing the sorority life and her big Kristen. I LOVED Kristen's character. She really was an amazing friend to Brittany, and she helped Brittany see things in a different way. I don't think without Kristen's friendship that Brittany would have grown as much as she did in this book.

    The other girls in the pledge class were quite hilarious as well. I thought it was going to be an all out war when they found out Brittany's nicknames for them, but they all took it in stride and really became sisters to Brittany.

    This book isn't just a love story, its about finding yourself, and finding your place and who you really are. I mean don't get me wrong, the love story is AMAZING but the friendships in this book and seeing the character growth where absolutely awesome to watch. This book moves quickly and you will not want it to end, but I absolutely loved the ending of this story. I would definitely like to see more of these characters in the future and I have become attached to each of them.

    If you're looking for a beautifully written new adult novel, this is definitely one to #OneClick. I absolutely adored this book and will be definitely looking forward to more books written by Karen Anne!

  4. Julie Julie says:

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

    Death by Social Suicide is the first contemporary romance book by Karen Anne (also known as Kat Daemon when she 's writing paranormal romance, under which she has written 5 books). This is the first of her books I've read and one of the best books I've read this year. This is a story of first love, true friendship, forgiveness, and looking beyond stereotypes to see the person, where you just might find some of your best friends. This story shows how we sometimes let our perceptions influence us, causing us to possibly miss out on great friendships and relationships. It’s about learning to open ourselves to others and take a chance that they might “get us”.

    I absolutely adored this book! I can't gush enough! I loved every character (with the exception of the ones you're not supposed to love) as well as their voices and personalities. The writing style was easy to follow, and the story flows at a good pace. I loved everything about it and didn’t want to put it down, even at 2:30 in the morning on a work night. It had it all for me. It has the tension and anticipation of YA first love, the dreamy hero, and strong heroine, great best friends, and perfectly written semi-sexy scenes...steamier than YA but not as descriptive as many of the NA. For me, it was perfection all the way around.

    Obviously, I highly recommend this book. I would recommend it to those who love YA but miss the sexiness you get with NA. This was a perfect combination to me. I probably wouldn't let my 14 year old read it yet, but 16 or so would probably be ok.

    Karen Anne has definitely picked up a new reader. I'll be checking out her paranormal romance stories as soon as possible.

  5. Kat Daemon Kat Daemon says:

    Being the author, I'm a tad biased. But I will say I absolutely loved writing this sweet NA. Based on my main character's snarky sass and the hero's charming attitude, I like to describe this book as sugar & spice.

    Brit was a character very close to my heart. I hope you can see past her flaws and discover the tender girl underneath her dragon scale armor.

    This book is about falling in love and letting go.
    Finding friendships in the last place you would expect.
    Oh and boys... cute boys, too.

  6. Christy Wilson Christy Wilson says:

    I enjoyed this more than I thought as a 50 year old reading about starting college. Nostalgic for me. And a lovely hero and heroine.

  7. Ashley Ashley says:

    This isn't the normal genre that I read, but the minute I entered Britt's world I wanted to know more. I had all these questions. Why was she so into this Jamie? Why haven't they spoken in years? Did she really need to join a sorority to get Jamie's attention? Was she going to let Erik take her on a date? What was Jamie hiding? The first chapter pulled me in, and from there I needed to know more. The more I read the more I wanted to know; the more questions I had.

    We learn that Jamie is her childhood best friend. They spent everyday together after school, and knew everything about each other. Brittany falls in love with him, and she thought he felt the same way. One night when they kissed, she thought everything was perfect. After the kiss Jamie doesn't talk to her... Brittany was determined to figure out why, so she turned down a full ride to her college of her dreams to go to the school that Jamie goes too.

    We first meet Brittany doing her sorority rush. We know right away that she doesn't fit in with her purple hair, torn jeans and black clothes. We know she's here to get Jamie's attention. He joined a sorority and she figures the only way he will look (and talk) at her is if she gets in. She spends two months 'stalking' him from a distance, while one of her classmates Erik, tries to get her to go on a date. She is always turning him down because she's in love with Jamie.

