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In the Woods ❴Download❵ ➵ In the Woods Author Tana French – A gorgeously written novel that marks the debut of an astonishing new voice in psychological suspenseAs dusk approaches a small Dublin suburb in the summer of 1984 mothers begin to call their children A gorgeously written novel that marks the debut of an astonishing new voice in psychological suspenseAs dusk approaches a small Dublin suburb in the summer of mothers begin to call their children home But on this warm evening three children do not return from the dark and silent woods In the ePUB ½ When the police arrive they find only one of the children He is gripping a tree trunk in terror wearing blood filled sneakers and unable to recall a single detail of the previous hoursTwenty years later the found boy Rob Ryan is a detective on the Dublin Murder Suad and keeps his past a secret But when a year old girl is found murdered in the same woods he and Detective Cassie Maddox his partner and closest friend find themselves investigating a case chillingly similar to the previous unsolved mystery Now with only snippets of long buried memories to guide him Ryan has the chance to uncover both the mystery of the case before him and that of his own shadowy past.

  • Paperback
  • 589 pages
  • In the Woods
  • Tana French
  • English
  • 18 July 2015

About the Author: Tana French

Tana French is the New York Times bestselling author of In the Woods The Likeness Faithful Place Broken Harbor The Secret Place The Trespasser and The Witch Elm Her books have won awards including the Edgar Anthony Macavity and Barry Awards the Los Angeles Times Award for Best MysteryThriller and In the ePUB ½ the Irish Book Award for Crime Fiction She lives in Dublin with her family.

10 thoughts on “In the Woods

  1. Matt Matt says:

    If I could I'd probably rate this at 15 stars it ultimately pissed me off and annoyed me throughout but it was good enough to keep me reading and I suppose that should count for somethingMaybe my opinion has been influenced by reading THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO immediately prior to this one That book wasn't perfect but it had characters you rooted for didn't wallow too much in pop culture references and most importantly IT SOLVED THE FRIGGING MYSTERY Let's go through a few of these points First I don't think I've ever read a mystery novel with a less likable main characternarrator Rob Adam Ryan is an asshole plain and simple Sure he's been warped by his childhood and circumstances but he does just about every annoying thing you could possibly imagine he constantly navel gazes and feels self pity he sleeps with then immediately plays the stereotypical male I don't want anything to do with you now role with his female partner the person we were told was his best friend and whom he would never ever sleep with he acts like an idiot over the 17 year old villain temptress psychopath whatever betraying his partner and by the end of the book he is worse off than ever I know that lots of detectives esp in hard boild stories are unlikable and have many personal issues but this guy just took the cake I wanted to take a baseball bat to his head To make matters worse French throws in this little gem towards the end of the novelI am intensely aware by the way that this story does not show me in a particularly flattering light I am aware that within an impressively short time of meeting me Rosalind had me coming to heel like a well trained dog running up and down stairs to bring her coffee nodding along while she bitched about my partner imagining like some starstruck teenager that she was a kindred soul But before you decide to despise me too thoroughly consider this she fooled you too You had as good a chance as I did I told you everything I saw as I saw it at the time And if that was in itself deceptive remember I told you that too I warned you right from the beginning that I lieAs if that excused anything and NO she didn't fool me because YOU'RE the narrator and YOU'RE the one telling the story This paragraph probably ticked me off than anything else in the bookSecond the book seriously dates itself with little pop culture references from Simpsons uotes to mentions of Ricky Martin and The Simple Life Gah The beginning of the book felt like a very special episode of FRIENDS where Chandler Monica and Ross solve a mystery I'm a pretty big pop culture type of guy but the references dropped in this novel just annoyed meThe last part is a bit controversial I suppose There are two central mysteries in this book the first what happened to Katy DOES get solved in the course of the novel the big break in the case is our hero realizing suddenly that the murder probably took place in a shed about 20 feet from where the body was found Really?? No one bothered to think of that for a month? but the deeper mystery about what happened to RobAdam and his friends is never resolved Your mileage may vary about how annoying that is Truth be told it didn't annoy me as much as the fact that the true villain of the modern mystery walks without being punished in any way How incredibly unsatisfying I know this was a first novel so hopefully things will improve for her second book I know also that this book won a major award and that lots of people seem to love it to death so maybe I don't know what I'm talking about Since this review seems to be read by uite a few people I thought I'd include in the review a bit of further rumination that I had in the comments section below In a bit of serendipity I just finished reading Graham Moore's THE SHERLOCKIAN this past weekend In the book there's a uote from the narrator supposedly based on some thoughts from Arthur Conan Doyle talking about how a mystery must have a conclusion lest the audience be left unhappy and upsetCan you write a mystery story that ends with uncertainty? Where you never know who really did it? You can but it’s unsatisfying It’s unpleasant for the reader There needs to be something at the end some sort of resolution It’s not that the killer even needs to be caught or locked up It’s that the reader needs to know Not knowing is the worst outcome for any mystery story because we need to believe that everything in the world is knowable Justice is optional but answers at least are mandatory And that’s what I love about Holmes That the answers are so elegant and the world he lives in so ordered and rational It’s beautiful” I'll take Holmes over Ryan any day of the week

