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Untamed ❤ Untamed pdf ⚣ Author Diana Palmer – Stanton Rourke lives life on the edge The steely mercenary is dangerous in every wayespecially to Clarisse Carrington's heart She and Rourke were playmates as children but she's not the innocent girl Stanton Rourke lives life on the edge The steely mercenary is dangerous in every wayespecially to Clarisse Carrington's heart She and Rourke were playmates as children but she's not the innocent girl he once knew When tragedy robbed Clarisse of her entire family her life was changed forever Besides she's a grown woman now and there are secrets that hold her back from succumbing to her pursuer As she struggles to keep her distance sparks as hot as a Texas summer fly between them But danger is following Clarisse leaving her no choice but to rely on Rourke even as the old wounds lying dormant between them flare up again.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 304 pages
  • Untamed
  • Diana Palmer
  • English
  • 10 June 2014

About the Author: Diana Palmer

Susan Kyleromance authorSusan Eloise Spaeth was born on December in Cuthbert Georgia USA She was the eldest daughter of Maggie Eloise Cliatt a nurse and also journalist and William Olin Spaeth a college professor Her mother was part of the women's liberation movement many years before it became fashionable Her best friends are her mother and her sister Dannis Spaeth Cole who now has two daughters Amanda Belle Hofstetter and Maggie and lives in Utah Susan grew up reading Zane Grey and fell in love with cowboys Susan is a former newspaper reporter with sixteen years experience on both daily and weekly newspapers Since she has been married to James Kyle and have since settled down in Cornelia Georgia where she started to write romance novels Susan and her husband have one son Blayne Edward born in She began selling romances in as Diana Palmer She also used the pseudonyms Diana Blayne and Katy Currie and her married name Susan Kyle Now she has over million copies of her books in print which have been translated and published around the world She is listed in numerous publications including Contemporary Authors by Gale Research Inc Twentieth Century Romance and Historical Writers by St James Press The Writers Directory by St James Press the International Who's Who of Authors and Writers by Meirose Press Ltd and Love's Leading Ladies by Kathryn Falk Her awards include seven Waldenbooks national sales awards four B Dalton national sales awards two Bookrak national sales awards a Lifetime Achievement Award for series storytelling from Romantic Times several Affaire de Coeur awards and two regional RWA awardsInspired by her husband who uit a blue collar manufacturing job to return to school and get his diploma in computer programming Susan herself went back to college as a day student at the age of In she graduated summa cum laude from Piedmont College Dest GA with a major in history and a double minor in archaeology and Spanish She was named to two honor societies the Torch Club and Alpha Chi and was named to the National Dean's List In addition to her writing projects she is currently working on her master's degree in history at California State University She hopes to specialize in Native American studies She is a member of the Native American Rights Fund the American Museum of Natural History the National Cattlemen's Association the Archaeological Institute of Amenca the Planetary Society The Georgia Conservancy the Georgia Sheriff's Association and numerous conservation and charitable organizations Her hobbies include gardening archaeology anthropology iguanas astronomy and musicIn her husband retired from his own computer business and now pursues skeet shooting medals in local state national and international competition They love riding around and looking at the countryside watching sci fi on TV and at the movies just talking and eating out.

10 thoughts on “Untamed

  1. Vintage Vintage says:

    One of my Dad’s favorite sayings and he said it a lot is In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king So I had the giggles going into this as the hero is a one eyed tangoing black ops sniper with retrograde amnesia Did Tootsie's big reveal inspire Diana Palmer’s plotting? that happen Possible incest Death by piranha Death by mosuito actually mosuito is the weaponized method preferred by the deposed South American dictator with a long memory and revenge needs A one eyed Jack hero that shoots to kill and tangos and is overwhelmed with lust and love Slut shaming Amnesia Slut shaming Part II A secret baby An older sterile husband Mucho murder A move to the metropolis of Jacobsville A dance offJust another day with Diana PalmerPlotThe couple fell in love when she was 17 but her mother put a stop to it when she told the playah H that he and the heroine were half siblings Instead of telling her “ Darling it turns out we are half siblings and since we aren’t Pharaohs or even ancient Egyptians we’ll just have to be very good friends” he decides that slut shaming her vociferously and publicly for eight years is the better option When he gets the exciting news that they aren’t related because the impregnator impregnated HIS mother instead of hershe doesn't blink his one eye about his mother’s infidelity to the man he knew as father he then professes his love and lust to the heroine He truly is a besotted H and he seduces the heroine and they make immediate plans to marryHe has to leave the day before the wedding for some espionage stuff only to come back with amnesia He starts up the slut shaming even worse then before and since no one tells him the truth he gets revenge engaged and the h marries another man to protect her sainted dead mother’s reputation in the small town of Manaus population 22 million since the heroine will soon be an unwed mother The heroine moves to Jacobsville since a mega criminal with revenge is after her and her baby view spoilerIn an epic fail by the mighty military men of Jacobsville they hire the very individuals who are trying to kill the heroine and her baby as her bodyguard and maid hide spoiler

