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Kinder than Solitude [Read] ➪ Kinder than Solitude By Yiyun Li – Vaikuttava tarina menneeseen vangituista ihmisistäNeljä ystävää ja murhayritys Onko joku kolmesta syyllinen Yiyun Li kietoo koukuttavaan murhamysteeriin haikean hienosyisen romaaninShaoai kuolee Vaikuttava tarina menneeseen vangituista ihmisistäNeljä ystävää ja murhayritys Onko joku kolmesta syyllinen Yiyun Li kietoo koukuttavaan murhamysteeriin haikean hienosyisen romaaninShaoai kuolee kiduttuaan yli vuotta vammautuneena myrkystä jota sai nuorena tyttönä Tiivis ystäväpiiri oli paikalla myrkytyksen sattuessa mutta Kinder than PDF \ syyllinen ei koskaan selvinnyt Miksi joku ystävyksistä olisi yrittänyt tappaa Shaoain Sittemmin porukka on hajonnut kaksi on muuttanut Amerikkaan yksi jäänyt Kiinaan mutta kaikkia painaa edelleen menneisyyden taakka Monitahoinen tarina liikkuu nyky Amerikan ja luvun Kiinan välillä ja on samalla oivaltava kuvaus Kiinan globalisoitumisesta.

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  1. Samadrita Samadrita says:

    Coping mechanisms For how long can one cling on to them with a uiet desperation? Long after grief subsided long after the ache dealt by the blow of tragedy dulled Ruyu Moran and Boyang continued to let their lives revolve around their coping mechanisms In place of a youthful lust for life and unbounded optimism they made a gaping emptiness their constant companion drew strength from their blunt indifference to the world at large never caring for the interminable flow of time and living from one moment to the next one No expectations from those who touched their lives fleetingly Relationships established and subseuently shed like second skins just as easily An impenetrable fog of nothingness separated these three individuals from the world around them Deeply afraid of tenuous attachment they chose the secure comfort of solitudeOrphaned in infancy Ruyu had her perception of morality blurred by the blind religious fervor with which her grandaunts tried to indoctrinate her and later by Shaoai's everyday small cruelties Disillusioned with life at a tender age she could only snub gentle Moran's offer of friendship with acid contempt and wield Boyang's love for her as a weapon to harm others Her act of transgression not without its reasons perhaps triggered by the vindictive nature of adolescence brought turbulence into the lives of three souls and destroyed a fourth the aftershocks of this incident continuing to haunt them decades later across continentsRuyu knew she wasn't going to be let off unscathed by fate either but then what could possibly intimidate a misanthrope who treated life like a prison and considered the act of living akin to a sentence meant to be served out in silent despondency? She was not the only one trapped by life She was afraid of meeting another person like her but than that she was afraid of never meeting another person like her who however briefly would look into her eyes so that she knew she was not alone in her loneliness Yiyun Li is my new favorite author of Chinese origin simply because she manages not to succumb to the lure of sketching a Beijing under an autocratic regime like so many of her peers choosing instead to narrate a tale of heartbreak and loss which will remain as affecting even if one strips her characters of their ethnicity and shifts the backdrop of events to any other place and time It is the flawed humanity of the ensemble characters none of whom are completely beyond reproach and their self inflicted emotional isolation which establishes Li's ability to go beyond the limits of spick and span pigeonholing The devastating aftermath of the Tiananmen Suare massacre and the agonizing chokehold of the Communist administration over its citizens are simply hinted at and never spelled out for the sake of inducing any cheap sentimentality And what elevates her craft further in my eyes is the languid beauty of her prose and her accurate portrayal of the melancholia and ennui entailing the uandary of life They were not her stories They were not about her time or her people but what she had once found in these stories escape would eventually become her wisdom Perhaps if she kept these tales going he would one day forgive her stubbornness in choosing solitude because he kinder than solitude was always here for her until death do them apart The pleasure of familiarizing myself with an author I know I can unhesitatingly seek out in the future never becomes stale

