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World War Moo Apocalypse Cow #2 ➮ [Read] ➪ World War Moo Apocalypse Cow #2 By Michael Logan ➺ – It began with a cow that just wouldn't die Yep That's right They're still un dead and now the disease has spread to humans The epidemic that transformed Britain's bovine population into a blood thirst It began with a cow Moo Apocalypse ePUB ↠ that just wouldn't die Yep That's right They're still un dead and now the disease has spread to humans The epidemic that transformed Britain's bovine population into a blood thirsty brain grazing zombie hordeerrzombie herd is threatening to take World War PDF/EPUB or over the globe in Michael Logan's World War Moo And there's not much time left to stop it All of Great Britain is infected and hungry The rest of the world has a tough choice to make Should they nuke the brits right off the War Moo Apocalypse ePUB ☆ map — men women children cows and all — in the biggest genocide in history Or should they risk global infection in a race against time to find a cure With hungry zombies attempting to cross borders by plains trains boats and any other form of transport available it's only a matter of time before the virus gets out And if it does there's only one answer This means war.

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  1. Mark Lawrence Mark Lawrence says:

    I loved the first book in this series with reservations In the second book the reservations are goneWith comedy the absurd what I look for apart from the obvious it has to be FUNNY is a consistent level I can buy into a level of humour or silliness but I need to feel that it isn't going to veer across the comedy map If I've bought into a wry cynicism I don't want it to suddenly become slapstickIn World War Moo Logan maintains consistency It's a sharp comedy horror that mixes genuine pathos with the laughs and actually circles around a set of surprisingly deep moral uestions The only bum notes in the consistency stakes were the three generals we occasionally flit to and the 'deportation' of a key characterDespite the title the emphasis moves from the 'zombie' animals of book one to the human 'zombie' population and has less focus on running and killing or dying with politicking There still is plenty of messy destruction though fear notThe writing reminds me a fair bit of Tom Sharpe on form I 'worry' that a non British reader might flounder here There are plenty of references to British pop culture politics that would fly right past your average American leaving them with a lesser read I'm guessing that very few Americans know who Noel Edmunds is for exampleIt's hard to be funny and tell a compelling tale at the same time Logan manages it This second book improves on an already enjoyable book 1 making the pair of them well worth your time Join my 3 emails a year newsletter #prizes

  2. Michael Logan Michael Logan says:

    PISSED UP EDIT I'm now just drunk enough to give my own book full marks even though I'm British and subscribe to the 'down with that sort of thing' attitude If I haven't removed the rating by the time you read this either I have yet to sober up or I was so drunk that I forgot I encountered a sudden burst of red wine induced confidence and gave myself a five starry slap on the back Either way kids don't base your buying decision on my rating Listen to somebody objective who knows what heshe is talking aboutTHE EARLIER SOBER STUFFReadwrote Same thing This obviously is the seuel to Apocalypse Cow 'Twas a lot of fun to write as I got to work with a larger canvas take the characters into complex emotional areas and invent combat yoga and cow bombs It is a slightly serious and less graphically violent book with wider themes around family responsibility and governance You'll still find plenty of daftness to keep continuity with Apocalypse Cow howeverBe warned though this is not a zombie book as such Humans now have the virus but they are perfectly sentient if a little grumpy and horny most of the time In the company of the uninfected however they do tend to lose the plot Think Invasion of the Body Snatchers rather than Night of the Living DeadIn terms of characters from the first book it features Geldof Peters who is maturing ie masturbating significantly less and starting to view women as people rather than breast delivery mechanisms; Lesley McBrien who is suffering from a bad case of survivor's guilt; and Tony Campbell who had a cameo at the end of Apocalypse Cow as the leader of the new British government There is also a surprise soap opera style return for a favourite character of mine The other new POV character is Ruan Peat a former pentathlete in her teens who is on the runRegarding the most important uestion though yes there are still 'zombie' cows and suirrels There's even a 'zombie' sealThe blurb and cover will come as we approach publication

  3. Steve Steve says:

    I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewWorld War Moo the seuel to the outstanding Apocalypse Cow continues the story of bloodthirsty zombie cows running rampant in England In this second volume the virus has now spread to humans and has infected the entire British Isles The oddball characters and survivors from the first book are called back into action to prevent a world wide outbreak of the virus because of the actions inept government officials and their desire for personal glory and looking out for themselvesThis is definitely not your normal zombie book It’s a lot of fun it is rife with droll British humor it’s full of bombastic action seuences I don’t think I’ve ever read about explosives strapped to zombie cows being led by a remote control car It brings several of the old characters back a few surprises too along with a newly developed characters that become vital to the storyline Of course the zombie cows and suirrels return in all their udder and nutty glory Oh and make sure you're up to speed on your Star Wars and Star Trek references ;If you haven’t read this series what are you waiting for?

