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Two Night Stand [EPUB] ✼ Two Night Stand Author Ellis Carrington – Two guys meet outside of a small town girlie bar Both of them would rather be anywhere else Gabe needs a sober ride home without his douchey ex bringing him down Lincoln needs to put the mistakes that Two guys meet outside of a small town girlie bar Both of them would rather be anywhere else Gabe needs a sober ride home without his douchey ex bringing him down Lincoln needs to put the mistakes that brought him to Hollow Forge Two Night PDF/EPUB ² behind him for good A simple lift back to campus turns into one night together that leaves them both wanting One night becomes two but soon their pasts are knocking at the door and the clock is running out on their weekend word gay romance novella.

About the Author: Ellis Carrington

Ellis Carrington was born after the Christmas of when she was gifted a Kindle and discovered the gay romance category on that same day Sometimes her heroes are human and sometimes they aren’t because angels and vampires deserve love too Her favorite Two Night PDF/EPUB ² things are great friends great music and books that make her forget the outside world.

10 thoughts on “Two Night Stand

  1. ☆ Todd ☆ Todd says:

    I've had Two Night Stand a while now but never put it at the top of my reading list until now and I'm glad that I finally didThis FREE short story was a low angst delight about two young guys who've been burned in previous relationshipsAs the story begins I pretty much had decided that business student Gabe was a very special kind of stupid And uite possibly a bit of a masochist to boot You see Gabe is a big ole' mo but agrees to celebrate his 21st birthday at a titty bar With his ex boyfriend But that's not all folks He's also spending it with the ex's girlfriend Imagine my surprise when we find out that Gabe is not having the time of his life I know shocking right? Not so muchAnyway after being force fed test tube shots sandwiched between large female breasts Gabe is pretty drunk and plenty pissed Angry at both his ex Brendan for dragging him into the God awful experience and at himself for agreeing to sit and watch his ex fawn all over his new girly beard To uote TJ Klune's latest book Yaaaay slow clap So Gabe pops out for some fresh air before ditching the two love birds and grabbing a taxi home only to be rescued by a sexy good Samaritan in the form of a 25 yo ex cop named Lincoln who offers our loveable Gabe a ride home But the lift turns into hot as hell mutual handjobs on Lincoln's couch and steaming pancakes the following morningAnd as both initially hesitant young men get to know one another and continue to click neither really wants their time together to end which leads them to spend the morning after together at a local farmers market checking out fresh produce And one another AgainThis leads them to a second night together plus a bit of drama from Gabe's ' want to have my cake and eat it too' ex that Lincoln than willingly helps uashYaaaaay fast clap ; But will a second night together be enough for our once bitten twice shy heroes? Read the book to find out but I found this short story to be an absolute joy with a surprising number of subdued feels for so few pagesMy only real niggle was the final sex scene Because after stopping at the pharmacy for supplies it was entirely skipped which made me flip back and forth a few times to see if the pages on my eReader were stuck together or something Nope arrived home fast forward woke up with the sun And I was really looking forward to their first real time so I would have loved a bit o'But it was still a good read which I highly recommend especially because it's free so I'm giving this one 425 you're stuck with me now your bad stars for this very enjoyable story

  2. SheReadsALot SheReadsALot says:

    This was a good freebie My second time reading this author and again I like Gabe newly twenty one and drunk meets Lincoln a good Samaritan while sitting on the ground in front of a titty bar Gabe's gay and upset his ex lover would bring him there to celebratewith his ex's girlfriendLincoln offers him a ride and it turns into something Hint The titleI liked this It wasn't necessarily PWP there was a plot The sex was mostly frottage I liked the safe sex bit a lot I thought it dragged a little when the boys spend time together after their first night It got better when they get to campus I liked both characters and the taste of their background that I got I liked where their heads were at they were age appropriate Not that a four year age difference is that huge I wished the emphasis on those four measly years was toned down someStory could've been longer but it was still an easy read Hot but not overly scorching and it ends with a definite HFNpossibly HEA 35 stars