  2. Elyse Walters Elyse Walters says:

    Library Overdrive ebook I went in blind I had no expectation Great surprise discovery This is the first book I’ve read by Yiyun Li I’m completely stokedHer writing intrigued me On almost every page there were excerpts I wanted to highlight Eventually I made myself stop analyzing every sentence stopped the highlighting and just snuggled under my comforter and read for the PURISTS PLEASURE I'd gladly read this book again hell I just want soup bowls that Yiyun Li is dishing out Yiyun Li is my NEW FAVORITE DISCOVERY this year MORE PLEASE Where to begin🧐This novel feels like many genres Fusion dishes of suspense murder mystery light or perhaps simply murder mystery ‘irrelevant’ note the mystery will be clear in the end but the bigger mystery to me was why ‘friends’ had such a hard time closely connecting rather they lived very solitary lives Continuing on as what to expect in this bookBeijing American culture in the year 1990 historical fiction literary psychological thriller fiction coming of age part fairy tale immigrantorphan story and a familycommunity saga over a twenty year span The characters are a variety pack special The multi layered package include troubled idealistic pessimistic arrogant sweet and emotionally crippled people They are imprisoned by their past lives and scrutinize their futures This novel opens with the murder of 22 year old Shaoaia university student and political protester She died in Beijing from chemical poisoningwhich was stollen from a friend’s mother’s science laboratory It seems that either Shaoai killed herself drinking the poisonor one of her other three friends did Boyang Ruyu or Moran All sounds pretty clear and straight forward right? Wrong Remember I said this book is a fusion of genresSo rather than follow a plot moving us toward the conclusion as to who killed Shaoaiits about how her friends coped with her death for twenty years And what was the state of Shaoai’s life? Another uestion is why did the case go unsolved? Most of the story follows Shaoai’s three childhood friends contemporary acuaintances than friends really Ruyu Boyang and Moran These three Ruyu Boyang and Moran are COMPLETELY DIFFERENTThis novel is introspective in nature The novel goes back and forth between the present lives and past lives of the characters from when they were teenagers to their adult lives THESE CHARACTERS BECOME GLUE IN YOUR BRAIN THE WRITING is so beautiful with fascinating curiosity of these characters that just by reading it thinking about it I’m sure it’s preventive organic the secret to the Fountain of Youth If baby boomers want to know how to keep themselves young and vitalchew on this complex novel Great brain workout A few excepts I enjoyed there are many then my brain is going to rest“When we place our beloved in front of the critical eyes of others we feel diminished along with this subject being scrutinized” “The freedom to act and the freedom to judge undermining each other amount a little than a well stocked source of anxiety Is that why Ruyu wondered Americans so willingly make themselves smaller— by laughing at others or tactfully at themselves— when there is no immediate danger to hide from? But danger in the form of poverty and flying bullets and lawless states and untrustworthy friends provides if not a route to happiness at least clarity to one’s suffering” “Midsummer in Beijing it’s extreme heat and humidity occasionally broken by a revealing thunderstorm gave the impression that life today would be that of tomorrow and the day after until forever rinds accumulated at the roadside would go on rottingand attracting swarms of flies; murky puddles in the alleyways from over spilled sewers dwindled but before they entirely disappeared another storm would replenish them; old men and women sitting next to bamboo perambulators in the shadow of palace walls cooled down their grandchildren with giant fans woven of sedge leaves and one of them closed one’s eyes and opened them again one could almost believe that the fans and the babies and the wrinkled faced grandparents were the same ones from 100 years ago captured by a rare photograph in the traveling album of foreign missionary who would eventually be executed for spreading evil in a nearby providence”Moran and Ruyu were on the waterfront of the Western Sea a manmade lake in Beijing when Moran pointed out the direction of other seas the Black Sea the Front Sea etc In the past week Boyang and Moran had taken Ruyu tourist visiting Ruyu asked “Why they were called seas then?” She was not interested in the answer yet she knew that each uestion granted her some power over the people she uestioned She liked to watch others feeling obliged and sometimes foolishly elated to answer her people do not know that the moment they respond they put themselves on a stand for their interrogators to judge” “I find your lack of interest in anything but your own little faith to be than horrifying” Last minute thoughts for my own memoryRuyu’s cynicism righteousness ungratefulness and LACK OF INTEREST in ‘anything’ started to irritate meShe was the most interesting characterthe orphan But not easy to feel sympathy or empathy for Gorgeous novel intellectually challenging in waysI’m left with thoughts between loneliness vs solitudeand how kindness embraces or doesn’t in the most uiet moments of an individual’s life

