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The Thorn and the Sinking Stone [Reading] ➹ The Thorn and the Sinking Stone By C.J. Dushinski – Warring families Forbidden love And danger they can’t escapeDaggers Roses Cowboys Boat Men Survivors of Earth's Last War four “families” vie to rule the dreary streets of Rain City through viole and the PDF/EPUB Â Warring families Forbidden love And danger they can’t escapeDaggers Roses Cowboys Boat Men Survivors of Earth's Last War four “families” vie to rule the dreary streets of Rain City through violence and blood Valencia Hara Princess of the The Thorn MOBI :↠ wealthy Black Roses is raised in warrior ways with sharpened steel But she is no ordinary Rose She is Cursed—tainted with the ability to see seconds into the futureTo avenge his father's death Sebastian Leold of the rival gang Thorn and the PDF/EPUB ã Two Daggers must face off against the Black Princess he with his dagger she with her katana sword Yet a secret from a shared past leaves him unable to kill beautiful Valencia; nor can she kill him For they once knew each other beyond their blood feudand they have secrets in common than they knowBut in a world filled with vengeance and violence there can be no room for love.

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  1. Cristina Monica Cristina Monica says:

    DNF at 23%Reason #1 I’d known since I was a child that I was different from the other girls Why oh why do authors keep writing this kind of annoying cheap cliché and overused sentence? I prefer realizing by myself how ‘‘special’’ a heroine can be and not be told so because let’s face it that’s what the author meant to sayReason #2 At first I thought it was just the shock of seeing someone you knew as a child now as an adult and then realizing they were probably the most beautiful girl you’d ever seen That alone was enough to strike any hormone filled teenage boy with heart racing palm sweating stuttering thoughts But sitting alone on the rooftop I’d realized it had been than that—much It was as if I’d finally been reunited with someone I’d longed for every day for nine years thinking I would never see them again And then as if painted by the hand of God there she was First who thinks like that? Secondly can you just stop thinking? He would go on and on about cheesy As hard as I tried to push her face from my mind as I repositioned the dirk at my ankle I couldn’t And I realized with a slight discomfort in my chest I just can’t I can’t take his interior unnecessary struggle? blathering? Yeah definitely the latterReason #3 Garrett’s voice bellowed above all others ‘‘I’ll kill you’’ The Bowler Hat pushed the brim of his hat back from with the tip of his gun revealing an ugly scar across his face He sneered and vanished like smoke into the line of stoic Daggers ready to fight Garrett freed himself from Aston and crawled back ‘‘I’ll kill you’’ he screamed at the Bowler Hat as he staggered to his feet Oh the drama The only thing missing in that threat is ‘‘Even if it’s the last thing I’ll do’’Reason #4 A Dagger would never willingly protect a Rose Yet Sebastian had and that made him different That word again Maybe he’s trying to gain your trust to manipulate you did you ever think about that? Of course notBasically I DNF’d this book because so many little or not so little things annoyed me about it And it’s romance driven and since I found the romance extremely ugh worthy that’s no good for me

