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The Slut Always Rides Shotgun Traversing The Parallels And Hoaxes Of A Sex Addict, Within These Pages Depicts A Random And Defunct Narrative Of What Could Be Considered An Absolute Travesty Of Collective Insults And Inane Sexual Debauchery And Nothing But The Life Of All Nymphomaniacs, However, Isn T Just About The Hunt For The Next Pair Of Legs To Spread There Are Those Who Actually Fathom The Depths Of What It Is To Rot Upon That All But Elusive Landscapeof Love.Written In The Form Of A Journal, The Slut Always Rides Shotgun Depicts A Very Brief Time In The Life Of The Author Written Originally To Pass The Time During Working The Overnight Shift Alone At A Bakery, This Journal Eventually Evolved Into Its Current State A Novel Written For The Sole Purpose Of Helping Others Find The Ability To Be Honest With Themselves And All Those Around Them.This Special Edition Of Matthes First Novel Combines Additional And Reworked Material As Well As A New Ending, Taken From The Original Hand Written Journal Of Which This Story Derives From New Depth, Insight, And Lyricism Escalates The Slut Always Rides Shotgun Up To Its Originally Intended Vision.

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    A glimpse into a period in Matthes life, this book is entirely relatable to those of us who have ever chased the bottom of a bottle while intense, sweaty orgasms were the most authentic form of human connection we could stomach A heady trip down the proverbial rabbit hole, The Slut Always Rides Shotgun follows our Jameson soaked protagonist through a debauchery laden time in his life where promiscuity is the norm and the biggest enemy he faces is himself On the surface, Matthes could be mistaken for an incorrigible schmuck who shows little regard for the thoughts or feelings of those around him most specifically the women he beds and there were many, many women Digging deeper, the reader is shown glimpses of an individual who is in a perpetual state of contemplation surrounding his relationships and interactions with others His unwavering loyalty to his best friend who is a character in his own right and his affection for his tumor afflicted canine companion makes it a little easier to discern where the depravity ends and the humanity begins.Matthes proves ...

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    5 stars duh Story of my life, literally 3

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    I so enjoyed this work of pure, raw, sinful art.I have reread the original publication of this book so many times just to not only soak up its raw hilarity but because a piece of me felt sorry for the protagonist Also because it made me laugh so much I love the way his words come off the page, they re so witty and genuine Definitely a diamond in the rough, and a good find Everything the original edition of this ...

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    Loved the book.the writing was freakin awesome Very witty very descriptive and freakin funny as hell Most of the time I was laughing my ass off Sad at times..probably only Bc im a female The last scene the trip is similar to...

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    I ve just devoured this novel It was engaging from the start The writing was intelligent and descriptive without being over the top Hilarity ensued, while still causing me to deliberate on some heavier matters regarding life It was honestly raw, hilarious at times, stimulati...

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