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  1. Chan Chan says:

    Writing Decent storyline Editing issues Characters The characters were hit or miss for me I liked the heroine Gracie but I did not like the hero Indigo AT ALL The blind date guy was weird Gracie’s best friends were all right I was rooting for Gracie’s ex fiancé even though I knew he didn’t stand a chanceStoryline The word that appeared most often in my Kindle Notebook is “disrespectful” Indigo did some crappy stuff to Gracie and she was the one doing him a favor When she called him on it he would talk to her like crap He somewhat explained his reasoning at the end but Grace left her ex fiancé over something less trivial than what Indigo was doing to her It didn’t make senseThen there were the eye rolling scenes Example – Indigo’s ex fiancé Felecia was walking all over Gracie for most of the book However when Gracie’s friends show up and they step in front of her and hold her back that is when Gracie gets the courage to talk trash Like Really?Also some of the scenes seemed thrown together haphazardly There wasn’t a smooth flow to the story because the transitions were kinda rough There was uite a bit that frustrated me about this book While Gracie was never beat on she had a little bit of a masochistic personality which I cannot stand However there was this uiet underlying thread that kept you just a little bit interested Intimacy Scenes LOL I should not be laughing at this section but the kissing scenes were weird and out of place I was uncomfortable At the end there is a very short glossed over sex scene This fit the story better although by this point I wanted Gracie to run from Indigo and not look backOverall It was an okay read

  2. Samina Samina says:

    15 could have been better but it was pretty lame nothing new about the story the author once said that she doesn't write H pov coz she want his actions to convey his feelings or something like that but there was no such thing nothing the H did showed his feelings infact he humiliated forced and took advantage of h most of the time i cant stand such a man

  3. Hope Hope says:

    this book had the potential to get 5 star rating but it was so LAME the author rushed through the end no big revelation no passion; the book had it going just to end to very tame end; i was waiting for this heart warming revelation but didn't have it a simple i love didn't cut for the storyline of this bookit was like reading Heruline novel

  4. Barb McKinley Barb McKinley says:

    GREAT FEEL GOOD ROMANCEIt has been uite some time since I read a simply romantic romance story It was refreshing to not have to skim through pages and pages of erotica Author Groovy Lee does a phenomenal job of keeping the story interesting and you want to keep turning pages to find out what's going to happen next The storyline is a common storyline that Author Groovy Lee still made interesting and a great readThe characters are well developed and easy to relate to emotionally You will fall in love with new love all over again Even non principal characters were developed that you could relate them to someone you knowI thoroughly enjoyed this book and would happily recommend it to young adults and adults if they enjoy romance Don't miss out on a grate romance told with style KUDOS Groovy Lee on a story really well

  5. Teresa Teresa says:

    The story was good tho I would have liked to have been able to get into Indigo's head At times I wanted to slap him upside his head with a brick Not sure why the ex was tolerated by Indigo or his mother for a minute Not sure why Gracie didn't stand up for herself sooner Parts of the story seemed rushed Over all I liked the storyline just wish it had felt together I had a bit of a head scratch here and there due to names being wrong etc I felt it needed a good edit reread to fix such issues as well

  6. hopelane hopelane says:

    this book was not too bad but the ending was a bit rushed and i think the author made a mistake in the last chapter it should be 'epilogue' and not 'prologue' imagine my surprise when i thought i was reading the prologue at the end of the book

  7. Maleka Maleka says:

    Heehee yes 'Prologue' at the end Rest all was fine I agree end felt rushed I would have even loved if we xould see his love a lil

  8. Toni Toni says:

    Cute Nothing really heavy going on Would have preferred interaction with the main characters it was a uick read

  9. Nikita Sanyal Nikita Sanyal says:

    I am a sucker for the 'Marriage of Convenience' themed books but this one just bored me to death The end was rushed too much and well let's just say I couldn't connect with the story at all

  10. Srishti Srishti says:

    I don't know why I even read this Couldn't even read 50 pages

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As My Wife [KINDLE] ❆ As My Wife Author Groovy Lee – CLEAN TRUE LOVE ROMANCEGracie Allen Jenkins is an executive secretary for Indigo Farrell the raven haired tight bodied CEO of Farrell Enterprises The moment she entered his huge office to apply for th CLEAN TRUE LOVE ROMANCEGracie Allen Jenkins is an executive secretary for Indigo Farrell the raven haired tight bodied CEO of Farrell Enterprises The moment she entered his huge office to apply for that position she could As My ePUB ½ feel his essence reaching down to her very soul as he sat poised behind that huge desk with those sensual brown eyes gliding over her from head to toe When he called the next day and informed her that she had gotten the position she knew the safest job to take would have been down on the corner leaning out the window and asking “Would you like fries with that shake” It goes without saying she’s not his type; to dare to even think otherwise is absurd Besides she has plans for her future Just one year and her dream to be the proud owner of her own pastry shop Sugar and Spice will be than a blue print dream But Mr Farrell halts those plans when his father’s will almost reaches its deadline In order for him to claim his inheritance there’s one stipulation He has to be married In his hour of desperation he makes a deal that will benefit them both He gets his inheritance and she’ll be well compensatedSugar and Spice will be her inspiration as she embarks on this emotional journeyBut now the employeremployee title transcends into husband and wife; and her inspiration is being overshadowed by the personable atmosphere created on that small Canadian island That strong will to keep her feelings for him hidden is being chipped away every time he touches her in loving pretense in front of his mother and sister; or when he seems determined to void that in name only agreement by shamelessly reminding her that he’s Indigo her husband not Mr Farrell her boss Will she hang in there for the sake of Sugar and Spice Or will her love for him cost her everything.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 195 pages
  • As My Wife
  • Groovy Lee
  • English
  • 08 August 2015

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