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The Beast and Me ➤ [Epub] ➞ The Beast and Me By D.S. Wrights ➮ – this is a revised edition to match KDP reuirementsMeg was abducted For four days she had nothing to keep herself sane until she promised to be obedient In return she received a diary not knowing which this is a revised edition to match KDP reuirementsMeg was abducted For four The Beast MOBI :↠ days she had nothing to keep herself sane until she promised to be obedient In return she received a diary not knowing which terrors she would be write down soonBecause Meg has been taken to this unknown place for one purpose only to support her abductors in 'socializing' one of their subjectsTen as they call him seems to be far than a primitive beast fighting battles of his very own and Meg soon realizes that she in fact is the only one able taming him And that apparently is the solely reason she is or less treated than a human beingAs Ten's humanity resurfaces Meg has to accept the truth that the real beasts aren't behind barsThis is Meg's diary Will you read itThis story inspired by Beauty and the Beast and is part one of a series It is not a romanceTRIGGER WARNING contains rape and psychological torture.

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  1. Optimist ♰King& Optimist ♰King& says:

    In a word tediousSPOILERS BELOW I will try to use spoiler tags but some spoiling is unavoidableLet me start with the goodI like the premise of a dark retelling of a fairy tale Here we have Meghan kidnapped and introduced to her Beast under lab like conditions The Beast whom she later names Jay to humanize him is feral when first they meet Meghan seems to have a calming influence over him Initially I thought he just needed a fucktoy since that's basically what Meghan is but they develop some sort of feels for one another though he is mostly non verbal so I'm just assuming from her perceptions The entire story is told in a Dear Diary format FOR 90 DAYS N I N E T Y This is my primary issue with the book Meghan's a dumbass A dumbass I could never escape Her voice grates on my last good nerve and this writing style is obnoxious redundant and tiresome If I had to read about her having her period or doing yoga or Tai Chi one time Why on god's green earth would you write down every thought plan or emotion in a diary given to you by your kidnappers ? They monitor her 247 They tell her when she can eat sleep work out fuck her Beast and she writes down all her escape plans in a diary? This is a time for Jack Handey if ever there was one I've no idea if they were actually reading her diary but if they weren't then I don't know who the bigger dumbass is I kept thinking there was surely some sort of plan afoot some diabolical endgame Surely they captured her for some higher purpose than fucktoy but none emerged other than apparently they want her to be a breeding fucktoy for a possible army of feral hybrid beasts? OK I can see a military I'm just assuming this is the US military because it's always the US military wanting to take any advantage possible and using sinister and covert means to do so I'm going to bypass the remote possibility of another world war involving ground troops as the primary force of attack because I'm sure that's not the point BUT view spoiler they've already hybridized Jay so what's the purpose of breeding new beasts when you can just create them in adult and ready to go form? A tamer version? Doesn't that defeat the purpose? And if Jay's so feral that you can't do anything with him why not put him down? He's the tenth of at least 16 Just chalk it up as an anomaly and press on And if you're not taking that route then what makes Jay so special? Because the 16th beast Peter is already working as one of Meghan's guards I'm assuming that they were hybridized chronologically and if 16 is manageable and 10 still isn't thenDoes not compute hide spoiler

  2. Rosebud Rosebud says:

    It only takes a minute to change someone's life In this case college student Meghan Singer is drugged as she's about to enter her dorm only to wake up alone in a small dark windowless cell She's told to be a 'good girl' and that complete cooperation is vital to her survival The conseuences if she refuses she'll be disposed of Why kidnap her an average looking nobody with no influential connections or specialized skills and for what purpose? Why do they keep referring to Ten Is that suppose to mean something? What's so important about the number ten?Bottom line is Meghan will have to cooperate until she can save herself as there's no cavalry coming to rescue her and no one to care if she's living or dead Warning This isn't a fairy tale sort of romance It is a dark themed story that includes elements of violence dub non con abuse and disturbing scenes of captivity Consider yourself warnedThe blurb for this book references it was inspired by the fairy tale Beauty And The Beast Ok it has a beast character and a female lead beauty character but that's where it ends for me I tried hard to come up with what I felt was appropriate but really couldn't That's a compliment to the author She's found a uniue nitch that isn't easily identifiable with other books that I've read Rather than Beauty And The Beast I'd say this is along the lines of Eve Langlais's C791 or Mina Carter's Perfect Mate The story is told in first person POV as Meghan journals her experiences as they happen in a diary This will appeal to those who love mystery and suspense as pieces begin to fall into place on the whowhatwhenwhere surrounding her circumstances I'll admit that I did break my norm and checked out The Beast In Me a cheat of sorts I know because I couldn't take it any The not knowing Didn't tell me much but just to know that the next installment was available There is a 'horror' tag for this book IMHO I have to disagree Dark is totally appropriate with secondary tags for abuse and dubnon con Above those there really isn't a horror element The author does prominently provide warnings for those readers with triggers That means only readers who appreciate fictional dark themed reads should read this bookseries IMHO though the dark isn't overly dark so for those like me who are fans of fantasy capturedark themed books no sweat In looking at the core romance I'm not going to go into this because the author is vague in the blurb and I hate to spoil the reading experience for others I am on the fence however for various reasons that relate directly to Meg and Ten First is that the back stories are incomplete As I tried to decide if I agreed or not with different scenes and actions I would have appreciated to have known about Meghan pre abduction After all someone studying business administration would react differently than someone studying criminal justice or nursing or computer sciences On the other hand military personnel also are trained with different mind sets depending It's the details that make fiction a possible reality As for the adult content There is mention of dubnon con scenes so potential readers already are aware of that In looking at the totality of the scenes though the adult content does transition to consensual sensual and erotic action between the central characters Not to any great degree of graphic detail but I guess we can't always get what we want I did say main charactersThe secondary characters did compliment the overall storyline There were a couple glitches that gave me pause but for the most part Peter Mr White and many many unnamed characters did their job in supporting the plot My issues were from the technical and editorial side of things Numerous typo misspellings and grammatical errors were irritating though for the purchase price of 199 346 pages I can live with it It's the voids and unresolved details that I felt were problematic There were also portions that dragged and didn't flow effortlessly from scene to scene They seemed forced and capsulated I was on the fence with an end 35 star rating but as there is potential drifted to the 4 I am interested to see where this story goes as it ends in not a cliffhanger but a plateau tease This is a book that fans of fictional dark capture reads should check out though some portions may push comfort levels Those with triggers with abuse tags might want to stay clear of this one as there are multiples scenes of violence I myself enjoyed the story and already downloaded The Beast In Me

