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The Chinese Secret The Chinese Secret Is The First Medically Accurate Book Ever Published That Explains How Soy Products Prevent Yes, Prevent The Two Most Devastating And Widespread U.S Cancers Prostate And Breast Cancer Kill 100,000 Americans Each Year The Rate Of Prostate Cancer In The U.S Is 2100% Greater Than China Where Soy Is An Important Part Of The Diet The Incidence Of Breast Cancer In China Is Half Of That In The U.S As A Bonus, Soy Turbocharges Male Sexuality And Female Desire And Exciting News For Women Few Chinese Women Suffer The Terrible Symptoms Of The Menopause Soy Can Save Your Life.

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    Since breast cancer runs in my family I ve been eager to change my lifestyle in the hopes to avoid coming down with the disease myself I won t give too much away, but I have high hopes that the Chinese Secret will keep me healthy and running for years to come David...