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  • Paperback
  • 316 pages
  • 盾の勇者の成り上がり 2
  • Aneko Yusagi
  • Japanese
  • 13 June 2014
  • 9784040660493

10 thoughts on “盾の勇者の成り上がり 2

  1. Jaine Jaine says:

    aaaawwwwww I love this Raphtalia and Naofumi's relationship is just adorable

  2. Emmanuel J Emmanuel J says:

    Self hatred hurts others I am thoroughly enjoying the series I could understand Naofumi's feeling to certain extent Being mistreated by people that supposedly to protect can and will people wear down That why I am invested which Naofumi Raphtalia and Filo to see where they are heading The only way to cure self hatred is through service support and love ones that cares for you Self hatred can hurt people even when you don't realize it that why it take time to fully heal from that

  3. Coyora Dokusho Coyora Dokusho says:

    I find the hero amusing Also many of the characters are adorable

  4. Lazybee Lazybee says:

    Well I didn't like it I hate lolita harems in novels

  5. MC MC says:

    This volume was a basic road travelogue and side uest story It was a lot like The Druid of Shannara in it's travelogue format The difference is that instead of a main and side uests like in Druid it's all side uests hereThe good part was the character development for Naofumi and Raphtalia mostly Naofumi as well as Filo's introduction Sure Filo is annoying at times especially since I like Raphtalia better but she is an adorable character and Naofumi finally begins to process his issues and become heroicOh to be sure he is heroic for these first two books really But he seems unwilling or unable to admit this to anyone especially himself So he acts cynical I understand this won't be broken completely if ever for uite a while But he is beginning to get better and have his heart open which is goodI love how adorable and badass Filo and Raphtalia can be Great stuff and the pacing of the story is good so even without a real major plot the narrative still kept my interestAll in all a great second entry to this series

  6. Bivisyani Questibrilia Bivisyani Questibrilia says:

    Woohoo The next instalment to this series I really liked the preuel to this book although I must say it stirred up a whole lot of anger within me In contrast this book was a whole lot lighter and seems to create such a positive progress on the characters' lives From the cover I believe you can already see the change in atmosphere—what with Filo's angelic face taking up than 50% of the illustration—and I really love itFirst of all I must say how much I love Naofumi's character In the first book he was really super gloomy pessimistic and losing the will to live In this one he is driven and curious and good things are starting to happen to him—some of which are thanks to his efforts in the preuel That being said I'm glad he still has some of cynicism and caution still with him—although he often thinks about what's best for others and how to help solve others' problems It makes me so happy and relieved for him to be able to clear up his name little by little Unfortunately if you are looking for a bit romance this book will be of a disappointment since there is virtually no development on the love front—especially between Naofumi and Raphtalia It does however become interesting with the appearance of a new 'rival'—shall we say—in the form of the lively forward and innocent FiloSecond of all it's starting to shape up into an RPGfantasy genre with the various classes and types of abilities one can have—namely in the learning of magic by our two main characters The range of friendship Naofumi seems to establish has also widened that he manages to benefit from their knowledge and skills to improve his own abilities It's very very intriguing to see the magic that this world possesses—although it seems to be a soft magic not being very specific about the rules of the magical capabilities of the people Personally I find it very fascinating that our main character is a lot passive in terms of class—what with his defence and healing magic being his strong suit accompanied by his apt for concocting medicine It's uite refreshing in contrast to the usual heroes of such stories being really aggressive and heavy in attack powersLastly I really love how peaceful and serene this whole book feels compared to its preuel Although the protagonists fight monsters from time to time—and deal with a number of dramatic events too—it is mostly very content They even have a bit of a routine of traveling from one village to the next to sell their stuff and basically carry on their jobs It's a great break from all the betrayal heartache and absolute madness that happened in the first bookWhat I find somewhat weird about this book—and possibly the whole series—is how inconsistent the concept of time is Before the whole book managed to capture 45 days that go on between each wave of destruction However this time—although a lot things seem to be going on—the wave of destruction hasn't come yet I don't know if that is an indication of what will happen later on—if it is it is not in the least bit hinted in the book—but it sure feels rather offOverall though I'll keep reading this series for now Really enjoy it so far