  3. Madiha J Bookblogger Madiha J Bookblogger says:

    45 STARSIt was something very different from what I usually read And I loved trying out this new 'genre' i must day It was dark erotic suspense and everything you want in a perfect read The writing was very appreciative It was dark and erotic with physical violence but it didn't feel nasty at all The choice of words was very decent Yeah i know physical violence and decent? weird right? But that's the uality of this writer You must read it to find out yourself The story starts with the abduction of a girl name Meghan Meg She is abducted from her dorm for the purpose of helping her kidnappers to tame the Beast they call Ten She is presented to the 'subject' aka Ten and is demanded to be obedient for her survival and for gaining some benefits One of these privileges that she asked for was A Diary And she is granted She writes everything that happens there with her in that diary of hers During her 'sessions' with that beast she realizes that she is the only one who is able to control and understand that beast And she soon realizes that this beast has some feelings emotions he is not only an animal The way those people are treating him is cruel Those people are the actual monsters And she decided something You should read Meg's diary to find out what she faces and goes through during her time in that weird unknown place with the monsters in the face of humansThis book ends all of a sudden i felt this and asked the author and she told me the fact that A Diary ends this way Yeah i forgot that Most of you will also feel so and may be you won't ask the author you'll just down rate the book But this book has a seuel for all the unanswered uestions Recommended to anyone who likes dark booksNote It contains physical violence and 18 material

  4. Meka♥books Meka♥books says:

    POSSIBLE SPOILERSI enjoyed every minute of The Beast and Me This has to be the most unusual fairy tale remake for the simple fact that it is written in diary format and the beast is not the usual disfigured man but something created The characters and storyline were engaging throughout and mysterious relationships between victims and captors are intriguing Both the ending cliffhanger and epilogue umm I really wouldn't call it that leave you craving book 2 The Beast In Me for unanswered uestions This is a series I will continue to read Even with the minor spellinggrammatical errors The Beast and Me gets 45 exciting starsMy The Beast and Me series reviewsBook 2 The Beast in MeBook 3 The Beast in UsBook 4 The Beast Is Me

  5. Di Covey/TwistedBookReviews Di Covey/TwistedBookReviews says:

    45 Beastly StarsWow A suspenseful intriguing read with an uniuely written plotI picked this one up on sale I'd never read a book by this author The cover and blurb got my attention right from the start not to mention the warning I had to read this This was a different dark a refreshing change of twisted pace I was hooked from page one The mystery kept me glued I had to know why? In the beginning I thought this was going to be paranormal but it really wasn't I automatically thought fantasy because there's a beast What an intriguing gripping plot I am hooked A girl A beast A facility Who's good? Who's evil? This one was fascinating I should warn you you won't get many answers in this book I'm definitely drooling for the next one I'm thinking the plot with thicken in book two the characters will evolve I can't wait This one is definitely a page turner

