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  • 09 June 2016

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  1. Lexxi Kitty Lexxi Kitty says:

    I only made it 6% into this book so obviously no rating and no real review Just a 'why did I stop?' commentview spoileras my status update notes a moment occurs when the man who is very confused about his sexual identityorientation rapes the other man in the book Maybe there's some justification Maybe I read the scene wrong it has been since April 12 2016 that I read that 6% of the book And no if later in the book the other man says something like I liked it or I wasn't sure but I liked what you did it does not remove the action from 'rape' I lift one thing from my status updateJust because you are in a relationship doesn't give you certain rights to shove someone against the wall grope them toss them onto a sofa and rape them hide spoiler

  2. Erika Erika says:

    This series has been utterly adorable and I loved everything about it I never thought I'd get to say this but this mm romance series about Jpop is really well done charming sexy and sprinkled with some beautiful moments It's a must read if you like Jpop I don't or even Kpop I do but especially if you love reading about young cute men being lovely to and with each other I binge read this series over the course of a day after I stumbled upon it through the MM Romance group and boy am I happy I did

  3. Kendra T Kendra T says:

    I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewThis was a GREAT way to end the series I am so glad I continued to read this after Volume 1 confused me a bit with its cultural references Ryuu is a relatively clueless individual He doesn't uite realize how his actions affect others and this hits him hard as he struggles with losing Hiro because of that Ryuu does a lot of growing up in the book and it was great to see For once we have communication between these guysThe reunion of Ryuu and Hiro continues to show how much chemistry they have together It was HOT I was glad to see it work out for the most part although I would like to see a little bit of these guys to see how it truly works out for them The epilogue was cool but I would've preferred it to be about them and not YuriAkisada Although I realize that the whole series was about Ryuu I felt at times that I really wished I could have seen some things from Hiro's perspective The author did do a great job however of trying to infuse his thoughts through Ryuu's perspective Overall I enjoyed this series a lot and definitely recommend moving past Volume 1 to the even awesome Volumes 2 and 3

  4. Tonileg Tonileg says:

    Part three in this Japanese Popstar MM seriesThe first two parts are total cliffhangers which I am generally against but this story is complex like life so I didn't mind buying the rest of the story because Ryuu is clueless and hurtful in a totally narcissistic obtusely ignorant way which takes time three books to identify much less fix his many problems Hiro is not a perfect guy although he is so much honest and probably the smartest character in this story although he hides it subtlyFun silly read although it really reminds me of the first last? three Star Wars movies Part 4 5 and 6 We fall deep into the story in the first part then we end with a cliffhanger in the second and the heroes regroup and conuer evil in the last part Not recommended to people that don't know Japanese culture because they really won't get the TV references nor the Popstar lifestyle I loved the references to the Osaka medieval wars which I only know because I visited Osaka castle and the gardens this past summer I may have paid 500 yen to dress up as a samurai with sword and crazy horned helmet It was worth every cent238 pages and kindle purchase3 stars although Learning How to Lose in Six Easy Steps Step One Tetris Step Two Fun and Games is my favorite in the trilogy

  5. Rin Rin says:

    5 starsMy fav out of the 3 books in the series It started out with the conflict that book 2 ended on I would say it was resolved at about the 13 point and I liked that it wasn't dragged out throughout the entire book I also liked how they both knew their respective faults perhaps so for Ryuu than Hiro since this was from Ryuu's POV I especially liked how much he seemed to have matured in this book especially from a relationship POV since he started to reflect even on what went wrong in his previous relationshipThe fluffy 23 of the book was what I enjoyed the most after noting that communication was key to their relationship I enjoyed the smooth sailing plot from there and also their roleplaying The mini subplot with the samurai drama was also very interesting it could have had its own storyOnly thing was that it seemed like their relationship was kept view spoilera secret from anyone Though highly likely Hiro's close non entertainer friends totally know hide spoiler

