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A Window Opens [PDF / Epub] ☉ A Window Opens Author Elisabeth Egan – Thomashillier.co.uk uando ualcosa non va Alice Pearse si rifugia nella lettura È sempre stato così; fin dalla più tenera infanzia per Alice i libri sono isole felici dove potersi rilassare mondi in cui perdersi tesori uando ualcosa non va Alice Pearse si rifugia nella lettura È sempre stato così; fin dalla più tenera infanzia per Alice i libri sono isole felici dove potersi rilassare mondi in cui perdersi tesori da amare E adesso che si è ritrovata di colpo con un marito disoccupato tre bambini da mantenere e un mutuo da pagare i libri sono diventati letteralmente la sua ancora di salvezza è infatti grazie alla sua fama di book blogger che le viene offerto un impiego da Scroll una promettente start up che sta per inaugurare una catena A Window Kindle - di «sale di lettura» ovvero raffinati caffè dove sprofondare in comode poltrone consultare uno sterminato catalogo di e book e leggere Nonostante le feroci proteste della sua migliore amica proprietaria della libreria del uartiere Alice accetta tuttavia non le ci vuole molto per rendersi conto che gestire la famiglia con un lavoro a tempo pieno è molto più difficile di uanto non si aspettasse e che dietro l’apparenza meravigliosa Scroll nasconde un incubo Eppure Alice non si scoraggia in fondo a volte per trovare la felicità basta girare pagina.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 416 pages
  • A Window Opens
  • Elisabeth Egan
  • 28 August 2015

About the Author: Elisabeth Egan

Elisabeth Egan is the books editor at Glamour Her essays and book reviews have appeared in Self Glamour O The Oprah Magazine People Publishers Weekly Kirkus Reviews the Huffington Post the New York Times Book Review the Los Angeles Times Book Review The Washington Post the Chicago Sun Times and The Newark Star Ledger She lives in New Jersey with her family.

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  1. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    35 Alice Pearse is a likable character a character many of us can identify with She is a mother to three young children married and works three days a week at a magazine reviewing books That is until her husband finds out he did not make partner and wants to open his own law office which means Alice must find a full time job until his own office is up and runningShe is offered what she thinks is a dream job a new type of book store that offers first editions e books and other things in awesome setting Until things change and her dream job morphs into something different This is a novel about books vs e books her friend's independent bookstore versus a whole new reading experience There are humorous bits usually coming from the mouths of babes we all know kids say the darndest things A novel that asks the uestion Is it ever possible to really have it all? To find out what Alice decides you need to read the novel A lighter read but one that deals with some important issues issues relating to what is called the sandwich generation among others ARC from publisher

  2. Angela M Angela M says:

    3 starsA contemporary story on multiple levels dealing with women juggling their roles and coping with the challenges of every day life There's an interesting focus for book lovers on e books vs book stores Add in an ailing parent marital issues and drinking problems uestionable corporate intentions and it sounds like this might not be a fun book to read And it isn't funny per se but there's humor and family and the literary references that make this an enjoyable read I also loved the text messages between Alice and her father and her memory of herself as a little girl as the Booklady selling books to her fatherAlice wife and mother with a part time job feeling as if she had the best of both worlds is suddenly forced to get a full time job when her husband doesn't make partner at his law firm Alice is a character that many women will be able to connect with and her discoveries about herself and what's important in life will reach home for many My favorite uote is from Alice's little girl Georgie What do you daydream about? A predictable ending but that was fine with meThanks to Simon and Schuster and NetGalley

