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  1. SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ says:

    YAY I GOT AN ARC Stand alone Release date April 10th Pre order LINK BLURB There’s just something about a French accent something that conjures images of romance sex and passion There’s a reason French is called ‘the language of love’Lulu Mcueen runs an exclusive honeytrap agency to test the fidelity of rich men for their suspicious partners While her business flourishes and her track record in the field remains unbroken earning her the nickname of The Temptress her personal life isn’t so successfulA trip to Paris years ago led to the most erotic encounter of her life with Luc a charismatic dominant irresistible Frenchman For one night she experienced bliss on a scale she’d never encountered and fled in the morning ashamed of herself but her Parisian one night stand was burned into her memories and no one since had comparedWith no one available on short notice Lulu steps in to lure Mrs Le Grand’s rich husband for an extortionately high fee Lulu’s in for the shock of her life when she finds her mark at the hotel bar Luc Le Grand still has a face and body to make Adonis weep He exudes confidence masculinity and raw sex appealThe uestion now isn’t whether Lulu can tempt him but whether she can resist him retain her reputation and secure her fee or whether she’ll fall under Mr Le Grand’s spell AgainARC provided to me by author CJ Fallowfield in exchange for an honest review

  2. Claire Robinson Claire Robinson says:

    5 You're so wow StarsSometimes you just know you know that with a certain author the book they have written their style the characters and the story line everything just clicks and you lose yourself it’s not just reading a book it’s a whole emotional and involved experienceYou go on the journey that the author gives the characters become so connected with them through its telling that you feel everything they are feeling hurt when they hurt hope for them get frustrated and angry with and for them you will them on and you cross everything that they will get all that they deserve and And that is what this author excels at the stories she writes and the attention to detail that she provides in their telling are incomparable for me I am not in general a gushy reviewer I have been called a 'picky bitch' on occasion and I am happy with that moniker I have high expectations and I think that happens when you read a lot because you get to know uality and when you are presented with it you appreciate it all the Charlotte Fallowfield is uality and on every level there is in relation to writing books You didn’t run far enoughWherever you hideI will find you again Luc and Lulu’s story is in essence uite a simple one in regards to the basis of it being a couple that have lost touch after one monumental night and day together and then reconnecting under uniue circumstances six years later But what the author does is build its depth by adding layer upon layer to the story as it develops and makes it uniue with the secondary characters and their involvement Coco and Dom are BFF’s I would kill to have the concurrently running plots and the overall vision that you are presented with in the narration It’s just an All you can eat buffet of reading immersion Two nights and a day with my enigmatic Frenchman and I missed him like I’d miss oxygen I loved Lulu she was soft loving and likeable but with a core of steel a woman not afraid to fight for those she loves her way of life and for her happily ever after The road to her and Luc’s reconnection is not a smooth one the obstacles in their way are not easy ones to bypass and the way they worked together to defeat them all the while scorching up the pages with their combustible chemistry and imaginative sexy timesLuc was your A typical alpha male with the additional French flavouring to add a little difference to the mix I love a guy who isn’t afraid to show his woman in actions as well as words just how much he wants her and the depth of his feelings for her together they worked as a team when it came to business but very much as a couple when it came to everything else There were points in the second half of the book that the author actually had me sniffling a little when of his back story is told but there were also plenty of laughs with his mixing up of English phraseology and his Frenchified dirty talk that again you are presented with a beautifully rounded characterFor you I am prepared to do romance and the making of the loveI don’t really want to say too much about the plot because there is so much that happens the potential to inadvertently give away a spoiler is huge This isn’t a book you will forget in a hurry all of the books I have read by the author are ones that will stay in my memories because they made memories whilst I read each one of them If you are looking for your next romantic read I don’t think you would be disappointed if you gave C J Fallowfield a tryFate is inescapableARC generously provided by the author it was my absolute pleasure to provide the above honest review