  7. LiteratureIsLife LiteratureIsLife says:

    Read this review and others at Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 2 starts off shortly after Volume 1 ended For people who watched the anime Volume 2 covers episodes 5 through 8 Despite coming out of his shell a bit and newfound trust in Raphtalia after the end of the previous book Naofumi is still in a dark place But this is still the beginning phase of his journey as Naofumi and his allies rise into becoming true heroes While Naofumi and Raphtalia and still a key focus here they pick up a third party member in this book FiloFilo is a creature called a filolial a large intelligent bird creature that is totally definitely not a chocobo Basically filolials are this magical world’s euivalent of horses But they can also be trained to fight monsters and whatnot Having a large creature that can also pull a wagon uickly puts Naofumi on the next track of his journey becoming a trading merchant With the kingdom still ostracizing him the group journeys around the countryside fighting monsters for experience and selling medicines food and other needed goods to the poorer areas who see little trade But Naofumi is not the only one having adventuresOver the course of this book Naofumi’s group hears rumors about the other three heroes And all three of them are very much still treating this new world like a video game But Naofumi realizes that this world is no game and that in the real world actions have conseuences The group’s journey soon develops a pattern of cleaning up the other heroes’ messes The actions of the other heroes inadvertently lead to Naofumi becoming stronger While the other heroes “know what they are doing” from their video game knowledge Naofumi continues to learn from scratch and pick up on things the other heroes remain unaware ofIs Volume 2 of Rising of the Shield Hero particularly exciting? Not really This is a story full of side uests These are the mini missions you have to do in games to get the experienceloot to tackle the big story But while the main plot crawls along here the character development continues to expand Naofumi Raphtalia and Filo all grow as people from these experiences Both individually and in their relationships together as a team Even characters who are not always directly involved like the other three heroes get some development via the actions Naofumi knows they have taken Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 2 is very much a stepping stone but it seems to be moving the series in the right direction

  8. Cameron Cameron says:

    The Rising of the Shield Hero book two hones in on Naofumi's story It picks off directly after the first one and continues the moment of his hardships This story resonated with me because it's not like other books in its genre The Rising of the shield hero was the first light novel I ever read after finishing the anime I had a desire to know The anime although its good doesn't have the same feeling that the books do The book allows the reader to envelop the reader in the story it explains everything to the last detail and never misses a beat During the book however I felt it went a little slow the introduction of a new character with her arc allowed the book to gain momentum but I didn't feel the same about this character than with Raphtalia The book only begins to pick up speed once the ending of the book comes which is one of the book's best aspects The books always leave you hanging it doesn't leave on some overused cliff hanger instead it leaves you wanting out of the story The Rising of the Shield Hero is one of the best fantasy isekai series iv ever read it mixes fantasy action with drama and a bit of romance This book is perfect for teens and young adults as it allows us to relate to the characters' struggles as we face our own in this world The book was amazing and I'm excited to read the third book as well as watch the new season of the anime once it comes out next year If I had to read one series for the rest of my life it would be this fn Isekai Genre of one who gets transported to a new world

  9. Hedler Hedler says:

    This is the second volume of Aneko Yusagi's The Rising of the Shield Hero light novel series For some reason the author felt the need to have Naofumi explain to us readers what happened in the first volume although I find it hard to believe that anyone would read this light novel without even having a prior understanding of the events of volume 1The first half is way light hearted than the previous one and this is surely because of the introduction of the character Filo It surely pays off because it leads the story into interesting directions We have a chance to see Naofumi break the stereotype of the dungeon crawler fantasy hero so prevalent in tabletop and electronic roleplaying games and solve the world's problems using his wits and well let’s say enlightened self interest almost in a randian sense believe it or notThe second half the light novel gets a little darker as we begin to witness from Naofumi's perspective the conseuences of the other heroes actions I finished the book with the impression that the story arc ended halfway perhaps because of the limits of the light novel formatOverall the second volume is as good as the first but it has a little worldbuilding and so it can be a interesting read

  10. Alexandra Jordanova Alexandra Jordanova says:

    I only started this because I enjoyed the first 4 episodes of the anime and I wanted to know what happened next because I couldn't wait till next week's episode Boy was it bad The writing style is awful or should I say nonexistent The author makes lots of repetitions lots of unnecessary deviations just to provide useless information; at times when 3 characters are having a conversation it's hard to discern the person who's talking at the moment The pacing is terrible as well As for the plot nothing really important happens except the introduction of a new party member who to be honest I don't really care about but that is it; the rest is pretty much filler I hope the novel will be adapted well in the anime I doubt I'll continue reading the next volumes Might give one a try though

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盾の勇者の成り上がり 2[PDF / Epub] ☆ 盾の勇者の成り上がり 2 Author Aneko Yusagi – Thomashillier.co.uk 盾の勇者として召喚された尚文。謎の災害《波》から村人たちを助けても、国王には蔑(ないがし)ろにされたままだった。また俺だけが馬鹿にさ 盾の勇者として召喚された尚文。謎の災害《波》から村人たちを助けても、国王には蔑(ないがし)ろにされたままだった。また俺だけが馬鹿にされるのか 世界はまだまだ敵であるらしい。そんな尚文がある日「たまごガチャ」と呼ばれるモンスターくじを引く。どこにでもいるような鳥型の魔物フィロリアルを引き当てて、「フィーロ」と名付けたはいいが、どんどんと成長していき――なんと、羽の生えた少女になってしまった亜人の娘ラフタリアに、「ご主人さま!」と妙になつく天使のような少女フィーロ。彼女たちと共に尚文が始めたのは、なんと「行商」だった異世界リベンジファンタジー第2弾、ここに始まる!.