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Jim Bridger The Grand Old Man of the Rockies 1922 [PDF] ✓ Jim Bridger The Grand Old Man of the Rockies 1922 ✪ E.A. Brininstool – Thomashillier.co.uk Jim Bridger may be most famous for being as a youth one of the two mountain men who abandoned famed trapper Hugh Glass after he had been mauled by a grizzly bear It was Hugh's thoughts of revenge for Jim Bridger may be most famous The Grand Kindle Ñ for being as a youth one of the two mountain men who abandoned famed trapper Hugh Glass after he had been mauled by a grizzly bear It was Hugh's thoughts of revenge for this abandonment that fueled his recovery and eventual Jim Bridger PDF or tracking down of the young Bridger James Bridger known as Jim Bridger – was among the foremost mountain men trappers scouts and guides who explored and trapped the Western United States during the decades of – as well as mediating between native tribes and encroaching whites Bridger The Grand eBook ↠ From inside the book The western plains and mountains brought forth thousands of men noted for their valor bravery daring sagacity woodcraft frontiersmanship and skill in guiding wagon trains and military expeditions across the trackless prairie and barren desert and through snow capped mountain fastnesses on the way Bridger The Grand Old Man eBook ↠ to the land of gold beyond the setting sun or in trailing and bringing to bay the savage hordes that sternly fought the advances of civilization; but among those dauntless spirits there was one who stood head and shoulders above all others as the greatest scout trapper and guide the most skilled frontiersman and the uietest most modest and unassuming prairie man in all the west That person was James Bridger Major Bridger or as Bridger The Grand Old Man eBook ↠ he was commonly and familiarly known old Jim Bridger the grand old man of the Rockies No history of the American western frontier would be complete without a sketch of the life of this remarkable man.

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  1. Rex Fuller Rex Fuller says:

    If you have any curiosity about the American West and Jim Bridger in particular this is a good one Very short easy read It lends some insight into the Bridger character in the movie “The Revenant” and whether he could have done what he is portrayed as doing in it“Old Jim Bridger” as he was known was renowned as a hunter guide trapper scout tracker and man He was kind gentle and honest not the attributes you automatically ascribe to a Mountain Man let alone the epitome of a Mountain Man A shrewd judge of character he respected and liked Kit Carson but had nothing good to say about John C FremontHe “discovered” the Great Salt Lake the South Pass and the geysers of what is now Yellowstone Park He could neither read nor write but could draw a flawless map of any area he visited and could correct mistakes on other maps just by looking at them No one knew where to find good water forage or suitable camp in the Rockies better than he could In short no one knew the Rockies better than him before or since

  2. Richard P. Orth Richard P. Orth says:

    Jim Bridger man of the mountains The only regret I have is that ol’ Jim never learn to read or write If he had we would probably be able to read of his exploits and adventures He gets a rare mention in the stories of Thomas Fox and of Hugh Monroe “Rising Wolf” by the prolific writer James Willard Schultz Those two lived with the Piegan Blackfeet Pikuni and Jim with the Crows who were mortal enemies Probably the reason Jim is mentioned so seldom in Shultz’ stories Going to try to find stories about ol’ Jim an amazing true character of the frontier days

  3. Hello Hello says:

    Interesting BookI have been in Fort Bridger a number if times and had heard of the man and his name comes up in the many other historical books of the West I have read He is an icon of the West and thought I enjoyed the book my value of the man greatly decreased He had an abnormal dislike of the Indians who had a great respect for him and used his knowledge and friendship with the Indians to help destroy them Though he disliked the Indians so much he married three Indian women; the first two died young So the book though worth reading did not help the iconic image of Jim

  4. Gregory Hodkgins Gregory Hodkgins says:

    King of the mountain menA gooduick read on the most important mountain man in the American West Most of the book is anecdotes from the people who knew “Old Jim Bridget” as he was called A lot of interesting details about the early 1830’s to 1860’s — before the discovery of gold and before the Civil Warwhen much of the American West was territory owned by the American Natives and unmapped or charted by white men Fascinating story though be prepared to take some of the anecdotes with a grain of salt

  5. Mai-Lan Hanley Mai-Lan Hanley says:

    Lack of intetestI just couldn't get interested in this book I know Jim Bridger was one of the most renowned of the mountain but the disjointed manner in which it written caused me to lose interest uickly I usually will have patience with a book and give it a chance before putting it aside but just couldn't get into it Perhaps a scholar doing research would find it worthy

  6. roy mcgrew roy mcgrew says:

    A true idol of all who favors true honesty and brave heartsWell written and very informative One could easily picture himself living in the era of Jim Bridger Up to the very end of the book there exist a rich history of our true west before the diluted accounts of Hollywood movies

  7. Sunflower Sunflower says:

    Interesting but lackingI only decided to read this book because one of our local elementary schools is named after him This book just covered the basics of his life It did not tell about the man who he really was just what he accomplished I'm sure there could be much to tell

  8. william sheehan william sheehan says:

    Jim bridgerThe jim bridger book was not what I thought it would be Perhaps the date of the publication 1922 had something to do with my feelings I do not recommend this book if the reader is looking for the low by blow

  9. Alan Hayes Alan Hayes says:

    Good first hand accounts uite brief Mostly a collection of recollectionsThis volume has some interesting first hand accounts by people who knew Jim Bridger but is not a very comprehensive look at his life It is uite brief I think the value is in the first hand accounts

  10. Alfred St Alfred St says:

    Fine readA great book about a truly fascinating person who managed to survive to a ripe old age under some very severe circumstances

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