  3. Esil Esil says:

    There's nothing new about the theme or story of A Window Opens Alice lives in the suburbs with her three kids husband and dog and works part time for a magazine Alice's husband loses his job and Alice gets a job in New York with a new company that is developing an in store digital book concept And then Alice spends most of the book struggling to do it all including coping with her ill father I say that this common theme is done well because Alice is likeable and recognizable and the book doesn't preach a solution it just really provides an acute reminder that it can be awfully hard to balance all these obligations and remain sane There's a light tone to the book but it does highlight some difficult realities for many families long work days long commutes dissatisfying jobs a sense of never spending enough time with one's children and spouse and aging parents can make for an awful lot of stress That stress comes through loud and clear in Open a Window So depending on how much you can identify with Alice this may seem entertaining irrelevant and boring validating or just a stressful reminder of everything you should be doing but are not doing while you're reading about Alice trying to do it all Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for an opportunity to read an advance copy

  4. ❀Julie ❀Julie says:

    4 solid stars Thoroughly enjoyed this book Alice Pearse made me feel better about my role as a mom almost making my crazy paced life look easy I adored her character flaws and all and felt strangely comforted by reading this I have never been a full time working mom but could still relate to so much of this story The part about her dying father was especially moving and although I could not relate to losing a father I could relate to the loss of a close loved one and the language felt somehow comforting also Overall the story was charming and light but also sad and enlightening I learned a few lessons with Alice along the way and it made me think about the way my kids see me through their eyes Even though parts were sad she didn't take it to a point that made me cry just to where my eyes would burn before adding just a touch of humor to lighten it I listened to the audiobook on the go and the narration was fantastic The story felt so real I kept thinking I was listening to the author herself telling her life storySidenote If I had read the blurb before reading this book I might have passed on it since I was not a fan of “Where’d You Go Bernadette?” For some reason I just couldn’t get into that one and was unable to finish it

  5. Elyse Walters Elyse Walters says:

    Contemporary modern life for Nicholas Alice their three young children and dog has its challenges At the beginning of this story Alice was only working part time but when her husband didn't make partner with his law firm and throws his laptop across the room he no longer has a job His plans are to start his own business But in the meantime He has no immediate income coming in It doesn't take long until Alice takes a dream job demanding job working full time Commuting on the train each way approximately 40 minutes As it becomes challenging to balance work marriage kidsher husband has started increasing his drinking from 2 beers a day to Switching to vodka and tonicso as not to see piles of brown beer bottles in The recycle each day Alice and her best friend are beginning to show tension in their friendshipdue to conflicting values Her friend owns a book store and is sick and tired of people using her store as a showroom then buying their books online Well The job Alice takes is 'high tech' reading The mission of the company is to re invent reading the way Starbucks reinvented coffee Creating a peaceful uninterrupted time at the past and future There will be membership opportunities a flat monthly feefor four titles of their choice each monthspecial sustained silent reading rooms pick choice downloading While sitting in a comfy leather armchair for serious readerswith waitress servicefoot massages complimentary biscotti cup holders with mini hot plates to keep their coffee warmand unlimited gummy bears It's a business that wants to deliver first class experience to their literary lounges Alice's best friend the bookshop owner feels like she just got stabbed in the heart by the person she was closest to She joined the evil devil teamSo Family tensions Work tensions Friendship tension Then add Alice's very sick fatherIt's enough to throw a few laptops across the room I didn't find this book haha funny yet It warmed my heart It's an honest look at look at a family's hectic busy lifeworking paying bills taking care of the children the dog attending school functions caring for sick parents dealing with painful personal loss etc I felt exhausted sad and sometimes very inspired Alice and Nicholas had their problems Kids were not always happy campers eitherBut this is a useful book to read It's very realisticit allows the reader to think about choices they might make Even observe one couple do the very best they can with their blistering hearts and watch how this family figures things out for themselves A PLUS For me often many books are mentioned in this novel The author has great taste I too loved almost every book she mentionedMy Antonia by Willa Cather To Kill A Mockingbird Jonathan Trooperbooks The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and Zeitoun to name a few I'm left with wanting to kiss my husband hug my kids turn the music up and smell the roses love each other Life can get complicated but we can always STOP to experience what we are grateful for Happy Mothers Day tomorrowThank you to the publisher Netgalley and this charming warm author for this reading gift

