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10 thoughts on “A Wolfs Desire (The Holiday Ball, #3)

  1. Never Stop Reading or Dreaming Never Stop Reading or Dreaming says:

    Review This was my favorite of the books until the end? What about Lucy? What about her sister? Is that never going to be mentioned again?

  2. Jamoz23 Jamoz23 says:

    Overall easy coffee time readsReviewing all three books together as they pretty much read as one book and I read them as one storyI’ve read a lot of this authors books in various box sets Found them to be enjoyable plot line wise but lacking depth I was hoping to see that this author was growing in her writingGrabbed these through Kindle Unlimited as the blurb sounded fun and entertainingFound these short lacking in real story but okay reads for books that are 80% sex insta lust insta love I just actually like having story with my sexBasically all three books flow and overlap with the ball as the backdropAll three heroines are big curvy girls with lots to hold on to which the hero’s love We get a witch with extra a pixie of mixed DNA and a humanAll three are likeable with self esteem issues due to their sizeThe first two heroes are brothers The first is the new alpha the second has an emotional hurt caused by his job the third male hero is the alpha of a different pack the one that had a problem that hero two needed to deal with as an enforcerAll have proofreading errors and there are even incorrect names used for characters1 A WOLF’S CLAIMVery short and flows into the following two brothers’ booksSex with little bit of story and just a bit nauseating and off putting when the heroine Amber gets turned on by looking at one of her new mates brothers and his father Just yukWe also get an older couple the mother and father of the H’s in book one Though the time they are widowed differed twiceThis mature couple were once together as lovers years previously and get back together now both are widowed They get very little explanation2 A WOLF’S FATEMore sex than story again A bit of chubby spite commenting and jealousy from the skinny cousin of the heroineDid enjoy the public proposal but the comments on her big ass were rudeAmber from book one is still getting turned on by looking at Gunnar Just YukkyMissing words and spelling errors annoyed me Lair instead of liar Proofreading boo boo Hayden when talking about Gunner called his brother Gunner by his own name Hayden3 A WOLF’S DESIRELiked that this was about Kade and that his mate is a human woman working as waitstaffVery very similar to previous two books as heroine does not believe she could be the mate of such a hottieSex ensues before talking is doneI get annoyed when the author of a series of books cannot keep her own characters names straight In book two Hayden called Gunner by his own name Hayden In book three Hayden has apparently swapped his mate Amber for Gunners mate Autumn

  3. Deborah Deborah says:

    A short hot readAs The Holiday ball starts to wind down Kade Townsend is still without a mate but at least he's played a small part in helping two of the Barringer brothers find their mates not that it will cover the debt he owes them but it's a startDaphne is human and since her parents death six years ago she's put herself through college and raised her younger sister Lucy and she's tired so tired the studying the work the responsibility and the loneliness what she wouldn't give to have a shoulder to cry on someone to helpKane and Daphne are two people desperately in need of each other and with the help of a fairy godmother things are looking goodThis is another hot and entertaining read featuring a hot alpha male and a curvy female who's no idea the effect she has on himWhile I enjoyed this book like the previous two I have to say it's basically the same story and it may have been better with hindsight to not read them all together

  4. Anna Anna says:

    Well it's now officially a toss up between Gunner and Kade as to who was my favourite Alpha He's beautifully dominant and side swipes Daphne like you wouldn't believe did she see that coming? Oh no she did not Great fun sexy short

  5. BJ BJ says:

    To me this felt much shorter than other books in the series so I didn't enjoy it as much The same event with a great H who is shocked when he realises his mate is close The h is tired and sweetly overwhelmed by his need for her I liked it just wanted a little depth to the story

  6. Mel Mel says:

    Better story in this one

  7. Fatimama Fatimama says:

    Insta love Steamy smut

  8. Jara Beaubien Jara Beaubien says:

    A cute story of what happens when a Fairy Godmother throws a wolf and his mate together cute and short with lots of hot sex

  9. Kara Kara says:

    By far the best of the 3 in this series Cant wait for by Marie

  10. Ivy Deluca Ivy Deluca says:

    this review covers all three books in the seriesThe Good The Bad and Everything in BetweenSo BBW heroines in shifter romances? Like catnip to me Can’t resist them Sometimes I just want to roll around in glee especially finding a good story with smutty goodness Other times well I feel like batting it around because I can’t get anything out of them This series? Definitely batting materialThere was promise here in the premise but the execution ended up being just smut not alot of plot Each novella was about 50 60 pages and the page count includes excerpts for other stories I like the way they interconnect since they all take place around the same holiday ball The best would be A Wolf’s Fate as there is a tiny bit about the hero’s trauma from having to put down a rogue enforcer So since it was like one short novel if you include all the novellas together and there’s not alot to distinguish each installment I figured I’d give one review for them allThe Bottom LineMeh High on smut low on substance If you’re looking for just a bit of sex without stuff like characterizations or plot to muck it up this may work for you

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A Wolfs Desire (The Holiday Ball, #3) [BOOKS] ✯ A Wolfs Desire (The Holiday Ball, #3) By Marie Mason – Thomashillier.co.uk One nightthree wolves The past year had been one of betrayal and heartache for alpha Kade Townsend He’d seen his pack torn apart by a trusted friend turned rogue He was attending the annual Holiday One nightthree wolves The past year had been one of betrayal and heartache for alpha Kade Townsend He’d seen his pack torn apart by a trusted friend turned rogue He was attending the annual Holiday Ball only as a courtesy to the new alpha of A Wolfs Epub / the Barringer pack He owed the man and his family especially his brother a debt of gratitude he might never be able to repay He thought himself destined to be alone unworthy of a mate Watching the Barringer brothers find their mates gave him a glimmer of hope that he might one day find his He never expected his mate to knock him off his feet Or be so damn deliciously curvy His perfect woman Of course he never expected to receive the help of a previously absentee fairy godmother and two wolves who decided to play cupid instead of Santa Daphne was tired Tired of school tired of barely making ends meet Tired of serving drinks and foods to the skinny pretentious pixies who thought they were the bomb Of course she could never hope to compete with women attending the Holiday Ball even if she’d been an invited guest instead of part of the wait staff She was curvy plain andhuman Everyone knew wolves mated with witches Or the pixies All Daphne had going for her was a pair of shiny black shoes.