  2. StMargarets StMargarets says:

    So happy to read something angsty from DP again And this was Hh centric rather than all the bro mances she’s been writing lately Hh have a past We find out early in the story that they have been attracted to each other since heroine was 17 but heroine’s mother told hero that they were half siblings Heroine’s mother is constantly referred to as a “saint” so hero took her at her word8 years later the hero finds out that heroine’s mother lied and who his real father is etc Now he wants to make up to the heroine for all the terrible things he’s said to herThey do make up The plan on marrying and then – Amnesia strikes view spoiler Hero forgets that he loves heroine It’s back to mean slut shaming behavior The added wrinkle – heroine is pregnant and decides to marry an older doctor to give her baby a name Hero gets engaged out of spite Then heroine’s husband is assassinated by a virulent strain of Malaria and heroine almost dies Then baby needs surgery and hero’s unusual blood type is a match hide spoiler

  3. Vashti Vashti says:

    Wowjust wow Diana Palmer has returned with such a besutifully told romance that at times I literally choked up while readingI wanted Rourke's and Tats story for the longest time and this was a winnerThey knew each other since childhoodshe at 8 and he 13One day when Tat was 17 and Rourke was home from a missionthey each gave in to their feelings for each otherbut before they went all the wayTat's mother came homeAfter that nightthings went down hill for the coupleFor the next 8 yearsRourke whenever he was in Tat's vicinityhe was rude and hurtful towatds her saying mean and vile thingsShe could not understand where all this hatred came fromIf you read DP's booksyou will kniw the name of the merc KC Kantorhis backstory and Rourke's stark resemblance to himIt finally comes out that he is KC's sonWe also learn that the love of KC's life died of a strokeThe truth of a lie is revealed and Rourke is hell bent on getting Tat back into his life as the woman he had loved all along and thought he could not havehe thought thru a lie that she was his half sisterThey come together for a short timeadmit to love and the day before the weddinghe gets called away on a missionThe course of their love has many bumpy roadsRoyrke has amnesia and has no memory of loving Tat who is now pregnant with his childWhat a journey to hea this couple went thruI only intended reading a few chaptersbut this book just grabbed me and I had to finish itThis is DP's strongest heroine to date with a hero I just lovedI loved this bookand it was great to see some familiar Jacobsville characters againWell done Diana

  4. Jenny Jenny says:

    Clarisse has been in love with Rourke since forever They were playmates as childrenshe was following him around and worshiped him Rourke pushed her away not because he didn't love her but because he thought they were siblings When he finds out the truth they finally get together they admit their feelings for each other and they live in bliss They are about to get married but Rourke has a last mission He has an accident he loses his memory and he rejects Clarisse once again She is pregnant and alone so she gets married to a doctor who is also her good friend It is a marriage of convenience and he vows to protect her and her child Rourke can't remember his life with Clarisse He can't understand why he is so attracted to her but all he knows is that his heart aches when he is with herI adored this book It was full of drama angst and heart warming moments Hero was a true romantic who is passionately in love with heroine My heart broke into a million pieces when he has to leave her on the eve of their marriage for his mission promises to come back to her but he ends up with amnesia and leaves Clarisse heartbroken and pregnant It was so tragic and beautiful Passionate wonderful love story Diana Palmer never disappoints

  5. Aou Aou says:

    I have wanted to say that I loved the angst but unfortunately I cannot Because there were everything for angst but not the sweet pain of it