  6. Bitchie Bitchie says:

    I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewI am writing this as of a review for the whole series because I truly feel like you can't read any of these as stand alone and I think that they would have been better served edited down into just one maybe two booksThis series is set in the Japanese world of J pop stars and I truly think the reader would get the most out of this series if they were familiar with that world The series is filled with honorifics and sociatal norms that are uite unfamiliar to someone like me I kept getting pulled out of the story trying to figure out what something meant or how things were done There was also reference to several different bands at least two Hiro's group and Ryuu's group tv series movies game shows and interviews which I think dragged the story down at times I found myself skimming the bits that didn't further Hiro and Ryuu's relationship in any wayI did really enjoy the characters although Ryuu did have his frustrating moments Hiro though was an absolute uirky happy go lucky dream The series is told from Ryuu's POV solely and I would have LOVED to get at least some of Hiro's POV His thoughts and feels were a bit of a mystery I just wanted to know of what he was thinking throughout the storyIn book three Ryuu realizes how badly he messed up and finally comes to realize that he doesn't have to totally hide his relationship with Hiro While they might not be totally out in the open due to their career Ryuu is no longer afraid of his friends finding out how much time he's spending with Hiro I was happy that they didn't spend too much time apart and I really enjoyed seeing them happy together but this is another part that I think maybe could have been edited down a bit It went on for a long time after they were back together hanging out tv interviews and the likeAll in all I really enjoyed this series I just wish it had been a bit easier for me to understand the world that the series was set in

  7. Yue Yue says:

    This has to be one of my favorite MM series I love it so much that I forced myself to read like a chapter per day so I couldn't finish it ^^ I love the pain our boys went thru in the first couple of chapters both Hiro and Ryuu loved each other so much but because of Ryuu being an ass treating Hiro like he wasn't important in front of others they had this misunderstanding and are apart for weeks In the process both of them are unhappy until finally Ryuu understands everything that he is the one to blame in the relationship and fights to get Hiro backOnce they are back it is all lovey dovey without being sappy and friendship communication I teared up a little bit when they are laying in bed talking It was so sweet Ryuu changed for better because he loved Hiro so much and only because he was so clueless he wasn't aware that he was hurting Hiro But once he sees that he wasn't treasuring Hiro like he deserved it he did all the could like not hiding any he and Hiro were friends; like putting Hiro above everything; like talking to Hiro really talking to him to make Hiro happy 3There were times where they were talking and it was like it was in a secret code that only they both understood I love this kind of stuff in romance book 3In spite of liking it a lot i don't think this is a series for everyone First there are a lot of scenes about their dorama Ryuu Akiyama and Hiro Yuri although their recreation of the after was Secondly after they get back together it is mostly little things like having parties being in TV shows blogs from magazine having a date etc Mundane things that for some may be redundant but I loved it and were just a reinforcement to make us reader see how close they were how much they loved each other how strong their bond was And besides most of it was just like real J Pop 3One of my new favorite couples Ryuu and Hiro

  8. Free_dreamer Free_dreamer says:

    The author was kind enough to provide me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewWith the ominous ending of book two I was again glad to already have part three on my kindle The story is really only complete when you've finished the last bookParts of this book were very sad and angsty which I'd never have expected after the first book which was so very silly and shallow It broke my heart to see Ryuu suffer so much when Hiro broke up with him Though I have to say I definitely understood why Hiro did it I mean when your boyfriend won't even admit you're friends that just hurtsI liked the resolution of that mess and I loved seeing the two of them together in a real relationship even if they were still mostly hiding it because of their careers It really felt like Hiro and Ryuu did some growing up in this book which was great Though Ryuu will always be a sore loser And Hiro will always be bad at making puns Which is okay because they're both really funny about it And everybody has their flaws Even famous Japanese pop idolsI loved the scenes of Ryuu with his friends His fellow band mates seemed to be really cool people Unfortunately we got less scenes with Ryuu doing his job than in the previous bookThis book felt very realistic in how Ryuu and Hiro dealt with their relationship There was no big coming out and everybody happily accepting that They had to hide and will have to hide as long as they are idols Because no matter what coming out would ruin their careers completelyAnd we got the absolutely most hottest sex scene of the entire series in this book view spoilerHiro and Ryuu playing Yuri and Akisada at home playing out the sex scene that was missing in the drama was just hot hide spoiler

