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The Honor of the Queen [Read] ➵ The Honor of the Queen Author David Weber – RIGHT WOMAN WRONG PLACEIt's hard to give peace a chance when the other side regards war as the necessary prelude to conuest and a sneak attack as the best means to that end That's why the Kingdom of M RIGHT WOMAN WRONG PLACEIt's hard to of the PDF/EPUB ë give peace a chance when the other side regards war as the necessary prelude to conuest and a sneak attack as the best means to that end That's why the Kingdom of Manticore needs allies against the so called Republic of Haven—and the planet Grayson is just the right strategic place to make a very good ally indeed But Her Majesty's Foreign Office had overlooked a minor cultural difference when they chose Honor Harrington to The Honor Epub / carry the flag women on the planet Grayson are without rank or rights; Honor's very presence is an intolerable affront to every male on the planetAt first Honor doesn't take it personally; where she comes from gender discrimination is barely a historical memory right up there in significance to fear of the left handed But in time such treatment as she receives from the Graysonites does become wearing and Honor would withdraw if she could—but then Grayson's fratricidal sister planet attacks without Honor of the MOBI ñ warning and she must stay and prevail not just for Honor's honor but for her sovereign's for—THE HONOR OF THE UEEN.

  • Hardcover
  • 371 pages
  • The Honor of the Queen
  • David Weber
  • English
  • 14 April 2016
  • 9780671578640

About the Author: David Weber

CS Forester's character Horatio Hornblower and of the PDF/EPUB ë her last name from a fleet doctor in.

10 thoughts on “The Honor of the Queen

  1. Mike (the Paladin) Mike (the Paladin) says:

    First let me congratulate David Weber I don't know what his own religious convictions if any are but he's done something for me very welcome here He's written a book about a civilization of religious fanatics without leaving the feeling that anyone who is religious or holds religious convictions is either crazy or dangerous That's rare than you might might realize if it doesn't effect you I'm a Christian and in spite of the fact that it's hard to remember the last big Baptist bombing or Methodist terror attack it seems that every time religious fanatics come up in a book recently Christians come off looking pretty bad I mean I can see why With well known threatening figures out there like Billy Graham and Mother Teressa it's no wonderAnyway that aside the book itself is good and for me comes just short of the 5 star ratingclose oh so close but I think that I found the ones I have given 5 stars either enjoyable or in some way moving Still if we had that half star we're always talking about this would get 45 Honor back in action after the events of her Command at Basilisk Station Confronting prejudice in a society where women are still chattel she gets to change attitudes of an entire civilization or at least try toIn the line of duty this time Honor will face physical danger bigotry covert killers and worst of alla cowardly bureaucrat Horrors If you've read other of my reviews you know that I like protagonists who are frankly good guys of course guy is used in the generic sense here with no gender inferred who understand honor small h honesty duty courage saddling up anyway even when you're scared to death Heroes and heroines who struggle not to compromise with evil who understand that the strong interpose themselves between danger and the weak So I'm a sucker for Honor Harrington So far so good I am enjoying the seriesview spoilerAlmost my favorite scene in this book if not my favorite was when Honor slapped the bureaucrat and of course with her strength the slap floors and bloodies him And I really think Weber might have considered letting Honor keep her eye patch instead of giving her a bionic eye in the next book Oh well to stereotypical I suppose hide spoiler

  2. Phrynne Phrynne says:

    So I guess I am hooked into an other series I enjoyed this second book as much as I did book oneIn The Honor of the ueen Honor Harrington returns to fight space battles and earn love and respect from those around her by her pure brilliance Gotta love her and Nimitz of course I am not usually one for extended detailed battle scenes but there is something about space battles which makes them fun even for me Just like book one this one builds steadily towards a superb and exciting conclusion By the last few chapters there is no putting it down at all and there is a nice twist to the story which I did not see coming All good fun and I will certainly be opening book three very soon

