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  1. Val ⚓️ Shameless, Skanky & Bitchy ⚓️ Val ⚓️ Shameless, Skanky & Bitchy ⚓️ says:

    RoarkeEveRoarke and Eve

  2. Mo Mo says:

    Another fabulous read I love Eve and Roarke Eventhough they are not really together much in the books she is off solving murders and such But the times they spend together are so sweet and so special Sigh BeautifulEve is my type of girl Happy to potter around in jeans and boots and t shirts Hates wearing dresses and having to socialize LOL Not into make up Well, I am into make up At my age, I need it.This is set in the future I should be running a mile but I am not At times like this when she was alone, when her spirits were low, she wondered how they had ever come together the straight arrow cop who believed unwaveringly in the lines of the law, and the slick Irishman who d tangled with and over those lines all of his life Bloody hell, I love you Yeah, I think Hugh is my Roarke There s a memory for the box and a tradition Merry Christmas I think I still have about 754 books to read in this series LOL Maybe not that many, but a lot.

  3. Jo ★The Book Sloth★ Jo ★The Book Sloth★ says:

    This was my least favorite book so far, not because of the mystery aspect, I quite liked Santa Killer, but because Eve was acting like a bitch with Nadine, with Peabody, with Charles and generally with everyone at some points.

  4. Jilly Jilly says:

    It s Christmas in July for this girl And, this book is celebrating it with a serial killer who decorates his victims with the Twelve Days of Christmas theme It makes my holiday rituals seem a little boring The only thing dying during our holiday gatherings is the idea that seeing those long lost family members again is a good idea I mean, really, we don t see them all year for a reason I m still pissed off at them over that one I do NOT have a chocolate problem We get along just fine.And, what else does the Christmas Spirit bring to people That s right, simmering rage and violent eruptions of emotional pain Eve gets really into the Christmas spirit in this book She is in a mood so bitchy that even those homeless guys who scream at cars on the street are telling her to calm down a notch She is absolutely horrible to everyone But, I guess nobody can complain that she showed favoritism in her gift giving She gave them equal shares of insults, yelling, and cursing.So, again, I need to ask the question that I ask every book why the hell does Roarke like Eve There isn t a pleasant bone in her body Her favorite thing to say to him is kiss my ass She treats Peabody like an abusive parent treats their kid when they re drunk She even storms into a police officer s Christmas party on Christmas Eve and freaks out that he isn t working Where the hell are my reports Where are my results What the fuck s going on around here Hey, it s Christmas Eve Lighten up Her hand snapped out, grabbed him by the shirtfront, and yanked him off the table I ve got four bodies and a woman in the hospital don t you fucking tell me to lighten up, you little cross eyed son of a bitch I want my test results Wait a minute This sounds familiar Aunt Eve Is that you Stupid family holidaysSeriously, though, someone get this woman a Xanax Stat

  5. Phrynne Phrynne says:

    It has been years since I first read this book and still it was oh so good The dialogue between Peabody and Eve made me laugh and it made me cry Ditto that between Roarke and Eve I loved every single word in this book and enjoyed every precious moment Each book in this series builds upon the character of Eve and it is very hard not to love her as much as the author obviously does In this book she is coming to grips with the Christmas holiday and having to buy gifts for her ever increasing circle of friends It is both funny and sad to see her as she struggles with something which is second nature to those of us who have had normal family relationships for the whole of our lives Roarke and Eve both have to start laying down their own customs and traditions as they both led deprived childhoods.This is another brilliant episode in this amazing series I am so much enjoying my second read through

