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The Ethics Police? Research On Human Beings Saves Countless Lives, But Has At Times Harmed The Participants To What Degree Then Should Government Regulate Science, And How The Horrors Of Nazi Concentration Camp Experiments And The Egregious Tuskegee Syphilis Study Led The US Government, In 1974, To Establish Research Ethics Committees, Known As Institutional Review Boards IRBs To Oversee Research On Humans The US Now Has Over 4,000 IRBs, Which Examine Yearly Tens Of Billions Of Dollars Of Research All Studies On People Involving Diseases, From Cancer To Autism, And Behavior Yet Ethical Violations Persist At The Same Time, Critics Have Increasingly Attacked These Committees For Delaying Or Blocking Important Studies Partly, Science Is Changing, And The Current System Has Not Kept Up Since The Regulations Were First Conceived 40 Years Ago, Research Has Burgeoned 30 Fold Studies Often Now Include Not A Single University, But Multiple Institutions, And 40 Separate IRBs Thus Need To Approve A Single Project One Committee Might Approve A Study Quickly, While Others Require Major Changes, Altering The Scientific Design, And Making The Comparison Of Data Between Sites Difficult Crucial Dilemmas Thus Emerge Of Whether The Current System Should Be Changed, And If So, How Yet We Must First Understand The Status Quo To Know How To Improve It Unfortunately, These Committees Operate Behind Closed Doors, And Have Received Relatively Little In Depth Investigation Robert Klitzman Thus Interviewed 45 IRB Leaders And Members About How They Make Decisions What He Heard Consistently Surprised Him This Book Reveals What Klitzman Learned, Providing Rare Glimpses Into The Conflicts And Complexities These Individuals Face, Defining Science, Assessing Possible Future Risks And Benefits Of Studies, And Deciding How Much To Trust Researchers Illuminating, Broadly, How We View And Interpret Ethics In Our Lives Today, And Perceive And Use Power These

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    Don t bother The fundamental core of this book is an interview project where Dr Klitzman interviewed IRB professionals to capture their perspective on the IRB process I would say that he selected quotations to affirm his positions, but he s so scattered in his presentation that there s no consistent theme The book does have an over arching structure, but within each of the units there s ...

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    Not surprisingly this is a very academic reading While the introduction claims that the book is also targeted at an interesting audience, I somehow feel that most people would be bored by it rather quic...