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  1. Kemper Kemper says:

    You ever make a meal comprised only of a bunch of leftovers that don’t really match? That’s how you end up eating half a Salisbury steak with the sweet n sour chicken from last night’s take out Stephen King loves doing that only it’s with books instead of foodHere we have a hunk of Christine served up with stray bits from The Tommyknockers and it’s all done using one of his preferred methods of having a character tell a long rambling story Uncle Stevie then seasons it up with a lot of wistful thoughts on days gone by Call it King Casserole SurpriseThe story here is told to the teenage son of a Pennsylvania State Police Trooper who was killed in the line of duty and it’s about a strange car that his father impounded twenty years before The car was abandoned at a gas station and at first glance was a 1954 Buick 8 Roadmaster in pristine condition but closer examination shows a lot of odd things that indicate the car isn’t a car at all After one of their troopers disappears they all believe that the Buick is somehow responsible and they decide to keep the car stashed in a shed at their headuarters Supposedly it’s to protect the public but there’s also a healthy amount of curiosity that turns into near obsession on the part of some of the troopers including the dead boy’s father who spends the next two decades trying to unravel the secret of the Buick This is not one of King’s best books and one of the biggest problems is that he tries to have it both ways A large point of the story is supposed to be that there are some mysteries that we’ll just never solve and that we have to make peace with that when we run across it Which is fine but if you’re going to play it that way then the mystery of the Buick needs to really be unknowable What King does instead is to beat us over the head with that theme of acceptance but then he pretty much goes ahead and tells us what the car is anyhow Plus the weird things the Buick does get fairly predictable Yeah I know that’s part of the point The story makes it clear that the car and it’s occasional crazy happening became just part of the routine for everyone who knew it was back there but then King has to have it unleash unspeakable horrors a couple of times which make it hard to believe that anyone could just go to work every day knowing it was back there instead of just being an oddity they deal with once in a while The cops also seem to take the disappearance of one of their own fairly lightly While this comes in at a relatively tight 350 pages for a later work by Uncle Stevie it just doesn’t feel like there’s enough story here to justify it As it stands it would have made a better short story or novella but at this length it feels like there’s both too much and not enough at the same time Despite all my misgivings I kinda like this one but it’s for mainly personal reasons My mother worked as a dispatcher for the sheriff’s department of our rural Kansas county when I was growing up and their office was just a block away from my grandmother’s house who would watch us when the folks were working I spent a lot of time hanging around there and this book which details the humdrum everyday stuff that happens around any cop shop reminds me of those times when I’d sit in their kitchen listening to the chatter of the guys in the office and on the radio So it’s pure nostalgia that gets me to boost this from two stars to three I make no apologies for that

  2. trishtrash trishtrash says:

    I often wonder if 'Buick' counts as metafiction a story told within a story which is in a way about stories and our obsession with endings and with finding out Principally though it's a rollicking good horror yarn in which the creepy is layed on with a trowel until you just want it to stop well maybe after one pageThe premise of an alternative dimension has never been handled so diffidently It's there in the boot of a car under a tarp in a garage on the local sheriff's office lot Don't get too close don't get too interested and when stuff comes out of it run What's important here is the draw the raw fascination that comes with the unknown It's a mistake to compare Buick 8 to Christine simply because the two stories are about cars For one thing the Buick isn't really a car it's a metaphor on one level and an otherwordly artefact on another Christine was full of murderous rage both possessed by and possessing her owners the Buick is never conclusively considered sentientA further difference between Christine and Buick is the ending Christine is a fully formed story with a beginning lots of guts and the perfect horror story ending Buick is a story about how stories really unfold an increasing preoccupation in King's writing and how they don't necessarily come tied up neatly with all four corners properly inside the wrapping In this respect Buick has in common with later work such as The Colorado Kid and even Cell or the Dark TowerBuick 8 is readable thought provoking and full of things that make you shudder It's an important part of any King collection

