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  • 16 May 2016

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  1. Cranky - The Book Curmudgeon Cranky - The Book Curmudgeon says:

    5 Cranky StarsSynopsis Anima thrives in a parallel world where she harvests human dreams but she has a secret She longs for something She wants to be a part of it all and not just a visitor in another body Something within her is changing something she can't explainno longer is she comfortable in her own skinWhen she suddenly discovers a way to have it all she soon finds out that nothing is as it seems Everything she's ever known is changing One things for certain she's in over her head Thrust into a reality where she's killing people fighting for her very existence and meeting the angel of death She soon finds out her entire existence has been a lie and she is the only one who can change itThey call her the savior but she's just Anima how can she save everyone when she is unsure if she can save herself? Only in dreams had I ever experienced sunlight The sensation of warmth came from the memories of dreamers; hence why I knew about its heatDreamweavers centres around Anima who is living in a parallel world She is a dream harvester which is central to the survival of the colony she inhabits Anima wants from life Everything is the same; everyone looks the same but Anima has a spirit of independence that sets her apart and puts her in dangerThis is not my typical genre but I'm so happy I picked up this book From the first page I couldn't put it down and was engrossed with the story The imagination of this author is phenomenal CC Ravanera draws you in providing vivid descriptions of the world she's built so much so that you feel the emotions of the characters and can see the landscape in your mind's eyeThere are some issues with this book The pacing of the story drags in some parts and is definitely targeted toward a YA audience Overall however the positives outweigh the flaws and the engrossing storyline emotions evoked imagination of the author and world she's built deserve a Cranky 5 stars

  2. Dianne Dianne says:

    In another realm beings exist who feed on the “lummus” of human dreams Anima is a harvester it’s her job to enter the body of dreaming human and collect their energy to bring back to the realm but unlike her fellow dreamweavers she feels different like there is to their lives than their hive –like existence Anima wants and when she meets a human who can see her in his dreams the world as she knows it becomes an entangled web that sends her reeling as her emotions come to life and she begins to truly feel what it is to be alive When she becomes part of a “test group” for her people she discovers she is different changing thinking on her own and uncertain of what is actually being harvested and the cost the humans she takes from Anima wants to live love and enjoy the life of a human but is she ready for what that involves?Dreamweavers by CC Ravanera is a magical journey into the world of dreams where one harvester discovers she has powers like no one has seen but will she be accepted or feared by her people? Is a long held prophecy that had become myth than truth coming to fruition? Anima will come face to face with Death himself and find he could become her best ally in the chaotic storm that is brewing both inside and all around herWhat an imagination CC Ravanera has as she takes one innocent heroine and tosses her headlong into a world with beings that begin to mean too much to her Anima has spunk an innocent curiosity and a desire to do the right thing CC Ravanera brings all of her characters to life slowly shading them carefully into three dimensional beings with distinct personalities while carefully leaving Anima’s people slightly bland and sheeplike What a contrast to the brilliance Anima takes on Wonderful storytelling light reading that still delivers excitement on each page Dreamweavers has carved out a place for itself on in the fantasy genre I have to admit I sing the title when I see it go ahead admit it you are too nowright? I received this copy from CC Ravanera in exchange for my honest reviewPublication Date January 28 2015Publisher Blue Tulip PublishingGenre New Adult FantasyPrint Length 302 pagesAvailable from | Barnes NobleFor Reviews More

  3. Undeniably Addicted to Books Undeniably Addicted to Books says:

    RATING 5 STARSThis was one of the most interesting and dynamic fantasyparanormal stories I have ever had the pleasure of reading A world of dreamweavers the part they play in our human lives and what they have to go through to be able to do their jobsOur main character Anima is one of the most well thought out characters with an absolute knowledge of what she is to do in her life to being tasked with an honour she uickly becomes unsure of with even self doubt arising at every turn We watch Anima fight for her Realm for her fellow dreamweavers and for herselfThis book is a must read for anyone that loves reading of other worlds interwoven with our ownKeriARC provided in exchange for a honest review

  4. Stephanie Stovall Stephanie Stovall says:

    I absolutely loved this book I'm saying what it's about because I don't want to spoil it for anybody Plus I was lucky enough to get a arc copy When it's out Please one click it It's so worth it If I could give it then 5 stars I would I would have to say I don't have a favorite part because I loved the whole book Couldn't stop reading it Hope this review helps people And has u guys buy this book Cause it is amazing book And awesome writing

  5. Kelly Kelly says:

    This genre is not my regular but I'm so happy that I got to read it From page one I couldn't put it down The imagination of this author absolutely floored me The way she writes pulls you into the story and feel the emotions and see the landscape I will be recommending this book to all my friends and am looking forward to great works in the future