  2. Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies says:

    Some wounds will never heal and there will forever be a Rob Ryan shaped scar in my heartSome books are written deliberately to provoke sadness It's fucking easy to induce someone to tears when the book is about a dying cancer patient with a labrador retriever whose leg has been amputated with one ear missing The most effectively emotional books are the ones where you least expect it The ones that sneak up on youThere are differing degrees of sadness the type that makes one curl into a ball sobbing in the wee hours of the morning I still can't pass by a bookshelf containing the book Forbidden without recalling that memory Then there are books such as these It doesn't make a person shudder in pain as much as it leaves one with an overwhelming sense of sadness and a feeling of unfulfillment Of loss When I picked up this book so many years ago I never knew I was setting myself up for heartbreak Ask anyone who's read this book Their reply will range anywhere from MY FEELS to WHY DOES TANA FRENCH DO THIS TO US?The damnedest thing is this book wasn't even MEANT to be sad It just sneaks up on you It makes you fall in love with the main character It makes you sympathize with him Rob Ryan is not a bad boy He's a lost one He is the kind that brings out what little remnants of maternal feelings there exists inside me He is wounded without being a new adult asshole Don't get me wrong he is sometimes an assholewhile not intending to beHe is a little boy who behaves carelessly without intent to harm He is imperfect he runs the other way when the going gets tough He is scared to face the past he can't think about the future All he can do is live in the present wholly devoting himself to his work because it's the only way he can avoid his shadows He would make a terrible husband He would make a horrendous boyfriend He will break your heart and I don't even careI just want to love him I just want to take care of him I want to erase his hurt I want to obliterate his pain Rarely has there been a character who has broken my heart so badly This is a detective novel but it's not really Don't get me wrong there is an ample amount of investigation in the book It can hold it's own against any fucking detective novel out there It just doesn't feel that way because to me this book is poetry I have rarely encountered better writing I have scarcely encountered evocative passages The other books in this series does a better job of investigation but I don't care As far as I'm concerned the series begins and ends the universe revolves around this bookDo yourself a favor Lose yourself in the woods

  3. Emily May Emily May says:

    Though the isbn is the same as the one pictured my edition of this book has a much creepier cover and taglineNeedless to say I was completely expecting something a bit dark and twisted a creepy psychological murder mystery with an outcome I never would have seen coming And I got that But I never expected this book to leave me feeling so sad And you know why? Because I cared Ms French carefully builds up a complex personality for each of her characters complete with a past a sense of humour and some serious issues to go with it all and you can't help but care what happens to the detectives even than you care what happens with the caseHaving now read all her other works I can confirm she isn't just a one trick pony I also feel forgiving of this book's ending which I know bothered many other readers In hindsight frustrating as it is I find it oddly perfectIn The Woods is a deeply psychological read that explores the nature of psychopaths and memory or lack of The story is narrated by Rob Ryan a detective on the Dublin murder suad who is sent back to his home town in hopes of unravelling the case of a local child murder A young girl found dead in the very same woods in which Detective Ryan played as a child But Rob Ryan has a secret Years ago two of his friends disappeared whilst playing in those woods and whilst he was with them and a witness to whatever happened he retains no memory of the events His friends were never found The uestion is will this new case bring back old memories? Is there some piece of evidence that's waited twenty years to be found in those woods?A case like the one Rob and his partner Cassie face would leave a very personal mark on anybody you cannot investigate the murder and sexual assault of a child and keep it just business as usual As the investigation progresses and leads the pair in a number of directions only to meet with dead end after dead end it begins to take its toll on the two detectives they come out of it very different people from those we knew at the beginning It seemed a very realistic and rather sad progressionI'm not saying that every wordy paragraph in this beautifully written novel was needed but I personally didn't want them to be taken out I think the main reason I enjoyed this novel so much was because it is about far than a murder mystery; it's about all the people involved and how they are affected And I was honestly on the verge of tears after reading the ending and then reading friends' reviews of the second book in this series and discovering that we never get to hear from RobThere's a touch of love in this book just a touch not enough to be called romance No descriptive sex No sweet nothings Nothing like that And yet it still fucking broke my heartBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr

  4. Nataliya Nataliya says:

    What I am telling you before you begin my story is this two things I crave truth And I lieThis book is brilliantly cruel a story of deep and painfully real psychological fckery masuerading as a murder mystery There's nothing feel good about it If you like a book to leave you feeling warm and fuzzy at the end it's not for you If you like neat resolutions it's not for you and if you already read this book you know exactly what I'm talking about If you hate being left with a new uestion for each uestion that this story answered well yet again it's not a book for you But I loved it I loved every page of it every wordy paragraph every depressing turn of the story every soul shattering instance every painfully real mistake of the protagonist I chose reading this book over sleep a decision I almost came to regret later having to work a 14 hour day on 3 hours of sleep Hi it's Dr yawn Nataliya returning a yawn page yawn Scalpel yawn please but hey we all make decisions we wish we could take back hey just like Rob Ryan in this book And it ultimately was fully worth it I suppose you can say my real weakness is a kind of long sightedness usually it is only at a distance and much too late that I can see the patternRob Ryan is a detective in the imaginary Dublin Murder Suad assigned to investigate a senseless murder case of a 12 year old ballet dancer Katy in a little town of Knocknaree What his supervisors don't know is that 20 years ago he was among the three children who went to play in the woods near Knocknaree and was the only one to come back under unbelievably strange circumstances wearing shoes full of blood and with no memory of what happened to his best friends who forever disappeared in the woods The investigation forces Rob to revisit the place that has such painful associations for him and slowly day by day rips his heart to shreds and destroys him a little bit at a time And it's not the murder story stories? but Rob's despair mistakes pain and downward spiral and self destruction that makes this book so painfully real and fascinating to read It is a reminder that our worst monsters ultimately do live within ourselves and that we are our own worst enemies even without ever meaning to be And then too I had learned early to assume something dark and lethal hidden at the heart of anything I loved When I couldn't find it I responded bewildered and wary in the only way I knew how by planting it there myselfThe heart of this book is the story of a friendship between Rob and his partner Cassie Maddox view spoilerand the ultimate destruction of it that Rob's downward spiral eventually brings hide spoiler

  5. Jayson Jayson says:

    A 81% | Very Good Notes Great characters and writing but ends so bitter and depressing view spoilerWe never do find out what happened 'In the Woods' hide spoiler

  6. Justin Justin says:

    Seriously man I wanted to rate this book higher than two stars I almost went with three but I just can't do it This book felt like it ran this long exhausting marathon only to collapse into a heap huffing and puffing just before it crossed the three star line Right now it's laying there lifelessly It might get up slowly and crawl across that line later but I doubt itThe protagonist of this book really really annoyed me It felt like a parody of one of those old black and white movies where the picture freezes and the guy steps out toward the camera lights a cigarette pulls his hat down and goes into this long monologue about life or women or his past or whatever The action would pick up or a new lead would be uncovered and here comes Rob rambling on for pages and pages and pagesExampleCassie Oh wow This thing we just found could connect this murder to events from your past WHOARob That is amazing Great job CassRob steps toward the cameraRob Yeah Cassie was like that She was always finding connections to things and blah blah blah She made a great partner because hey remember that time 20 years ago when my friends and I were in the woods and blah blah blah I want to tell you about all the people I work with and give you a brief description of each one of them and also explain in detail how my boss is and blah blah blah My mind is trying to remember what happened 20 years ago and you know Cassie and I are great partners and we're best friends and people think we're dating but blah blah blah Hey time flies man Did I tell you what happened to me as a child? Did I remind you about Katy? Also her family sure is weird The people at the dig site are weird Everyone is a suspect blah blah blah Let me pause here to tell you how I deal with my roommate and also O'Kelly and my childhood and my current job and Katy and her weird family and interrogation and coffee and vodka and this dream I had and looking for clues and in the woods and we keep hitting dead ends and and and and and blahhhhhhhhhhhhCassie Hey Rob We have a suspectRob