  3. Bradley Bradley says:

    I am a victim of having already read some really great MilSF and so many of them have had vibrant characters and an outrageous hat trick narrow escapes What does this mean for this particular novel?Well unfortunately the characterizations were NOT as good as the setup in the first Honor book It seemed rather cardboard cutout actually So I have to rely mostly on good worldbuilding and battles to carry me through this particular novel It's not a dealbreaker but it does lessen my enjoyment by loadsIt's a shame too because I liked the interplay between the ice ueen and her new crew in the previous one So years have passed and Honor gets the honor of being on a diplomatic mission as a prelude to war It's tactics Staging planets and beachheads and supply linesUnfortunately the planet they're courting for this seems awfully Isreal mixed with a bit fundamentalist elements that seem Muslim This book is from '93 so on one hand I can be somewhat impressed with the willingness to explore social craziness when it comes to women's roles the perception in the military from the fundamentalist PoV as well as Honor the exemplary female officer balking and resolving some of her own issues when dealing with very different cultures It's all rightBut by this point in my reading career it's woefully flat and mild and full of aspects that I just can't uite believeThis is a spacefaring society and yes the colonists here were fundamentalists under major terraforming problems that tortured the populace and made them regard women as breeding machines blah blah blahNoSo wait the characters fell in uality and the seemingly impressive worldbuilding bits are kinda falling short? Possibly So what's left?Space Battle That was okay Oh and battle wounds Particularly Honor I felt something for her there ; ;I will probably continue this at some later date but I'm not sure it warrants the full press treatment any

  4. Nate Nate says:

    DISCLAIMER I originally read this book around November of last year in an utterly narcotized state after getting all four of my wretchedly impacted wisdom teeth cut out In short reading David Weber's books while fucked up is not a good idea they're full of technical detail worldbuilding intrigue and feature a pretty decently sized cast of characters This lead to a somewhat underwhelming experience and while I had fun with it I only gave it three stars in my original review Well unsurprisingly I retained fuck all from it and with these books you have to pay attention so I re read it in preparation for my current read of the third book I liked it much better this time aroundWe pick up with Captain Harrington a few years after On Basilisk Station She's been conducting successful but not terribly interesting campaigns against pirates in some backwater system and things get interesting when her old mentor Admiral Raoul Courvoisier presents her with a mission to form the military component of a diplomatic mission to the planet Grayson in the Yeltsin's Star system Sounds simple enough until you take account of the fact that the only other inhabited planet in the system is Masada a kind of dumber angrier estranged younger brother of Grayson The colonizations and relationship between the two planets is complex and fascinating but I can basically sum it up by saying Grayson was colonized by an intensely fundamental puritanical and dogmatic religious sect who then had a war amongst themselves and kicked out the people that were inconveniently TOO fundamental puritanical and dogmatic There's a lot to it than that but I have to say I love this kind of complex political worldbuilding Weber likes to do Given that he started writing this as a kind of parallel to Admiral Nelson and the Napoleonic Wars it's not groundbreakingly original or anything like that but the settings and systems all feel very authentic and thoroughly consideredThat's just the background of the plot really The Manticoran concern in the foreground is the fact that the Republic of Haven are concurrently forming an alliance with the Masadan zealots which would give them a forward base to attack from in the long expected war with Manticore And Honor Harrington Commander of the HMS Fearless CANNOT LET THAT SHIT HAPPEN So it's off to Yeltsin's Star for political scheming adventure intrigue and tense combat of the terrestrial and naval obviously meaning space in this series varieties I guess I'll start with the political scheming I mentioned These books seem to be advertised as mostly militarily concerned science fiction Obviously that's hard to argue with but Weber seems to include a lot of political content in these books It gets to the point where even the characters have a conversation about the point if any where the lines between the military and political apparatuses and operations of a particular government intersect with the obligational mention of Clausewitz's On War I am far from Politics Guy I'm very jaded and bored with modern politics and thusly have to especially mention that I somehow find the attention to politics fascinating in these booksBeing human and thusly imperfect David Weber devotes all this time to war and politics and plot at a seeming cost to his characters Almost no time at all is dedicated to defining each one as a separate and uniue human being and even main characters can get pretty short shrift when it comes to personality traits and stuff like that He does give you a decent look at what motivates the main players though and it doesn't end up hurting the books too much thus far because these books are about the big picture the governments their policies and decisions and the people who have to carry them out You're not gonna get much time with random grunts and stuff like that despite the focus on realistic military and political structures this is still a bombastic swashbuckling space opera and there are no Everypeople here everyone serves on a hugely powerful spaceship holds a high position in the government or is behind some world changing plot or plan Honor kind of reflects this in a way her character is not about human angst self doubt and folly or anything like that She's a smart tall strong genius who can kill armed opponents with her bare hands never makes mistakes or acts petty She's constantly facing huge adversity and odds and still comes out ahead looking like a million bucks It's kind of nice She's a fun protagonist to hang out with and her barefaced Mary Sueness is ironically now a refreshing change from all the self conscious tortured flawed protagonists of genre fictionat least for me view spoilerThe woman can't even get shot in the face properly as this ends up basically leaving her only with an extremely badass EYEPATCH I don't care if it's a cliche any person wearing an eyepatch automatically looks badass hide spoiler

