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Eva Luna [Read] ➱ Eva Luna By Isabel Allende – Eva é filha da selva do analfabetismo da pobreza e da solução alternada de golpes e ditaduras militares com breves períodos democráticosNa atribulada biografia a tragédia transforma se em tragic Eva é filha da selva do analfabetismo da pobreza e da solução alternada de golpes e ditaduras militares com breves períodos democráticosNa atribulada biografia a tragédia transforma se em tragicomédia mesmo uando sofre a dor atroz de amar em vão ou de ver morrer de amor uma mulher adúltera Nómada desde a morte da mãe e depois de abandonar a casa de um célebre embalsamador de cadáveres o professor Jones a sua vida segue o modela das personagens pícarasA sua família é composta de uma madrinha ue acaba por enlouuecer; Mimi uma mulher com corpo de Homem; e Huberto Naranjo o único amigo de infância seu protector e um dos primeiros a tomar parte dos movimentos guerrilheiros da América do SulA prosa épica de Isabel Allende consegue fundir o destino individual e o colectivo atrvés do acaso como pretexto e fonte de coincidências Este romance confirma Isabel Allende como uma das grandes escritoras dos nossos dias.

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  1. Elyse Walters Elyse Walters says:

    Eva Luna by Isabel Allende was first written in 1987 translated from Spanish to English I've read most books of her books but never read this onewhich is now available as a Kindle download for 299Eva a storyteller much like Isabel Allende and revolutionary begins this story narrating in first person She describes her mother Consuelo's life Her mother worked for a professor and usually did everything he asked her to do One day an Indian Gardner was bitten by a snake The professor left instructions of what Consuelo was to do to prepare him for his deathbed Instead of following his orders she made love to him thus conceiving Eva As a turn of events the Gardner recovers but Consuelo dies after choking on a chicken bone Eva is is left to fend for herself an orphan and after the professor dies her one friend Huberto Naranjo at the time and later sometime lover until she falls for another man places her in the care a Lady Pimp named La Senora La Senora take Eva under her wing and gives her a makeover Everything is peaceful for a few years until a new police chief moves in and crashes the brothel Next she meets Riad Hilabi a man with a cleft lip Eva moves in with him and his wife Zulema Things part of the story gets very complicated and dramatic I won't spoil what happens but soon Eva is going to flee again after some 'close calls' NOTE This novel moves 'a little' slow until this point I didn't mind we are getting to know the characters but then things speed up action gets moving Eventually Eva meets Rolf Carle The two 'do' fall in love but their love has a bigger purpose than just themselves they are both strong characters wanting to make a difference Their life is about service Eva and Carle both work together to help the guerrillas in releasing nine prisoners from jail as an act of rebellion Throughout the novel a parallel narrative is told about Rolf Carlie's life from childhood to adulthood We learn what happened to him as a kid to make him the man he is It was nice to see a strong 'man' in this novel as well a strong femalewhich Isabel is known for It's been a while since I remember reading early fiction books by Isabel Allende After her daughter died she wrote two excellent non fiction books I treasure them both Later her fiction books began to get and MORE contemporary I liked them but this is where Isabel's fans began to divideThis novel was a nice RE VISIT down memory lane If readers liked Isabel' early fiction books but missed this one they are sure to enjoy Eva Luna We will meet Mimi the Beautiful and enchanting transsexual and the Professor who is devoted to mummifying corpses The characters are 'enchanting' There is political drama sexual steam history comedy tragedy mysticismand Isabel's delightful creative imaginative storytelling OLD SCHOOL Isabel Allende

