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Docker in Action [Download] ➺ Docker in Action ➿ Jeff Nickoloff – The idea behind Docker is simple Create a tiny virtual environment called a container for your application that includes only its particular set of dependencies The Docker engine accounts for manages The idea behind Docker is simple Create a tiny virtual environment called a container for your application that includes only its particular set of dependencies The Docker engine accounts for manages and builds these containers through functionality provided by the host operating system Software running inside containers share the Linux OS and other resources such as libraries making their footprints radically smaller and the containerized applications are easy to install manage and remove Developers can package their applications without worrying about environment specific deployment Docker in MOBI :↠ concerns and the operations team gets cleaner efficient systems across the board Better still Docker is free and open sourceDocker in Action teaches readers how to create deploy and manage applications hosted in Docker containers The book starts with a clear explanation of the Docker model of virtualization comparing this approach to the traditional hypervisor model Developers will learn how to package applications in containers including specific techniues for testing and distributing applications via Docker Hub and other registries Readers will learn how to take advantage of the Linux OS features that Docker uses to run programs securely and how to manage shared resources Using carefully designed examples the book teaches you how to orchestrate containers and applications from installation to removal Along the way you'll learn techniues for using Docker on systems ranging from your personal dev and test machine to full scale cloud deployments.

10 thoughts on “Docker in Action

  1. Jakub Jakub says:

    Not sure what exactly was wrong but after reading first part of the book i was lost mostly by how docker and container was described But that could be only meas for the rest of the book it contains lots of examples good for a blog post i would rather see some real life example where this can help and how this can solve our problem than how to set up wordpress on my local machineSide note i don't uite like Manning Publications as they are having source code as image in ebooks so they can do annotation this is causing that some part of the book are hard to read

  2. Miloš Milivojević Miloš Milivojević says:

    A great read and excellent reference for best practice approaches in building and running Docker images; unlike most of the reviewers of the book this hasn't been my first introduction to Docker having worked with it for well over a year now and also having read other materials on the subject What this book had that other sources lacked was succinctly written experience backed when what and why's that were fun to read to boot

  3. Christophe Addinquy Christophe Addinquy says:

    This is a decent book for sure also well illustrated But it's a reference book than an in action one It's feature oriented rather than usage oriented and it would be appreciated if opiniated advices were given From a development perspective it missed pieces about dockerability of the applicationsMa note de lecture en Français ici

  4. Steve Steve says:

    A readable overview of how Docker works and how you can use it The bulk of the book is about using and modifying existing docker images but it also covers custom images compose swarm and machine If you have been wanting to learn about Docker but haven't found the time to understand what it is and why it can be useful this book is a good place to start

  5. Sebastian Gebski Sebastian Gebski says:

    This book is enough to put you in action but it won't make you running The best thing about it is that it doesn't stop at single container level it introduces tools that operate on the higher level of abstraction Compose Machine Swarm Other thing worth mentioning is some hints for common problems with dockerizing infrastructure persistence data storage service discoveryWhat is lacking then? Examples are far too simple limited This book just screams for practical samples patterns even scenarios Even if it provides you the foundation to work things out on your own some practical reference would be than welcomeTo summarize it's a good resource on Docker Solid 3 35 stars

  6. ferhat ferhat says:

    Just a good intro

  7. Mansur Mustaquim Mansur Mustaquim says:

    This is a good and easy read that'll help one to get a grasp of the Docker fundamentals One of the difficulties I had when initially learning Docker was how things worked and why some seemingly uirky Docker behavior actually makes sense This book explains it in plain English and without pretending that it made sense to begin with This makes sense when you consider the mechanics at work The link mechanism injects IP addresses into dependent containers and containers that aren’t running don’t have IP addresses If you tried to start a container that has a dependency on a container that isn’t running Docker wouldn’t have an IP address to inject In chapter 5 you’ll learn to connect containers with user defined bridge networks to avoid this particular dependency problem The key point here is that Docker will try to resolve a container’s dependencies before creating or starting a container to avoid application runtime failures This is one of the most useful Docker books I've read thus far

  8. Bahram Bahram says:

    It was really enjoyable to read this aboutI read this about because I wanted to use Docker images inside our CICD pipelines the book is really informative and the writer strives to cover different aspects of Docker from the basic concept to a topic advanced such as Docker SwarmThe thing that makes this book so different is the recipe that the writer followed to covered a sophisticated idea At first the writer introduces the basic command to achieve the desired result Then he will show a proper way specifically a way to automate this boring taskAfter reading this book you will not only gain a deep understanding of the docker itself but also you will grasp a general idea of any kind of orchestrator

  9. Nathan Glenn Nathan Glenn says:

    The author gives a good motivation for the use of Docker containers in both personal and professional uses and gives details on usage beginning with basic command line imagecontainer creation all the way up to using Docker Machine and provision servers and Docker Swarm to run jobs in a clusterNot much is said about the actual implementation of Docker which would have been interesting but would have made it a very long book This one is very practical and immediately usable

  10. Pat Wanjau Pat Wanjau says:

    This book walks you through Docker in a step wise fashion Before reading this book I could create minimal Docker containers I had very little in basics but by the time I finished reading this book I could do much with DockerFor anyone starting on Docker this is the go to book You will be introduced to Docker the product Docker the platform containerization and

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