  6. Aislynn Reese Aislynn Reese says:

    I'm always looking for new variations on the Beauty and the Beast tale and The Beast and Me caught my interest as soon as I read the synopsis This is a brutal but fascinating twist on the story that pulls no punches As difficult as it was to read some sections where the main character Meg was brutalized either by her captors or worse by her Beast himself it never felt gratuitous or done in a salacious manner None of the violence sexual or otherwise is glamorized or romanticized even that between Meg and Jay who neither one consent to the things that they are forced to do Neither does Meg ignore the fact that the feelings she develops for Jay are probably as much from Stockholm's Syndrome and a desperate need to feel like she has at least one ally here in her confinement as anythingI actually appreciated that The Beast and Me didn't flinch away from a very important fact Jay is a beast particularly at the start and his lack of control resulted in a terrible physical attack on the very person he would never have wanted to hurt It wasn't easy to read but I actually appreciated an approach that didn't sugarcoat this aspect of himself It made it all the important when he did begin to regain his humanity and to learn controlThe diary style of writing proved to be extremely engrossing In no time at all I was drawn into Meg's world feeling as if I was being held prisoner right in there with her Meg was a very relatable heroine in my opinion She didn't immediately bust out into action hero mode Instead she watched and waited learning as much about her situation as she could and figuring out how to best act when she dealt with White the despicable man who is in charge When she finally made her move to rebel and covertly escape her room and explore her prison she did so in a cautious realistic manner that had me on the edge of my seat every time she'd go out until she was back safely in her room again There are a lot of unanswered uestions in this book because of the very tight pov We only know what Meg knows but that actually proved to be a very effective way of keeping us in her head and of cranking up the tension I really cared about her and Jay and I want to see them eventually get a happy ending Even though I knew there would be a cliffhanger ending I still did a pitiful little high pitched Nooooo when it came lol I definitely plan on reading the seuel as soon as possible and am really looking forward to getting Jay's perspective I also hope to learn about Peter and his backstory with Jay I'm still not entirely sure if he's going to turn out to be a bad guy or not but he interested me and I want to know about how he came to be in this placeOverall I really enjoyed this book a great deal and I recommend it to anyone who's looking for a dark twist on a familiar tale though I would caution you to read the warnings first and to take them seriously I received this book in exchange for an honest review

  7. lynn❤️lynn lynn❤️lynn says:

    This us one of the wackiest reads I've read in a long time and yet I just couldn't put this down It weird and yet addictive all at the same timeThere's lots and lots of typos grammatical errors and yet I just could put this downI haven't a clue what the hell is going on and yet I want Meghan is a student at college and is abducted The story is told via her thoughts and a diary she keeps to keep track of her days We know little of her except she does have parents who she's told believe she died in a dorm fire She's taken and abused by what appears to be a genetically modified malenumber 10 or jay We don't have a clue where she's kept and I've struggled to visualise the complex but they are all kept under constant watch It appears to be one big human genetic experimentbut who really knows All we do know for certain is she's fallen hard for number 10 and him for herthey have no control over their life's We know of a Peter who's possibly a guard or us he A doc and possibly two mad scientistone definately called White by MeehanThe sex is not that hot or descriptive and yet you know it's out if the worldone amazing story That I never would have believed I would review this way

  8. Charity Charity says:

    Wow I finished this book earlier today and have been pondering over what to say about it I don't want to give too much away and at the same time I want to prepare readersThis is not a hearts and flowers romance where everyone rides off into the sunset HEAThis is a story about a kidnapping forced sexual acts and violence There are a couple of scenes that tread a thin line with bestiality not a full blown animalperson interaction but someone going through a shifter change We get this story by reading diary entries This is such an interesting way to read it feeling both disconnected yet connected at the same time We get a feel of Meg's emotions but we receive it in a glossed over summery version of each event We get details without getting a lot of details that would be needed in a different POV telling There were several grammatical errors towards the end that brought me out of the story but the mystery of WHAT THE HELL is really going on here just sucks me back in I can not wait to read the next bookWay to go DS Wright your first novel is a good one

  9. Padyn Alvarez Padyn Alvarez says:

    This is a truly dark storyand if you know me personally you’d never imagine I’d be into something this dark and graphic I didn't think I would be either till I picked it up A truly amazing piece in my eyes I easily got hooked in the first entries And through the dairy style you see Meg’s thoughts and makes it way intense Emotions are rampant at times I feel crazy as I am reading Imagining what is going on in the scenes It left me on edge at times especially when you are trying to figure out what this organization is going to do to her next There are triggering and disturbing moments but it just makes it intense and I love it It challenges the mind to comprehend it; is this situation acceptable or is this really on the border of okay Meg is forced into this situation and she has to balance everythingshe has to gauge this darkness she is thrown in As a friend of mine put it there are definitely no rainbows and sunshine is dark and terrifying There are little glimpses of light and I find that I cling to them As time goes on I thinkwhat s could happen next then I'm just devastated on what happensdamnn It just keeps on getting and intense and one little thing is revealed at a time And the characters are amazing with hidden sides well you see everything from Meg’s POV There are characters you love despise and uestion what is their motiveThis dark tale is intense and amazing its kind of playing with fire and waiting trying to see if you'll get burned I can’t wait for the next edition

  10. Willow Brooks Willow Brooks says:

    This story was good It was a very Uniue read At some moments I was pissed at others I was rooting for Meghan and J to find a way to escape and be together This is definitely a read where you don't know who's who or who you can trust The mystery thrill and plot was excellent although I was getting mad while reading it willing what I wanted to happen in the storyDS Wrights did an excellent job giving the characters distinct personalities I hated white and I couldn't stop reading because I wanted to know what happened next I also hate stories that end leaving you hanging This is not a stand alone story but we're all getting used to being drip fed Read this book for yourself it's good

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