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The Human Fly and Other Stories ❴Reading❵ ➶ The Human Fly and Other Stories Author T. Coraghessan Boyle – New York Times bestselling author TC Boyle speaks to a brand new audience in this anthology of his classic richly imagined short fiction about teenagersHis many varied novels are part of the American Fly and PDF/EPUB ì New York Times bestselling author TC Boyle speaks to a brand new audience in this anthology of his classic richly imagined short fiction about teenagersHis many varied novels are part of the American literary landscape but one of the best ways to appreciate T C Boyle is through The Human MOBI :↠ his richly imagined short fiction Boyle's kaleidoscopic humor and wit his keen unforgiving take on American life and his all too human protagonists all combine to make his a singular voice Here is a collection of classic Boyle stories about teenagers including the O Henry Award winning The Love Human Fly and PDF ↠ of My Life that will speak directly to them as well as to anyone who was once a teenager Includes the previously uncollected story Almost Shooting an ElephantBoyle repeatedly demonstrates his masterful grasp of human nature exposing his characters' foibles and eccentricities Publishers Weekly.

10 thoughts on “The Human Fly and Other Stories

  1. Chris Chris says:

    When T C Boyle wants to write a brilliant story he can write a brilliant story Greasy Lake and Rara Avis are top shelf knock out stories brilliantly conceived and constructed full blown LITERATURE More often than not though Boyle doesn't set his sights so high Usually he's just having fun scratching out stories about Lassie about a 56 0 drubbing on the football field about eating champions and daredevils even a clownish parodyhomage about a drunken revel with Kerouac Ginsberg Cassady and Burroughs who sat there like a corpse his irises drying out and his lips clamped tight round the little nugget of his mouth It's an inconsistent collection and the afterword targeted to high school kids is a bit too condescending But I'm a sucker for Boyle and it's hard to dislike a writer who is having as much fun as he clearly is

  2. Shannon Shannon says:

    I've only a few of the stories so far But I want to talk about each story individually So prepare for a long annoying reviewThe Human Fly Kind of cute kind of funny kind of sad I liked it The Champ Probably the only story I've ever read about a competitive eating competition Boyle clearly wanted to poke fun atmake an omage to wrestingMuhammad Ali It was silly Didn't really care for itThe Hit Man This is about The Hit Man at various stages in his life Best line The Hit man does not like peas They're too difficult to balance on the fork This story is divided into a bunch of short fragments with different titles the previous uote was from and was the entire section Peas This is also silly Everything this guy writes is silly I'm kind of fond of this one thoughAchates McNeil This had pretty interesting premise a kid has a famous author dad and he hates it But nothing really happened He did bang a crazy chick but I don't know what the point of that was Also in this day and age I can't really think of many authors who are THAT awe inspiring to the general public I mean besides like JK Rowling I don't think any author is THAT famous or well recognized I didn't buy it I thought the Human Fly story was realistic The Love of My Life Well that was depressing And based on a true story This kind of thing happens all the time I know But in reading the authors notes on this story he actually based it on a specific true story but of course took liberties in guessing the motives behind WHY these people did the horrible thing that they did I think the story was meant to kind of humanize these people give insight into why they might do such a thing but I kind of can't help but hate them for it So far I think I like him Because he is clearly a weird person You can tell from his stories They are just WEIRD

  3. Mark Mark says:

    A group of thirteen short stories that seemed to be unified by a common theme of violence In each story somebody acts violently or is the recipient of some violence Some of the violence is man vs man some is man vs nature and some is man vs himself The violence is not graphic however These are representative of some of his earlier works and each bears Boyle's signature twisted view of the world Several have rudimentary ecological references that figure in at least one of his later full length works A Friend of the Earth These are not meant as erudite literary masterpieces lending themselves to be deconstructed and analyzed but as stories that entertain And entertain they do This reader enjoyed each and every one Some bore the marks of a young author just finding his stride and others were finely crafted Some were as the author admitted in the Afterword autobiographical and some were made up out of whole cloth Each one is complete and whole unto itself uite enjoyable reading

  4. H. Anne Stoj H. Anne Stoj says:

    The I read TC Boyle's work the I enjoy his style his language and just everything about his work I found all of the stories marvelously done The only one that dragged for me was 56 0 but I think it's mainly because I understand football as much as I understand bioengineering There wasn't anything wrong with the story itself I just didn't have a place to connect The other stories though I did Definitely an enjoyable collection for those who like his work and a nice introduction to his style and voice for those who haven't read him before

  5. Mike Mike says:

    If you like short stories TC Boyle is your man HIs stories are uirky funny tragic and worthwhile

  6. Chuck Chuck says:

    Don't know much about Boyle but I after seeing him interviewed on Overheard with Evan Smith I was curious and I thought a book of short stories might be a good introductionEnjoyed the collection and though none of them blew me away I plan to move on to one of his novels

  7. Jordan Jordan says:

    tc boyle is such an imaginative writer he doesn't take himself too serious and it makes reading him so much fun i read just now that he cites kurt vonnegut as 1 of his influences and now everything it makes sense ps juliana cloth is one of my favorite stories ever written

  8. John John says:

    no 30 0f 2018Includes Greasy Lake Love of My Life 56 0 and Heart of a Champion

  9. Jennifer Campaniolo Jennifer Campaniolo says:

    My husband found this on the bargain rack at the Brookline Booksmith the one outside where all the books are 1 I love TC Boyle but I wasn't sure I'd like this one because of the weird Sci Fi drawing of the human fly in the title I thought it might be a little too out there for me And the first couple of stories were But there were also some real gems that kept me thinking about them and that even managed to appear in my dreams I'm talking about Rara Avis with it's haunting last line and The Love of My Life about a teenage couple deeply in love until a life altering event pits them against each other That story came from a news piece Boyle had read He kept to the facts of the story but explored the whys that news articles often leave out This is the kind of writing I love the exploration of something that otherwise seems almost inexplicable It turns out a lot of his stories start out as items from the morning paper There are plenty of funny stories and great satire here Not every story was a slam dunk but I like that they are from different periods in the writer's life starting with some grad school work when he was at The University of Iowa This book is perfect for high school students who want to read good literature but are tired of the same old picks from the literary canon

  10. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    From reading this anthology of short stories I decided that Boyle is completely overrated However my opinion could change if I ever get around to reading anything else that's he written His writing is good but the content is pretty unoriginal Of all of the unoriginal stories though I enjoyed the cover story and another one about a college student who has to deal with an absentee famous writer father That one was worth reading Otherwise I was rolling my eyes a lot

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