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  1. Lucy Lucy says:

    I mean he tried to eat a live cow

  2. William William says:

    I can only imagine Kinski's inner dialogue as he sat down to begin writing his autobiography I vant to have my readers hold my book in vone hand und zer privates in ze other hand With all the sexcapades in all their pornographic details it is easy to forget that the author of this book was also an actorI felt like I did after reading Less Than Zero by Bret Easton Ellis I have never read anything uite like it I enjoyed the style thankfully it was short as I couldn't go on too much longer with itThe best part is the first third in which our hero talks about his childhood on the mean streets of somewhere in Poland He gets drafted into the army never mentioning the words Hitler Nazi or even Totenkopff that I can remember tries to eat a live cow has sex with his sister also without mentioning the words Hitler Nazi or well I could go on all day and he wanders about post war Germany sleeping in forests and bus stations while honing his skills as an orator and actor The second part of the book is when he gets rich and comfortable and prances around the world as the rockstar he was sexing and eating and marrying and divorcing and sexing and uasi raping and sometimes acting He goes to the jungle he buys a few cars he lives the good life and tries very hard to convince the reader he never wanted it in the first place The third act is one long love letter to his son Sound touching? Well I don't think it was in the same sense as he was accused of touching his daughters but in descriptive tone it is not far off He very clearly loved his boy something fierce just not illegally Reading this book in the wake of #metoo gives one a lot of pause This book is famed for being highly fictionalized but even if a fraction of it were true this guy and Weinstein could compare notes It's seductive in how affronting and provocative it can be He truly was a master of invectives but it certainly lacks in anything substantive Read it if you're the old fashioned sort and prefer your porn in literary form Don't read it if you like amusing anecdotes about life on the sets of famous films

  3. Greg Greg says:

    I could never write a review that would do this book justice There are some amazing monomaniacal memoirs out there For example The Dirt by Motley Crue or John Lydon's No Dogs No Irish but then there is this Kinski is either totally insane or an amazing liar I don't know which but the way he recounts his life and his sex life is something to behold Why it is so difficult to get a hold of his two auto biographies is beyond me They should be perennial best sellers Just for any interaction he writes about with Werner Herzog is worth reading this book and that doesn't take into account the wonderful wartime stories that he has or his preteen sex life that is active than probably anyone's normal life So great so insane Thank you Karen for bringing this book into my life

  4. Mark Mark says:

    Klaus Kinski slept with everyone in Europe including his own mother Also he was an actorWerner Herzog maintains as do many close friends of the late Kinski that this autobiography is almost pure fiction Aren't they all though?

  5. Trevor Trevor says:

    trashy depraved and full of shit i couldn't recommend it

  6. Meg Powers Meg Powers says:

    I don't mean to state the obvious butKinski was INSANE This book is shocking and hilarious; most of it is lies I am convinced Kinski painted any woman who wouldn't sleep with him with a bitchdyke brush for instance his Fairy Tale Theater co star Susan Sarandon and shamelessly lusted after mother sister and daughter His perspective on the human race is mostly hateful and I found myself really hating Kinski However there is an ongoing reverence for nature throughout his narration that I found touching Two things his violent Herzog rants are hilarious and he constantly compares female genitals to fruit and vise versaI read All I Need is Love right after reading the Sandra Lee autobiography Made From Scratch If you want two accounts of troubled impoverished childhoods and their polar opposite outcomes read these back to back

  7. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    “These girls can’t be picky; they fuck with men of all races from all four corners or the world and they probably catch every conceivable kind of VD But I not only screw them without a rubber I also eat our their pussies I know its crazy But I want to love them I want them to feel that I love them and that I need love That I am dying for love”i read this book after watching herzog’s my best fiend herzog claims that the book was largely fabricated to generate sales aside from all that what interested me most is his skills as a pornographer 318 pages of “muff diving feasts” he never once repeats a description even when he is discussing something totally legit scripts the countryside his hatred of X the prose is peppered with “i’d rather fuck the usherette whose panties smell so intoxicating that my nuts ache” or “I talk to no one and eat nothing At night I can’t sleep a wink I just stare at the ceiling Every so often I go to the toilet and examine my hard on Then I lie down and stare at the ceiling again”the passages regarding his second wife minhoi their child ninhoi are incredibly tender even if he treated minhoi like shit in real life his dealings with women are just about the only place where he shows any kind of remorse for his actions

  8. Melanie Melanie says:

    I didn't really feel the need to finish reading Kinski's autobiography he was German he had major issues maybe he sometimes thought he was Jesus etc but parts of it are absolutely hilarious I recommend reading Kinski's anecdotes about Werner Herzog in particular his tale of Herzog stealing his food and then watching Herzog's documentary about his dealings with Kinski My Best Fiend Because that's what friendship is about really stolen food and attempted assassinations BFFs 4 ever

  9. Daniel Daniel says:

    You can basically open this book and uote something awesome I hold on to a street light and think that this is the end I pull out the kitchen knife and stick it down my throat like a sword swallower And then it happens The boil breaks And I puke half a liter of pus into the gutter Now I'm rid of everything and my pains are gone When Barlog refuses to cast me as the lead in Ah Wilderness I smash the windowpanes of the Schlossparktheater My one year contract is not renewed But I would have lost my mind anyway and starved to death among these barnstormers

  10. april violet april violet says:

    Portrait of the actor as a crazed sex maniac?Dang It can be said that this book is the messy result of Klaus Kinski’s throbbing egomania Insane relentless and disgusting Kinski recounts his numerous sexual exploits Somehow he slept with all women that he encountered Of course Kinski also recounts his sualor filled youth bedbug infested his acting experiences he only accepted big cash his hatred for directors Herzog bears the brunt duh and his marriages though he rarely went into detail To his credit Kinski seemed to feel some regret about how he treated his last wife the mother of his son His relationship with her was rocky Kinski had an intense devotion to his son which was a little creepy than endearing There may be kernels of truth in this book but I think it’s largely fiction masuerading as a memoir The descriptions are hilarious and cringe inducing The translator chose mainly American collouial language for the book which made it all weirder Nonetheless I was uite entertained I’d give the book an extra star if I didn’t end up shell shocked 34 into it

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Kinski Uncut The Autobiography of Klaus Kinski [PDF / Epub] ☉ Kinski Uncut The Autobiography of Klaus Kinski Author Klaus Kinski – This autobiography recounts the life of the German actor Klaus Kinski It tells of his tortured childhood in the poverty of pre war Berlin starving stealing perpetually frost bitten his conscription at This autobiography recounts the life of the The Autobiography PDF/EPUB å German actor Klaus Kinski It tells of his tortured childhood in the poverty of pre war Berlin starving stealing perpetually frost bitten his conscription Kinski Uncut PDF \ at the age of into the German army the last of World War II and on through his rise to international stardom as a film actor.