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This is War ➱ [Read] ➬ This is War By Michelle Hardin ➼ – Thomashillier.co.uk There was an attack a gun a deserted Russian road and phone callThe Salerno Organization was attacked Carterina was taken and despite their best efforts she was not saved Taken Carter was taken and sh There was an attack a gun a deserted Russian road and phone callThe Salerno Organization was attacked Carterina was taken and despite their best efforts she was not saved Taken Carter was taken and she could possibly be carrying his childSeven days and still no Carterina Seven days later and Nathan still had no idea where his wife was To what lengths would a man go to get back the love of his life Well if you’re Nathan Salerno you’ll shake up the entire criminal underworld The love of his life has been taken and imprisoned This is PDF/EPUB ² by none other than the man that killed his beloved mother and after days of searching for his wife with no results Nathan Salerno has finally reached his breaking point Strategy and patience have been abandoned and Nathan has chosen to embraced insanity No one is safe from the hell that he has bestowed upon the underworld and he has no plans of stopping until Carterina is returned to him safely But when an unexpected twist takes Nathan by surprise and brings the war to an abrupt stop Nathan is faced with new challenges a sudden change of direction and the shock of a lifetime Carterina Salerno is stunned Frozen in time and unable to move All she remembers was being brought to the castle being locked in a room for four days and then she was here completely immobile and staring into a pair of hazel green eyes identical to her own Even as the sound of her biological father’s yelling drew closer she stood still Who is he Where did he come from And why the hell does he look so much like meThe action packed love story of a Mafia boss’s son and a hit man’s daughter has finally reached the point where things come full circle Lingering uestion are finally answered hidden secrets are revealed new journeys are embarked upon and new romances are on the horizon The size of TWO full length novels Dangerous Beauty Part Three This is War is packed with action romance humor and jaw dropping drama that will surely keep you on the edge of your seat Nathan and Carter’s saga comes to an epic and beautiful end in book three of the Dangerous Beauty Series Nathan’s ascension to power hits a new height while Carter’s own rise to power just begins With all of their new responsibility both at work and at home Nathan and Carter work together to try and find a balance while simultaneously fighting an unpredictable war with the relentless and clinically insane Silas Steele.

About the Author: Michelle Hardin

Michelle Hardin is a dreamer from a town called Warrensburg in the Heart of the United StatesMissouriShe is a graduate of Columbia College with a Bachelors in Psychology that she hugs close to her heart every night before bed Michelle Hardin is a thinker Her love and addiction to the romance genre began when she read Shades of Grey on a dare After she read that sexy little masterpiece she.

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  1. Musings of A Romance Junkie Musings of A Romance Junkie says:

    Epic Finale Fans of the Dangerous Beauty series you will not be disappointed This is a sprawling conclusion to the badass knife wielding mafia princess known as Carterina Stone Salerno Clear your schedule find a cozy spot grab a mug of something warm or a glass or two of your favorite grape and get ready to immerse yourself into the world of the Salernos Stones and Steeles I could very easily summarize this book for you which I will not do because you must read and experience for yourself uestions that were left lingering or unanswered in the first two volumes will finally be revealed in this sprawling series that literally spans the globe New characters will be introduced and old ones pop up to incite drama Michelle Hardin encompasses everything that we know and love about a good mafia saga · Daring escapes· Dashing rescues· Plot twists· Murder· Revenge· Turf wars· Alliances· Concessions· Romance and passion· Family· Loyalty· Babies This is not a stand alone read I strongly suggest you begin with Dangerous Beauty 1 then read Book 2 and finally dive into this one Your feels will definitely be challenged in this one because there is truly something for everyone

  2. Sandra Sandra says:

    OMG Warning This book will cause you to have a book hangover of epic proportion Michelle Hardin has a way with words that just sucks me into the SalernoStoneSteele world and makes me never want to leave I was devastated when I finished the book because that meant I'd have to leave their world till she comes out with another one I love reading and this book was so good it just might have ruined me for all other books for a while Warn your family that you will be MIA call in at work because once you start it you will not want to put it down If you're a fan of the series I promise you you will not be disappointed Ms Michelle Hardin did her thang with this one

  3. °BeauutiLovve °BeauutiLovve says:

    10 star read for me I can't wait to read This was 3 books in one so far Michelle has gave us 6 books to the series Thank u This book was the Bomb Buy the series

  4. Ashley Ashley says:

    45 Stars So let me just point out that I started this book Saturday and finished the same day It felt like I waited for this book foreverLikes I liked how Spook turned out to be alive That was an OMG YAASSS moment for me I love how Carter involved females once she became the Mob Boss of the Unione Corse Maksim and Alex were ADORABLE Gabriel was on point with his jokes hilarious Of course the romance between Carter and Nathanoh my god The fight scenes had me so giddy and when Carter gave that speech to Shadow I was like Holy crap this girl is not playing Nathan putting the Bonaduccis in their place was also a highlight for me Throughout the book I kept asking myself why they were still aliveDislikes I kind of don't understand how Carter Ana and Gabriel could just forgive Silas It seemed like it was just a way to wrap up the story The whole thing with Aniyah at the end was random too I was left wondering what happened to some of the characters Carter's friends Tamara Melanie Matthew etc It would've been nice to also hear what happened to Jenna tooOverall the book was very good end to an amazing series and although I knew that Carter Nathan and her babies would make it out alive this book kept me on my seat