  3. Jill Jill says:

    “Perhaps there is a line in everyone’s life that once crossed imparts a certain truth that one has not been able to see before transforming solitude from a choice into the only possible line of existence”For four friends that line was crossed during their late teenage years when one of them was poisoned perhaps deliberately perhaps accidentally lingering in a physical limbo state until she finally dies years later The young man Boyang remains in China; the two young women Ruyu and Moran move to the United States Each ends up living in what the author describes as a “life long uarantine against love and life”Kinder than Solitude is not primarily a mystery of a poisoned woman nor is it an “immigrant experience” book although it is being hailed as both Rather it’s a deep and insightful exploration about the human condition – how one’s past can affect one’s future how innocence can be easily lost and how challenging it is to get in touch with – let alone salvage – one’s better self“To have an identity – to be known – reuired one to possess an ego yet so much too a collection of people a traceable track lining one place to another – all these had to be added to that ego or one to have any kind of identity” Yiyun Li writes In the case of Moran who married and divorced an older man she still cares forwhat she called her life “was only a way of not living and by doing that she had taken here and there parts o other people’s lives and turned them into nothing along with her own” Riyu the most enigmatic and detached of the characters is an empty vessel unable to connect or to experience much pleasure or pain who strives to receive an “exemption from participating in life” And Boyang a successful entrepreneur with a cynical sense of the world has discovered that “love measured by effort was the only love within his capacity”This is a deeply philosophical book one that delves into its characters with an ambling narrative that shifts from the shared Chinese past to the present –China San Francisco the Midwest It is not for everyone – certainly not for readers who are anticipating an action packed page turning suspense novel But for those who seek insights into the human condition and love strong character based novels Kinder Than Solitude offers rich rewards

  4. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Loyalty to the past is a foundation of life one does not by happenstance or by will end up living To be so consumed with one's choices so consumed that every present choice is a conseuence of the past; to be enveloped by guilt so vexatious that it gnaws your waking thoughts; to want to love and be loved so badly that you stop desiring loveTo live by this code People don't vanish from one's life they come back in disguise To live this thought daily view everyone through lens of skepticism to know without a doubt that happiness is a misnomer It's hard to read this book and not drown in the hopelessness of its characters not be affected by the loss of some redeeming uality When people talk about starting over it is only wishful thinking; what came before what happened yesterday did not come or happen in vain Here no one starts over everyone lives in the past Present lives muddled by past choices a disabled friend who is to blame? Fleeing to America doesn't help because Ruyu and Moran only live lies struggling to build healthy relationships always reminded of that past act In Beijing Boyang the man loved by both women will stick around to take care of what he deems his fault What happened? This subtle mystery abounds and unfolds through present and past narratives written with clean intentional prose But as you read further you sense that there is nothing mysterious about what happened because the mystery is predictableWhen love overpowers instinct when loyalty to one's friend deters forgiveness when silence begets crime and lives are shattered combined these form the underlying premise of this slow moving thought provoking rhythmic and melancholic tale told with philosophical asides Hardships in lives are like bad weather which one endures because bad weather will break as inevitably as bad luck will run its course Hope is the sunshine after the storm the spring thawing right after the bitter winter The goddess of fate as capricious as she is has nevertheless an impressionable mind

  5. Jeanette (Again) Jeanette (Again) says:

    It took me over a week to read the first 90 pages of this book I plugged along because I didn't have a good reason to uitexcept that I was not enjoying it When I recognize the uality of an author's prose I feel compelled to keep trying even if the book is difficult for me to read I don't mean difficult in the sense that I can't understand the writing but difficult because the story is not compelling After 90 pages I realized I was forcing myself to continue calculating in my head that if I read one chapter per day I could finish it by the library due date Most of the characters seem flat and affectless to me forcing themselves to lead drab solitary lives and apparently thinking they're superior because they don't need other people So I'm letting this one go and it feels good