  3. Peggy Dabney Peggy Dabney says:

    45 Fair minded stars Shame on me I sincerely owe C J Fallowfield an apology for getting all bent out of shape when the story line was evident that the lead character's job was to entrap men whom her clients thought were having an affair That pissed me off I closed the book without finishing and missed out on some of the best writing I've ever read The first Time around It bothered me so much that the reviews all around were 5 stars and I began to wonder what the hell I missed Then my review appeared on Ms Fallowfields page and I felt absolutely awful because I was one of those damn readers that I despise that didn't even finish the book The second time around I let the story bring me into it's theater of characters and was uickly consumed with wanting Lulu and Luc to find their happily ever after MsFallowfield your writing is impeccable and I fell absolutely in love with Lulu and Luc Coco and Dom were also fun and interesting characters Myrtillenot so much That just shows me you did your job I hope everyone learns a lesson from me DO NO JUDGE if you don't finish the story I hope I'm an example for everyone Lesson Learned Ms Fallow field you have my sincere apology and I'm not ashamed to confront my mistakes Sounds like another story huh LOL OK enough of the theatrics Please read The Temptress if you like hot fun romances You'll not be sorry You'll only be sorry if you don't mwah

  4. Emma Emma says:

    The Temptress by C J Fallowfield has you hooked from the first page as its full of passion excitement secrets humour and blazing chemistry It is a standalone novel and the premise of this book makes it a tricky one to review without spoilers so please be aware I'm being deliberately vague and cryptic Lulu Mcueen 30 is a successful business woman who runs a highly sought after honey trap agency called Sweet Temptations It's an established above board classy agency and has very high expectations of its staff I had a golden rule that was an instant dismissal if it was broken Never sleep with a clientLulu is wealthy successful and sought after in her professional life but her personal life is the opposite She's an attractive brunette whose look can entice and ensnare any male and her brain can bring about their demise; she's often underestimated due to her looks but wow betide anyone who does that Her one night of passion in France 6 years ago with an unknown Frenchman called Luc has left an indelible mark on her No man since has lived up to him That one night changed Lulu forever and left her with much than wild memories of one night of reckless abandon in Paris One fateful Monday Lulu is reuested to assist the wealthy aristocratic French Mrs Le Grand to aid in her divorce proceedings with a hefty enticing payment to lure her husband to stray Lulu accepts as its nothing unusual but feels that the wife has underlying motives and that leaves her feeling very uncomfortableWhat unfolds for Lulu when she meets the mark is her worst nightmare her past life and her professional life colliding in spectacular style as the mark in uestion is none other than her French fling from 6 years ago Luc Now Lulu has a decision to make fulfil her business obligations to Mrs Le Grand secure her fee and maintain the reputation of her business or give into her heart's desire and risk losing everything discovering if they really were fated to be together Luc Le Grand is an impossibly hard man to resist when he sets his sights on what he wants and all he's ever wanted was Lulu This Adonis faced smooth talking devilishly devious and sexy Frenchman is so much than his facade appears Lulu has been the only one to touch his heart so he's determined not to lose her again damning whatever the repercussions of that maybe When Luc Le Grand wanted something he got it and she was my next targetCan the Temptress fight temptation or will be giving into temptation be than she could ever imagine and a step towards a different kind of fate for Lulu and Luc? As always CJ creates characters that you instantly connect with; Lulu is one I instantly loved and could feel her every dilemma in choosing what to do for the best and Luc oh Luc is now top of my international male boyfriends list as a suave determined and alpha hottieWith dual Pov's scenes from that time 6 years ago and seamless links between CJ's other books in this novel this is one book not to be missed whether your new to CJ's work or not All that's left to be said is hurry up with 'All that Glisters as I need Coco Hunter and Dom I was privileged to beta read this book

  5. Dilek VT Dilek VT says:

    That book is unusual because it begins very well by slowly building up the tension and angst It makes you nervous and curious about what will happen Then by %50 phew all angst and tension gone in the middle of the book And their happily ever after begins by the middle of the book and it gets happier and happier till the endI had never read a book before this one in which the hero and the heroine are happily together by the middle of the book That is why I waited for something bad to happen till the end of the book but no it didn’t The hero and the heroine acted wisely perfectly and ideally not causing any misunderstandings or problems so things got resolved between them smoothly Therefore in the second half of the book there was this slow and dragging story of their happy relationshipI had a hard time to understand why this book was 412 pages It could have been a perfect 250 page book It could have ended where they solved their problems and confessed their love to one another I really wonder why I had to read 200 pages just to see how much they loved each other how happy they were each day and how many children they had in the years to come This happy story continued for so long that when it finally ended I was happier than the happy couple Normally I finish reading a book in one day or two days maximum but finishing this one took 5 days because it was so slow and after a while there was nothing to be curious aboutI believe this book needs serious editing and with a half length it could be an awesome bookThe book is told by dual point of view Both the hero and the heroine are lovable The side characters are also good The story is emotional hot and it involves dirty language and some scenes of BDSM