  5. Jim Jim says:

    I liked this a lot better this time so am raising it from 3 stars to 4 in the audio format Part of that is for the action There's a few good fights but the one where Honor faces the assassins is tops This book is definitely better than the firstWhat really made it for me this time was the way the evil Havenites wind up not being so evil They become much human are contrasted against religious fanatics that make even them seem nice While the good guys are also religious the fanatics are a good example of where faith without any rationality can take a peopleDefinitely recommended but only if read in order On to the next2014 Review Again I didn't like this uite as well listening to it as reading it There weren't as many data dumps but Honor's insistence on taking responsibility for things outside of her control got old something I could skim through in paper formatJohnson did a better job with the voices although again her accents struck me as strange as did her insistence on mispronouncing some common words She did a good job pitching her tone to fit the excitement levelIt was a fun romp with Honor shining again

  6. Susanna - Censored by Susanna - Censored by says:

    It's odd seeing the romance trope she's gorgeous but totally thinks she's plain but all the men can't stop looking at her pop up in a space opera

  7. Andy Andy says:

    35 stars rounded down to 3 as was a tough start tbh nearly a series ending oneAs to why?First the minus 15pts Yes the backdrop to the story is reuired which are around the first 100pgs or so but IT IS hard work getting through it i nearly gave up Ive also learnt to snooze read the techno babble too after the first book’s Hypoenginechargetransformthingmabob so that’s no longer such a negative for me but it does go a little overboard at times combined with a slow start we started on a negative ratingRedemption the 5 pts The success of the story revolves around Honor Harrington her interactions everything else is jus fluff really all the characters are fair wooden when left to their own devices really struggle to have empathy with any of them then Captain Harrington walks into the room it all lights up The Captain really does transform the story it fairly jaunts along once she’s back Even her interactions with once wooden characters bring them to the foreAs too the charcters they all deserve a little building up EVEN if some of them are a little shortlived they become a bit like a red shirter on a Star Trek Away mission Would have liked to have seen evolvement of Nimitz too her empathetic Treecat ok so he’s a whizz with Frisbee we now know plus he’s got uite good at throat ripping in a close fight but would be good to have development believe there's scope there too Ok so Im a cat person and then Its a good finish the battle scenes are entertaining despite the sometimes overboard technobabble but Still gonna go with a middling three really a 35 despite the positives outweighing the negatives as a four is a bit of a reach when you take the book overallI shall read on for the time being

  8. Jeffrey Jelmeland Jeffrey Jelmeland says:

    I started this series upon the recommendation of a friend and I can't thank that friend enough for that recommendation This series definitely establishes a standard for military space opera and unlike so many others that I have read in the past this series really does feel like something other than military fiction This book took some work for me to get into but at some point I found myself simply devouring the pages unable to read fast enough to match my hunger for And the last 40 pages resulted in my taking an extended break at work just to finish the book I couldn't help myself I had to finish it

