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    How long is a really good short story Ten pages, six, a page and a half, a paragraph With settings that curl around you and touch you on the shoulder, characters who look up and stare you right in the eyes, and plots that take you down roads you never expected to travel along byways that make you ask how the hell did I get HERE , Helen Laycock shows us that length doesn t matter It s always all about the story and the talent of the writer In MINOR DISCORD we come face to face with a deranged kite maker, a creatively murderous housewife, fascination and love that bloom in a morgue, a humble old man an artist who unfortunately finds a doll on a deserted beach,a kidnapper whose victim is simply too good, a ghost who rides the fun train at the fair to comfort the little children These are stories you read, then reconsider and read again, and again They range from macabre to romantic to heartbreaking with a few that probably shouldn t be read at all when you re home al...

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    This book perfectly illustrates my contention that the short story is an art form, and a much underappreciated one at that In this collection of flash fiction and microfiction, Laycock provides a wide variety that will satisfy anyone who loves short stories Most of the stories are dark, bizarre, and deliciously creepy a few are lighter but just as capt...

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    If you d like to read , please do visit Fiction in a Flash, my website are a few review quotes from Minor Discord delighted to have purchased this collection of short stories and flash fiction a gamut of emotion The characters and scenery are well presentedallowing the characters to take you on their amazing journey wonderful twists and turns as in Expectations and Cold Comfort And then the darker tales, The Last Place and Two s Company, just the thought of that doll, ugh and then the brilliant tale, loved this, Taking Flight These are a few that stuck in my mind This book was a page turner for me, and kept me reading for longer than intended into the dark hours quirky, eerie tales that collude with the darker side of story telling I have purposefully declined from using the wordtwisted, though on the, QT, I think it should be in there somewhere This didn t disappoint Birdsdeath as a stalker in his personalised black car, really good story.Cold ComfortA spooky love story, enjoyed this could have read a full book about this.Soul ControlLucifer Gabriel, straight away this was a story for me, it was funny bizarre right up my street, again, BOOK A Stitch in Timean unfinished sampler causes a couple of problems, intriguing story.Drop Dead GorgeousA really creepy story, skin crawling freaky all well written so easy to get into rea...

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    Entertaining stories sprinkled with a dose of creepyWhat I like most about this book is the author s talent for planting the seed of an idea or circumstance within a story, and then letting the reader s imagination wander between the cracks You ll particularly notice this in some of the abbreviated flash fiction, where the heart of the story, and its ending, are pieces of a puzzle waiting to be linked And I do love a good puzzle The overall feel of the writing here is surreal and creepy, borderline horror Although there are a few stories with a lighter bent, which make for a nice change of pace On the darker side, a couple of my favorites were White Light, the sum of who and what we are from the inside out and Drop Dead Gorgeous, a look into the demented mind of a lonely man who finds true love on a slab in the morgue.Another thing I enjoyed about this collection is the author s gift for conveying imagery Here s an excerpt from the story Bare that instantly transported me into that fi...

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    Thank you to Fb s Book Reviewers Workshop Group for a free review copy of this book I love to read short stories, particularly between novels However I rarely read an entire collection in one go and I also tend to read longer short stories So reading the many stories that make up Minor Discord was a challenge, and it is one that I have enjoyed Whilst some of the stories were thought provoking particularly the flash fiction and some were amusing Spectre Cle, He Should Have Worn a Scarf , some were disturbing From Alpha to Omega and Losers Weepers and some macabre Drop Dead Gorgeous.Helen Laycocks creative talent shines through and it is clear that she enjoys her writing her skills and creativity are to be admired Though there were times when I found her descriptive prose overdone and distracting there were others when I had to pause and re read simply for the enjoyment of the imagery they co...

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    I like reading short stories between long books to download a bit This didn t disappoint Lots of very short 1 page stories to get imagination running, then some between 4 6 pages to get right into Birds. death as a stalker in his personalised black car, really good story Cold Comfort..A spooky love story, enjoyed this could have read a full bo...

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    This creepy collection of short stories often read like well written poetry Some of the stories are no longer than one page in length But don t let their sparseness trick you into thinking that the hairs on the back of your neck won t stand up because they will Some tales are subtle, taking me a minute or two to process the meaning before the bam fear evoked brain freeze Some of the stories are bizarr...

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Minor Discord Dare To Visit The Dark Places At The Edges Of The Map, Places Where You Will Feel Unsettled And From Where Characters Will Follow You, Whether You Want Them To, Or Not This Collection Of Short Stories And Flash Fiction Will Take You Into The Shadows Don T Get Left Behind

  • Paperback
  • 218 pages
  • Minor Discord
  • Helen Laycock
  • English
  • 09 October 2018