  2. Paula M. of Her Book Thoughts! Paula M. of Her Book Thoughts! says:

    Our reality was this we were enemies caught in our parents' war trapped in a desperate situation where desperate people did desperate things I wanted to trust him I wanted him to trust me But neither of us can do it blindly That was a surprise I didn't expect to love the book so so much After the last page of my eArc I was so ready to make a huge fandom for this book and I already asked the author if there's gonna be a seuel and thank the book gods that there will be because my FANGIRL HEART CAN'T TAKE IT if there'll be nothing to follow that breathtaking ending I was drawn instantly from the first chapter I was intrigued and excited because the atmosphere of this book is unbelievable You can really FEEL everything that is happening in the book The pain the action the love you will be transported inside Sebastian and Valencia's world and you know what? You'll love it Every moment of it Sebastian and Valencia are part of two different gangs that rules Rain City Yes people GANGS ROYALTY GANGS And they're rivals We're talking about black motorcycles daggers katanas and lots and lots of running and fighting See my favorite part of this book is the whole concept and the whole premise Its just ITS EPIC OKAY I don't remember being pumped by a book like this Valencia is all about taking revenge and proving to the other gang that they don't mess with roses Or the thorns as the daggers call them Valencia is a kickass I am absolutely impressed by this heroine and okay we need of this kind of heroine in YA Finally finally after so many years of hating them for what they'd done to my father I'd have a shot to show them what it meant to face the wrath of a true Thorn The girl is fierce and likeable I love that she has her head on her shoulders even when Sebastian is starting to get under her skin We all know it tends to go downhill when the romance starts to take over the book But the romance was well done We'll get to that later Now Sebastian Sebastian is a sad sad love interest Not the kind of sad that is irritating and annoying but the kind that you want to hug and hurt for I wanted time to stop I wanted everyone to understand how profound this loss was I was turning into stone A Dagger that is hurting and a Rose that is full of hate could it be epic????? The answer is yes because the romance is just intense Totally sweet and swoony but absolutely intense Romeo and Juliet kind of romance doesn't usually work for me but for Valencia and Sebastian I'm so ready to cut somebody if the odds doesn't work in their favor Look at you You're beautiful and terrifying and how could God ever put someone like you on Earth for me to kill Some things that needs work in my opinion is giving information about Rain City their culture their history and some of the terms that are used But I have a feeling that everything will be improved and epic because of what happened in the ending It is true that this book has The Young Elites feel into it but I wouldn't say that they are the same There's a lot of different elements and comparing is just wrong anyway right? One thing I wouldn't forget to mention is that the writing is terrific It's absolutely stunning I cannot believe this is a debut novel This series is absolutely to watch out for You people need to choose sides Are you a Dagger or a Rose? Me? I'm wherever Bast and Vali will be This book is surely a 2015 favorite

  3. Donna {Book Passion For Life} Donna {Book Passion For Life} says:

    As soon as I heard about The Thorn and the Sinking Stone I was immediately curious about it I have to be honest when I say I hadn’t seen it around the blogging world and for that reason I was hesitant But no matter what my curiosity go the better of me and I decided to take a chance on the story I wanted to love this book – I did But sometimes taking chances doesn’t always pay off and unfortunately this was the case for me and The Thorn and the Sinking Stone I had really high hopes with the book because it was clearly based Romeo and Juliet and I love that story no matter how sad it is While it’s clearly not the same as Shakespears’ tale The Thorn and the Sinking Stone is a story full of gang rivals set in a dystopian world with a paranormal aspect and it’s a world that if I’m honest confused me and wasn’t really built up enough For the first 20% of the story I uickly flew through the pages but soon enough I slowly started to lose interest I found the I read the things didn’t add up and there were several plot holes The world that was created was a good idea but poorly executed and not enough back ground information so as a reader you completely understand how things are People just accept things like the Watchmen and the Cursed I felt like although the main story is about The Black Roses and Two Daggers there are too many other players in the story that really could have been left out and maybe introduced into a seuel There was also a lot of cold hearted violence in the book which I think would look great on a big screen – if that’s what you’re into Sebastian and Valencia were the reason I kept reading I wanted to see how their story would come together and while I liked it in most part I still couldn’t help feeling disappointed that their romance wasn’t as epic as I was hoping it was going to be It was a little bland and in the end I felt like the romance could have been left out because both characters were stronger without their new found romance In all The Thorn and the Sinking Stone wasn’t a great read for me but it’s one I’m glad I read because otherwise I would have always been curious about it Thank you to Entangled Teen for giving me the opportunity to review this book in exchange for an honest review

