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The Bird With The Broken Wing When Mortals Make Mistakes, They Re Forgiven When Angels Make Mistakes, They Re Forsaken.Guardian Angel Rachael Finds Herself Trapped In Purgatory With Ben Taylor, A Young Soldier With A Secret That S Driving Him Insane Desperate To See Him Ascend Into Heaven She Breaks The Rules About Becoming Involved And Keeping Her Identity A Secret Her Decision To Stay In Purgatory To Help Ben Seems A Good Plan Except They Ve Been Stuck For Ten Years Already And Ben Is No Closer To Ascending The Unexpected Appearance Of A Feisty Teenager, Jet Jones, Throws Rachael S Wings Into A Tailspin The Instant Attraction Between Jet And Ben Means The Angel S Work Is Getting Ignored And Without Her Help, Ben S Soul Will Be Trapped And She Will Have Failed In Her Mission But Jet S Appearance Also Brings A Chilling Revelation Maybe Ben S Soul Isn T The Only One That Needs Saving.

  • Paperback
  • 219 pages
  • The Bird With The Broken Wing
  • D.L. Richardson
  • English
  • 15 March 2018
  • 9781502712875

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    I received a copy of this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review.I m part of the We YA Books group over at Goodreads, and the description of this book intrigued me right away I like contemporary supernatural stories, but the setting being Purgatory is what really hooked me I m always interested in different authors takes on the afterlife, and let me start this review by saying that Ms Richardson s vision of Purgatory is brilliantly set in a rehab center I don t know if that s ever been done before, but I ve never seen it, and to me it was original, unexpected, and perfect in its symbolic simplicity Once one of the main characters arrived there, I couldn t turn the pages fast enough.Her name is Julliet Jet Jones, and she just downed vodka and pills She resorts to suicide with a variety of reasons include a rumor spread about her at school potentially started by her boyfriend Meanwhile, her rich father travels the world but doesn t provide much beyond the basic necessities physical or emotional and won t even buy her a nice dress to school dances Her mother is withdrawn into accepting this life, though there may be an affair invo...

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    Jet is not happy with her parents She feels unloved by her father who seems mean to her To get back at him she takes a load of sleeping pills down with some vodka Her cry for help sends her to a strange room with Ben and Rachael Rachael is an angel who is trapped with Ben, the mortal she was sent to watch She is torn between trying to help him without breaking the rules, when Jet mysteriously shows up This was a hard story for me The chapters are broken into the POVs of Ben, Jet and Rachael The chapters are short, but the jumps between POV felt rough Instead of breaking up the story it pulled me out Out of the three, Jet feels like the main character She is the one that comes in sparking emotions in Rachael she shouldn t feel, and emotions in Ben, Rachael wished he didn t feel Jet seems semi intelligent, but I didn t feel she asked the right questions about her surroundings She believes herself in some kind of health facility, but the lack of doctors should be a dead giveaway Ben is mentally damaged from being in the war He can t recall his memories, but just knows something awful happened He drifts through thinking he is in the house he grew up in, and the war Although it shifts through to his POV we do not see how he sees Rachael or his surroundings until the end, which seemed very strange to me The...

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    The Bird with the Broken Wing is one of the best stories about guardian angels I have ever read I connected with all three characters and I really wanted them to pull through at the end Rachael is a guardian angel who is determined to help Ben deal with his problems but the problem is her Jet is a troubled teen who thinks she is escaping overbearing parents only to realize that running away isn t the answer And Ben is a soldier ...

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    The Bird With The Broken WingBy D L RichardsonBen, Rachael and Jet have one thing in common They are all at a rehab center to get their emotional scars healed some embedded so deeply within their psyches that this may never happen Jet comes from a home with a domineering wealthy but tightfisted father, and a mother afraid to stand up to him not that Jet does either Now after what Jet tried to do, she s in a place where two people will listen And finds that she has nothing to say Even her journal remains blank.Ben thinks enlisting in the armed forces was a good way to avoid his problems at home Now he zones out, trying to avoid his demons, wandering about like a robot, staring at past horrors only he can see Rachael is an angelic 14 year old who seems stable enough and is into helping them She too is wounded than she s willing to admit What has life done to these three young people As Jet and Ben grow closer, even sharing their feelings, they begin to notice that this supposedly psyche center is not quite normal They admit seeing ghostly white shadows darting about but no people, feeling full but never eating or bathing Forgetfulness Or a scientific experimental project And there s no sense of time passing No visitors, no doctors Is it bad memories torturing them both, keeping them tipping closer into insanity Meanwhile Rachae...