  3. Ahmad Sharabiani Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    From a Buick 8 a Novel Stephen KingFrom a Buick 8 is a horror novel by American writer Stephen King From a Buick 8 is a novel about our fascination with deadly things about our insistence on answers when there are none about terror and courage in the face of the unknowable First published on September 24 2002 تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز دوازدهم ماه جولای سال 2004 میلادیعنوان بیوک مرموز بیوک اسرارآمیز؛ نویسنده استیفن کینگ؛ مترجم مهین قهرمان؛ ویراستار مهرانوش قهرمان؛ مشخصات نشر تهران، عطایی، 1382، در 208 ص، موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان آمریکایی سده ی 21 میک نظامی ایالت «پنسیلوانیا» به نام «ند ویلکاکس»، پس از اینکه پدرش، در تصادف رانندگی کشته میشود، میفهمد که اعضای گروهان «دی» راز پنهانی، پشت مرکز فرماندهی خود دارند در آنجا، یک اتوموبیل بیوک قدیمی، که سالها پیش، در یک پمپ بنزین رها شده، نگهداری میشود که؛ ا شربیانی

  4. Carol Carol says:

    25 StarsOMGOSH I really can't believe I'm rating a Stephen King novel 25 Stars but From A Buick 8 turned out to be a real clunker of a read for meThe story begins enticingly when a mysterious man dressed in black rolls into a gas station for a fill up and forthwith disappears leaving his evil vintage car behind Unfortunately though except for a few freaky monster moments and light shows the plot was long lacking and laboriousA rare disappointment from The King

  5. Nataliya Nataliya says:

    “It's funny how close the past is sometimes Sometimes it seems as if you could almost reach out and touch it Only Only who really wants to?” Unpopular opinion here but for me From a Buick 8 has always been one of King’s favorites What can I say you love what you love Well how do I love thee? Let me count the ways or something akin to thatMaybe it’s the lack of a traditional ending that neatly explains everything? Sometimes I do get a kick out of mysteries that insist on remaining mysteries and stay unsolved even at the end of the storyI mean Stephen King’s propensity for writing endings that fizzle when compared to usually fantastical buildup is so well known that Uncle Stevie himself made a self deprecating cameo in the latest movie version of “IT” funnily enough the end of that movie although different from King’s version was still less than satisfactorySo maybe one of the reasons why I always loved Buick 8 is that it does not really have a resolution It’s really just the buildup and the rest is up to you The strange unknown remains mostly unknown The mysteries that are never satisfactorily solved the endings that are not conclusive the uestions that have no definite answers these can be frustrating as hell but can also ring true and for me this one does “Tell me everything But — this is important — tell me a story one that has a beginning and a middle and an end where everything is explained Because I deserve that Don't shake the rattle of your ambiguity in my face I deny its place I repudiate its claim I want a story” Or maybe it’s because it is one of King’s “uieter” action light stories that has my favorite King’s trademarks focusing mostly on the life of regular people in a small police force in a backwoods community King is at his best writing about people in uaint towns going about their normal routines living lives and just getting on even in the face of some really weird shit happening He shines here as usual connections and relationships between people are his forte “I knew what he was trying so say and I knew something else at the same time the boy would never uite understand the way it had really been How mundane it had been at least on most days On most days we had just gone on The way people go on after seeing a beautiful sunset or tasting a wonderful champagne or getting bad news from home We had the miracle of the world out behind our workplace but that didn't change the amount of paperwork we had to do or the way we brushed our teeth or how we made love to our spouses It didn't lift us to new realms of existence or planes of perception Our asses still itched and we still scratched them when they did” King is uite good touching on the themes of loss and grief Does it consume you or do you move on? How do you process the loss? What and who do you hang on to? Who is there for you when everything is bleak and lost? “It killed my daddy' he shouted in a child's voice but it wasn't me he was shouting at He couldn't find whatever it was he wanted to shout at and that was precisely what was killing him” Maybe it’s the writing which is solid as always Some of his best even “Seen in that light the whole idea of curious cats attaining satisfaction seemed slightly absurd The world rarely finishes its conversations” Maybe it’s the ability to show not tell what makes us human and what makes us monsters Or both “Up until then what I'd mostly felt was sorry for him Everything I'd done since he started showing up at the barracks had been based on that comfortable pity Because all that time when he'd been washing windows and raking leaves and snowblowing his way through the drifts in the back parking lot all that time he'd kept his head down Meekly down You didn't have to contend with his eyes You didn't have to ask yourself any uestions because pity is comfortable Isn't it? Pity puts you right up on top Now he had lifted his head he was using my own words back at me and there was nothing meek in his eyes He thought he had a right and that made me mad He thought he had a right and I wanted to make him sorry” Maybe it’s the bits of nostalgia without romanticizing the past as King knows how to do well “But all that is in the yet to be We are in the past now in the magical land of Then” Maybe it’s just that I love what I love 'You don't know where you came from or where you're going do you?' I asked him 'But you live with it just the same Don't rail against it too much Don't spend than an hour a day shaking your fists at the sky and cursing God' 'But — ' 'There are Buicks everywhere' I said” All I know if that I re read it multiple times and it still fascinates me “We'll outwait you' I said to the thing in the shed 'We can do that' It only sat there on its whitewalls and far down in my head the pulse whispered Maybe and maybe not” 45 stars