  6. Chip Chip says:

    ARC received for honest review5I honestly believe with every book CJ Fallowfield writes for the reader the experience just keeps getting better and better due to the depths of her writing ability Just when you think she can’t possibly top her last series she raises the bar yet again delivering another stunning novel that grabs your attention consumes you mesmerising you all over again and refuses to let you goStarting The Temptress I was hooked from the first page It’s a novel of two alpha characters which I easily fell in love with Lulu Mcueen is a strong independent woman She owns her own business running an exclusive honeytrap agency Sweet Temptations You have doubts that your husbandpartner is cheating; then Lulu Mcueen is the woman for you Her mission is to respectably test the fidelity of these men to see if the suspicions you have are correct Luc is the HOT successful dirty mouthed Frenchman Women fall at his feet with his good looks and his irresistible charm What Luc wantsLuc getsLulu Mcueen has always been on top her game That’s until one night in Paris crossing paths with the HOT dirty mouthed Frenchman Luc changes everything It’s a night of passion like never before for Lulu Six years on Luc is still heavily in Lulu’s thoughts She never envisioned the impact that would follow from their erotic encounter Luc has branded her heart and mind forever No man since has been able to satisfy her in the way only Luc can Knowing full well she can’t keep comparing every man against the memories of her Parisian one night stand Lulu consumes her time with friends family and work It’s after agreeing to a new assignment when Lulu’s past finally comes flooding back sending both Luc and herself in to a tailspin of emotions that neither of them could foresee An Intriguing gripping standalone novel told beautifully with a flow of words that transport you in to the lives of these two wonderful characters No novel of CJ’s would be without the hot sex scenes and like always every scene throughout this book is done to perfection For me this story goes way beyond an erotic romance What captivated me was the emotional side to this story It’s an intensive read at times pulling at your heartstrings I completely connected with both characters The scenes with Luc were so touching and tender you can’t help but shed a tear Another must read in my opinion For me you can’t go wrong with any of this author’s works She amazes me on every journey with her gift for writing

  7. Cranky - The Book Curmudgeon Cranky - The Book Curmudgeon says:

    5 Cranky StarsLulu Mcueen is the Temptress She's beautiful smart and loves with a passion that's second to noneShe ventures to Paris for a Hens weekend with her best friend Coco and Coco's sister to let loose and celebrate While drinking champagne at a night club dancing and having a good time Lulu is oblivious that she caught the attention of Luc Le GrandLuc always gets what he wants which is usually a conuest between the sheets within an hour He doesn't do relationships and never chases women until LuluTheir chemistry is instant and stronger than anything either of them have ever experienced before Luc comes on strong stating his intentions right then Only problem is that Lulu doesn't do one night stands She's the first woman to tell him no which makes him want her They agree to a date the following day and Luc states very clearly that he'll be a perfect gentlemen all day but make no mistake Lulu will be in his bed that night and into the next morningLulu caves and breaks her rules by spending the hottest night of her life with Luc By the next morning she bolts racked with guilt and embarrassment This story was erotic suspenseful and very touching I thoroughly enjoyed every page The supporting characters are amazing and funny Everyone meshes perfectlyI look forward to reading from this author

