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A Wolfs Fate (The Holiday Ball #2) ☉ A Wolfs Fate (The Holiday Ball #2) PDF / Epub ❤ Author Marie Mason – Thomashillier.co.uk Gunner Barringer was attending The Holiday Ball under duress and out of respect for his brother the new alpha of the pack He stood in the shadows hiding There was nothing for him here tonight He’d e Gunner Barringer was attending The Holiday Ball under duress and out of respect for his brother the new alpha of the pack A Wolfs Epub / He stood in the shadows hiding There was nothing for him here tonight He’d enjoyed the annual event a time or two as a younger wolf After all it didn’t get the nickname f ball for nothing But now he was a wolf broken in both body and soul He had no desire to find a mate and no business being here What Gunner had forgotten was than one match had been made on the night of a full moon when the world was filled with the magic of the holidays Autumn Covington was rare in the supernatural world—she was a peace pixie Which just sucked in the middle of a f fest Instead of giving off vibes of lust and wantonness like her pencil thin blonde haired cousins she calmed the savage beast Plus she was the plumpest of pixie at the ball so her chances of finding a mate werewell slim to none So she’d just work the crowd as she’d been hired to do—sprinkle sparkles of calming pink so the horny wolves didn’t get out control That’s what she’d planned to do until the wolf in the shadows decided he wanted her all for himself This is the second book in The Holiday Ball trilogy and features a plump pixie with a hint of witch and a big bad wolf who's scarred in both mind and body Book A Wolf's Claim Book A Wolf's Fate Book A Wolf's Desire.

10 thoughts on “A Wolfs Fate (The Holiday Ball #2)

  1. Tara (bizzeereading) Tara (bizzeereading) says:

    I enjoyed it but the character breaks should be defined in the next scene or who's talking cause it got confusing a little bit And too many typos Not a whole lot but enough to roll my eyes lol But I still liked it

  2. Deborah Deborah says:

    Hot little readAs The Holiday Ball continues Gunner Barringer is in the shadows watching his brother and his new mate dancing as the pack enforcer Gunner has dealt with some terrible things which have left him broken he's not looking for a mate he's just here to support his brother the new alphaAutumn is working she's a peace pixie and has been hired by the alpha to use her peace aura to keep the supernaturals calm Autumn is a interesting mix of pixie human and diluted witch and since pixies are a prejudiced bunch some don't like Autumn much particularly her cousin Trixie who is a complete pixie bitchAutumn is perfect for Gunner she heals him and his wolf she makes them complete she's the other half of him his soul mateLike the previous book there's a lot of sex but also great characters and it makes for an interesting readI'm looking forward to 'Wolf's Desire' it's about time Kade found his mate

  3. Cheesecake Cheesecake says:

    Some wolf and a pseudo pixie The schtick is that there's a ball every year around xmas time where magically inclined people can look for mates But really it's a big 'F' fest The h shows up only because she was hired to keep the peace being the one and only peace pixie The wolf has some undisclosed trauma in his recent past that has made him an ill tempered recluse Blah blah blah The thing that killed the story for me and makes me wish I'd DNFed it or better yet not bought it in the first place was the ABSOLUTELY CRP EDITING or lack there of I don't usually harp on that kind of thing But this time there were so many times where the main characters' names were exchangedreversed that I found it impossible to follow AND this despite the story being ridiculously simple and predictable Utter crap Won't read this author again

  4. Denise Denise says:

    I found this series by this author easy to read and uite enjoyable Also you are able to read these books in one siting

  5. Anna Anna says:

    I absolutely love this small series from Marie Mason Gunner is by far my favourite at this stage and I can't get enough of how is was with Autumn Makes you wish the stories were fleshed out so you could get to know the characters better as well as their stories Feels like there's so much here to give

  6. Mel Mel says:

    I felt that this story was too abrupt Everything so was fast with little time to really fall for the characters

  7. Never Stop Reading or Dreaming Never Stop Reading or Dreaming says:

    ReviewOnce again this was a decent enough book I like how they can talk telepathically even before they meet That's a kinda cool concept

  8. Kara Kara says:

    Yet another amazing uick read by Marie Mason I absolutely love the sassy fun filled characters she has in all her short stories This read had me smiling giggling and cheering the whole way through Can't wait to read

  9. Jamoz23 Jamoz23 says:

    Overall easy coffee time readsReviewing all three books together as they pretty much read as one book and I read them as one storyI’ve read a lot of this authors books in various box sets Found them to be enjoyable plot line wise but lacking depth I was hoping to see that this author was growing in her writingGrabbed these through Kindle Unlimited as the blurb sounded fun and entertainingFound these short lacking in real story but okay reads for books that are 80% sex insta lust insta love I just actually like having story with my sexBasically all three books flow and overlap with the ball as the backdropAll three heroines are big curvy girls with lots to hold on to which the hero’s love We get a witch with extra a pixie of mixed DNA and a humanAll three are likeable with self esteem issues due to their sizeThe first two heroes are brothers The first is the new alpha the second has an emotional hurt caused by his job the third male hero is the alpha of a different pack the one that had a problem that hero two needed to deal with as an enforcerAll have proofreading errors and there are even incorrect names used for characters1 A WOLF’S CLAIMVery short and flows into the following two brothers’ booksSex with little bit of story and just a bit nauseating and off putting when the heroine Amber gets turned on by looking at one of her new mates brothers and his father Just yukWe also get an older couple the mother and father of the H’s in book one Though the time they are widowed differed twiceThis mature couple were once together as lovers years previously and get back together now both are widowed They get very little explanation2 A WOLF’S FATEMore sex than story again A bit of chubby spite commenting and jealousy from the skinny cousin of the heroineDid enjoy the public proposal but the comments on her big ass were rudeAmber from book one is still getting turned on by looking at Gunnar Just YukkyMissing words and spelling errors annoyed me Lair instead of liar Proofreading boo boo Hayden when talking about Gunner called his brother Gunner by his own name Hayden3 A WOLF’S DESIRELiked that this was about Kade and that his mate is a human woman working as waitstaffVery very similar to previous two books as heroine does not believe she could be the mate of such a hottieSex ensues before talking is doneI get annoyed when the author of a series of books cannot keep her own characters names straightIn book two Hayden called Gunner by his own name Hayden In book three Hayden has apparently swapped his mate Amber for Gunners mate Autumn

  10. Robin Robin says:

    This is a cute story that left a lot of potential hanging There were some interesting characters cute bits of humor and steamy sex As with the previous story in this series it felt like the author put in the bare minimum effort of setting up a scene rushing through to get to 'the good stuff' Aspects of characters were hinted at but then glossed over or 'fixed' with a minimum of drama It was like this story was a cute epilogue to a good story but without getting the actual story it fell flatAs I noted in my review of A Wolf's Claim The Holiday Ball #1 there were egregious editing errors almost all of them of the sort that a spell check wouldn't catch because the words were spelled right just not the right word for the context This one also suffered from confusing scene changes I had to scroll back multiple times because the scene perspectives or even characters talking changed with no warning I'm also not sure why this story had to happen at the same Holiday Ball as the previous story and not a different year or at least why the action in this one couldn't have occurred in tandem with the events of the first story instead of after It felt like the longest night ever by the time this story was over

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