  5. Sophia Sophia says:

    Awwww Dangerous Lovable Absolutely love the book I truly did My only drawback was that it had a lot of unnecessary fillers I understand where she was going but I was like ok this is just to much dialogue Nathan and Carter will always be one of my favorite couples I was hoping that Lucca Mickey and Kyle found love I'm happy for Ana She finally found love I think Silas is trying to redeem himself He just don't know how to go about it the right way And I'm glad Carter chewed his butt out

  6. Mspraise50 Mspraise50 says:

    Book 3 was epic for real I got closure on all my unanswered uestions regarding Carter and Nathan and their parents history including all the originals I really enjoyed the readI am looking forward to the standalone stories for the other 3 guys to find love Looking forward to Isabella's story tooI really enjoyed the conclusion to Carter and Nathan's story

  7. Rachel Wheeler Rachel Wheeler says:

    Five wonderful StarsThis was a great read I want a Nathan of my own He is probably the best book boyfriend ever The characters were so rich in this series I loved the secondary cast and can not wait to read about them I hope they all get there own books Definitely worth the read Enjoy

  8. Zandra Zandra says:

    Fun conclusionThis installment is definitely long but is very worth it When I first read it I thought it could have used editing to shorten it besides grammar but now I’m glad that didn’t happen Check out Kyle’s story and you’ll get why Happy reading

  9. Ansu Ansu says:

    Let me start off by saying I ABSOLUTELY loved book 1 2 and I was stalking Michelle for book 3 it was that goodSo when I started reading This is WarI seemed to lose my interest a bit as it starts off with Anastacia Cesare's history when Anastacia was 21 Then Chapter 1 starts off with what happened in book 1 with Robert and the attack only chapter 2 starts off with where book 2 left off I felt that this book should have started where book 2 left off The prologue and Chapter 1 should have been incorporated elsewhere in the book appropriately here a good editor would have been great A little bit attention to proof reading and grammar was needed during the editing of this book as wellThe writing style throughout the series is excellent and is full of details that you can see what Michelle wants you to the dialogue is smart funny and engaging it was well paced but book three does tend to drag on in places I felt that Anastacia and Carter where way too mellow in previous books they where these strong tough scary women that no one took chances with them they where feared as well as respected but in this book they came across as soft and sappy I will even go so far as to say harmless I kept waiting to see when they where going to revert back to their true form but sadly that was not to be I understand that motherhood softens you a bit but they where like putty way too sappy with all the I love you's going on in this book was a bit OTT and at times annoying All the secondary characters are as engaging as in previous books and their contribution to the story was well developed I would have liked to see Dante and Gabriel's relationship develop a little bit We where only given bits and pieces which was a crime I hope Michelle plans on stand alone books of the other 4 brothersMichelle has not been afraid to show us the hardcorebrutal side of mafia life in previous books and I loved that as it was done very tastefully and it was well written This book was lacking in action except for the end This book was too mellow with the actionMy overall opinion of this book it was good not great as book 1 2 but still well worth the effort to read it

  10. Elle1986 Elle1986 says:

    FinishedHere is the deal because I like to keep it real Okay Carter and her damn Dr Seuss moment rubbed off Okay okay seriously I honest think I enjoyed this book the most out of all three These books are interesting because something happened that I honestly wasn't expecting when it comes to Mafia type books I laughed A LOT I found Nathan and the five refreshing funny yet they all still knew how to kick ass and get all alpha male at the snap of a finger Carter is a hoot also I think it was easy to fall in love with her characters because she has issues actually she provided something that everyone could relate too be it simply because she is a mother a wife a nurturera friend insane crazy moments of blankness etc she has at least one uality that will draw you into her characterNow the clusterfluck Please note that fluck should be replaced with you know of drama is at times overwhelming and gave me a headache from time to time yet wasn't bad enough for me to uit I think this is the first time that I actually want to read a story about the other characters I am particularly interested in Kyle Miliko and Dante I think I may have saw something related to kyle's story soon Gotta double check that I also want to know about Angelo I would like to see him fall in love and keep it honestly SN I laughed extremely hard after the who interaction with Matthew at that hotel and Nathan was like Uh Matthew um don't forget we will bring the snacks this time I literally bursted out laughing because I was not at all expecting that from that scene It was perfect I have so much to say but that would make this review hella long and ain't nobody got time for that so these books were great and of course I will be telling my peeps all about them Signing off Loved it Oh and if I had to pick a character for carter it would be Logan Browning in my head and Nathan would be Heath Hutchins

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