  6. Edward Lorn Edward Lorn says:

    There are many problems with this book but they can all be summed up with a uote from the actual textFrom page 297 of the hardcover third paragraph starting fourth sentence in But this is important tell me a story one that has a beginning and a middle and an end where everything is explained Because I deserve that Don't shake the rattle of your ambiguity in my face I deny its place I repudiate its claim I want a storyNo Fucking Shit King spends a great deal of this book explaining to the reader that there's not always a definitive ending He prepared us But that doesn't mean I accept it It doesn't mean I have to like itListen friends and neighbors I can get behind a short story or a novella that leaves me with an unsatisfactory ending because they aren't time sinks To be in the audience of a magic show wherein the magic is only alluded to is a terrible trick I don't need everything explained I don't need my hand held But I want a complete story This is not a complete story It is a rambling mess The shifts in tone are jarring You never know what kind of book you're reading The characters are taken part and parcel from The Green Mile If you've read both books you'll probably see where I'm coming from I mean even down to the wild fucker named Billy Billy the Kid Billy Lippin And yes Sandy Dearborn and Paul Edgecomb are the same fucking person I don't care what their names are Sweet baby Tom Cruise the parallels are so obvious it feels like DesperationThe Regulators all over again Only this time the books aren't supposed to be that way Fuck this book Take it out back and put a goddamn bullet in its brain Still I cannot stand to give it any less than two stars I want so badly to give it that single star but I simply cannot allow myself to put anything King's written in the same category as the unedited garbage floating around out there This was according to Goodreads' star explanation an okay read I guess I mean I finished it Twice There are books out there if you can even call them books by authors if you can even call them authors who can't stay in tense for a single sentence Some don't know the simple difference between their there and they're These bumbling yucksters don't have a single fuck to give for their craft King does He's had his missteps but he cares about the language He cares about literature and the future of reading and readers So no I cannot bear to give this book anything less than two stars Spoilers for books other than From a Buick 8 in the spoiler section Click on view spoiler at your own riskview spoilerConspiracy theory I believe the car comes from the same realm as the creatures from The Mist I have no idea why the fucking thing looks like a buick but there That's how I connect it to the King verse and the Dark Tower Sorry but I just can't be bothered to look any further into this trunk novel hide spoiler

  7. Rebecca McNutt Rebecca McNutt says:

    Although From a Buick 8 isn't my favourite King book and I think it could have done to be original and memorable I still really enjoyed reading it This is a very ambiguous and somewhat strange novel but contrary to its reputation I didn't find it bad at all It wasn't great but it's obviously a strong effort and it's still a fun story What really brings From a Buick 8 to life in every respect are its characters and the connections they have together although the sci fi and fantasy aspects were also uite interestingBooks like these often start out with the best ambitious ideas but the idea itself can't really hold up a whole book Nonetheless King does manage to bring this intriguing story to life with his usual horror magic focusing on so many aspects My only serious complaint that would probably put me off of reading it for a second time is that From a Buick 8 is very repetitive choppy and transitions from scene to scene in a rather confusing and jumpy way Still this doesn't really make the book terrible it's just not exactly up there in creativity with Pet Sematary and Carrie

  8. Nathan Nathan says:

    I don't think this is the best novel I've read It's not even Stephen King's best It is my favorite though It's the novel I've reread most often This was at least my fifteenth reading of it and I still had fun

