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Romance Is a Wonderful Thing An AvonFlare Book ❰EPUB❯ ✻ Romance Is a Wonderful Thing An AvonFlare Book Author Ellen Emerson White – What Is Romance And What Does It Really Mean Romance is what takes your relationship past friendship Author David R Shumway states that romance is the part of a relationship that adds adventure and in What Is Romance And What Does It Really a Wonderful PDF/EPUB ✓ Mean Romance is what takes your relationship past friendship Author David R Shumway states that romance is the part of a relationship that adds adventure and intense emotions while also offering the possibility of finding the perfect person for you Even the subtlest of acts can be Romance Is ePUB ½ romantic like the way a man glances at you from across the room or how a woman moves her hand through your hair Romance Is A Bonus Book Drama Cast Romance Is a Bonus Book also called Romance Is A Supplement is one of the most expected dramas of the beginning of It will be broadcasted Is a Wonderful PDF Ç on the cable channel tvN The casting is amazing Lee JongSuk a top Hallyu actor is the main actor and many fans are waiting for this new drama and it will be his first romantic comedy The actor Romance | Definition of Romance at Dictionarycom Romance definition a novel movie or genre of popular fiction in Is a Wonderful Thing An MOBI :↠ which characters fall in love or begin a romantic relationship often used attributively We knew it was a romance so we were expecting a happy ending Romance novels are popular escapist entertainment See ROMANCE Dfinition de ROMANCE Romance plaintive populaire sentimentale; 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  1. Angie Angie says:

    It's coming on Valentine's Day and I felt like something old and sappy and sweet and a favorite And it didn't take long at all before my mind alighted on a title I am almost sure you have never heard of ROMANCE IS A WONDERFUL THING by Ellen Emerson White Now I regularly fly my White fangirl flag as you know but I don't know if I've ever talked about this early lesser known book I'd been a devoted White reader for years before I ever heard of it and then it was only thanks to my friend Nan a devoted EEW fangirl herself who clued me in to its existence So I ordered a copy off Halfcom because naturally it was out of print And when it arrived in the mail I devoured this trim little 188 page treat that night First though before we even get to the improbable title how about that cover? It's hard to really take it in isn't it? Just that awesome I mean I dare you to look at it and not burst into the theme song from The Facts of Life Or Family Ties I still haven't been able to wipe the grin off my face As for the title I don't know what to say except you're simply going to have to overlook itPatricia Trish Masters is your basic good girl The oldest of two blond and pretty she's an honors student plays on the tennis team and is everybody's friend Colin Mac McNamara is your basic screw up The only child of a cop and a nervous stay at home mom dark and lean he's flunking out of school has the worst reputation of any kid in school and is nobody's friend But Colin likes watching girl's tennis And one day he runs into Trish after school and even though he makes her nervous she finds herself wanting to get to know him better Over the next several weeks they find reasons to run into each other again and again and both of them are surprised to find they're neither of them exactly what their reputations would have you believe Trish is a lot less confident than she appears and she longs for someone to talk to about the changes coming into her life Colin has a past and even though it's not the one people attribute to him he's its prisoner just the same The uestion is can these two very different young kids overlook their differences and stick together long enough to help each other deal with their fears?Even now it's hard for me to believe Ellen Emerson White wrote such a sweet teen romance She generally deals in much painfully conflicted fare than this But I'm ever so glad that she did That's not to say that the characters in this one particularly Colin don't have their fair share of trauma And the classic White dialogue is present and accounted for in the wonderfully dry exchanges between characters Here's a typical exchange early onTrish meandered through the Boston Public Library She didn't like using the little memory bank computers the library had instead of a card catalog so she usually just wandered around picking up books that looked interesting For a minute she watched a man reading a book upside down; then realizing it was probably getting late she walked toward the main staircase Hurrying she almost bumped into someoneExcuse me She stopped and stared recognizing ColinAs he saw her he stiffenedWhat are you doing here? he demandedUh well Trish frowned at her books The same thing you are I guessHe ran his free hand through his hair unmistakably rattledSports he said I like to read about sportsWhich ones?I don't know You know He backed up toward the stone railing dropping two of the books when he hit it sooner than he expectedThe Old Man and the Sea? Trish asked bending to pick one upHe got to it first FishingHow about Richard the Second? She picked up the other oneUh murderShe gave it to him What are you a brain?I gotta go I'm late He turned walking swiftly down the stairsTrish watched him go confusedHey He was suddenly back Hey womanShe looked at him uncertainlyIt's getting dark outside His voice was accusingOh? She tilted her head not sure what he meantYou walk around in the dark every night?I only live a couple of blocks awaySo you walk around in the dark? You know how stupid that is?No she said grinning I'm not a brainYeah well how long you gonna be in here?I don't know I guess Well I'll wait he grumbled Don't feel like reading about you in The Globe tomorrowYou don't have to I said I was waiting alreadyUm I guess I can go now Trish started down the stairsHe nodded indicating that he'd be by the doorYou really don't have to do this Trish said once they were outside I can walk by myself; I do it all the timeTerrific you do it all the time He shook his headAnd in the end it's a love story And an incredibly genuine and endearing one at that Colin and Trish are easy to like and they certainly stand out as being two of the least acerbic of White's protagonists It's impossible not to fall for Colin with his smart mouth and terminal self deprecation He hides his true self exceedingly well only letting his guard down when he's at home talking to his cat Ophelia Or increasingly often when he's with Trish I know this is another out of print book I'm recommending but used copies are available very inexpensively And if like me you're in the mood for a cozy utterly disarming read during this dreary season ROMANCE IS A WONDERFUL THING is just the thing