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    GENRE YA FantasyTHEME AngelsRECEIVED Received for Review from AuthorBLOG Bird with the Broken Wing is an emotional story about two people and an angel who are lost and trying to either redeem and forgive themselves for something terrible that happened in their lives With an interesting setting in what seems like a psychiatric center these three battle with their faults and heartbreaks to try and find their rightful place.Ben is a young solider whom we get introduced to right at the beginning There is a terrible war going on and he s about to get right in the middle of it all The readers are then brought to a place where Ben has been for a while trying to remember what happened to him and who he his Helping him along his friend and angel Rachel, guide him with his recovery Ben was an interesting character, pretty much damaged through and through, he s a tough one to understand, he has moments where he goes from the past to the present and it slowly explains what happened to him.Jet is a girl who I felt was the strongest out of all the characters, he...

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    An emotional story about a teen who faces hardship in her relationships Beginning with her parents Jet leads a simple life because of her money hungry father who subjects her and her mother to emotional abuse She gets teased at school and is dumped by her boyfriend in the worst possible way Jet takes sleeping pills with vodka to ease her pain forever Jet awakens in a rehab type of place to meet two other young people Ben a war hero, who can t seem to remember his deepest thoughts He seems to have turned his tragic events completely out of his mind The other teen is a girl named Rachael who seems troubled herself Demanding frequent meetings with Jet and Ben Asking them to write in their journals Suggesting to them that this will help with their healing process The place seems haunted Eerie almost to the point where it feels like a prison Where are all the other patients Where are the doctors Why are their family and friends not able to visit them Jet ask these very questions While discovering her new found awareness of her friendships with Rachael and Ben They discover hidden secrets amongst themselves Revealing one...

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    Jet finds herself waking up in what she thinks is a detox centre after having a mix of vodka and pills, making friends with Ben and Rachael who are also there with their own personal demons to face, but all is not as it seems Ben is stuck in a bit of a trickly situation, infatuated with Jet, while his friend Rachael is falling for him unknown to him of course, but there is to Rachael and the situation they all finds themselves in then meets the eye Ben is haunted by the thoughts of his past, most involving his mother and being in the war Jet helps banish those memories when he is around her

    Ben had lied when he d said Jet was pretty She was hot And she had an awesome smile, the kind that could blindside you Maybe it was or wasn t love at first sight, but Jet s smile filled the hole in his heart and for a brief moment he didn t care that nothing could fill the deep well in his head

    During a Group therapy session in which Rachael decided to head up, Jet walks out, not wanting to be involved, wanting to go swim and enjoy her time which is wear something strange happens and she is almost drowned and that is when things start to get real freaky I really didn t like the character Rachael in this she got on my nerves so many times, she comes across as a bit of...

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    I very rarely have a hard time writing a review, especially for an excellent book, but that is not the case today Why, you ask Because this book is so exceptional and heartwarming and mixed up, that my thoughts were just flying around in my head and none of them were landing in cohesive sentences First, you have Ben and Rachel, who have enlisted in the military and are in a highly combative zone somewhere in the desert After cutting from Ben and Rachel, you then flip to Jet, a teen with a not so ideal home life A situation she s encountered has her suicidal and stopping at nothing to complete her task The unidentified situation causes her to drown her sorrows in alcohol and medication When she wakes up she finds herself in what she assumes is a detox center with two other people sharing her space Ben and Rachel As the story unfolds you realize the gravity of the situation and how Rachel fits into the life of Ben and how Jet fits into the life of both Rachel and Ben This is a beautiful story that indicates that it may not be just the human population that is dysfunctional The ending made me cry because after the story is all said and done, complete happiness was not necessarily attained for ...

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    Thank you to the author and Goodreads We YA s R2R program for this digital copy in return for an honest review.Rarely, there is a work of creativity that is so awe inspiring the reader has to stop and internalize, take those thoughts out, knead them and think them over and mold them before they can articulate the feelings invoked from it This is one of those Purgatory Limbo for the desperate aching heart and soul before deciding which way to go Simply put, yes Who would have thought that even angels can be broken and need a chance to decide which way is up This story is told in 3 POV s That of Ben, heartsick, soul sick soldier, Rachael, Ben s guardian angel and Jet, a girl thrown into the mix after Ben and Rachael have been in limbo for 10 years.Rachael can t understand why Jet has come or why she feels...

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    We all love a good book A good book takes us on a journey to another realmand this is the case with DL Richardson s book The Bird With The Broken Wing Although the plot line of this book takes place in purgatory, DL Richardson makes the plot and characters easy to believe and credible The reader finds themselves looking in on the main characters of the story as they reason out why they have been put in a strange place and where they happen to be It is a story that will build up empathy about life and its meaning.The Bird With The Broken Wing is an engaging story about the possibilities of the after life about love and forgiveness and coming to terms with the things that happen within the fabric of life s journey.I high...

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