  3. Trio Trio says:

    oh my gosh this was so good Definitely looking for by this author

  4. Meags Meags says:

    4 StarsThis story was really enjoyable and impressively written Gabe and Lincoln were both extremely likeable and engaging characters Gabe in particular was really endearing His awkward and honest inner musings at the beginning of the story immediately pulled me in and had me laughing out loud on than one occasion which led to some serious highlightingAs is often the case with short stories I was left wanting I'm greedy like that I'll have to settle for eagerly exploring of Carrington's works

  5. Katrina Passick Lumsden Katrina Passick Lumsden says:

    There just wasn't enough here to make it even remotely memorable The writing wasn't bad and the romance was sweet kinda but it's just one of those stories that seems to just happen and when you're finished all you can do is sit and blink and wonder what you just spent the last half hour doing

  6. Trisha Harrington Trisha Harrington says:

    35 starsThis was an okay read Nothing I really loved but it was still pretty enjoyable in places I also liked Gabe and Lincoln the two MC'sI didn't like Brendan But saying that he was important to the story Though I would have liked less of him in the story Sometimes I got tired of hearing about himThe ending was sweet enough I think I would have liked it if this had been a tiny bit longer

  7. Jilrene Jilrene says:

    Enjoyed this one very much Short easy read NO insta love Just two guys who decide to date after an extended hook up Very much in the realm of possibility ;

  8. Susan Susan says:

    Well this was badGabe meets Lincoln when he steps out of bar drunk Lincoln offers him a ride Hellooooo he could be an ax murderer you stupid manThey hit it off if you could call the weird seduction scene that and have sex well frottage They somehow end up spending 3 days togetherThis could have been a sweet book where a one night stand turns into something But the writing felt off and the ‘connection’ the author wanted there to be between Gabe and Lincoln simply wasn’t there Sometimes you read a book where the author just has this talent to write beautiful dialogue Well you won't find it here Authentic interesting dialogue is hard to write But it's such an important part of believing in a romance for me And because the dialogue here felt stilted weird and just plain wrong I pretty much disliked the entire bookDon’t get me wrong the premise was great but the execution was notAnd what was it with working up to a big sex scene they had no condoms at first so only hand jobs and frottage and then skipping it??

  9. Jewel Jewel says:

    35 StarsWhat Todd said

  10. Macky Macky says:

    35 Stars If like me you've been reading and loving Ellis Carrington’s Escapade Series then you'll be very happy to see that she's treated us to a sexy little interlude set around the all girl strip club that this engaging mm series is centred aroundand at the time I'm writing this review is actually being given to us as a freebie so thank you EllisI really liked Lincoln and Gabe's story because once again Ellis establishes the yummy chemistry and sexual tension I always love in her books They start the story as strangers but attraction strikes fairly uickly after they encounter each other outside Escapade; the place birthday boy Gabe has been railroaded into going to by his roommate and selfish ex fuck buddy 'boyfriend' BrendanWhat doesn’t help is that Brendan has invited his girlfriend of the moment along rubbing salt into an already stinging wound; so not wanting to be there in the first place a miserable Gabe sneaks away just wanting to go home Angry and a bit worse for wear from all the shots he’s drunk to help get through the experience he ends up collapsed against the wall outside chewing over to himself just how pissed he is about the way Brendan has treated himAs it happens ex cop Lincoln is leaving the bar after doing his stint working security at the club and concerned about a slightly over the limit Gabe driving home strike's up a conversation that leads to Gabe accepting a lift from the attractive guy with dimples that give him tummy flips However during the ride a tipsy Gabe inadvertently falls asleep in the car so Lincoln takes him back to his place where to cut a long story short attraction turns to lust and a night of hot sizzling sex But their one night stand leads to two when over the weekend together they both find themselves taking stock of the baggage in their past that’s been holding them back from finding loveDespite being only 51 pages Ellis still manages to turn what could have been just a uick hot sexy read into a short story with enough emotional content to flesh out Gabe and Lincoln as characters Of course it's too short to have a HEA but it's HFN ending did leave me feeling satisfied that these two men could very easily take their relationship to the next level and make it workIdeally I would have liked to have seen a bit of Gabe and Lincoln’s relationship but as it stands this is the perfect length if you've got an hour to spare I read it while I was all relaxed and cosy in bed and really enjoyed it A free read I'd uite happily have paid for it will definitely be staying on my Kindle with the rest of my Ellis Carrington books️SINFULLYAddicted To All Male Romance Formerly

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