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Stan the Treeclimbing Inchworm [KINDLE] ❆ Stan the Treeclimbing Inchworm By Michael B. – Stan the Inchworm climbs trees enormous Douglas Firs the tallest trees in the forest At the top he discovers wonder and spectacular views But when one too many enchanting trips turns into a tide of na Stan the Inchworm climbs trees enormous Douglas Firs the tallest trees in the forest At the top he discovers wonder and spectacular views Stan the PDF/EPUB ² But when one too many enchanting trips turns into a tide of nasty criticism Stan embarks on a uest to find another woodland creature to back him up Along the way he encounters snarky spying Katydids a troop of gelatinous Termites and a Treefrog with some stories to tell A tall tale in three parts Stan the Treeclimbing Inchworm is a reading journey focused on cultivating the bravery to follow one’s own path There are great lessons to be learned at the tops of tall trees Stan is here to show you.

4 thoughts on “Stan the Treeclimbing Inchworm

  1. Carly Ellen Kramer Carly Ellen Kramer says:

    Loved it Beautifully illustrated a fun and engaging story uirky character traits and a happy ending what do you need? Don't take a grown up's word for it though ask a pint size reader That's exactly what I did and my little half pint was impressed Highly recommend

  2. Darrell Nelson Darrell Nelson says:

    I'm always amazed at good childrens book writers They have to tell a good story while keeping it constantly interesting and amusing All while not talking down to the readerStan the Treeclimbing Inchworm does all thatStan wants to let everyone know the wonders he has seen from the treetops not just so they believe him but so they can experience the joy as well After trying to get his fellow inchworms to join him he teams up with an unlikely allyIt would be easy to get bogged down with Stan's frustrations but Micheal B shows Stan's struggle clearly and conciselyThe story moves at a uick pace and will keep children's attentionNot being in the target market for this book I found it a fun read I'm sure kids will love it

  3. Tracey Madeley Tracey Madeley says:

    I do feel horribly under ualified to talk about a children’s book when I don’t have any children but I guess I was one once The thing that struck me about this book was the sense of awe and wonder The inchworm just wants to explore the beauty of his natural surroundings His is an adventure of discovery On this short journey he meets a number of interesting insects Some of the language – candid arrangement snobbish may be a little difficult for younger children and therefore an adult may need to explainThe drawings are bright and colourful with good use of primary colours rounded and non threatening images which I’m sure young children would find engaging The eye is constantly being draw upwards putting the viewer in the undergrowth with the characters looking up at the leaves This gives a beautiful perspectiveMy only real criticism of this book is the ending which seems to stop short The chief is captured and there is a rescue but does he return to the colony? What about the frog? There is a suggestion that he just goes on his merry way but a little of a rounded ending would be better

  4. X.A.J. Bailly X.A.J. Bailly says:

    When I started reading this book I really liked a number of important premises the graphics are great; the subject matter is original; it is very well documented the author clearly has done a lot of research and knows what he is talking aboutI happen to love children stories and I had the following issues with Stan all of which I believe can be fixed however building on the strong points mentioned above the overall plot Stan never makes it to the top of the trees which is really what the reader expects will happen and is looking forward to; howwhy the hero sets out on his big adventure since it looks like he's already made a habit of exploring the world around him why does he suddenly feel the need to find a witness? the respective importance given to the various insects he meets on his way in a classic children story all of them should play a part in the conclusion of the story Alternatively Stan should have learnt a valuable lesson which he later makes use of from his various encounters

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