  4. Sam Sam says:

    25 stars It was okay I bumped it up to 3 stars because it was the authors first novel Nice jobShort version An inventive world and an interesting concept washed down with a horrible plot terrible character attributes and dialogue and a forced love storyLong version First off I absolutely loved the concept of this story It reminded me of a gritty modern version of Romeo and Juliet meets The 100 in fact Valencia our main character here is strikingly similar to a character from The 100 Despite post apocalyptic worlds and their stories being a bit passe and overdone I liked what the author did here Some parts felt fresh However some parts also felt very familiar almost like rehashed version of some of the recent best sellers Where this book ultimately failed was the plot It was not only predictable but it was very poorly planned and filled with plot holes left and right It started off uite well and it was interesting enough to hold my attention well into the meat of the book but it fell apart uite uickly after that which is often the case with first time authors and their debut novels I'm going by the goodreads author page if this is wrong let me know The characters weren't particularly strong either Valencia just like this book had potential but she was so lacking I really struggled to like her and empathize with her and her cause I almost didn't care Almost There were a few book saving moments it was the uiet points in the story that I really started to feel like there was a real character there that I cared about in her POV diatribes but those parts were few and far between the bike scenes were great The dialogue and to some degree even the writing wasn't very strong and there were times when I simply rolled my eyes because it felt way over the top; like the author was trying to do and be than she was capable of This is not intended to be mean many first time authors make this mistake of trying to write better than they are capable of It's still good writing but it's painful to have to read 6 lines about Garrett smoking cigarettes That kind of detail is nice if it has to do with plot or character development but it was mostly just filler and that was frustrating As much as this tries to be a love story this is not a book you'll remember for it's romance or love there's no Bella and Edward here or much of anything to be honest Which is a shame because this book had tremendous potential but it ultimately fell flat and is easily forgettable I would encourage the author to continue because she seems like a good story teller who needs to work on a few things like plot development but having written her first book she'll no doubt have improved Great first effort and while I think there are great points to this book it's not a recommend from me as it was okay as per my scale

  5. Catherine Catherine says:

    Thanks to Netgalley for a copy of this novel in return for an honest review I haven't seen it marketed as such but this book is clearly based on Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' It involves rival gangs and star crossed lovers sort of but also has a paranormal element smarter characters no one fakes a suicide and is actually part of a dystopian worldThough it's never really made clear what happened this book is actually set in the future after some sort of war that appears to have destroyed much of the world It was rebuilt and in the Rain City where this is set there are gangs that are struggling for control over the city as well as the Watchmen who work for the government or some form of it though it's never really talked about I would've liked a clearer sense of the world in this novel it was a struggle for me to write those couple of sentences about when it's set Despite this though I did really enjoy it and though I couldn't tell you much about the world we are given a good picture of the city and what it's like to live there The two main characters Sebastian the Sinking Stone and Valencia the Thorn alternate points of view and I liked them both Sebastian grew up surrounded by gangs and murder and vengeance but hasn't let it touch him; although he's saddened and angry over his father's death by the Black Roses the rival gang he doesn't want revenge His dad was the leader of the Two Daggers gang but taught him that love was important than hate Sebastian is brave and kind and tries his hardest to be a good person Valencia isn't as naive as Sebastian She's the sister of the leader of the Black Roses and is only through Sebastian's influence that she realises that she can't be part of the life that's expected of her She's expected to kill him but instead finds herself drawn to him There's also a paranormal element to this novel though it's existence is never explained as anything other than a mutated gene and then never in anything other than passing Both Valencia and Sebastian are Cursed they have paranormal gifts and this makes them automatically enemies of the Watchmen It's through this connection that they become unlikely allies even though their families are feuding This book is fast paced full of action and adventure and romance I really enjoyed it and read it all in one sitting It was funny and light hearted and the characters were great I would've liked a better explanation of the world but I think this might be coming in the second novel maybe The novel was easy to read and I enjoyed the style though there were a couple of moments when the thornsinking stone metaphors were hammered in a bit too hard Thankfully those stopped about half way through Overall I'd definitely recommend this book if you're looking for a uick action packed read

