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10 thoughts on “Nightcrawler, Volume 2: Reborn

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    This book was OK I quite enjoyed it Having Chris Claremont write Nightcrawler again tickled my nostalgia bone in a good way.The trouble is, and the reason this book has been cancelled after twelve issues I imagine , is that those of us who had been pining for Nightcrawler s return all the while he was dead only in comicbooks, folks wanted his r...

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    Not as good as I wanted it to be I love Nightcrawler so, so much, but Claremont It s just that he writes exactly the same way he has for than two decades And while he s always been decent with characters and emotions, his dialog are not so much The dialog tends to be wooden and artificial, and the major plot was just kind of meh I think we re all over the Shadow King, an...

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    5 stars for the Wolverine memorial it was beautiful I have always loved Logan s friendship with Kurt and so that issue tugged at my heart But the Bloody Bess storyline It was ok at best I don t think I get along well with Claremont s writing It s tedious.

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    Nightcrawler s gone metaphysical And for the most part, I rather liked it.

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    Literally just a series of action scenes Boring Also way too silly and Nightcrawler doesn t work as a main character.

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    Another favorite X Man of mine and written by the Godfather of X Men comics himself, Chris Claremont It s a good Pirate and Shadow King story, but it s a shame the series ended here It would have been nice to see where Claremont could have t...

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    I really want a solo Nightcrawler title to be brilliant and successful This one is half way there It LOOKS GREAT But it s a very tired story Nauck s turns in terrific art, page after page, so it s a pity the plot brings back one tried and tired Claremont element after another warwolves, check Shadow King, check Bloody Bess, check Swashbuc...

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    Nightcrawler is one of my favorite X Men So when they announced his death, I was kinda pissed But as he even says at some point in the books about his death, I m an X Man, I should have known better The story good It shows why he is one of my favorites He is a man of faith, no matter what.

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    Lighthearted read despite the deaths The story is non linear so I don t know when exactly Logan died He dieeeeeeeeeed Ah, here s me hoping he was immortal but that s what you d get when you less you super amazing healing ability.Action packed enoug...

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    Quite the drop off from the first volume, in my opinion Attempts to be introspective and deep, but just doesn t have the literary chops for it, comes off juvenile I still like where the story is going as a whole, but this volume failed to m...

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Nightcrawler, Volume 2: Reborn PDF Nightcrawler, Volume 2 Reborn Author Chris Claremont New Books.run Death Of Wolverine Aftermath Not So Long Ago, Nightcrawler Was Dead Now, With A Second Lease On Life, Kurt Wagner Struggles To Find His Place In The Land Of The Living But Now That His Best Friend, Wolverine, Has Died, That Struggle Just Got A Lot Difficult Reeling From The Loss, Nightcrawler Tries To Honor Wolverine S Legacy By Carrying On As A Teacher And An X Man But Bloody Bess Has Other Plans For Our Hero And Nightcrawler Finds Himself In Over His Head When He Runs Afoul Of The Shadow King Collecting Nightcrawler 7 12