  6. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Solitude is not kind in the world of this novel But there is little that is kind so solitude becomes a refuge and false havenThis is a powerful and intensely meditative novel Children on the treacherous shoals of their teenage years sense the dangers but don’t really understand the nature of them and can be helpless to avoid them especially if they already feel isolated They say false things or do seemingly malicious deeds without fully appreciating the conseuences which may then go on to haunt them Li writes exuisite prose — this alone is worth the read These are intensely wrought sentences of astute insights illustrating rich complexities of thought “A born murderess she had mastered the skill of snuffing out each moment before releasing it to join the other passed moments Nothing connects one self to another; time effaced does not become memory””his voice had left a crack through which loneliness flooded into her room”“If she had ever felt anything close to passion it was a passion of the obliterating kind any connection made by another human being by accident or by intention had to be erased; the void she maintained around herself was her only meaningful possession”The book is littered with aphorisms and observations about the human condition “one’s preparation for departure should begin long before arrival” “Do not expose your soul uninvited” “Nothing destroys a livable life completely than unfounded hope”“It takes courage to find solace in trivialities willfulness not to let trivialities usurp one’s life”Solitude and loneliness are tiring to read about never mind experiencing By the end I felt exhausted wrung out from the tension of repression and loneliness that permeates the story Nonetheless highly recommended Just pair it with the right mood accordinglyARC from Random House via NetGalley

  7. Patrice Hoffman Patrice Hoffman says:

    Kinder Than Solitude by Yiyun Li is the enthralling story of three friends who's lives are forever bound by the history they have tried to run from since youth The news of the death of Shaoai which is possibly caused by one of the three jump starts the novel After than 20 years in a coma the one tie holding these three together is finally severed The premise of a mystery is what attracted my attention to this novel initially by Li's writing kept me engrossed and in need of savoring every word written Each character in their own way has chosen a life of solitude as opposed to a true existence filled with love laughter and humanity Boyang has risen from meager beginnings to become a man who is wealthy than ever imagined Moran once a courteous teen morphs into a chemist who finds solace in her small apartment and the occasional visits with her dying ex husband Finally the most interesting yet mysterious of the three Ruyu lives as the odd job ueen Kinder Than Solitude is than just a mystery of whodunnit but rather a delving into what it means to be human; to seek lasting connections and have a meaningful life full of people who matter Instead these characters have chosen a life of being untangled After failed marriagespassing flings or basic emotionless disregard the one thing that they do remain tethered to is the death of ShaoaiYiyun Li provides a vivid character study of three people that are unlike any character I've come across to date in the multitude of texts I've read Who stand out the most for me is Ruyu She's sent to live with Shaoai's family at the age of 15 Shaoai constantly berates her for her lack of emotion or caring Ruyu is an enigma the entire novel and never once deviates from that trait She's logical to a fault and this makes her prime suspect number one She seems not to care about anyone but not in the cunning way It's so that she's even tempered and this baffles all who come across herEssentially Kinder Than Solitude is a well written expose of human nature and the beauty of solitude I enjoyed this novel tremendously and look forward to what's next from this author Copy provided by Random House via Netgalley

  8. Jenny Jenny says:

    Set partly in China shortly after the Tiananmen Suare protests of 1989 partly in Beijing and America around twenty years later 'Kinder than Solitude' tells the story of three friends and their slow withdrawal into a self imposed emotional isolation after their lives are irreversibly altered by an event that may or may not have been an attempted murderThe catalyst of the story is Ruyu Orphaned as a child and raised by two deeply religious 'great aunts' she is sent to Beijing to live with relatives where she meets Boyang and Moran The two of them being very close friends that grew up together befriend her despite Ruyu offering very little amiable surface as she stays very contained drawn back almost unaffected by human emotionThe only person to really be able to make Ruyu's surface ripple is Shaoai the daughter of Ruyu's relatives a rebel whose involvement in political protest will ruin her future It is her death the book begins withThe beauty of this dark novel lies not in its fast pace or its drive to solve the mystery In fact Kinder Than Solitude is a very uiet philosophical novel with a prose so mesmerizing I wanted it to never end Yiyun Li manages very elegantly to give an insight into a time that may have shaped and affected a whole generation in China but she does so by zooming in on such a microscopical level that in the end than anything this novel to me was about the human condition about solitary existence by nature or choiceHighly recommended