  2. James James says:

    Earlier this year my friend Nina and I were discussing internationally written literature specifically from Latin America We both had a connection to it for a few reasons which prompted her to suggest a buddy read We settled on Isabel Allende and she selected Eva Luna We spent the last week reading the book and discussing some of the key points and will continue to do so I'm sure For now I'm sharing some of the highlights of my thoughtsLet's set the stage Early to mid 20th century Somewhere in South America Nina and I saw a few options but ultimately settled on it purposely being generalist in some areas given there were different cultures involved Eva's mother lived a tragic life Let's not even discuss her father Once we learn about the past we're ready for Eva Luna a storyteller who doesn't know she is one until much later on despite what everyone once told her She lives in a string of homes all difficult places Yet in each she finds someone to lean on and develops a life long relationship with them that is until they are cruelly killed or die of natural causes Eva has lived a life full of loss But there are some beautiful moments too it's not all sadThe story chronicles Eva's life and relationships Going into the book I had little understanding of the detailed theme If there was one thing I found a bit disappointing it was the lack of a formal structure in how we learn about Eva's life It's chronological but we're not uite sure of her age or role at the time It's not purposely unclear just not as important as what's happening to her I generally prefer a deeper structure perhaps a timeline or chapter description to showcase what part of her life we are about to explore Then again life is messy and often repeats itself so this was very realistic in other ways Nonetheless I'm an orderly guy so I would've loved just a bit to make that part of the book come together Nina had a great theory on this so go read her review to find out The imagery and language are astounding It was compelling and beautiful sad and disheartening but through it all stunning I found the way in which Allende shows us how Eva is haunted and impacted by everything around her to be the star of this book You clearly see and feel everything yet you know the true horrors are purposefully left out Eva suffers We suffer for her But it's rarely graphic or detailed to the point you can't read it You know what's going on and that's enough Some of the pain occurs when she is a young girl and a teenager It's insane to accept what once happened to children specifically female ones Let's not even discuss the current situationAnother part of the book I found most forward thinking was the character of Mimi my favorite At some points a man at others a woman perhaps shades in between what Allende discusses 30 years ago when this was written is fully apropos for today and it appears so much for 75 years ago when some of this took place in the book I'm truly shocked at the way people react to others If the person isn't hurting yousomeone elseanimals let them do what they want There are far better things to focus on that something that doesn't truly involve the jerk with the issue Walk away Off soapbox as this isn't that kind of novel It's about an overall theme of what happened in many similar countries to people who didn't have a lot of money or advancement opportunitiesI will definitely read Allende perhaps the short stories by Eva Luna herself thanks Nina Overall I give this 45 stars but I rounded down because of the missing pieces I felt would've made this an absolute stand out I still highly recommend it and this translation in particular was phenomenal I learned a few new vocabulary words and when it results from a translation and the original language was stunning you know it's a solid book Thanks for making this a fun read together Nina

  3. Audrey Audrey says:

    Perhaps it is merely a reflection of my feebleness as a reader that I assume the basic conceit of any first person novel is for the author to be the narrator or less In my defense this book is dedicated to Allende's mother And the story itself is about a girl who loses her mother and loves her mother deeply and has all kinds of wooooonderful adventures only to discover writing and have even maaaaaaagical adventures and become highly successful and be pursued by a general and also a communist rebel and a successful photographer Everyone loves her Something about it rubs me the wrong way Maybe because I think the narrator is Allende and yet my main problem with the narrator is that she apparently has no flaws She is never mean to anyone in the book never angry and truth be told never too interesting People want a narrator who is riddled with doubt and self loathing Someone a little like you and me Instead we get heavy handed and self importantI just do what I can Reality is a jumble we can't always measure or decipher because everything is happening at the same timeI try to open a path through that maze to put a little order in that chaos to make life bearable When I write I describe life as I would like it to beBarf I will also say I disliked that the narrator had a uality of simply announcing the events of the book One day she was just done with loving her communist rebel Poof One moment she just decided she was beautiful Abracadabra Always with little or no lead up I like to move with a narrator not several steps behind her There were still flashes of the mystical storyteller I recall so fondly from House of the Spirits Maybe I was just younger then I don't know All I know is I'm glad I checked this book out of the library instead of buying it

  4. Fran Fran says:

    I can’t say this book is among my five favorite from Isabel Allende but that doesn’t mean this isn’t a really good book It mostly means Allende is an excellent writer and there are many of her books to make the listOne of the things I liked most is the dual narrative One side telling the story of Eva the protagonist conceived when Eva’s mother takes pity on a man who after being bitten by a snake is condemned to death and Rolf whose destiny finally brings him to South America where he will eventually fall in love with Eva An excellent example of the amalgam of mystic and brutality that is Magic Realism Eva Luna transports us to places and times that exist but never as in the narrative which fills them with spirits and fairies and the unseen miracles of the everyday

  5. Josie Josie says:

    I found that reading this book was a bit like attending a storytellers' cocktail party at which the hostess the author has got drunk and decided to rapidly parade every unusual and eccentric character she could possibly imagine before the gathering in order to impress her friends A host of unusual tales tumble out of this book like so many magpie gathered jewels that had been crammed into a box Eva Luna hits us with one bizzare scenario after another in rapid succession Whilst an amazing and tumultuous tale is told I found it a little frustrating I wanted to know Eva Luna and the characters she encounters a little explore their emoitional depths understand their motives perhaps even warm to them The book is suffused with lyrical flashes and memorable imagery and yet at other times I felt that monumentous events and important relationships are glossed over too rapidly

  6. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    She placed at my feet the treasures of the Orient the moon and beyond She reduced me to the size of an ant so I could experience the universe from that smallness; she gave me wings to see it from the heavens; she gave me the tail of a fish so I would know the depths of the seaI've read a few of Allende's novels and her memoir I must say I've settled on this one as my favorite just as one would settle on choice of wine a few sips here and there tightening of the tastebuds around one flavor and the instinctive feeling Not too much logic involved only how it makes a person feelThis story spans decades as one has always come to expect of the Allende novel The storytelling is refined and told in the retrospective view something Allende does masterfully As usual she gives justice to the inner psyche of her many characters protagonists and antagonists alike There are so many characters and yet so much intimacy as each character is deftly explored and familiarity established Maybe this is what enticed me during the many days I stayed with this bookOr maybe I was drawn to the dance of Eva Luna she who name means life It's possible that as Eva went from the young girl who battled many obstacles to the fearless young woman she became I was drawn to her risky love choices and her modern political reality There is a certain mystical realism that is utterly convincing but most importantly I love how Eva uses her imaginative strength to triumph over a challenging reality