  4. Marc-Antoine Marc-Antoine says:

    I am surprised with how the author has taken a ridiculous premise and surrounded with a well crafted story characters you care about and delved into important existential uestions such as our humanity Humorous but still thought provoking congratulations to the author well done

  5. Paul Paul says:

    A fun readI really enjoyed Apocalypse Cow a few years back the deserved winner of the Terry Pratchett Prize Its taken a few years but the follow on finally made its way out Like its predecessor the book contains a certain amount of absurdity the Noel Edmunds look alikes a Benny Hill style chase and a leader basing his decisions and actiond on his favourite TV characterMost work some don't but overall I laughedBehind all that its actually a decent story It falls somewhere into the ballpark of recent fiction looking at zombieseven if itc pointed out they are not really zombies in the propee sense from there side as well The nature of humanity and violence is uestioned and throughout you realise the obvious threat might not be the worst oneIt was great to see some of the characters again I really enjoyed Geldof in the first book and he is eually good this time I could comment on another character whi shone out in the book but it would be a bit of a spoiler for readers returning from the first bookI'm glad Michael Logan managed to get the follow on out Not my usual read but a nice break for that The book is not always perfect but the author tells a good story

  6. Ellie Ellie says:

    The follow up to Apocalypse Cow sees Britain attempting to hold back the rest of the world from destroying them in order to prevent the virus spreading For the time being it’s contained by the sea patrolled by military vessels set on shooting anyone who attempts to escapeThese are not traditional zombies They are not undead and mostly they act like normal people just much prone to outbursts of anger and having lots of sex Now that nearly the entire population is infected the virus doesn’t need to spread and the rage only tends to kick in near the uninfected Yet without internet the rest of the world is being fed stories of the zombie filled land via the media frenzy Popular opinion would have the country nuked if only the French wouldn’t objectWorld War Moo is full of political satire; from nuclear deterrent to immigration media coverage to African mercenaries and religious fanatics There are a few times when the humour is just a bit silly but overall it’s spot on with its observations of human nature and how governments act It’s a shame Michael’s UK publisher didn’t pick the seuel up as there’s plenty of things that are oh so BritishThe cover is a tad misleading if you are expecting a whole load of zombie cows again There’s a few here and there but this is mostly about the people left behind However plenty of the characters from the previous book are back along with a few new onesReview copy provided by author

  7. Jessica Chancellor Jessica Chancellor says:

    I'm gonna go ahead and add thisSPOILER ALERTAlrighty that's out of the way The only disappointment I had was it didn't have the same level of humor as the first one although it did have its fare share of great lines but that's pretty much the only issue I had Aside from now being forced to wait for another bookOnto the spoils Those last 20 pages brought along a lack of a better word sht storm of all the crazies I could have imagined And even that I never would have thought of Tony's love for Spock and his job as a politician had me waiting for one line the entire book And there was an audible yes accompanied by a fist pump when it happened near the end as a certain character uoted it accidentally And that leading to the selfless heroic act of another character left me crying uite literally And let's face it Geldof proved himselfAlso very happy that Michael Logan did NOT go with the stereotypical love story that I was dreading So thank you you added the possibility tastefully without going into the mush of most young romanceOverall very angry I have to now wait for another one

  8. Paul Paul says:

    Way back in 2012 I read Apocalypse Cow by Michael Logan I was immediately jealous Why? Well I’ve only ever had one idea for a story of my own It was called Grains and was going to be about vegetarian zombies they are scarier than you think dammit Then along comes Logan with his flashy crowd pleasing zombie cattle I uickly realised that it was far better executed than anything I could ever hope come up with Damn the man and his bovine mayhem Time passed and my jealousy moved on elsewhere Three years later and I had finally reached the stage where I could almost look at the book fondly and what happens? Logan’s only gone and bloody done it againWorld War Moo picks up a couple of years after the events in Apocalypse Cow The world economy is suffering due to the financial drain the British crisis has placed on it Something needs to be done and it needs to be done soon Needless to say the military have come up with one very definitive option that will put an end to all this infected nonsense uick smart Will there be a human cost? Depends on how you define human doesn’t it?The characters are a who’s who of oddballs and weirdos Geldof Peters is a teenager keen to return to the UK to see if he can discover any news regarding the fate of his missing mother Fortunately his grandfather is incredibly wealthy and is willing to pay for mercenaries to help Geldof along the way Ruan Peat is another teen whose story couldn’t be different from Geldof’s She has managed to stay alive and un infected for the entire duration of the crisis Lesley McBrien makes a welcome return The ace investigative journo is still feeling guilty over her part in the events in Apocalypse Cow Setting out with the best of intentions leads her back to Scotland and right into the heart of another international crisis Can the intrepid reporter make amends for the problems she has caused? In an interesting twist on your standard zombie mythos the infected in Logan’s novels aren’t actually dead They just have some REALLY serious anger management issues will eat pretty much anyone and have a rather lusty outlook Essentially all base urges and emotions have been ramped up to the nth degree The infected do still function as people up to a point and various different factions have developed within the British Isles The UK government still exists after a fashion and there is even a resistance movement try to learn how to cope with being infected Is there a potential solution to these problems that can save the poor unfortunates who are suffering? It turns out a laid back attitude copious amounts of special grown up time and funny smelling herbal cigarettes may hold the keyLet’s cut to the chase here World War Moo isn’t Shakespeare but then I don’t really think it is supposed to be Is this novel going to change your life? Probably not Are you likely to experience anything close to a life changing epiphany? I would think not Will you be presented with a deliciously silly and entertaining novel featuring a cracking little plot and some fun characters? Oh hell yes Look no further thrill seeker your reuirements have been met Once again Logan has done a grand job of mixing gross out comedy with just a dash of satire and some horrific elements I have a sneaking suspicion an inkling even that there may still be a bit left to this story I do hope so; both books in this series have been thoroughly enjoyable so far I can only hope that Mr Logan gets the opportunity to unleash his uniue brand of chaos one time World War Moo is available in the US and via import in the UK from St Martin’s Press now My advice is check it and its predecessor out now I mean it’s not vegetarian zombies but it’s alright if you like that kind of thing I’m not bitter honestly I do hope World War Moo gets a proper release in the UK In my humble opinion it entirely deserves one