  6. Amy Amy says:

    Anxiously awaiting the next book This story has a very intriguing plot CC knows how to keep you guessing I finished the book I am still pondering over some of it There's a little bit of it all in here Just a touch of sadness a bit of happiness love there is definitely mystery suspense I have a feeling CC Ravanera is going to be added to my list of top favorite authors

  7. Spunky N Sassy Spunky N Sassy says:

    Doris's 5 Star ReviewAwesome read Your taken to another realm and you're not sure if it's heaven or hell Anima is a Dreamweaver an entity that enters a human and helps them to dream And she is bored stiff She has been doing the same thing day in and day out for what seems like forever Her partner Dmitri is her pilot when she goes on her missions to help humans dream and to collect lummus the light from pleasant dreams This lummus is taken to the supervisor who adds it to the store of accumulated lummus Then once a day everyone is given their ration It is what the beings in this world live on It restores their energyAnima has heard stories of an exalted being who will one day appear and save their realm However this sounds incredulous since what do they need to be saved from?This is an incredible story of a parallel realm that will soon go to war Who will they war against? Are these fantastic beings angels? And what is the story of Anima having a mother? death how does Death come into play and can he be considered a friend'?Incredibly imaginative I couldn't put it down I received this in exchange of an honest review 5 Stars I can't wait until the next book comes out

  8. Melanie Adkins Melanie Adkins says:

    They work in pairs One harvester female and one pilot male Together they bring lumus back to their world Anima is bored with her life and wants to learn about the world When she and her pilot Dimitri are chosen with other teams by the elders for specific tests Anima isn't sure what to believe Strange things start happening to her She's not like the other harvesters and each test by the elders reinforces the thought It seems each test Anima's given takes her deeper and deeper into trouble at least in her mind Only Dimitri believes she can conuer each one Now able to cross into the human world at will Anima feels it's the only place she's safe She wonders if she'll ever see her friends again This book brings you inside a little at a time You don't even realize you're hooked until you close the finished book I was swept away by a world of imagination It held me captive by getting deeper and deeper into Anima's life I felt her emotions and couldn't wait to see what happened next You'll love how simple and devoted these beings are This paranormal read is well worth the time I suggest you keep an eye on this author she's going to be a bestseller in no time I didn't find any issues I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because it's a beautiful story and told with great finesseCopy of book provided by author in exchange for a fair review

  9. E.L. Irwin E.L. Irwin says:

    I'm not normally a paranormal type reader I mean I've read Twilight The Mortal Instruments and similar types but nothing uite like Dreamweavers It's full of imagination I loved the alternate world CC Ravanera created I loved her characters; she has many each with their own depth and dynamic and she weaves them so well throughout the story Anima cracks me up as she discovers herself her abilities and the differences between her world and the human worldDimitri is a good friend who stands by Anima and sees to her safety and well beingZepar I loved him He's the Sentry Leader And I love the way he sees Anima and how he interacts with her How he tests her I haven't decided if his interest is fully romantic but there is potential for it Then there's Azrael He's a Death Angel I LOVE HIM I love how he doesn't hold Anima's hand He allows her to stumble and fall and yet he seems to do what he can to protect her as well I'm anxious to see where CC takes their relationship and the rest of this story Good Job Anima This is wonderful storytelling I loved it

  10. Brittany Shivers Brittany Shivers says:

    I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review Anima is a Dreamweaver who harvested the dreams of humans Dmitri is a pilot who opens the portal in the Realm for the harvester to enter the world to collect Lumus energy harvested from humans in exchange for dreams Anima began feeling different from everyone as if her life was lacking something Dmitri and Anima were chosen for an elite group Causeing life for Anima get a whole lot exciting Harvesting became a challenge as well as enlightening In the process she meets Azrael who makes her uestion everything With things going out of control Anima must survive in a world completely foreign to her You will not be able to put this book down nor will you want it to end New favorite read

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Dreamweavers[PDF / Epub] ★ Dreamweavers By C.C. Ravanera – Thomashillier.co.uk In a parallel world to humans Anima dreams of a better life Harvesting dreams from humans every night with her pilot Dimitri just isn’t enoughShe wants When an opportunity to become an elite harvest In a parallel world to humans Anima dreams of a better life Harvesting dreams from humans every night with her pilot Dimitri just isn’t enoughShe wants When an opportunity to become an elite harvester came she uickly grabbed it but found she swallowed than she asked for Suddenly she found herself fighting for her life killing people meeting the Angel of Death and finding out that her entire life had been based on lies What’s the people of her Realm think she’s the one who will save them allBut is she really the one.