  9. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    This review encompasses all three books I really enjoyed this I've followed Idol Bands so found the premise to be pretty interesting It is very much a slow burn series and very slice of life Ryuu drove me nuts a lot He is lucky Hiro is so forgiving because what culminates in this final book I am not sure I would have been nearly so forgiving In a way it wasn't just Ryuu's fault though They both needed to communicate better and not doing so is what lead them both to that point I think the only thing that truly bothered me about this series is the absolute lack of being in the public eye I mean Paparazzi and crazy fangirls are mentioned maybe all of 3 or 4 times I don't see how their friendshipnot even their relationship stayed hidden for months They were never photographed together after all that time hanging out It seems rather unlikely to me And neither of their band mates knew they were hanging out so much? seems odd It makes sense after they hook up But they were just friends for a long time before that My favorite parts were the roles they played in the series they acted in together I thought it was a really nice juxtaposition to their actual relationshipWhile I loved that the epilogue gave us a view of Kamanosuke and Akisada's continuation I admit to wanting a bit of a conclusion to Hiro and Ryuu's story Or maybe just of them in general It is always sad leaving characters behind when a book endsOverall I loved it and highly recommend it if you are looking for a mostly fluffy romance Shit gets real in the last book and drama DOES happen I LEGIT CRIED but overall the series gives warm fuzzies And I admit the drama that happens was not at all the kind of drama I expected So props for that hah

  10. blub blub says:

    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewContinues after volume two Ryuu's screwed up Hiro doesn't believe anything can come of their relationship and so breaks it off Ryuu is in denial pushes at Hiro and attempts to force him to admit he still feels something for Ryuu When that backfires the two try to move but it sounds easier than it seemsWell this volume just wrecked me a bit For about a third it was just sad seeing Ryuu trying to fix what he broke view spoilerIt did pay off but it was painful to see him in the situation he dug himself and Hiro into I was whooping in joy when the fence was mended and I thought it was endearing how hard he was trying to make their relationship work I love stories with growth in them Hiro and Ryuu influencing each other to change bit by bit was a lovely sight Again the sex and intimacy was swoon worthy fans self I'm a tad jealous I really liked that Ryuu was sticking to his gun and putting thoughts behind his actions when it concerned Hiro and his happiness That he was trying to keep his fears from ruining his relationship with Hiro The idea that Ryuu was going to let the chips fall where they may and not hiding aspects like toothbrushes bath robes and hanging out with Hiro in public a secret was really awesome If I didn't already love him and Hiro this would have definitely won me over hide spoiler

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Learning How to Lose, in Six Easy Steps[KINDLE] ✾ Learning How to Lose, in Six Easy Steps By Alex Gabriel – Thomashillier.co.uk It’s not that Ryuu’s a bad loser – he just wants things to be in order And in the natural order of the universe he should not be losing to dorks Losing is a thing Japanese pop star Ryuu Shiwasud It’s not that Ryuu’s a bad loser – to Lose, eBook ✓ he just wants things to be in order And in the natural order of the universe he should not be losing to dorks Losing is a thing Japanese pop star Ryuu Shiwasuda does not do – certainly not gracefully Image is everything to hot headed Ryuu Sure his macho bluster is only a cover for shyness and social awkwardness but he takes it and himself Learning How PDF or very seriously So when gratingly cheerful punster Hiro Takahashi delivers the ultimate insult of letting Ryuu win at a video game Ryuu is cut to the uick and vows swift vengeance Can’t be too hard to beat a dork like Hiro right Wrong As Ryuu chases after his elusive victory he’s forced to add and items to the list of “things to beat Hiro at” – and is shocked to find that Hiro’s uirky How to Lose, PDF º charm is sparking never before felt desires in him Ryuu’s life and career have no place for a male lover But he’s already in too deep Can he risk going all in And what does he stand to lose if he doesn’t Length of Volume III words Six easy steps Three volumes Don’t miss the other books in the series Volume I Step One Tetris Step Two Fun and Games Volume II Step How to Lose, in Six eBook É Three Innocence Step Four Perspective Volume III Step Five Love Step Six All the Rest.

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I am a writer Mostly I write gay to Lose, eBook ✓ romance – freuently with an element of the supernatural fantastical or futuristicAbout MeIt all began when I learned to decipher the alphabet I soon found that the world was full of wonderful stories – but not all of the tales I wanted to read were being told In self defense I began to write and haven’t stopped sinceIn what little time my busy schedule of.