    When she finally gets the courage to call Jamie and meet up, it's a little awkward at first, but thing seem to pick up right where they left off before they kissed. He tells her that he never felt the way she did (jerk), and all they could be was friends. What he DOESN'T tell her is (view spoiler)[ that he has a girlfriend. (hide spoiler)]

  8. Renae McKenzie Renae McKenzie says:

    I absolutely love Death by Social Suicide! I would have to say that it is probably the best and most enjoyable book I have read in a long time - and because of this, I think, I've been having the hardest time trying to write this review. Isn't that always the way?

    The whole 'Greek System' thing that American Universities have with Sororities and Fraternities really rather fascinates me because it is unlike anything that we have here in Australia. Anne showed me a different perspective on the topic with this novel about the trials it takes to enter and real bonds of sisterhood that form during that period.

    I think my favourite part is Anne's writing. She created such dynamic character's that you just can't help but feel connect to and feel for - whether they're good, bad, or indifferent feelings is up to you! Once I'd started the book, I was going to say couldn't put it down - but that's not technically true. It never even crossed my mind to stop reading. I read the whole thing in one go - no food, no potty breaks, no sleep. It was a pretty amazing handful of hours for me.

    There's witty dialog that will have you laughing, and heartfelt moments that make you very well aware of that muscle under left rib cage. There are serious issues addressed, and there are some embarrassingly awkward scenes that'll make you cringe. Basically, no matter what draws you personally to a novel, Death by Social Suicide has a little of something for everyone and tied up in a well written bow.

    I don't think this review truly does this book justice, but the bottom line here is: Death by Social Suicide is an must read. So, you know. Go read it. I think I might go do that again myself...

    Want to see more of my reviews? Check out my blog!

  9. Resch Reads Resch Reads says:

    This book was adorable, sweet, funny, and refreshing. I was giggling the entire time and it just made me happy, it is that simple, this book made me happy. Being fresh out of graduate school, I wished my college experience went as awesome as Brittany. I can relate to Brittany on so many levels, mostly that paying for friendships via a sorority is a joke and just trying to figure out what it is you exactly want from life.

    Brittany is a bad *ss, plan and simple. I loved her and she was really the spice of life for this witty read. Jaime was a complex puzzle I was solving as I continued to read and Erik was a tall glass of sweet tea on a hot summer day. I absolutely loved Erik, I want an Erik in my life! I will take one of everyone to go please, make it happen Kat! In conclusion, you want a sweet, witty, light read that makes you happy??? The answer is yes, so read this!

  10. Candice Montgomery Candice Montgomery says:

    this book was a really excellent display of sweet, romantic NA. I mean, the development of the love was really realistic and relatable. the scenes were fun, the MC was spunky and the dudes were damn sexy. this was my first KD (aka Karen Anne) read but for sure not my last.

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Death ❰Download❯ ➸ Death Author Karen Anne – The night Brittany Wakefield kissed her best friend, Jaime, she lost everything Who knew one amazing moment could send him running— spinning a web of deceit and avoidance for two years Stepping onto The night Brittany Wakefield kissed her best friend, Jaime, she lost everything Who knew one amazing moment could send him running— spinning a web of deceit and avoidance for two years Stepping onto campus, she’s ready to win him back, even if it involves pledging a sorority she has no interest in Erik Draxton fell hard for Brit the moment she walked into the art room With vibrant purple hair, music in her veins and a rebellious flair, she’s all he’s ever wanted While Jaime shrouds himself in secrets, Brit finds herself longing even to be a part of his world Unable to watch the girl of his dreams get tossed to the side, Erik decides to take matters into his own hands But when Erik crosses a line, Brit feels backed into a corner, and discovering Jaime’s secret leaves her devastated With a shattered heart from Jaime, and the risk of losing Erik on the horizon, she knows one thing: navigating the social circles can be a suicide mission.