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Pig and Pug Pig And Pug Are Very Different But Not Really See How Their Similarities Show Up In This Mischievous Picture Book That S Perfect For Pet Lovers.Pig And Pug Are Petite And Portable Pets One In A Pocket, One In A Purse They Are Also Two Spunky Spirits Pug, Rather Pugnacious Pig, A Bit Pigheaded When These Two Meet, Bickering, Chasing, And Even Some Mud Wrestling Ensue But After Some Creative Compromises, Pig And Pug Manage To Settle Their Differences And Become Friendsat Least For The Time Being.

10 thoughts on “Pig and Pug

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    Read this out loud to my boys Tricky one that, especially when you are tired Very cute pocket sized characters The boys liked it I found at times the book concentrated too much on the pig pug reference rather than the story, but it was a good early learning tool.

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    Very silly Would probably be difficult to read out loud Funny side note my dog, who is a border collie mix of some sort, doesn t seem to recognize pugs as other dogs We ve had two run ins with pugs, those tiny, asthmatic, squashy pups and both times my dog has seemed confused and slightly concerned What is this wiggly creature wi...

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    I read this out loud to a 4yo who said she thought it was funny, but they were naughty I didn t particularly enjoy the repetition of the names because it became a bit of a tongue twister I felt like the story was missing a bit for me Basically a big argument about their names.

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    Yikes too much pig ing and pug ing here It is hard to read in my head, cannot imagine reading out loud to a story time

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    Such a tongue twister and such cute chaos

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    Elephant and Piggie esq, but not as good Still fun.

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    Quirky story and illustrations about a pig and pug who appear to be frenemies.

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    This book could be good to read together with a beginning reader although it has potential to be a real tongue twister pig pug repetition is prevalent The illustrations bring this book up to the 4 star rating.

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    I love the illustrations and I enjoyed the story overall, but I feel like the rhythm of the text was a little off some parts rhyming and some parts not.

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    Meh Not my favorite Very repetitive, not enough plot for my taste.

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