  2. Katie Katie says:

    This was cute Definitely some dated language but also plenty of great banter and good characters

  3. Melody Melody says:

    I loved this book for what it presages than for what it is There are foreshadowings aplenty here both for the Vietnam books and for the President's Daughter books and I don't mean that in a bad way it's a very early book and one can see White exploring learning her craft For all that it's clearly an early effort it's still a very good story with characters one becomes invested in Recommended for EEW completists

  4. Holly Holly says:

    Sixteen year old Trish Masters is the consummate good girl She’s smart kind friendly and has a sparkling reputation to match It’s no wonder that her best friends Janet and Rachael are surprised to see her falling for no other than the class clown Colin McNamara Seriously she could do much better especially when simple minded but good looking jock Mike Pilsner is interested But Trish is drawn to dim witted flirty Colin who’s nearly flunking all of his classes and is rud to have gotten his last girlfriend pregnant The they “happen” to run into each other the Trish begins to think there is to Colin than meets the eye Soon enough she uncovers his secret and it’s up to her to convince him to reveal his true self to the worldWhat a treat this light and charming retro YA turned out to be Excepting the light tone it’s very like Ellen Emerson White Boston setting strong family relationships tennis The Brady Bunch and the cola Tab From the dated cover to the stating the obvious title contemporary YA romance just seems to have been marketed different back in the day Beyond the anachronisms it’s hard not to be interested in the “ than meets the eye” trope especially when it goes both ways Less obvious is Trish’s own cracks belying her perfect façade While Colin is a singular mix of class clown and bad boy it’s not an understatement to call Trish a good girl In fact she could even be called a goody two shoes and while some teens may not connect to that image I did Trish is both teased and congratulated for her wholesome vibe while today she might be shunned for her naivete Naturally I was surprised when Colin and Trish’s relationship uickly became touchy feely but I enjoyed the wave of first love nostalgia it brought on Their relationship felt like authentic high school affection the kind that is so new it literally makes hearts flutter and girls giggle with giddiness There’s a lot of polite permission granted and self conscious kissing which I found at times embarrassingly cute yet refreshing in a modern YA climate where lust at first sight or undying serious love is the norm Instead what Trish and Colin have is fun and playful without being saccharine While Colin’s big secret wasn’t completely plausible for me it also didn’t make his character any less endearing It’s rewarding to see him come out of his shell Anyone looking for a breezy uick and pleasantly retro read will not be disappointed with ROMANCE IS A WONDERFUL THING My teenage self seriously missed out