  9. Craig Swartz Craig Swartz says:

    Let me start with the good Thanks to Goodreads for sending me this book in a giveaway It's fun to be a winner I had never heard of Yiyun Li She has written a couple of other books and seems like she has a following of people that enjoy her novels She has a real easy writing style that flows along as you read it Just as a writer I would say she has talentThe problem is what the book jacket led me to believe is the story A profound mystery is at the heart of this magnificent new novel is how the book jacket starts The book clocks in at 312 pages I'm not sure 25 pages is devoted to the mystery The rest of the book is in my opinion a meandering of unrelated and rather boring stories of lost marriages music school and so on In fact a lot of one chapter was a man and woman discussing whether or not what they were on should be considered a date Huh?I suppose some could call this book a character study I call it boring It may be for you it wasn't for me

  10. switterbug (Betsey) switterbug (Betsey) says:

    In this stunning introspective novel of loneliness and detachment two women Moran and Ruyu and one man Boyang are illuminated in the months before and the decades after a tragedy As teenagers they banded together in their communal Beijing neighborhood Shaoai an outspoken dissident of the Chinese government was poisoned apparently an accident in the shadow of the Tiananmen Suare protests She takes twenty years to die although the massive deterioration begins early Soon after this harrowing event the three friends in a tacit pact drift away from one other circumscribing their adult lives with self imposed emotional uarantinesThe novel opens in Beijing and seamlessly alternates in time and place between China and America As the story examines the lives of Boyang Moran and Ruyu as teens when the tragedy occurred and now as middle aged adults their shared parallels of solitude are probed and the mystery of Shaoai's poisoning is gradually revealed They haven't spoken to each other in twenty years and all three are divorced childless and detached from passion and fulfillmentRuyu an orphan from the provinces is sent by her grandaunts at age 15 to live with Shaoai’s parents in Beijing They want her to get a better education Shaoai and her friends treat Ruyu with a haughty truculence Ruyu however is an inward girl lacking social graces a cipher to others She is aloof inscrutable and privately prays to God She doesn’t seek others out much to their frustrationBoyang and Moran longtime friends reach out to Ruyu who accepts their friendship with a general indifference She is unused to the community spirit of her new home where many families convene together in the shared uadrangle Boyang is the son of wealthy college professors who he visits on weekends; they left him to be raised by his grandmother while they pursued their ambitions Moran is the eualizer; she is eager to nurture For her life was a series of ideal moments filled with “a larger dose of joy” Unfortunately Shaoia’s poisoning leaves them all contaminated with psychic toxins As adults they sought out lives to subvert their memories at the same time reeling from themThose seeking sanctuary in misremembering did not separate what had happened from what could have happenedBoyang stayed in Beijing while Moran and Ruyu left for separate parts of America All are locked away in prisons they have built for themselves Boyang divorced is a wealthy businessman getting by in a series of superficial relationships with younger women Ruyu keeps herself seuestered in a restrained life as an underachiever Moran working for a pharmaceutical company in Massachusetts still keeps in touch with her ex husband but divorced him in order to maintain an emotional void And yet“She was afraid of meeting another person like her but than that she was afraid of never meeting another person like her who however briefly would look into her eyes so that she knew she was not alone in her loneliness”Li’s measured narrative combines finely calibrated characters and elegant elegiac prose The tone evoked a grey chill but not entirely bleak There was a haze of something brighter around the edges of the story—a wish for redemption and forgiveness There was sympathy for their guarded enclosures like a sweet spot buried under their memories and their isolation“To know the world for a child is to ask uestions but the situation leading to those uestions once answered are forgotten; having garnered enough knowledge one enters adulthood only to be confronted by uestions which no longer answerable form the context of one’s being”

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