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Almost Lost Hope [PDF / Epub] ☉ Almost Lost Hope ❤ Jimi Akanbi – In Almost Lost Hope the author Jimi relays a collection of true life accounts which makes him the person he is todayJimi also gives an account of his success as the fastest runner of all time in his h In Almost Lost Hope the author Jimi relays a collection of true life accounts which makes him the person he is todayJimi also gives an account of his success as the fastest runner of all time in his high school and state He writes about his unusual and intriguing dating and love lifeThe story includes how he constantly skipped class lectures in high school and still graduated top Almost Lost eBook ✓ of his class Also due to a medical condition in college went from receiving A's to getting F's yet ultimately becoming a great A student He shares what he went through when he did not see his little son for almost four yearsJimi discusses how he was so afraid of public speaking and reading but one day overcame it through a Divine act The author gives a report about the unorthodox way he was inspired to start writing on a professional level.

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  1. Eisah Eisah Eisah Eisah says:

    Note I was contacted on 552016 by the author letting me know that he has since gotten a proofreader and editor to look over his bookI received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewSpoilers withinI'm perplexed why this book was given to me to review since I said I don't intend to review religious literature It's an autobiography but very much focused on God and constantly talks about his religious beliefsThat's not to say I have anything against religious people If you were to ask me if I could trust someone based on only knowing their occupation something like nun or monk would be at the top of my list But the author comes to conclusions that I don't necessarily agree with and it's definitely a book that preachesAs far as reading it it flowed pretty uickly and was easy to read but it felt like English might not have been the author's first languageOne very dayMaking it to the hospital was a great mysteryThe reason is we had been seeking the fruit of the womb for over six monthsEven her family took sides with her and forced at meThere were odd word choices as well as some misspellings and times where the author spelled something one way on one page and another way on the nextI do have a feeling that other people would give very different accounts of some of the times he described However I'm not really here to judge or argue so much just to talk about whether a book was enjoyable or not It was all right It's not the type of book I would seek out I'm still confused why this was sent to me It was very uick it's not a long book It wasn't difficult to read despite oddly chosen words and suchIf 'inspirational stories' are something that you're interested in I'd say it's okay It's not something that left an impression on me but I'm far from the target audience

  2. Henk-Jan van der Klis Henk-Jan van der Klis says:

    In Almost Lost Hope the author Jimi Akanbi shares a testimony style memoir of his upbringing family life relationships and choices regarding his personal faith in God The rather short storyline doesn't have a deep self reflection or point of view on the era It's a seuential of episodes picked from Jimi's own youth in Africa and his struggle for survival and settlement in the USA The narrative reads like an American dream mixed with God intervening in Jimi's life and fixing what's brokenIn the final chapters Akanbi boasts about his authorship which in his opinion is a 100% Divine gift and the start of a professional writing career Jimi's life can inspire readers But regarding authorship I have my doubts Although English isn't my mother tongue as well misspellings and syntax errors were made freuently in this book It's not clear whether proofreading has been completed A selection from the author's bio to illustrate this I have been through the greatest storms of life That is any and everything that can make a man commit suicide Upon all I am still standing Perhaps this is the major reason God gave me the gift of writing for His Kingdom Who better to counsel His people than one who has experienced challenges and victory? And just 105 pages is too short to share a real memoir as adult

  3. Christy Christy says:

    I had high hopes for this read It has a great title and cover I admire many things about the book including that author Jimi Akanbi is writing in a second language and that he has overcome obstacles involving family relationships and illness However I wish that the author had delved deeper into many of the topics rather than offering a half page to a full page here and there The book needs to be longer than about 100 pages to provide a meaningful experience for the reader in this case Alternatively the author could have focused on fewer areas but described them in detail Also there were grammatical mistakes throughout the book that took away from my enjoyment of the book On a positive note I am appreciative of the religious descriptions in the book and the references to God

  4. Jimi Akanbi Jimi Akanbi says:

    This book is very encouraging inspiring entertaining motivational and engaging It includes the naked truth about the author's encounter in life This memoir will uplift and build up any reader going through any storm of life

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