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Pure Perception (Web of Deception, #2) Hunter Knight Never Visualized His Life Without Isabel Waters She Was There When He Closed His Eyes At Night And When He Opened His Eyes In The Morning Isabel Is His First Love And His First Heartbreak Isabel Is The Reason He Wanted To Be A Better Version Of Himself, The Reason He Wanted To Fight When Winning Seemed Like An Unattainable Dream So Far Out Of Reach But Now Everything He Has Sacrificed Is In Jeopardy Isabel Is Getting Married To Max Hunter Isn T Left With Many Options He Either Sabotages Her Future Of Contentment With Her Husband To Be Or Lets Her Go Wanting To Be The Better Man, He Releases Her From His Scheming Plans Of His Forever.Hunter Gets Involved With Isabel S Doppelganger, Ivy Rivers, A Famous Painter But There Is A Problem Ivy Is A Two For One Special Ivy Comes With Her Jealous Ukrainian Supermodel Girlfriend, Blue Blue Hates Him And Is Utterly Anti Hunter, But He Doesn T Mind Being The Man In The Middle In Their Relationship As Long As He Has Ivy To Keep His Busy Mind Occupied Fate Brings Hunter And Isabel Together Once Again Isabel Makes A Move That Hunter Initially Turns Down But When She Calls Him For Help, Hunter Is Unable To Ignore The Irresistible Attraction Between Them He Secretly Takes Her Captive To Keep Her From Ending Her Life.Holding Isabel Against Her Will Isn T His Only Problem His Brother, Hero, Is Living Too Wild And Too Fast Hunter Fears That Hero S Hardcore Partying Lifestyle Will Be The Death Of Him Can He Save Hero From Himself Before It S Too Late Hunter S Mother, Grace, Is Missing On Her Own Accord And Has Left Hunter The Sole Heir To Her Hefty Will But He Has Questions That Only Grace Can Answer Can He Find Her And Finally Have The Empty Blanks Filled In Or Will His Questions Stay Unanswered And The Mystery Unsolved And On Top Of Everything, He Has Max To Deal With Will Hunter Convince Max That Isabel Left Them Both On Her Own Discretion Or Will Max Launch An Investigation That Might Put Hunter Behind Bars For The Rest Of His Existence Hunter Has To Cope With Life And Its Complications While Juggling With New Found Fame As An Author He Simply Wants To Live His Low Key Life Without Drawing Any Unnecessary Attention To His Neck Of The Woods But That Seems Highly Impossible When His Unusual Relationship With Two Hot Celebrities Is The World S News And The Topic Of Everyone S Conversation Plus, His Ex Fianc E, Sally, Is Unwilling To See Him Happy And Unbothered.Being Hunter Knight Has Never Been Laborious The Web Of Deception Is Just Beginning To Be Revealed WARNING This Novel Contains Disturbing Situations, Dubious Consent, Captivity, Strong Language Reading Age 18

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    I received this ARC in return for a honest review.Pure Perception takes off where Pure Illusion ended Without giving out to much With Isabel engaged to Max Hunter is lost and does know what do when his first love does what him any The story does with Flash backs of Hunter and Isabel from past and present Varies point of views from Hunter , Max, Isabel and Hero But Hunter being the main story teller I LL never have enough of her.Women make men stupid.with one kiss you own us It goes through his journey three years later What happens when comes in contact with Isabel again Also some new people are introduced as well Ivy and Blue As well as some new characters for a new series as well.I wish there was of a fight with Max in the story but he kind of gave up right up at the beginning , I know that he ...

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    I received this ARC in return for an honest review I am not very good at writing reviews, just a fair warning.I really don t want to say to much as I feel will give to much of the book away I can say there were times I was laughing I will point out, I have a very odd sense of humor There were times where I was like, seriously WTF just happened and then there were those numerous times I wished I could magically insert myself into the book and beat the crap out of someone.So, overall, I will say that if you enjoyed the first book, then you will most definitely enjoy this book as well I also would like to point out that this book is mainly told from Hunter s point of view which I ...

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    I received this ARC in return for a honest review I love the dynamics of Hunter Isabel s relationship Even though they make me wanna hit a baby Their love is explosive I m never a fan of love triangles and poor Max just got in the way and caused problems You can see Hunter s brother Hero going through issues I liked how the book had different POV s, new characters and what the fuck moments Blue is...

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    FREE on .com from December 30 31 Here s chapters one through five of Pure Perception.

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