  6. Beanbag Love Beanbag Love says:

    In this installment of the wildly popular In Death series we find a madman dressed as Santa ringing doorbells and then raping and murdering the person who answers It s Christmas and Eve Dallas is cranky She doesn t need this.Let me just get this out of the way I find Eve Dallas to be one of the most loathsome female characters in any successful series going today She is verbally and emotionally abusive to anyone who cares about her, including her hot husband If I worked for her I d request a transfer If she was my friend I d screen her calls At one point she says something completely horrible, insulting and humiliating to Peabody her friend and subordinate Peabody reads her the riot act You can say what you want on the clock but not when we re on personal time kind of thing Well, apparently Eve was saying it from a personal standpoint and not as Peabody s boss So, Eve gets her feelings hurt over Peabody s rant And, apparently according to the author we re supposed to take Eve s side in this Peabody s in the wrong WTH Infuriating If professional what she said should have gotten her written up as harassment If personal what she said should have permanently lost her a friend.But not in the world of In Death where Eve Dallas can abuse and disrespect every single person with whom she comes in contact and all they do is freakin admire her I m not sure why this series is so popular, frankly I think it s Roarke He s definitely a great hero, but in this installment he s reduced to a therapeutic sex toy Which would be fine if he wasn t so much interesting than the heroine.I was bothered by the previous book because it was so Eve centric when the mystery should have had the book focused much on Roarke And in this one he s pushed even further into the background I m sorry, but Eve Dallas is simply not a likable enough heroine to sustain interest in this series Why would I buy a book just to see the protagonist beat up on the people who, for some unknown reason, care about her The mystery was okay, but therein lay another wall banger We have everyone talking about what a great cop Eve is but her impulsive nastiness led her down the wrong path multiple times She blames herself for missing clues but then everyone else assures her it s not at all her fault It IS her fault she missed clues because she was busy ruining everyone else s Christmas with her bitchy attacks on everything from work to play to tradition to personal choice She s a nightmare.And after all that spoiler warning view spoiler she finally decides to devote her evening to Roarke and head home from Peabody s apartment immediately after her friend has been attacked and almost raped murdered In fact, everyone leaves Peabody alone Because she says I ll be fine With friends like these who needs people who don t give a crap hide spoiler

  7. Brenda Brenda says:

    Lieutenant Eve Dallas headed in to the station early after the usual recurring nightmare had disturbed her sleep once again But on the way, she was summonsed to a disturbance in a nearby apartment block The murder scene was horrific made worse by the festive season decorations surrounding the victim And so, the beginning of a terrible run of murders for Dallas as the Twelve Days of Christmas played out with a sadistic killer on the loose, searching for his one true love Santa had a lot to answer for as 2058 drew to a close and Dallas was determined to stop him in his tracks Holiday in Death by J.D Robb is 7th in the series, and is another excellent mystery a re read for me, and as exciting to devour this time as it was last Highly recommended.

  8. ♥Sharon♥ ♥Sharon♥ says:

    I know what you are thinking Another 5 star review, she has to be a bit bias I guess I am I have an awful crush on this character Roarke Silly of me I guess Especially at my age but seriously ladies this guy does it for me He is tall dark and handsome and loves like no other I know I am repeating myself but I don t care I will say it a thousand times over I LOVE how he LOVES Eve It isn t your typical fairy tale love story but when it comes to Roarke and Eve it is perfect J.D Robb has something fabulous here I know there are many books in this series that I will love and I can t wait to get to all of them.ROARKE

  9. Cyndi Cyndi says:

    Eve and Roarke s first Christmas I go overboard at Christmas myself, but Roarke is Christmas crazy than I am, even I really, really, really want the hologram showing during their party The floor to ceiling windows showed not the nasty sleet that hissed over the city, but a hologram of a dreamy snow scene where couples skated on a silver pond and young children raced down a gentle slope on shiny red sleds How cool would that be Add to that, wonders from my favorite house in literature The holo room I ve wanted one since I saw it on Star Trek Next Generation Then, the library, sigh The walls of the two level room were lined with books and , the rich smell of leather from the bindings, the glossy look of the spines as they marched along the dark mahogany shelves There were two generous seating areas, leather I would actually rather have cloth covered chairs and sofas in the wood trimmed deep burgundy sofas and chairs There are also lamps with jewel toned shades, wood cabinets and window seats with thick pillows All of the books are organized on a computer system that is tucked into a cabinet Ahhhh I may even like this one better than the one in Beauty and the Beast.Reread June 2018 A murderous Santa who finds his victims in a dating service Remember, don t open your door to strangers Even if it s a guy in a red suit bearing gifts.

  10. Lana *Lifeinwordsandlyricscom* Lana *Lifeinwordsandlyricscom* says:

    I was always weirded out by the whole sit on Santa s lap tradition I mean why would I want to sit on some stranger and tell him my deepest wish, that s just asking for trouble With that attitude killer Santa wasn t that big of a stretch, guess I m not getting on the good list this year.Over and out

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