  6. Aayesha Khatri Aayesha Khatri says:

    This book was a lot different than your regular DP book it had so much pain so much angst And it was a lot darker deeper than books she normally likesI can't say that I enjoyed Rourke and Tat's story very much But I did so love the characters and I understood why they did what they did In fact I even sympathised with Tat when she marries OM when she's pregnant and alone by the hero and the hero has amnesia and can't remember her and treats her like shit On that note I must add the amnesia trope and how I have never been a big fan of it I stand by my decision although it is a lot tolerable when the amnesia affects the hero PAs I said while I loved the characters I just couldn't get into the story because of how much pain and anguish these two characters had to go through I like fluffier stuff I like angst but fluffy angst xDThe book was so incredibly written and the plot was one of the most well executed ones I have ever read by DP Kudos She still remains my most favourite author

  7. Chantal ❤️ Chantal ❤️ says:

    Read this book when it first came out and read it again not long ago It was better the second time around because I was looking for valid reasons for his asshole behaviour other then the obvious I don't like the hero at all in this and I did not like him until almost the end How he got the idea that she is a slut I have no idea??? He made me soooo mad But he gave me feels She was a little too doormat for me And all the pain and suffering she has endured and how she had to cope with it was just amazing Omg When he takes her ring away in the hospital bed I was just dying I can't even express how this book made me feel This is why Diana Palmer was my go to gal for so many years Her books are now hit and miss This one is a hit for me Wish they could all be this good MILD SPOILERS HERELost a star because she let other people make her decision not to tell him about the baby so he missed out on everything He is a big f ing boy he can handle hearing that he got her pregnant That's bullshit On what planet is it not ok to tell a man he is going to be a father because he lost his memory??? I want to know? Cause it's not this planet In fact you can't withhold information that is relevant to someone recovery That's totally unethical and what about her was she going to lie to her child about the father? Again I don't like this Usual formula for DP experienced older man innocent virgin woman and lots of misunderstandings oh and slut shaming thrown in just for fun this time around

  8. Debbie "Buried in Her TBR Pile" Debbie "Buried in Her TBR Pile" says:

    What did I just read? It was so whacked I decided to sit back and enjoy the trainwrecky ride Unbelievable how much happened in this one I was definitely entertained If you decide to read just don't take it too seriously and remember these are DP characters 35 rounded stars

  9. Chitra *CJ* Chitra *CJ* says:

    Untamed is the story of Rourke and ClarisseIn the intro Diana calls Rourke one of her most beloved heroes and as the book finishes you know whyRourke our hero with an eyepatch and Clarisse our ever forgiving heroine have known each other forever and have cared for each other Their attraction blooms and in a session of hot and heavy kissing they are caught by her missionary mother who tells Rourke a secret which leads him to push Clarisse away well by belittling and slut shaming herYears later while Clarisse is doing charity work in Africa her life is endangered and like every time Rourke rescues her But soon he discovers the secret he's been keeping is a lie and suddenly all the erected barriers are brokenThis book had it all when it came to cliches Mean hero who had his Reasons Innocent heroine who loved and gave even if she never recieved Impregnation fetish Secret daddies and evil mommies Amnesia Marriage and engagements of sham to others Convinient deaths Super hot and heavy lovemaking with OTT exaggerated orgasms and pre coitus shivers A lot of hairy chest rubbing on breasts DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA Hero who can cut arteries with mean words and whom I want to punch Babies Old characters revisitingIt had a sweet ending but all the back and forth was exhausting and there was a good chunk of the book where the hero was absentSWE view spoiler the couple remains celibate despite being separated marriedengaged to OMOW hide spoiler

  10. Lynsey A Lynsey A says:

    Well this one was certainly better than the last Diana Palmer book I read At least the continuity was better and it wasn't all about video games and religion It was definitely a sweet love story but it was almost too sweet I don't know I guess my reading style may have changed but this was just so over the top with the sweetness and the innocence and the wanting It just bothered meHowever other than that it was a good story I didn't find the hero or heroine annoying as in previous books It definitely had the old Diana Palmer feel too it if a little too sweet Normally I can't read a book out of order I always have to read the other books that tie into the current one I'm reading but I didn't with this book just because the latest books she's put out haven't appealed to me I know this couple were in previous books prior to getting together but for the first time it really didn't bother me not to read those books first A decent enough story to keep the reader interested You don't have to read the other books to enjoy this one but if you aren't familiar with any of the Long Tall Texan books you may get whammied There are so many characters from her other books in this story it was overwhelming Oh and the one thing? Some of these characters were from books written in the late 80's and early 90's and they are all still young It just seemed weird

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