  7. Rick Riordan Rick Riordan says:

    Wow Tana French can write I appreciate a well constructed mystery and this is certainly one but it is also one of those genre transcending books that proves that the whole idea of genre fiction is an artificial construct My ‘Rick Riordan Presents’ imprint buddies JC Cervantes Rebecca Roanhorse and Rosh Chokshi all recommended this book and as usual they did not steer me wrong I was warned that I would want to throw the book across the room when I finished so I was prepared for anger issues I was imagining all sorts of twists and turns the novel could take so actually when the end came it wasn’t uite as twisted and horrible as I feared but it certainly was a beautiful unsettling readOur protagonist Rob Ryan is possibly an unreliable narrator We can’t be sure When he was a child he was the sole survivor of a group of children who went missing in the woods near an Irish housing estate Days later Rob was found shivering his shirt cut to pieces his shoes full of blood and his fingernails clawing into the bark of a tree The other children were never seen again and are presumed dead Rob remembers nothing about the experience before being found but he somehow survived the trauma and grew up to become a detective in the Dublin Murder Suad He goes by Rob rather than his childhood name of Adam so no one will make the connection between the traumatized child and the adult he is todayThen he and his partner Cassie Maddox get a new case — the brutal murder of a twelve year old girl in the same woods where Rob disappeared as a boy Could the cases be connected? Should Rob come clean to his superiors about his own past? Against Cassie’s instincts she and Rob continue delving into the case which uickly becomes personal and perilous for them both Their partnership will be tested like never before The suspects in the case are not what they appear Secrets are folded within other secrets The novel is dark and wonderful but will leave you feeling unsettled looking over your shoulder If you like a shivery good read with lovely language and deep shadows cast across your soul this is your jam I’ve also read French’s second Murder Suad novel The Likeness which is just as good

  8. Elle (ellexamines) Elle (ellexamines) says:

    I have no fucking clue how I felt about this book Because hey beginning? Awesome Ending? Trash heap that ruined the book for me Let’s talk The first half of this book was honestly excellent You can read a thousand reviews talking about it so I’ll keep it short The writing is honestly stunning much better in my opinion than Gillian Flynn or Paula Hawkins’ styles I had no clue where the mystery was going And the lead characters Rob Ryan and his partner best friend Cassie Maddox were super compelling and no romance bonus point I especially adored Cassie fucking Maddox; her backstory with a friend from college honestly broke my heart All the ingredients for a perfect book Maybe even a five I like the characters and I like the writing so I should have liked this book right?I am going to try to explain this as spoiler free and what spoilers exist are noted as possible the ending of this book is maybe one of the most unsatisfying things I have ever read in my whole life I am not kidding when I say it was such total trash that it ruined the whole book for me Not One Thing Is Resolved Rob Ryan’s character arc? Flop My wife Cassie Maddox’s character arc? Long sigh My favorite pair of besties? I don’t want to talk about it Mystery? Fine sort of chilling but also 1 not really a mindfuck and 2 has shitty connotations The commupence? Non ex is tent And the worst part? The mystery from twenty years ago that causes this entire fucking BOOK and that was way interesting than the normal mystery? Literally no fucking resolution Who did it? How did they do it? What is up with that hair clip in the forest and the blood inside Rob’s shoes? NO ONE FUCKING KNOWS I’m sure this is framed in the minds of many readers as some kind of deeper meaning about memory You know what I thought honestly? Tana French wrote herself into a corner with a fucking ridiculous case and then ran out of time on her deadline and decided to leave it open How not to write a decent crime book 101 And so the only actual thing that is wrapped up is the current case which is the only thing in this entire goddamn book that wraps up and I still don’t like it It’s tagged Don’t say I didn’t warn you view spoilerI sort of despise the connotations of a girl pretending to be a rape victim to manipulate her boyfriend into killing someone Like it's creepy but we currently live in a culture that assumes women are liars and this just plays the fuck into it hide spoiler

