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The Cricket in Times Suare [KINDLE] ✾ The Cricket in Times Suare By George Selden – One night the sounds of New York City the rumbling of subway trains thrumming of automobile tires hooting of horns howling of brakes and the babbling of voices is interrupted by a sound that even Tuck in Times PDF Ë One night the sounds of New York City the rumbling of subway trains thrumming of automobile tires hooting of horns howling of brakes and the babbling of voices is interrupted by a sound that even Tucker Mouse a jaded inhabitant of Times Suare has never heard before Mario the son of Mama and Papa Bellini proprietors of the subway station newsstand had only heard the sound once What was this new strangely musical chirping None other than the mellifluous leg rubbing of the somewhat disoriented Chester Cricket from Connecticut Attracted by the irresistible smell The Cricket MOBI :↠ of liverwurst Chester had foolishly jumped into the picnic basket of some unsuspecting New Yorkers on a junket to the country Despite the insect's wurst intentions he ends up in a pile of dirt in Times Suare Mario is elated to find Chester He begs his parents to let him keep the shiny insect in the newsstand assuring his bug fearing mother that crickets are harmless maybe even good luck What ensues is an altogether captivating spin on the city mousecountry mouse story as Chester adjusts to the bustle of the big city Despite the Cricket in Times PDF ↠ cricket's comfortable matchbox bed with Kleenex sheets; the fancy seven tiered pagoda cricket cage from Sai Fong's novelty shop; tasty mulberry leaves; the jolly company of Tucker Mouse and Harry Cat; and even his new found fame as the most famous musician in New York City Chester begins to miss his peaceful life in the Connecticut countryside The Cricket in Times Suare a Newbery Honor Book in is charmingly illustrated by the well loved Garth Williams and the tiniest details of this elegantly spun vividly told surprisingly suspenseful tale will stick with children for years and years Make sure this classic sits on the shelf of your favorite child right next to The Wind in the Willows Ages to .

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 134 pages
  • The Cricket in Times Suare
  • George Selden
  • English
  • 16 September 2016
  • 9780440228899

About the Author: George Selden

in Times PDF Ë George Selden was the author of The Cricket in Times Suare winner of the Newbery Honor and a timeless children's classic Born in Hartford Connecticut Selden received his BA from Yale where he was a member of the Elizabethan Club and contributed to the literary magazine He spent three summer sessions at Columbia University and after college studied for a year in Rome on.

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  1. Jewell Jewell says:

    All of us writers have so much to learn from this book If you are not a writer skip this paragraph If you are or aspire to be a writer try this exercise 1 Type out the first few paragraphs of A Cricket in Times Suare as you read them Feel the music in your fingers Feel the light uickness of the sentences 2 Turn to the end of the book if you have read it before and type out the last few paragraphs Take a moment to feel it again You have just felt in your own fingers a little bit of magic I tried this exercise myself As an author who previously wrote for adults I had to learn how to capture the special voice on the wind style that speaks so well for children There is no better teacher than George SeldenA cat a mouse and a cricket All of them living in a nook at a newspaper stand in Times Suare This book speaks to us on so many levels Cricket speaks to the child in us the child that finds the most delight in the little things Read this book to a second grader—any second grader—and you’ll see Cricket also speaks to the forests and rivers and natural wonders that we carry inside us no matter where we are Even on the platform of one of the busiest subway stations in the world Yet the book also speaks to we lovers of cities with its great mix of cultures a cat a mouse a cricket all friends? Only in New York At last the book has a lot to say about music If a child you know is interested in music give this book to them and I guarantee a raise of spirits Indeed Selden writes so well that if you listen you can nearly hear the songs

  2. Jessica Jessica says:

    I remember my third grade teacher reading this book aloud to us every day after lunch and I remember really enjoying it but I could barely remember the main characters when I recently picked it up again I fell in love with it while reading it this time it's such a charming story I love this kind of children's book a self contained book with appealing characters you root for amusing escapades a uniue and distinct setting that you grow to know and understand and an overarching plot that keeps you hooked This plot keeps the stories tied together but the escapades are as intriguing and could be just as easily read on their own In the vein of Stuart Little The Wind in the Willows Ellen Tebbits or the Ramona series

  3. Lata Lata says:

    35 stars Would have been higher but for the kind of painful portrayal of two Chinese gentleman and of Mario's mother; they felt rather like stereotypesThis was one of my favourite stories as a kid I read this and Tucker's Countryside several times over The characters are gentle and kind even somewhat greedy Tucker mouse Harry cat remains sleek and cool on this reread which doesn't surprise me as that's what cats are

  4. Pamela Pamela says:

    Charming sweet and endearing a timeless juvenile classic celebrating friendship and learning to embrace challenges by working together to rise above adversity but yet staying true to one's roots

  5. ABC ABC says:

    I loved this book when I was a kid It's a good book to read right now early September because it ends in September According to the book crickets chirp most in late summer This book spans from the beginning of summer to September It is also a good book to read if you are planning a trip to New York City or even Connecticut Chester's original homeThe Chinese man's accent is just awful and I cleaned it up when I read this book aloud to my son but basically it has a good depiction of Chinese people and people in general in this book Everyone is so kind to Chester