  6. Laurence R. Laurence R. says:

    I REALLY liked this bookFor some reason I seem to be reading books like this one even though I'm pretty much always young enough to be the main characters' daughter I don't even care about that fact because there are so many life lessons in them and I can still find ways to relate to their lives which always makes my reading experience amazing From the very first page I loved this book It mentions a book from my favourite author on its very first page so I knew the main character and I would get along very well Then I discovered so many things about Alice's love for books bookshops and publishing companies that I felt like I was reading an encyclopedia about my passion In a good way Sharing such an important part of my life my love for books with a MC is an amazing thingWhen I continued reading I started falling in love with Alice's family from her adorable kids to her incredible husband She has one of the best relationships I've read about in a long time because she and Nicholas are at least initially honest loving and patient with each other I loved how supportive they are for each other and how their love is still so strong even after all these years and three kids I started to fear for their relationship in the middle of the story but deep down I always knew that they'd find a way to get through everything life throws at them because they're just that kind of a couple the OTP kind to be honest Alice's relationship with her parents made me smile and broke my heart too because this is the part where I could relate a lot I think her feelings are very well described and I have to admit I cried than once while I was reading which always happened to be in public of course I think everyone would enjoy this lovely novel because it's bittersweet and full of life lessons that we should all rememberThank you Netgalley for providing me with a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  7. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Smart funny and heartfelt I loved Elisabeth Eagan’s new book “A Window Opens” While the overall plot has been done before – Mom goes back to work full time to a job that wasn’t uite what she thought it would be and struggles to manage it all – Eagan scores originality points for incorporating main character Claire’s struggles with agingill parents; creating real likeable characters; and writing a book for book loversSome of my favorite parts of the book were all of the literary references ranging from the classics to contemporary novels Some are included to move the story along others are included strictly for the enjoyment of the audience – sort of like all those cameos in Muppet movies For example a bookstore owner is overheard telling a customer “No Jonathan Tropper Trust me he’s a lot fun than Jonathan Franzen Claire also reminisces about dressing up as The Book Lady as a little girl filling her rolling suitcase with books and walking around the house trying to sell books to her family members It brought back memories of my own when as a child I organized all the books on our shelves and created my own version of the Dewey Decimal system My siblings weren’t allowed to take a book from the shelf without first “checking it out” with me 45 enthusiastic starsThank you to NetGalley and Simon Schuster for a galley of this book in exchange for an honest review

  8. Veronica ⭐️ Veronica ⭐️ says:

    Nicholas feeling he is going nowhere in his current job uits and decides to set up his own business His wife Alice worried about future money problems applies for a full time jobInitially Alice feels let down by Nicholas She enjoyed her part time job and bringing up their three children However when she finds a dream job and the freedom and importance that comes with it she starts to think maybe she really can have it allEgan’s “A Window Opens” is a story of women defined by their actions The brands they wear brand naming plays an important roll in this story the cars they drive the restaurants they’re seen in and the spin class they attend Behind it all is a woman trying to keep up running from trains to airports to homes with children already asleep to school concerts and after school activities Some women do this effortlessly and so it would seem to an outsider did Alice However Alice’s world was falling apart Her husband was drinking too much and she somehow lost her best friend Her father’s cancer had returned aggressive than ever and she’d let her mother down when she needed her most Something had to giveEgan’s writing is emotional meaningful and subtle but powerful An ode to motherhood mothers everywhere working or not will resonate with AliceI really didn’t think this would be a “tissues reuired” read but yes tissues reuiredThere were a lot of directions the story could have taken to sensationalise it and make it dramatic but I was pleased that Egan stuck to a tamer plot making the story realistic almost like a memoirIf you love bookish books with lots of book mentions this will delight you with over thirty mentions of other books throughoutWith my thanks to the publisher via Netgalley for my copy to read and review