  9. Scott Scott says:

    How does it feel how does it feel? To be on your own with no direction home A complete unknown like a rolling stone Bob DylanWhy do I choose Dylan lyrics to open a review? Two reasons 1 author King's title was inspired by the track called 'From a Buick 6' from Dylan's 1965 album Highway 61 Revisited which contained the classic tunes 'Tombstone Blues' and the above uoted 'Like a Rolling Stone' and 2 by the book's conclusion I realized my time would've been better spent instead just listening to said albumI've read a fair amount of King but mostly his 70's and 80's output I consider IT one of my all time favorites and much enjoyed a dozen or so of his other books as well I even read Gerald's Game in nearly one sitting over twenty year ago However I have to wonder if my co worker friend is onto something as she has repeatedly advised me His work after his 1999 accident isn't as goodThe story here in a superficial outline sounds like a sure thing highway patrol cops versus a likely supernaturally powered old school automobile in Pennsylvania my home state woot woot I can tell King did his research both geographically and with the region's state police There are some great uotable lines like The old sergeant called law enforcement 'a case of good men doing bad chores' page 335 and Cops we clean up the messes and we always know the truth page 345But I kept waiting for the expected it was a normal day and then EVIL came to town moment you know maybe some shocking vehicular mayhem on the turnpike but nearly the entire narrative was a talking head long winded slow burn of a tale The so called suspense andor action felt like it was non existent until the final thirty pages The title vehicle spends 99% of its time locked in a shed How can this story feature a possibly demonic or evil alien '53 Buick Roadmaster if that's what it really was and have it parked impounded for the duration of the book? I guess I was simply hoping for something well written but yet sort of schlocky like the 70's horror B movie The Car though NOT necessarily just a retread of King's Christine so I was pretty disappointed by this effort

  10. The Face of Your Father The Face of Your Father says:

    I avoided this novel for years in fear that it would be a 'Christine' part 2 situation Well I was wrong It's actually an extremely better novel in my opinion Scarier? No More exciting? Definitely not More entertaining? No Better written? Yes George A Romero used zombies to explore deeper meanings of civilization in his films Stephen King does the same thing in his novels just with the supernaturalunexplained and usually a car is involved in some way as well Buick 8 is about dealing with loss; whether you allow yourself to move on from death or let it become your life; themes explored in an earlier King novel 'Pet Sematary' as well as in 'Revival' The major complaint to this novel is how nothing happens it lacks resolution King foreshadows this by having Ned Wilcox express his anger with Sandy; he begs for a story for a beginning middle and end with everything explained Sandy gets angry and explains how that isn't how it works This tease should prepare the reader The imagery of the creatures from the Buick is a love letter to Lovecraft that's beautifully signed by King; the overall imagery of the novel rivals the ones found in the phenomenal novel 'Insomnia' The character building is of course front center; Troop D is a great underrated 'Ka Tet' of the Stephen King Multiverse Side note; for someone who grew up with no father King writes father child relationships so painfully well it can hurt one's heart Overall the novel lacks the action found in works like 'Misery' or 'The Dark Half' but is heavy on structure characters themes I will re read with glee As further time has gone by I consider 'From a Buick 8' to be my favorite King work post accident An important novel in King's career as it displays his maturity as an author The boldest claim I can make about 'From a Buick 8' is this it could just be the best written tale of King's career To me King will be remembered by literary snobs for three of his novels 'Bag of Bones' 'Hearts in Atlantis' and 'From a Buick 8'

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From a Buick 8 [PDF / Epub] ★ From a Buick 8 By Stephen King – For twenty years the officers in the Pennsylvania State Police Barracks have kept a secret in Shed B A vintage Buick which lures the troopers to come and take a look Now young Ned Wilcox son of the re For twenty years the officers in the Pennsylvania State Police Barracks have kept a secret in Shed B A vintage Buick which lures the troopers to come and take a look Now young Ned Wilcox son of the recently deceased officer Curt has started hanging around the Barracks One day he can`t resist peeking through the windows And it`s time to share the secret So the veteran troopers sit Ned down on the smoking bench From a Kindle - and tell him every skin curdling detail from the Buick`s arrival to the terrifying light shows and what it sucks in and breathes out For the Buick is a conduit to another world As King puts it `when we confront the deep and authentic unknown we glimpse that place where our familiar universe stops`.

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