  6. Emmeline (The Book Herald) Emmeline (The Book Herald) says:

    I kindly got this ARC via Entangled teen PublisherAH This Book was Freaking awesome So glad I got this ARCRating 45I truly enjoyed it it was action packed and made me reminiscent of the book 'Young Elites' by Marie Lu Finn 'Lucky' Leold was dead My Father was dead Murdered by a Black Rose Rain City is divided by four gangs two of these gangs The Black Roses and the Daggers hate each other and yearn to annihilate one anotherThere is a genetic mutation in Rain city that gives people special abilities however these abilities are outlawed and the government will do anything to eradicate this genetic abnormality The Princess of the Black Roses Valencia has a genetic mutation which makes her invincible in combat she is a warrior and nothing will stand in her way of avenging her father However she never forgot the little boy who had saved her one night years ago So what happens when this little boy Sebastian is now all grown up and also the son of the deceased leader of the Daggers is made to fight the Princess of the Black Thorns to the death? Has Valencia found her weakness at last? Will Sebastian remember her? “Why are you being so nice to me? I just tried to shove a blade in you?” There is a love story and oh my what a love story it isI usually hate the Romeo and Julliette type romances but I totally LOVED this one “I’m already in your head” He whispered “and you know it I’m beating through your pulse I’m in the air you breathe because we’re the same” HOW CAN YOU NOT MELT AT THAT? Sebastian is freaking dreamy There's a Masuerade scenethatthat i have no words but the Gif is pretty accurate Everything is against them everyone wants to kill or separate them To love each other is death to be with each other is suicide To be cursedis beyond all that But there is a myth that there are those curse named the ‘gifted few’ Are they myth or fact? Read to find out I love the writing and the story and the characters While reading I was so shocked when I realised I finished it I wanted It’s safe to say I can’t wait to have the next book especially considering where it finished off Stay awesome and read this book The Book Herald Find me on Twitter thebookherald

  7. Morgan E Morgan E says:

    I received this from Netgalley for my honest review Publisher Entangled Publishing LLCThis story had real potential I had high hopes for it Turns out it couldn't deliverThis story felt like a mix of dystopian and fantasy to me It takes place in a futuristic city Rain City and is centered around two gangs the Roses and the Daggers It felt very Romeo and Juliet or A West Side Story only with out the drama and flare Don't get me wrong plenty of drama takes place in this book; it just wasn't executed well in my opinion It felt like description than actual storytelling A fun idea for a story just not my cup of tea