  9. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    A sweet funny debut novel about a woman who tries to juggle all the elements of a happy life finding the perfect job for a modern book loverbut also being a good mother to her three children supporting her husband after he loses his job at a law firm and helping her mother care for her father as he suffers a relapse of throat cancerNew Jersey commuter Alice Pearse goes from writing about books for You magazine I bet Egan doesn’t know that’s a real publication title in the UK the Mail on Sunday’s women’s mag to working for the New York City office of Scroll which plans to open hip inviting book lounges where readers can experience all the latest e books From the get go Alice has her doubts about a company that has the mantra “Paper Is Poison” and replaces first editions with video games Is this really the right place for a bibliophile? Best friend Susanna struggling to keep her independent bookshop open thinks Alice has basically made a deal with the devil but what choice does Alice have if she wants to keep the family afloat?Like other books I’ve read recently that are set in the publishing world – Delicious by Ruth Reichl What Nora Knew by Linda Yellin and Cinema Lumière by Hattie Holden Edmonds – A Window Opens succeeds because its female first person voice is immediately engaging You like Alice and root for herI suspect the story is highly autobiographical for Egan; it’s clear that she knows firsthand the difficulties of balancing a fulfilling career with marriage and motherhood and sections on facing the loss of a parent are also particularly moving I thought Alice’s hipster colleagues at Scroll were maybe a bit clichéd Dave Eggers’s The Circle came to mind but it’s easy to accept that their ideas about books are soullessI’ll keep an eye out for what Elisabeth Egan writes next

  10. DeB MaRtEnS DeB MaRtEnS says:

    Well this has been read in tandem while I read another book and A Window Opens didn't suffer from my diverting attentionI guess that I don't know who the target audience was meant to be for a this novel; young urban high income earners with children? Are there a large percentage of those in the population? On one hand it was The Devil Wears Prada in the new world e book phoney baloney cruel corporate culture for dear idealistic Alice Pearse formerly part time mommy magazine editor forced to take a full time job with ridiculously high pay and long hours when her husband's job goes up in flames Kinda funny I liked that part Pure chick lit Then it was seriously sad with a dying father and bereaved mother grief wracked kids and a husband who found joy in bottles of booze than he did in the new legal business he was supposedly setting up The time impact caused by family needs created unreasonable corporate snits and great personal conflict for Alice Dramatic fiction butAlice got to buy great clothes and look like a grown up in her grown up job However she experienced the hardships of not keeping up with her growing children's needs for wardrobes which fit socks from the laundry not coupled and matched and having her very responsible babysitter taking over all of the time with the kids which used to be hers Tragic Loyal responsible Alice realizes we've already figured this out by the second day so it isn't a spoiler that she doesn't much like her job the family doesn't much like her having this job which has her on the phone texting when she IS home her best friend doesn't like her job because it is in competition with her stock of real books in the neighbourhood book shop but Alice is afraid of being unable to afford bread without it Nicholas her lawyer husband tells her that his new firm is doing uite well If they don't upgrade their kitchen with the inheritance from her dad she should uit the job and figure out what she WOULD like to do Which you know is convenient because the babysitter is uitting to take an office job LOVE FINDS A WAY I like chick lit because it usually has a flagrant disregard for reality a large element of Cinderellaism and is usually goofily self disparaging It's feel good fiction with sass and doesn't take itself too seriously Any message is delivered usually one with common sense aside from the elegant or not froth But A Window Opens can't make its mind up about what kind of novel it would like to be It isn't a bad novel; the writing is uite good It ends up floating in the netherworld of women's fiction with cute kid one liners but no particular purpose As Alice bemoaned her job while her excellent babysitter provided fabulous care I thought of the many women who would love to have that advantage And finally when Alice decided that she didn't like her job and she could uit I couldn't help but think of all of the women who must work every day support their families tolerate less than self actualizing working conditions with less than a wonderful salary and aren't in a novel that promotes the hogwash this one does It made me want to join her husband Nicholas and drink vodka in the basement

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