  9. Fabian Fabian says:

    This book is amazing really truly excellent I took a risk at the UTEP library last week just picking this out at random what true serendipity it was This particular week was rife with parties late nights daytime reserved for sleep and all throughout In the Woods was a faithful companion it was a pleasure to get back into it for it's a dense meticulous brilliant piece of literature It kicks Girl with the Dragon Tattoo's ass people read this insteadYou feel so much for the trio of detectives trying to uncover the murder of a teenage girl atop a medieval altar in the woods The backdrop is Ireland of modern day not since 2003's Veronica Guerin or recently the romantic comedy Leap Year have I wanted to visit the Emerald Isle so much Tana French establishes the whodunnit with elegant prose not fit for a bestseller it is written a la Haute Literature than Global Bestseller a la mediocre and the twists turns are calibrated to hit the protagonist's psyche in clear cut precision he too was a victim in the same woods years earlier Alcoholism and despair follow our lad about and although it spreads itself way too much in the end it is the best psychological thriller I believe since Robert Harris' The Silence of the LambsPS When will I read its seuel? After 8 years it can't come soon enough

  10. Matt Matt says:

    After much waiting and some significant peer pressure I have finally decided to take the plunge into the world of Tana French and the Dublin Murder Suad In the summer of 1984 three children went missing in the woods on the outskirts of Dublin When authorities arrived they found one boy Adam 'Rob' Ryan delirious and unsure what had happened to him The other two were presumed dead their bodies never found Flashing forward two decades Ryan has recreated himself using his middle name and finds himself working as a Homicide detective in Dublin Partnered with his best friend Cassie Maddox they are used to the most gruesome of scenes When Ryan and Maddox are called to an archeological dig site they discover the body of twelve year old Katy Devlin buried under a ceremonial headstone This sparks many disturbing memories for Ryan as it is the exact location of his childhood trauma While beginning to amass clues in the Devilin murder Ryan is forced to revisit his past told in a number of developing flashbacks He tries to make sense what happened to his two best friends as he remembers the news they shared leading up to that summer afternoon The deeper Ryan and Maddox dig into the possible motives for the crime the suspects they unearth who might harbour the necessary grudge to kill young Katy Could the murder investigation hold the key to solving the crime from that long ago summer night? Ryan struggles to come to terms with this while also balancing the burden of having no means of helping the two people he loved the most Simultaneously his personal interactions with Maddox open paths of confusion and animosity that may be irreparable French makes her debut in stunning fashion sure to impress all those who enjoy a police procedural of the highest orderWhile I have heard much of Tana French in the last few months I had been inundated with new series in my 2016 reading journey that I was not sure I ought to add another collection to my list However the series held a few uniue aspects one of which was its setting in Ireland a place I hold close to my heart After allowing myself to try at least one novel I discovered that French tells a story that proves as gripping as some of the great European series I have discovered in the past couple of years The Rob Ryan character is both gripping and baffling which caught my attention from the start His work on the Homicide Suad and the struggles tied to his youth proved to be a thread throughout the story and remained relevant until the final pages While French takes her time in the story's progression the drawn out development is done in such an effective way that the reader forgets the pace at which the story matures The plot is both straightforward and convoluted as the reader encounters twists and dead ends as they relate to motives for the crime Strains between the characters help bridge portions of the investigation narrative but might surge into being central plot lines for subseuent novels French takes on a great deal in her debut piece but comes out of the experience firmly rooting herself in the genre by providing a uniue flavour I am eager to lose myself in her subseuent novels which I hope are just as rivetingKudos Madam French for blowing my mind and creating an instant fan out of me I cannot wait to rush into the second novel hoping that Ryan and the rest of the gang prove eually as compellingLikehate the review? An ever growing collection of others appears at

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