  8. Felix Felix says:

    Science Fantasy Kings Review Your Kings for what's cool in the world of nerds Pirates boatmen Cowboys Samurai's Black roses and a post apocalyptic world with a section of the population slowly becoming mutants? What could be better? How about a good story? When I received this book for review I had high hopes Really high hopes It sounded fantastic but each page I trekked the and I wanted to throw things Because it had potential but the author threw it all away for low hanging fruit Perhaps frustrating than the over overarching story was the fact that by the halfway point of the book the differences between the Rain City gangs were pretty much non existent You could have flipped open this book at any page in the 200's and thought it was something else completely The hook Cowboys Ninjas and Pirates was completely forgotten about in favor of a love story and a really weak sort of Lord of the Rings Wraith side plot Besides a massive information dump of almost useless proportions nothing you want to know is actually explained or even commented on Why was this Rain City a dystopian wasteland? Why Katanas besides the fact that the Roses come from old Asia? fans of the SF Kings will find the plot devices in this novel to be uite infuriating and little bit insulting the main character is OP as hell with her mutant powers and she can even see a little bit into the future and as stated before nothing is actually explained to the point where I doubt any interesting scientific information could ever be gleaned from this work; yep folksit's lowest common denominator science fiction The Big Bang Theory of Sci Fi novels if you will The Rundown Plot 25 If you've managed to hold on this far you're in for some good news At it's core this The Thorn and the Sinking Stone has some redeeming ualities Particularly in its wanton violence I was uite surprised how violent this book actually was and how little remorse any of the characters actually had It's a stark contrast from the rest of the book Normally I'm not a fan of senseless blood but it added an interesting element It was almost Kill Billian As for the actual plot the story isn't Star Wars Episodes 1 3 bad but it's certainly nothing you haven't read a thousand times before see flip test from before and as far as tropes and cliches go this novel hits a bunch of them over the wall bases loaded bottom of 9th style Characters 35 If you're on the lookout for a book with a strong female character Valencia Hara won't go down in history as anything memorable but she's a cool girl with mutant powers and a katana She's actually pretty bad ass for the first half of the novel One of my big gripes with this book is idea that we had to have romance here Strong female characters don't need to revolve around a romance plot It just didn't fit the Valencia character at least in book 1 Science 15 There's about as much science in this book as what your mom knows about the X Men Radiation causes mutations Duh If you're looking for anything interesting in the world of science you won't find it here I understand that the author probably never had the nerd demographic in mind and was simply trying to cash in on some big pop culture buzzwords and themes but I found the simplicity and cardboard like generalizations to be rather insulting to modern readers Overall Experience 40% In all The Thron and the Sinking Stone by CJ Dushinski can be enjoyable for some mindless binge reading especially if you can't get enough Dystopian Lit However it comes up entirely short of most of its goals and ambitions and you're aren't going to find anything particularly interesting or even nerdy in this book outside of some really bad characterizations

  9. Lexie Lexie says:

    DNF this is a did not finish book for me guys I got about 40% in and I just can't read any The main characters are hard to relate to I found the world building incredibly slow and boring I wish I could've liked this book enough to finish it especially because it had such an amazing synopsis But sadly it just wasn't for me

  10. Jennifer (Bad Bird Reads) Jennifer (Bad Bird Reads) says:

    At A Glance I like that it was twist on Romeo and Juliet but the execution was meh The Good Rival gangs forbidden lovers paranormal aspects all set in a dystopia world Pretty freaking awesome idea right? I thought so too that's what drew me to The Thorn and the Sinking Stone A twist on Romeo and Juliet I couldn't pass it upThe violence and grit of this world appealed to me You would have to be a hard person to live in it There was nothing soft or gentle about it Except for Sebastian and Valencia These two are different from their murdering families and rough citizens Valencia is tough but caring while Sebastian is brave and kind And together they really brought out the specialness in each other They start out fighting each other to a possible death and end up with an uncertain future but at least they are going into it together There isn't flowers and candy but there is friendship and understanding and that's a good base for a relationshipI liked the Cursed aspect I want to know about why these gifted humans are hunted There was a lot of action and suspense And the mystery at the end still has me intrigued The Bad Um background info? Hello? Are you there? No? Well that sucks This book really needed a better background base because I felt like I was just thrown into this world and it took me the whole book just to understand a uarter of it I don't like feeling lostI am cool with violence but how cavalier these characters were about it just irked me sometimesThere was some plot holes and I wanted character development The Snuggly I like that this wasn't an epic love story it was gritty and uncertain It was a nice change up But I also missed having a strong feeling about the couple I want from Valencia and Sebastian next timeOnly kissing so very YA Final Thoughts It was a good read with a meh plot and background I might read the next one but I am not sure yet I am still intrigued enough to keep an eye out for the seuel Somewhat Recommended uotes “Why are you being so nice to me? I just tried to shove a blade in you?”   “I’m already in your head” He whispered “and you know it I’m beating through your pulse I’m in the air you breathe because we’re the same”   For a long time I'd been consumed by anger Then Valencia Hara appeared too wild and beautiful to ignore and the anger faded into the background She dulled my sadness making it easier to think and easier to feel

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