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Rivers of Sand (Eno the Thracian #4) All Monsters Dispatched From Carnivorous Geese To Minotaurs Special Rates For Multiples Eno The Thracian At The Sign Of The Ram S Head, One Flight Up When Eno Is Transported By The Whim Of A God To The Desert Lands Of Mesopotamia, He Promptly Stops An Attempted Murder Dropped Into The Middle Of A Demon S Vengeance On A Babylonian Goddess, Eno Must Help The Endangered Citizens Of The Most Infamous City On Earth Soon, He Has Too Many Clients, None Of Whom Seem Willing To Pay Him Even As Much As A Shiny Stone But When An All Powerful Queen And The Goddess Of Desire Both Demand His Services, Why Haggle Over The Fee With A Foolish Prince And An Incompetent Sorcerer By His Side, Eno Must Defeat The Demon, Stand Off An Assyrian Army, And Escape From His Most Dangerous Predicament Yet Being King Of Babylon Monsters He Can Handle But Politics That S A Beast Of A Different Breed.

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    Babylon is Eno s kind of townand its people share his feelings so much they re singing about it Never mind the monsters, deities, zealots and foreign army who d like to see the city fallbut that s where Eno the hero for hire comes in Eno discovers there are some monsters even he can t fight..and some women he might need to, though he tries to avoid fighting those A moody, romantic hero would be mourning his losses from the previous book, but Eno wades in and starts sorting things out...

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    The best of the series, and that s something I didn t think possible Funny, smart, and exotic settings make this installment of Eno s journey solid gold.Let s face it Eno is favored of the goddess or three , and we can count on the author to give us his signature wit while on a perilous ques...

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    Hero s, Demons, mean queens, war, pestilence, wizards, this book has it all This is the 4th book in a row I have read by this author I don t usually read fantasy hero adventures, but I liked this author s writing so I will buy books by him.

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    I love that you never know where Eno will end up next Eno may be wise but not as wise a the author.

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