  9. Lainy Lainy says:

    Time taken to read 3 days Blurb from GoodreadsIt began with a cow that just wouldn't die Yep That's right They're still infected and now the disease has spread to humans The epidemic that transformed Britain's bovine population into a blood thirsty brain grazing zombie hordeerr herd is threatening to take over the globeAnd there's not much time left to stop it All of Great Britain is infected and brimming with rage The rest of the world has a tough choice to make Should they nuke the Brits right off the map — men women children cows and all — in the biggest genocide in history? Or should they risk global infection in a race against time to find a cure?With fanatical infected trying to escape the cursed island and the Brits ready to defend themselves with every weapon at their disposal including an intercontinental missile sloshing with infected blood it may only be a matter of time before the virus gets outThis means warMy reviewI really enjoyed the first book now book two sees the virus has spread to the humans and the world wants to eradicate Britain before the rest of the world is infected There is little to none media coverage and the world thinks Britain is over ran with zombies Most of the infected are fine still people going about their business until they come across an uninfected then the rage takes hold Except for those who have learned to control it the rest of the world want to be safe some of the British want to infect everyone so we can all live in harmony and have the missile ready to do just thatThis is so very different from the first book there aren't as many cows in this one although there are some mention of infected animals the main focus is on humanity The relationships of those still living infected with uninfected how those few managed to overcome the rage attempt to teach others to hold onto their humanity There is a fair bit of politics in this one and although there is still humour involved politics isn't really my thing Some of the humour and scenes are a bit foolish but to be honest it works well with the overall theme of the book It is interesting funny black humour murder relationships humans adapting love courage and anger to name just some of the topics this tale coversIt is a fresh idea on the whole zombie apocalypse I enjoyed finding out what happened to the characters from the first book and meeting some new ones How humanity deal with the struggle and life choices in the face of being wiped out I hope Logan considers a third installment I would certainly read it and recommend this to those who enjoyed Apocalypse Moo 35 for me this time Thanks to the author for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

  10. Tim Roast Tim Roast says:

    “World War Moo” is the second book in the Apocalypse Cow series If you’ve read the first you know what to expect from this one zombies OTT characters taking the mickey out of each other and cows This story begins where it left off in the previous book the zombie outbreak that started in cows has spread to humans and taken over the whole of Britain which is now cut off from the rest of the world To bring the virus to an end the rest of the world is considering eliminating Britain rather than find a cure for the disease and it is the task of a group of individuals some zombies who have learnt to control themselves and some humans to stop this I got this book through entering a competition for the author to put my namesake in the book Therefore there is a Tim Roast in this story and needless to say I was most interested in how this particular character got on He is the “sorry excuse for a” government chief scientist with a “V neck pullover badly knotted tie and a pair of glasses so ginormous they made his eyes look like snooker balls” Thankfully he doesn’t get killed so is likely to appear in the next book in the series too Authors I am available for roles in books Many of the other characters such as a band of mercenaries that are called upon to infiltrate Britain in the book are also namesakes of people who entered this competition and you can tell by the way the author introduces and describes them that he had a lot of fun with it The book is uirky and has good scenes in it such as a “bar full of bearded and smirking Noels as in Noel Edmonds cavorting in Christmas pullovers so garish they should have carried an epilepsy risk warning playing pranks on each other and grinning smugly” The story took a while to get going what with the character introductions re introductions of characters from the first book and where they’d ended up plus the setting the scene bits and there are less cows than before but once the story got going there was plenty of action and plenty of fun

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