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    3 stars from me would have been higher but noticed a few errors in the facts

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Did You Knows? Of England ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Did You Knows? Of England Author Lester Morris – Thomashillier.co.uk The uestion I get asked a lot is “Why did you write another book involving British history when there are thousands of books out there on this very subject” Good uestion well my answer is this As The uestion I get asked Knows? Of PDF/EPUB ½ a lot is “Why did you write another book involving British history when there are thousands of books out there on this very subject” Good uestion well my answer is this As far as I'm concerned you cannot get enough books on British history or any other history for it is our past with which we mould our future I can't remember who wrote that but it sounds good I must have read or heard it somewhere — if I didn't well I'll Did You Epub / take the credit for it Many years ago while still living in England I worked in the tour business and ended up as a “Tour Director” Of the many thousands of tourists I had the pleasure of showing my country to over the years I noticed I could tell which of them had some idea of what I was talking about when it came to the 'nitty gritty bits of English history The people who didn't know anything about what they were seeing spent most of the time with You Knows? Of PDF/EPUB ç a large uestion mark over their heads and had great difficulty absorbing all this historical stuff Whereas the passengers with smiles on their faces and some knowledge of the subject took all this information in nodding their heads in agreement with what I was talking about finding it a pleasure to actually see the places of interest they had read about or studied before coming over to England So you see touring can be hard work even if you have studied But it can be very very hard work if you don't first do a little research about the country you are visiting This is especially true of Great Britain where history lurks around every corner and some towns and cities are knee deep in it So the reason I wrote this book I bet you thought I'd never tell you is to help tourists or people who have an interest in the old country to learn as much as they can History is a wonderful subject if you approach it with the right attitude This book was written in no specific order As I thought about a topic that I would normally talk about on tour I wrote it down What I would like to do is “whet your taste buds” in the hope that by reading short interesting bits and pieces you might just take an interest in the subject of English history go out and buy some books or visit your local library There is a wealth of fascinating history just waiting for you even if you have no intention of going to the old country Having absorbed this great subject if you do travel to Great Britain you just might end up knowing than your tour director That happened to me once A passenger was versed in history than I was No it didn't worry me I just kicked her off my tour Just joking of course Then you can be on a tour with a smile on your face rather than that big uestion mark over your head Enjoy reading this book It was great fun writing it you can tell by the number of teeth marks on my computer Here are a few of the many many Did You Knows Did you know that Henry VIII had a great passion for beef as well as for lots of other foods The story goes that one day while at Hampton Court he wandered into the kitchen and saw his cook preparing the day's food On one table was a pile of meat separate from the rest “What is this meat” inuired the King “This Your Majesty is the prime part of the beef and your favourite called the loin” Henry was rather amused about this and being in a joyful mood he apparently withdrew his sword and placed it onto the meat then ceremoniously said “I now name you 'Sir Loin'” And the name has been retained to this day Publisher’s note Lester Morris being a Brit uses the English spelling throughout this book favourite instead of favorite centre for center.

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