  6. Mark Mark says:

    A lot to like loved the scenes that depicted NYC in all its glory but several instances where characters' actions rang a sour note They acted one way for chapter upon chapter then said or did something that rang completely untrue Took you out of the story In a way it felt almost like a talented self published author's first publication There was a lot to like but it was marred by several glaring mistakes that should have been instantly recognizable

  7. Lizzie Lizzie says:

    Really glad to give this a reread I read it in grade school far away from NYC long before I thought of living here Tangentially I bought this copy at Half Price Books near Iowa City I know that absolutely none of the details of New York came through for me then because they were entirely outside my frame of reference so I was really curious about them nowWell 4 stars for the New Yorkiness It really does a great job and feels really accurate A lot of the environment is completely recognizable like the area in the Times Suare subway station where Mario's family's newsstand is on the pedestrian level where the shuttle train is And just as many things in the environment feel true but are long gone like the same area of the station being filled with lunch counters Nedick's is named and soda jerks There's a fantastic illustration on p33 of the scene where Harry the cat and Tucker the mouse BFFs bring Chester the cricket outside to see 42nd Street and you can tell that that's accurate too Ladies in hats and dresses a big Chevrolet sign atop the crossroads and the Hotel Astor which I'd never even heard of but there you go Sidebar for you other City History Clubbers exterior pictures from 1904 1967 and a super Time Magazine story not really about the hotel but whateverThe story itself of Chester and his music is nice It's cute when you have animal characters that know all about humans and understand what they say but of course we humans can't do the same It wasn't an extraordinarily gripping story but Chester is sweet But my favorite parts were when he and Mario played games or went somewhere together so about their friendship would've probably helped me care about the outcome of the plot Mario's family is pretty nice and I like that they're immigrants Acceptably white European immigrants but all the sameBecause I have to deduct major points for the entirely unfortunate Chinatown plotline in which Mario learns that crickets are sacred in China and so finds a Chinese person who of course knows everything about crickets um clickets and wants to give an unlimited number of free things to a random child and acts like a crazy person a lot The mispronunciation of Sai Fong's accent is just so overboard and not at all how a Chinese person has ever sounded And at one point speaking Chinese is described as sounding like the cheerful clicking of hundreds of chopsticks It what? No It did not Sadly cutesy racism dates this story in a much less nostalgic wayHarry the cat is totally the breakout character for me here anyway He knows everything about New York and goes everywhere through tunnels and pipes and under parked cars He can get you to your train in Grand Central or take in an opera at the Met I confess to being 100% interested in the seuel and the preuel about him Thumbs up

  8. Mary Beth Phelps Mary Beth Phelps says:

    I wish I could give this book five stars instead of three George Selden had a gift for very uickly developing delightful characters both human and anthropomorphic as well as writing stellar dialogue The exchanges between Tucker Mouse and Harry Cat freuently made me laugh and I found myself sharing some of them aloud with my husband Garth Williams contributed fantastic art as usual and while each book is totally uniue this combination of story illustrations is on par with Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH by Robert C O'BrienMy main criticism is the treatment of a character named Sai Fong a Chinese gentleman who owns a shop in NYC's Chinatown and plays an active role in the story in two chapters While mild in comparison to say Charlie Chan I still think Sai Fong is an example of yellowface a stereotypical caricature of a Chinese person rather than an accurate and dignified depiction His dialogue is cringe worthy and his behavior swings between mystical calm and infantilized elation I would love to share this story with my kids but how to approach the chapters steeped in racism? Should they even be approached at all? On the one hand I think this could be an excellent learning moment for teaching my kids to always read critically and reject being spoon fed racism no matter how sweet the words or cute the package On the other I suspect that learning moment is often a coded phrase white people use as an excuse to not have to go through the discomfort of cutting racist literature or whatever out of their entertainment I'm probably going to be deliberating over this for a while

  9. Dominick Dominick says:

    It would seem churlish to give this book two stars but three seems generous It's a pleasant enough diversion I suppose apart from its plausibility problems Chester Cricket ends up travelling from Connecticut to Times Suare in a picnic basket gets claimed by a kid whose folks run a newsstand in the train station and befriends a mouse who's a bit of a hustler Tucker the closest thing to an interesting character in the book and a uiet feral in name only; he acts anything but feral cat named Harry If you can buy that a bug a mouse and a cat all are fast friends you might like this book better than I did I didn't dislike it but its plot is superficial at best its characters are or less flat and it uses some rather unfortunate racial stereotypes even for 1960 The illustrations by Garth Williams were why I bought this in the first place and remain the book's chief distinguishing feature Kids will probably enjoy it but it's not one of those kids' books that stands up to adult scrutiny I think And I say that as someone who even at 50 would list several kids' books as among his favourites It does touch very gently on the edges of some serious subjects notably exploitation but it lacks the depth and sophistication of the best children's literature And given that the lifespan of a cricket is mere months they die in the fall the book's pretend happy ending of Chester going back to the Connecticut countryside seems disingenuous at best The book doesn't even hint at this being allegorical of death Give me Charlotte's Web any day also illustrated by Garth Williams by the way

  10. Shiloah Shiloah says:

    Very cute

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