  7. Antonomasia Antonomasia says:

    The first book I’ve read by Isabel Allende and she reminds me of Neil Gaiman mesmerising popular storytelling at its best Eva Luna is a novel from the 1980s and as such its use of stereotypes sometimes falls below standards now expected in the literary world but the characters were so grand and involving that they often felt like archetype than stereotype The unnamed fictional country in which Eva lives seems designed to take in as much as possible of the northern half of South America tropical Caribbean oil rich Venezuela? vastly forested Brazil? but also containing part of the Andes Some of the sexuality in the novel scenarios which female characters enjoy but which if they had been written by a man would now be dismissed as male fantasies made me think of an idea mooted a few months ago by a GR friend that contemporary left literary discussion of sex has become so focused on avoidance of harm and on power analysis that it’s almost forgotten about pleasure Eva Luna seems to be a lightly metafictional telenovela in a book albeit I’ve never seen a telenovela and not watched a soap episode for maybe 15 years Allende through her heroine who appears to be the same age writes about what it feels like to have so many stories to tell and she was not wrong as her prolific output and sales continue now even if she gets less press coverage than in the 80s and 90s The semi fairytalemagic realist story of the heroine the strong willed and gifted daughter of a servant and her remarkable vagaries of fortune could be seen as showing too much good luck compared with most real people in such circumstances but it is also like the fairytale a type of story which provides hopes and dreams which may sustain during drab or difficult lives I’m always glad to discover that I actually like the work of a popular author one who writes well enough that I feel no need to make excuses for the style as I might with for example a lot of genre crime I find it useful to like writers whose books are ubiuitous to borrow or buy and whom a lot of people have heard of Isabel Allende can be added to that list

  8. DD DD says:

    For some reason this is one of my all time favorite books I think I was deeply moved and inspired by the novel because of the formative time period in my life when I read it For me it's about a woman who has had a difficult early life and who develops resilience and forbearance in the face of adversity The entire novel for me is about the journey not just of herself but of an entire society that learns to adapt and transform reality in order not to dwell in suffering but to live a life of appreciation and joy One aspect of the book I particularly liked is how Eva Luna comes to accept herself as a woman in ways that seem so natural and practical For example a passage in the novel reads As I approached my seventeenth year I grew to my full height and my face became the face I have today I stopped examining myself in the mirror to compare myself to the perfect beauties of movies and magazines I decided I was beautiful for the simple reason that I wanted to be In our society where women are taught to be obsessed with their appearance this view seemed so refreshing to me Allende chooses to weave throughout her novel a refreshing perspective of living in gratitude even when faced with lack of material andor physical wealth unlike so many contemporary novels today in which people seem so cynical privileged and lacking in integrity in their relationships For example she describes a scene of great environmental catastrophe Victims on the roofs of houses waited patiently to be rescued by military helicopters Although stunned and hungry many sang because it would have been pointless to aggravate misfortune by complaining There are so many pearls of wisdom in this book plus it's a whirlwind story that blends reality with fantasy in entertaining fascinating ways Ultimately the novel is also a love story because she created the opportunity for love on many levels by never being defeated by life's difficulties

  9. Ryan Ryan says:

    The GoodThe characters are all amazing mythical figures inhabiting an unnamed part of Latin America some time in the middle of the 20th century The setting is vivid and the series of vignettes through the first half of the book read like fairy tales It's also pretty funnyThe BadThe sense of magic really died away in the second half It became a fairly shallow political story full of neat resolutions and pleasant anticlimaxes And books about writers always feel a bit self congratulatory'Friends' character the protagonist is most likeEva is the emotional rock to her loved ones and fiercely loyal just like Joey She also works in media

  10. Ray Ray says:

    Eva Luna has a gift The child growing up in an unnamed South American country is blessed with the ability to weave compelling tales which enchant her audience children and adults alike It provides her with a way to survive in an extremely tough world She is born into the underclass and jobs are brutish insecure and poorly paid People close to her die or get sick on a regular basisCue a fascinating journey involving amongst other things mummies a stuffed puma corrupt politicians and policemen a Lebanese?? shopkeeper with a harelip an old lady in a lifesaving coffin street urchins and a smoldering revolution Allende manages to pack so much life into a short book much of the story is tragic but at the same time positive and life affirmingSome great funny bits amongst the grit and grime who wouldn't want to pour a full chamberpot over the head of a pompous politician?A truly wonderful read

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