  8. Jean Jean says:

    First of all the cover of this book is absolutely stunning  And the substance inside the cover was just as stunningI loved the writing style although I was stumped with some of the French languagehahaA getaway weekend with her friends finds Lulu Mcueen meeting a handsome French mysterious HOT man named Luc  Although she was not the type to have one night stands or any kind of sexual fling she gets caught up in Luc and his charismatic charm and dirty talk  They spend a day together and then one incredibly hot night  Wow their chemistry was smoking  In the morning Lulu leaves before Luc wakes up feeling ashamed and embarrassed  Circumstances prevent them from finding one another again so she returns home to her blooming business and loneliness  Lulu ran a company which basically catches spouses in the actalmost like a detective agencyBUT they tempt the suspected spouse into things and get the evidence they need  Craziness  So it's been five years since she's seen LucLulu has built up her business and has a dependable staff to help run things  Her personal life however has a lot to be desired  She has put up walls and cannot seem to let anyone inher mind and body still remember that one day and night with Luc  There is also another factor which stops her from getting involved in a relationship which I won't mention because it would be spoilery  So I won't mention this part even though it is a huge part of their storyNext up a new client is looking to lure her husband into an affair with someone else so she can divorce him and ruin his financial status  Yep you guessed it enter Luc  A marriage of convenience but still he is married now  Imagine the surprise when Lulu finally meets up with him again  The anticipation was killing meI really loved the storyline and like I said I loved the writing  Great book Great Epilogue I was provided an ARR copy of this book for an honest review through Fifty Shades Support Group

  9. Michelle "Chelle" Thompson Michelle "Chelle" Thompson says:

    ARC provided for an honest reviewThere is no secret that I am a huge fan of CJ Fallowfield from Gabe and Mia to Dan and Ellie to Logan and Summer but I have to say that Lulu and Luc are by far my most favorite to date This story truly took me through so many emotions from happy tears to sad tears back to happy tears I laughed cried and was truly happy I cannot describe how heartfelt and amazing this story of true love is Not only has Ms Fallowfield wrote another amazing book but again this is my favorite of all

  10. Alexandra North Alexandra North says:

    Firstly can I just say that the true temptress is an amazing author called CJ Fallowfield; she never fails to hook us in with her genius writing hot sex scenes and likeable characters Each and every book is a great read and she has a very easy way of telling a story that entices you to always want Each book gets better and betterNow for the review Thank you CJ for yet another brilliant book Deserves so much than 5 twinkling stars is a fabulous standalone book that I honestly didn’t want to end I'd highly recommend it Lulu Mcueen is a feisty beautiful businesswoman who spends one unexpected night of unimaginable pleasure with a tall dark and ridiculously handsome bombastic Frenchman she knows only as Luc His dirty mouth and domineering ways gift her with pleasures and memories firmly embedding that night as the best of her life with good reason; no one ever comes close to Luc and his skill as a loverSix years later they are reunited unexpectedly finding one another finally and picking right up where they left off – their chemistry is off the charts but their reconciliation and lives are complicated A true alpha male determined to make Lulu his once and for all Luc stands his ground and refuses to let her escape him He is deliciously romantic and attentive; the perfect sexy male radiating sexual prowess power and vulnerability all rolled into one hot and huge package he certainly lives up to his surname ‘Le Grande’One chapter and CJ had me She sucked me in to this exciting tale of temptation and love with a twist and I became part of Luc and Lulu’s ride and what a ride I loved the secondary characters too very likeable and realistic I can’t wait to read about them in ‘All that Glisters’ later this year It's been a pleasure as always Ms Fallowfield

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The Temptress ❮Read❯ ➳ The Temptress Author C.J. Fallowfield – This book had the perfect amount of dirty sex sweetness love Give Me Books Blog Something about a French accent just screams romance sex and passion There’s a reason French is called “the language This book had the perfect amount of dirty sex sweetness love Give Me books Blog Something about a French accent just screams romance sex and passion There’s a reason French is called “the language of love”Lulu Mcueen runs an exclusive honeytrap agency designed to test the fidelity of rich men for their suspicious partners While her business flourishes and track record in the field remains unbroken her personal life isn’t so successful One night years ago Lulu experienced bliss on a scale she’d never encountered before with Luc a charismatic dominant irresistible Frenchman She fled in the morning ashamed of herself but her Parisian one night stand was burned into her memories ruining her for anyone else When Lulu steps in to lure Mrs Le Grand’s rich husband for an exorbitantly high fee she gets the shock of her life when she finds her mark at the hotel bar Luc Le Grand still has a face and body to make Adonis weep He exudes confidence masculinity and raw sex appealThe uestion now isn’t whether Lulu can tempt him but whether she can resist him when she failed beforeAn bestselling erotic romance The Temptress is a standalone novel but can be read in conjunction with its companion book All That Glisters and their follow up novella A Red Hot Christmas Paris It was previously released with a different cover image.

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