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    This is the kind of story that you know is going to be scary and you try to put it down, but you can t Was I the only clueless person who didn t think it had anything to do with vampires despite all of the bats fluttering around this was a very imaginative story and one you can t get out of your mind the ending was ambiguous but it was ...

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    I really enjoyed Bluebeard s Bride, which is an exciting and creepy Gothic romance Margaret can t believe her sister has died But when she goes to Blueford Manor with her sister Rosie, this is the least of the mystery Rosie decides to stay in the bleak manor house, to take care of their sickly niece, alongside her father, Jonathan Ford When Rosie doesn t return as planned, instead summoning Margaret back to the manor, to craft her wedding dress, Margaret becomes increasingly concerned But at Blueford, the mysteries just deepen further and further, until at least she uncovers a truth she would never have believed possible BlueBeard s Bride is...

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    Two sisters travel from London to North Yorkshire after receiving a letter from their brother in law that their older sister, Helen, has died Margaret and Rosie Jaye reach Blueford Manor and find mystery and things that need further explanation but Captain Ford is not talking Their young niece, Lucy, walks around swathed in a large black hat and veil, grieving the loss of her mother As the sisters try to figure out what exa...

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    Bluebeard s Bride lures you in to an atmospheric tale, weaves its literary magic, then takes hold like the Scottish Moors Before you know it, you re caught in a web of mystery lost in romance and intrigue The sisters, Margaret and Rosie, are ric...

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    A dark, original twist on the story of Bluebeard and his missing wives, Bluebeard s Bride spins an intriguing tale of deceit, the supernatural and secrets Read full review in the

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Bluebeards Bride When Sisters Margaret And Rosie Jaye Receive Word Of Their Sister Helen S Death, They Journey To The Isolated Blueford Manor Seemingly Cast In An Eternal Twilight, The Estate Proves To Be Full Of Mysteries Their Niece S Inexplicable Illness, Housemaids Who Never Stay Longer Than A Season And A Thriving Bat Colony As Rosie And Margaret Unravel The Web Of Lies Surrounding Helen S Death, The Sisters Become Entangled In Life At Blueford Manor So Much So, That Rosie Decides To Stay Forever Unsettled By Rosie S Decision, Margaret Suspects Helen S Widower, The Formidable Captain Ford, Of Influencing Her Sister But Margaret S Quest For Answers Is Thwarted When Rosie Suddenly Disappears Within The Walls Of Blueford Manor As Margaret Sets Out To Unlock The Truth, She Makes Another Startling Discovery Adept With A Needle And Thread, Margaret Possesses A Dark And Unnatural Power Of Her Own Now, Margaret Must Solve Her Sister S Disappearance And The Unanswered Questions Of Helen S Death Before Rosie, Too, Is Counted Among The Dead.