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Sunshine and Buttercups [Reading] ➬ Sunshine and Buttercups ➳ Danni Keane – YA MM short storyPreuel to Not Letting Go Previously published as two short stories Sunshine and Buttercups and Not Letting Go Josh Roberts knows something's wrong His parents are making freuent trips YA MM short storyPreuel to Not Letting Go Previously published as two short stories Sunshine and Buttercups and Not Letting Go Josh Roberts knows something's wrong His parents are making freuent trips to the hospital he's excluded from their conversations and worst of all there's a leaflet in the kitchen all about cancer treatments He's scared he's going to lose his dadThe only thing holding Josh's world together Sunshine and PDF or is his relationship with his best friend Bradley But if Bradley finds out about Josh's true feelings for him will that friendship be threatened too.

10 thoughts on “Sunshine and Buttercups

  1. Macky Macky says:

    I read Not Letting Go and loved it so when I saw that this was its preuel and I could get of Josh and Bradley It was a no brainer choice to download this and even better at the moment its free but I'd be very happy to pay for this lovely story What I love about the way Danni writes is that she gets the teenage persona perfectly I love the snarky but obvious loving interaction between Josh and his mum but its the connection between him and Bradley that makes this old jaded heart skip a beat and go all warm and fuzzy There's a serious poignant thread running alongside this story of first love and that passion that as a youngster you think is something that no one as ever felt before like you have that yearning for another person who you're not sure reciprocates those feelings but its all you can think of Oh the memory of young teenage love and lust Of course in this case its two gay teenage boys which makes it much harder to admitThe thing is that however sad the back story is in these two books involving Joshes dad is they never get maudlin or difficult to read Sad yes but you know that with the support and love from not only his lovely mum but from the boy he loves Josh is going to be all right and he'll get through this Life has to go on but it always helps to have that special person beside you helping you through and if you read these two books you'll see that these two boys have that ' soul mate' connectionShort but very sweet I look forward and hope that Ms Keane will continue Josh and Bradley's story because I'd love to see what happens next in their journey together Lovely

  2. Trisha Harrington Trisha Harrington says:

    I read Not Letting Go a while ago and loved it This is the preuel to that and let me tell you it was lovely to read Josh and Bradley before they got together and before Josh's dad died Danni Keane did a wonderful job of reintroducing these two boysAt the age of 1 year and 11 months I lost my dad to cancer So when I read a story like this it's a kind of what if for me What if my dad hand't died then and it came back years later I would have built memories and had a tougher time Danni shows the emotions around this event so well Cancer is always a tough thing to write about and for me this author is very good at tackling the falloutJosh and Bradly are adorable and so confused it boarders on funny I loved their first kiss and I loved their second kiss Bradly seems to be who Josh needs around and I love that With his family issues he needs Bradly to be there for himI really love this book and I hope we have Bradly and Josh again It would be a shame to not get a little catch up with these two lovely cute characters

  3. Sara Sara says:

    Of course this would go on my goo is good shelf it's the author's fault I have that shelf at all UghI wish I'd realized this was a preuel to No Big Deal face palm My OCD is out of whack now I loved getting a glimpse into Josh and Bradley before they were boyfriends and how they fumbled towards it It was adorable That first kiss was great but the second kiss was a total goo fest while sneak reading at work Off to read the next now

  4. Danni Danni says:

    Available for FREE as part of Not Letting Go at Smashwords

  5. Ami Ami says:

    A very short 5k story that precedes Not Letting Go and No Big Deal Considering that what makes Josh really scared is his Dad's health I missed the interaction with his Dad As for Josh and Bradley they were cute and the story was sweet I would love to read longer story of the JoshBradley's beginning but I don't think that's the aim here to offer lengthy story Besides there's a longer story after this one which I might have to check later

  6. Meags Meags says:

    4 StarsA very sweet emotional read This preuel to Not Letting Go focuses on how Josh and Bradley transition from friends to lovers while Josh deals with the news of his dads health crisis Sunshine and Buttercups can currently be found in a combined edition with Not Letting Go at Smashwords For FREE

  7. Vivian Vivian says:

    Sweet big smileFavorite uote; If I was a girl I’d be like a prize pony shaking its mane whenever I was within spitting distance of Bradley

  8. Amy Amy says:

    Well that was sweet Can't wait to get to know Josh and Bradley better

  9. Suki Fleet Suki Fleet says:

    Really enjoyed thisonto the next instalment

  10. Gabby Gabby says:

    I must say that I enjoyed this book better than the first one I was happy to find out how Bradley and Josh's relationship started From the first book which I read first as a r2r I had assumed they had been in a relationship for a while but in fact it wasn't that long at allAgain from the first book there's that little annoying warning at the front stating that it is an adult book and has sexual scenes in it which is not true at all I really think it should be deleted as there are many YA's that I think would enjoy the book but may stay away because of the warningAnd one note in book 05 Josh mentioned he was sixteen and in book 1 he said he was seventeenI'm not sure if he was saying him or Bradley was sixteen so it could just be my mistake ans really obvious in the books I love the title view spoiler and am also glad that there was a reason for the title even though it was a sad reason; the colour of the cancer papers hide spoiler

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