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  • Kindle Edition
  • 206 pages
  • A Love Like This
  • Stephanie James
  • English
  • 08 July 2016

10 thoughts on “A Love Like This

  1. M.J. Friday M.J. Friday says:

    LMAOThis is the story of Alida and Merit whose relationship started with a little smoke and turned into fire Alida and her long time boyfriend and future DA Darren have been in a funk lately All he ever talks about is himself and his career which leaves little time for her At a charity event she meets her mans long time rival Merit Anderson and she feels the heat Merit would love to stick it to Darren and what better way than to bid for a date with his woman at his charity auctionbut he soon finds himself very attracted to Alida and wants her for himself Alida is attracted to Merit too but is faithful to her man However when Alida finds Darren in a compromising position Merit steps in and all bets are offThis book was really good and so funny I keep laughing out loud the chemistry between Alida and Merit was fire and the sex was hot The dialogue between Merit and his friends and Alida and her mother had me laughing so hard I was in tears Great read can't wait for part 2

  2. EbonyMonae EbonyMonae says:

    This was a great short read I finished in one sitting Darren was an asshole Meritthats such a cute name his personality did not fit with his looks for me He was too hood lol I know how that sounds but the language he used did not remind me of an lawyer Alida was an women who did not know what her man was doing My grandmother use to say to me as a women we have this intuition about our men She did give someone a beat down in the story and that was funny to read I felt the book could of went into depth on certain subjects The author just wrote about it on the surface and left it at that They never said I love you Final thoughts the book moved to fast for me The author had a great story line here The characters were funny as hell I will say that Jason Shonda Sergio were hilarious characters This is the first time reading this author but I will read the seuel to see how it turns out with Merit and Alida storyHappy Reading

  3. Meemee Meemee says:

    The dialogues lacked class were full of ignorant comments and just plain tacky I hate it when the professional nature of the characters does not match their behavior or way of speaking In the case at hand the two main male characters are supposed to be big time attorneys yet the way they spoke and behaved was just crass and uneducated seriously they could have been Dookie Pookie from the trailer park or corner store My mind is simply unable to digest the amount of contradictions and ignorance displayed in this book I don't even to spend much time discussing the female character Alidaurgh however attributes such as weak immature and needing a good shaking come to mind

  4. Zandra Zandra says:

    Awful Grammar Terrible Story ConstructionThe only word I can use to describe the conversations between the characters is crass Everyone came across ill mannered and extremely uneducated I grew up in the hood also but I would never allow men to speak to me in such a disrespectful manner That is not sexy; it is just plain misogynistic Also I'm still trying to find out why the lead only has one ball What happened to his other ball? Did he lose it in a tragic accident or health related issue? Also who meets at McDonald's to discuss their love life? This book was definitely not for me

  5. Nene Nene says:

    Great ReadThis was an amazing read I hate Darren and can't wait for him to get what he deserves Can't wait to see what happens next

  6. Jackie Jackie says:

    Wonderful readI loved the pairing of Merit and Alida Chemistry from the word go and the side characters just added to the story

  7. M Virginia M Virginia says:

    ☺️😍😤I hated cliff hangers especially when there was no warning The story is great the characters are great the chemistry is off the charts Definitely a worthy read

  8. mary e. peek mary e. peek says:

    A love A love like this by Stephanie James is a wonderful funny loving book I love Merit and Ali together

  9. Sheena Johnson Sheena Johnson says:

    Can't wait for book 2Glad that I purchased the books together because this book right here Truly was a must read and can't wait to gobble of the pages of book two

  10. NJS NJS says:

    This was super basic Everything was really common and cliche; the characters premise plot and writing Do not waste your time

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