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The Gaslight Gunslinger Gunslinger Matthew Slade #1 [Download] ➸ The Gaslight Gunslinger Gunslinger Matthew Slade #1 Author Sugar Lee Ryder – 1878 San Francisco’s changed from a Gold Rush era boomtown into a bustling city full of money Victorian style bawdy houses and a loose sense of the law at bestEnter Matthew Slade Formerly the Pinker San Francisco’s changed from a Gunslinger Gunslinger ePUB ☆ Gold Rush era boomtown into a bustling city full of money Victorian style bawdy houses and a loose sense of the law at bestEnter Matthew Slade Formerly the Pinkerton Detective Agency’s best gun hand investigator and tracker No sooner does he arrive at San Francisco’s stockyard than he rescues Mai Lee a little Chinese girl from a pair of thugs intent on kidnapping herSlade finds out that the girl is wanted by Huang Sun the leader of the dominant tong – a Chinese crime syndicate that runs opium The Gaslight PDF/EPUB ² dens fan tan parlors and prostitution in the city And Slade can’t walk away even if he wanted to His first paid job as a free agent is to keep Mai Lee out of Sun’s hands – no matter the costCan a gunslinger used to the open plains and prairies of the West deal with the criminal underworld of a crowded metropolis Even with the help of his friend sea captain Amos Harding and the backing of a pair of bawdy house madams the odds are long at best.

10 thoughts on “The Gaslight Gunslinger Gunslinger Matthew Slade #1

  1. Clay Davis Clay Davis says:

    Liked the Western part of the book and learned about the Chinese royalty

  2. Wendy Wendy says:

    Gaslight Gunslinger begins with our hero and his war horse Blue inside an Iron Horse arriving in San Francisco about 12 years after the civil war The two obviously have a bondUpon disembarking he immediately encounters waterfront Chinese thugs They want to recapture their young Chinese runaway and Matthew ain't having it I was only on page 8 when the cliche descriptions begin They are wonderfully fun but a bit cringe worthy Throughout the book the bad men have chiseled chins the gunslinger is uick as lightening and so on REALLY? Come on I thought maybe the author did the cliches on purpose to lighten the seriousness of the mood But the moods needed to be serious and needed no humor I would have given 4 stars if the author rewrote those passagesDespite the glaring idioms the plot is interesting and the characters intriguing The story line includes race relations regarding the Chinese and Irish A sideline aspect is 2 of his friends are in fact lesbians running a brothel A very uick western mystery

  3. Rubin Carpenter Rubin Carpenter says:

    A promising series Gaslight Gunslinger has potential An urban western at the turn of the century where the old west is uickly giving way to a new way of living The title character Matthew Slade a former Detective for the Pinkerton Agency has arrived in San Francisco and finds trouble Allies and a love interest along the way its a bit of a slow start a little uneven a thin plot filled with cliche's but despite these faults the secret to enjoying this book is the charcters and the setup we get it's good enough to warrant one book an decent read

  4. Clifford Schulze Clifford Schulze says:

    This novel was ok if you are into sweet westerns There was no grittiness that you’ve come to expect from westerns The heros were all nice and the villains all evil The book almost reads like a transitional novel The main character Matthew Slade is a retired Pinkerton man who has decided to move from Chicago to San Francisco Once the excitement dies down Slade agrees to work as a hired gun for hard luck cases Not my cup of tea but based on the good reviews it appeals to others

  5. Holly Bargo Holly Bargo says:

    Impeccable editing good flowThis books puts me in mind of another author of westerns for whom I edit Russ Towne I enjoyed the story and appreciate the realistic counting of bullets so unlike the A Team The development of gentle romance between Matthew and Molly adds a soft touch to a lethal gunslinger Nicely done

  6. Jerrie Jerrie says:

    You need to suspend logic and reason in order to accept Matthew's taking down a whole group of lethally armed trained killers all by himself except his horse helped once Other than that it was a very enjoyable story I would be interested in the further adventures of Matthew and Amos in their new business in San Francisco circa 1875

  7. Will Decker Will Decker says:

    This story was very enjoyable but it felt like it needs some work The characters were okay but they don't jump out and grab you The action scenes could use better choreographing as well as the editing But if you'r in Louis L'Amour style westerns this is the book for you

  8. Casey Casey says:

    I found another good oneAh Matthew Slade you have joined my cadre of heroes And Sugar Lee Ryder is now one of my favorites I love the likely to punch them in the face style It reminds me of my late husband who was a throwback to those days and very like Matthew

  9. C.A. Knutsen C.A. Knutsen says:

    Fun to readEasy to Read prose An engaging plot with an unexpected twist An entertaining foundation for the rest of the series When I finished reading I wanted to see what was going to happen in the next book

  10. Robert Fowler Jr Robert Fowler Jr says:

    Great read A little hesitant to read at first but when you work a twelve hour shift and all you do is there a good read passes the time just right First book I read from beginning to end Looking to get the others in the series

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