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  1. Mspraise50 Mspraise50 says:

    This is CallieWayland and JacksonEmerald's stories continues and this book was a lot interestingI am really enjoying JacksonEmerald's relationship and they have clearly declared they love for each otherCallie and Wayland's story is taking longer to develop but they get there in the end Edwin is introduced in this book ready for his storyI am still enjoying the series and the author is still causing my mouth to fall openI think its worth the risk and you can always check it out first with Kindle UnlimitedI got book 1 in this series as a free read and I read this book via Kindle Unlimited

  2. Dee Cherry Dee Cherry says:

    Good read Emerald Callie's lifestyles took a drastic change but I thought they dealt with it in a smart fashion Emerald is 1 tough chick Jackson is the man for herI'm glad Callie handled Megan Jared Waylan seems to really love Callie Tink is in everybody's business shows why she's the boss Well built storyline with good relationships between the characters

  3. Karen Jones Karen Jones says:

    YesI loved it Please tell me there will be a part three The two couples were hot hot hot This book had an excellent plot and it kept my attention from start to finish I will definitely be checking out other books by Sapphire

  4. Victoria Victoria says:

    I LOVED THIS TOO oh Jack and Em aka haha loved it I was happy Em beat the bricks off that no good itch i wanted to happen to Jaren and his tramp but maybe part 3 great read Sapphire

  5. Frances Hardy Frances Hardy says:

    Don't Tell #2The story line is greatbut the errors take away from smooth reading I do recommend the book It is a worthwhile read

  6. Nene Nene says:

    WowI loved it from the beginning to the end can't wait to see what happens next witheach of the characters

  7. Tracey Tracey says:

    Again another interesting story Callie and Emerald are taken away on a ship to parts unknown Waylan and Jackson have made a deal with their grandfather Emerald loses part of her left pinky finger and both she a Callie must become a part of the clan Waylan and Jackson's much Duchess has plans of her own for these two couples As Jackson and Emerald have a battle of the minds we see they both come out a winner Callie leaves Waylan to deal her own brand of justice to her husband and his girl friend knowing that she is pregnant with Waylan's baby Will Callie tell Waylan about the child they created? Will Emerald and Jackson be able to build upon the foundation of love they have discovered with one another? I was shocked as Callie to find out that Waylan and Jackson's grandmother was Mrs GibbsOn to reading book three I hope that chick Megan gets what is coming to her I cannot wait to see how book number three ends

  8. Kitani Kitani says:

    Don't Tell My Husband 2There were errors so I gave the book 4 stars It was good seeing how much Callie and Emerald both grew in this installment I swear Duchess was one meddling chick but I liked her nonetheless Callie and Emerald both faced some type of trials but seemed to overcome them As for Waylan and Jackson my how those dudes definitely met their match A lot of things were shocking and had me saying whoa Emerald stepped up to the plate with Mimiko and things actually seemed to be looking up for both girls Callie finally had to face Jared's sorry ass I wanted her to truly hurt him and Megan's trifling behind I was hoping there would be at least one part to this book to see how everything between Duchess and Collier Emerald and Jackson and Callie and Waylan work out As for the excerpt at the end can't wait to read it

  9. Megan L Tucker Megan L Tucker says:

    GoodI really enjoyed this story Ended up being a really good love story I was upset with the way part 2 started Very slow and I was so close to not finishing the book I think that the beginning of part 2 should of been cut out and a better ending should have been done It was hyped up like Jared and Kate was gonna get some real good punishment and I was disappointed when there wasn't I'm looking forward to the next book about Edwin only because I'm hoping to see if the author talks about WaylanCallie and JacksonEmerald The author did not talk enough about Edwin for me to be excited to read a story about him

  10. KayBee& KayBee& says:

    I enjoyed the growth of the characters in this second installment The progression of the relationships and plots of revenge were executed almost perfectly Enjoyed seeing the girls grow into their true selves The grammatical errors distracted greatly from the story As a reader I don't enjoy trying to figure out what the author meant to say especially when I pay for the work Please take time to proof your stories authors Granted the grammatical errors were not as bad as some in the e book world But to come across a story that is actually intelligently told engaging and leaves you wanting to know what happens next is disappointing

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Dont Tell My Husband 2 ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Dont Tell My Husband 2 ✪ Author Sapphire_ – Callie and Emerald awake to find themselves cold frightened and miles away from home The only help they have is in the form of the two handsome Lin Chen brothers Waylan and Jackson But the uestion tha Callie and Emerald My Husband PDF/EPUB ä awake to find themselves cold frightened and miles away from home The only help they have is Dont Tell Kindle - in the form of the two handsome Lin Chen brothers Waylan and Jackson But the uestion that still remains are the Tell My Husband Kindle ´ brothers willing to forgive them Emerald knows how to put her curvy and sexy assets to use but will they be enough to free her from the clutches of Jackson's wrath with her mind and heart still intact Now that she's free from her cheating husband Callie at last has the freedom to reclaim her own life as she plots her revenge against all those whom have hurt her But will her new future include Waylan or will her hatred get in the way Don't Tell My Husband is the exciting sexually charged conclusion to the Don't Tell My Husband Series You don't want to miss this tale of love betrayal revenge redemption.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 143 pages
  • Dont Tell My Husband 2
  • Sapphire_
  • English
  • 08 June 2014

About the Author: Sapphire_

and Text RPH My Husband PDF/EPUB ä Romance to to receive release info giveaway news or anything SapphireSapphire is a very creative writer Dont Tell Kindle - that's heating up the BWWM Romance scene with her talent for creating books that pull her readers into the story allowing Tell My Husband Kindle ´ them to experience every emotionHer gift for original story lines laced with mystery humor and erotic moments combined with strong women and devilishly handsome men has brought her a large fan base in a very short timeShe has many hobbies and interests that range from a love of manga video games experiencing different cultures and her petsWhen she's not writing she's busy homeschooling her three kids and loving on her husband of years.