  9. Kat Hooper Kat Hooper says:

    ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy LiteratureThough she’s a woman and not a diplomat Honor Harrington the highly competent and well respected Manticoran Navy Captain has been assigned a diplomatic mission to a planet run by a patriarchal religious cult Why would the Manticorans send an aggressive woman with no diplomatic skills on this type of mission? There’s only one possible reason to try to make The Honor of the ueen interestingI wasn’t thrilled with On Basilisk Station the first book in the Honor Harrington series because there was too much exposition about military tactics and spaceship dynamics and Honor was too perfect and seemed cold and distant I decided to read The Honor of the ueen because I already had purchased it in audio and I was hoping Honor would be relatable as we got to know her better Actually she does seem human going on an almost murderous rampage at one point and becoming teary eyed at another Weber begins to make it clear that Honor has emotions but we rarely see them and she’s such a Mary Sue that it’s difficult to feel comfortable with her Even her homicidal rampage was righteous than recklessBut my biggest issue with the Honor Harrington series is that the plots so far I’ve read only the first two books though exciting at times eg the big space battles at the ends are constantly being interrupted by dull exposition about base and closing velocities acceleration rates missile weights engagement times energy ranges magazine sizes projected courses etcThis material does not have to be dull As I read I kept comparing it to Patrick O’Brien’s AubreyMaturin Master and Commander novels which have analogous plots just at sea instead of in space Those books contain a lot of information about warships and naval tactics but they are immensely entertaining because the protagonists are real people with interests hobbies relationships problems and faultsTo be fair to David Weber it is certainly possible that my disappointment is partially caused by Allyson Johnson’s narration of the audiobooks Her voices are pleasant but she uses little inflection I downloaded a free print copy of The Honor of the ueen at the Baen Free Library and read several pages that I thought were dull in the audio version They were better in my head than they were on audio but I still found myself skimming over some of the exposition which is difficult to do with an audiobook I’m not sure that any narrator is skilled enough to make The Honor of the ueen exciting for me or to get me past the glaring problem with the premise of Honor being sent as a diplomat to a misogynist societyI think I’m finished with Honor Harrington which is too bad because I spent one of my Audible credits on the third book

  10. Mr. Matt Mr. Matt says:

    The Honor of the ueen follows the story of Harrington in her new command the newly commissioned RMN light cruiser Fearless And it offers of the same This is good and bad First the good The action is good no great The story revolves around a astro political power struggle between Manticore the good guys and Haven the bad guys Both are backing client states in an otherwise insignificant star system The rival powers are clearly positioning for a conflict and the system in uestion offers key advantages The Haven client state initiates a surprise conflict and Harrington and the Fearless find themselves matched against a vastly superior foe Through a combination of pluck and luck the good guys come out on top although not until a desperate assault on secret starbase and a long running broadside to broadside battle I like this stuff I like the inside view of the astro political conflict I like the star battles It's fun and it's all done very wellThere are some things that bother me Reading these books I can't help comparing them to Dewey Lambdin's Alan Lewrie saga The Lewrie series follows a British naval officer in the RevolutionaryNapoleonic era As I read I keep inserting Britain for Manticore and France for Haven And it is very easy to jump between broadsides of missiles and beam weapons to broadsides of cannon and shot Not a deal killer for me but it amuses me My own mental comparisons continue and it is not good It all comes too easy for Harrington One of the great things about the Lewrie books is the development and growth of Alan Lewrie He struggles against the caste of naval tradition the slights of petty captains and the whims of the admiralty and this excludes his personal struggles I think it would've been fun to have Harrington clash with a real nasty tyrant of a captain Instead she glides from one gem pf a position to another Regardless the books are still funThree and a half stars rounded down to three I'm continuing into the series and looking forward to the war between Haven and Manticore I'm not certain however that I'll be able to make it through the 30 odd books in the series

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