  5. Chachic Chachic says:

    Originally posted hereI can't get over how old school that cover is What can I say it goes with the old school story This is a contemporary YA novel written by Ellen Emerson White while she was in college in the 80s It's funny that Colin is described as a class clown maybe that's what a bad boy is in the 80s? I'm not exactly sure In any case Trish is a popular and wholesome kind of girl she's smart and athletic while Colin never takes his classes seriously He constantly argues with teachers and earns a daily spot in detention To top it off the whole school knows that he got his ex girlfriend pregnant Not too great of an image right? But Trish realizes that there's something to Colin than meets the eye when she bumps into him at the local library and he insists on walking her home That chance encounter marks the start of their romanceThis is such a sweet teenage love story I would've probably fallen in love with this if I read it back in high school together with the Bantam Books Love Stories series It has a very different tone from the other Ellen Emerson White novels that I've read It was fun to see Trish and Colin slowly learn to be comfortable around each other Goodness knows we've all experienced a lot of awkward moments during our own teenage years What's great about these two is they bring out the best in each other through encouragement and support Both of them help the other person deal with insecurities It isn't as obvious in Trish's case but Colin goes through some pretty big changes in his school life both academic and extra curricular while the two of them are dating I also enjoyed seeing how involved their parents are in their lives Colin meets Trish's parents every time he picks her up for their dates and Trish also got to hang out with Colin's parents They also talk about their love life with their parents which doesn't generally happen in YA novels nowadays right? This is an out of print book that I ordered from Better World Books If you can manage to get an inexpensive copy then I recommend that you grab it and read this

  6. Claire Claire says:

    The cover of my borrowed version is even goofier than this one Ardent fans of Ellen Emerson White will find things to love in this one witty banter loving family sports fans But HOLY TOLEDO bullying of girls in the 80s was some crazy shit And we think things are bad now I know that I'm supposed to think she's handling this major harassment properly but it's seriously shocking The asshole football player character goes way beyond jock hijinks including menacing her at her locker verbally harassing her IN CLASS IN FRONT OF THE TEACHER WHO DOESN'T DO ANYTHING waiting for her after school and attempting to rape her at a party I am still shocked Sometimes dated books get you like that

  7. Janeen Janeen says:

    ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaI would have loved this book as a 15 year old It is pretty silly but I really disliked the last book I tried to read by this author and this one was enjoyable by comparison And I think I have a soft spot for Colin the bad boy his badness is evidenced by talking back to teachers and using the phrase and junk repeatedly and Trish the goody two shoes whose love saves him I might have liked it even if not for the cringeworthy scenes where Colin recites monologues to himself Also there is an awesome scene where the two lovebirds tell each other I think you're special

  8. Nan Nan says:

    This probably isn't a five star book in reality However it is a go to comfort book for me and my fond attachment for it raises it up a star or so When I'm feeling scattered and without a center this book can ground me It's a sweet story of young people navigating their way through the early stages of a romance It's good but not great but I love it regardless

  9. Kristy Kristy says:

    This was one of my very favorite books when I was in junior high Read it over and over Would love to read it againUpdate Just re read this book today ordered it off since it's old out of print and not in the library I feel completely transported back to my middle school years today after reading it I still love it

  10. Susann Susann says:

    First read in 198586 and Laurie A B very generously gave me an extra copy which I finished on the plane back home from Seattle Not EEW's strongest but still compulsively readable Her heroines and their boyfriends are all identical but they're so appealing that I have trouble faulting her

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